Uttaran 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Uttaran 12th September 2013 Written Update

The epi begins with Vishnu saying….WAS (Mukta’s love)….but not anymore. We have made one mistake already now I wont support you in doing another. She wipes her tears. He again starts walking away when she asks him why he is punishing himself for her mistake. I want to free you from this relation then why are you declining / objecting. He says he has as she should have thought of this earlier. I haven’t handcuffed you in some way that you and I can be free as soon as we open the lock. It is a chaste relation of marriage. And my values, principles don’t allow me to get a divorce. Now this relation is a punishment for both of us. All the roads to return are closed now. He leaves from there. Meethi stands there sad / worried.

Mukku is standing by the window…all tearful. Tappu comes

running there and looks at her daughter pained. Tears are rolling down Mukku’s cheeks as she stands there like a statue. Tappu too is crying silently recalling Rathore’s words. Vishnu loves Mukta not Meethi. She has flashback of her own wedding and touches her heart reflexively. She recalls Damini’s words to her back then. I, Damini, a maidservant not only give you Iccha’s bridal dress to you in Uttaran but will also give you the respect of being Veer Singh Bundela’s wife. You are more than welcome for Iccha’s Uttaran. Both the mother daughter duo is crying. Tappu calls out for Mukta but she doesn’t reply. Tappu pats her shoulder from behind. Mukku turns and Tappu is shocked to see her state. Mukku wipes her tears. She hugs her daughter and breaks into tears. Mukku wonders but Tappu tells her she got to know everything from Mr. Rathore. I can understand what you would be going through. All my life I have been running away from pain but it happened today. I dint knew that my daughter’s destiny is written the same way like her mother. Are you alright? Say something you are ok? Mukta walks away from her without saying anything. This troubles Tappu all the more. Say something, don’t be quiet or it will hurt. Your pain will increase and the same pain and hurt would increase manifold and will destroy you, Meethi and Vishnu completely. I have gone through this. I know it. I have done a lot many mistakes in my life I don’t want my daughter to repeat them in her life. It was written in destiny so it was bound to happen. No one could change it. Vishnu and Meethi’s wedding was bound to take place and it did. It was in Meethi’s fate. Mukku counters….it was not in her fate. She was acting stubborn. I love Vishnu and he loves me and Meethi snatched him from me. Tappu tries to deny but Mukku stays put. You are staying it to make me feel better. Tappu declines. You are my daughter. I understand your pain. She hugs Mukku who neither hugs her back nor shows any feeling or anything. She keeps on staring blankly.

Rathore is pacing in the cell. He calls out to the constable. I know you declined me. I don’t want to take any illegal measure. Is there any way that I can have my phone back to make one phone call? It is very, very urgent that’s why I am asking for it. The constable denies. We let you talk to your lawyer. We don’t have any further orders. Rathore asks him if he has a daughter. The constable denies. Rathore says then you wont understand. He is sad thinking my Mukta doesn’t share her feelings with anyone. She had hid about her love earlier as well. I was there back then but now…how would she be coping with this situation all alone. He looks up. Not only with me, you (God) are unjust with everyone as well…always…with everyone…Akash’s love….Vishnu’s promise….and Meethi…with her too. And I cannot do anything. Nothing!

Meethi is standing all sad in her room. She remembers her last meeting with Akash on the bus stop. I will have to make everyone understand how much I love him. I cannot love anyone other than you and cannot marry Vishnu either. She has flashback of her wedding with Vishnu and the priest calling them husband and wife; seeing Akash there. She composes herself wiping her tears. Someone cups her chin and turns her around to face him. She is very happy to see Akash.


Piya o re piya begins as she looks at him. She closes her eyes as he caresses her face. Next he wipes her tears very softly…picks up one drop and gestures something to her. She shows him her mangalsutra. He looks at it and then her vermilion puzzled. How can this be? We both love each other. How can you be someone else’s? This cannot be. He starts retreating…not ready to believe any of it. She realizes he is nowhere to be seen and starts looking around the room searching for him. But the very next minute is sad as the reality hits her. I have to tell everything to him. He only saw the wedding. He doesn’t know the reason. Maiyya wont tell him the whole truth. She will only tell him half of it. I will call him right away and tell everything that has happened. I will call him just now. She is about to call when Vishnu’s phone buzzes. He says they are coming. He tells her it was from home….they are calling for the pag phera ritual. She doesn’t know what to say to Mukta. He says this question is pointless now. We got married so we will have to fulfill the rituals too. We will have to bear everything….not only you but me too. How can we hide from Mukta?


Mukku is looking at Vishnu’s photos in her laptop (single, together, with others too). His I love you echoes in her head. Nani comes and sees this. She thinks….I only have distanced Mukta from Vishnu but for her own good. I will have to bring her out of this sorrow. She calls out to Mukku who hurriedly closes the laptop and puts it back on its place. Nani says I can see that you keep sitting here in your room only crying all the time. Wont you tell your Nani the reason behind this? I only came to tell you that Vishnu and Meethi are coming for the pag phera ritual. Mukta says I have no interest in their pheras or pag phera. Nani wants to know what Meethi did. Mukku retorts she has done what she wanted to. Nani insists to know. Ok I will ask Meethi when she comes as to what happened between 2 sisters. Mukku cuts her off. She is not my sister. I don’t care if she lives or dies, comes or goes. Nani turns her around to look at her. Ram hi Rakhey, you are getting angry the same way like your mom used to get upset on Iccha once. Nani begins asking Mukta if that makkhi (Meethi) but Mukta completes it….she snatched my love from me. I love Vishnu and he loves me. We both wanted to marry each other. But even after knowing it all, Meethi snatched Vishnu from me. She married him only to take revenge from Akash. Nani says what else can be expected from that Iccha’s daughter. Mukku wants to be alone. Nani says I can understand your pain. Still I would say, face this truth. Mukku again tells her to leave her alone. Nani declines….not this time. You loved Vishnu this is your and his past. Present is that Vishnu is Meethi’s husband. That Meethi will come with tears in her eyes to return your love to you….to give you Vishnu back to you in alms as her mother had done the same thing. Till then you have to hold your anger as that Damini had given her daughter’s Uttaran to your mother shouting it loud and clear. But you will have to be strong. Tell her then that you are Mukta Raghuvendra Pratap Rathore. You are capable of forgetting your love but cannot take anyone’s Uttaran. Say this to her.

Precap: Meethi and Vishnu are being welcomed in Thakur House. Vishnu notices Mukku and they both look at each other. Meethi too notices it. Divya compliments the newlywed and joins their heads together….as a form of blessing. Stay happy always. Meethi and Vishnu are looking at Mukta who is looking down pained to hear it all.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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