I AM URS– Will U Be Mine ? by Ahaana part 11

Anika ‘ s Baby shower…
Anika was sitting on a well decorated chair specially for her
she was looking so beautiful and her cute baby bump had made her look perfect for this occasion…

One by one every lady present there came with gifts ,covers. and kept at her lap…
seeing this in video shivaye wondered baby would have got hurt by so many items touching anika’ belly …. but the thing was over so he can’t help it. .
then the game which was played to guess who is going to be added in oberoi family either male or female …
there were four games played

2 showed boy as result…
2 showed girl as a result. .
All were there hell confused…
but shivaye and Anika both gave a knowing smile to each other as they both already knew who soon is going to arrive…. but still kept it as a secret as they didn’t
want to wash away everybody’s excitement and curiosity. ..

And then the best moment of function came..
Dadi asked shivaye to gift Anika something as she is going to give him world ‘s precious thing. .. so atleast she too deserve something from him..

Anika was highly excited to know what shivaye is going to gift her..
But shivaye just gave her a box which was so beautifully packed..
And there was a gift which only
the great business man Shivaye Singh Oberoi can gift…

Anika very excitedly unwrapped it she was hell shocked angry annoyed but still kept a smile on her face to show everyone that she was happy with the gift
Gift was none other than
FDs.. it was on the name of 3 people and it was of principle 1 crore Rupees…
But Anika being Anika started to count zeroes to know the amount. ..but suddenly rudy interrupted
and said bhabhi it is also written in words over there..
and does logic wala sign ?

And eventually Baby shower came to an end ….
But suddenly a smile started crepting on lips of shivaye…

he systematically kept his laptop at side went to his wife who was sleeping so peacefully. ..
he just reminisced that does Anika liked his gift or was she just pretending that she liked it..

he thought to ask her in morning…

In Morning. .

Shivaye woke up but didn’t find Anika beside him …

Shiavye was shocked as how come lady kumbkaran got up before him..

After getting ready he went down and saw Anika sitting in Garden .. he too went there. ..

shivaye – Anika i just wanted to ask u something. .
anika- yes..
shivaye – u didn’t liked my gift naa..
anika- arey waah aapko aaya smjh mai ..
shivaye – ok sorry ..
anika- it’s ok…
shivaye – tum kuch bologi nahi ..

anika- No..
she starts to go but shivaye stops her by helding his wrist…
shivaye – pehli baat ki u know i don’t like ur silence. ..
second . .. I know u didn’t liked my gift..
Anika- no shivaye i loved it becoz i know my businessman husband ki thinking. . so leave it..
shivaye – Anika we have to go to hospital for ur checkup..
anika- haa so.
shivaye – so we will have paani puri and bhel at ur favourite spot
anika- sacchi..
shivaye – yeah..
anika- thanks Billu ji… and kisses his cheek.
shivaye – ?..

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