Some Untold Stories Kriyyam FF (Chapter 1)

Its a quite beautiful morning in birla mansion.     Krishna was doing pooja suhani yuvan yuvani baby were also present.Just then sayyam came up with a few files in his hand

Baby : sayyam tum itne subha kahan ja raha ha

sayyam : aaj ek business meeting hai so..

Baby : tumhne khana khaya

sayyam : nahi mein bhaar se karlogi

Baby : are you sure

yuvan : aab jab logoko ghar bhar nahi hai toh bahar se hi khana padega

sayyam : sabhan sambal kar yuvan .yeh mat bolo jo ghar mein tum rahtae hai vo mera bhi hai

krishna : Jane do yuvaan kuch logo ko bhk bak karnae ki aadat hai

yuvani : yeh yuvan just leave it .Mom ne dekh liya toh scene hojaye gi

baby : sayyam tumhe late nahi horaha hai

Sayyam went to office and baby and yuvani went for shopping as bhavna’s son Aanat  was comming from USA. It was almost night and they decorated the house .Krishna was in her room and in hall all hear a sound of car and all hid .It was dark in the house

Krishna came to hall and was surprised to see no one there .Sayyam also reached the hall.He sliped on something which was on the floor .He felled down holding krishna. All the time they also thought that was Aanat.Yuvan turned on the light all were ahocked to see sayyam and krishna on floor.While they had a romantic eyelock .Sayyam suddenly got up .Yuvan was hell angry he started beating sayyam by saying he purposly did that.All tried to seperate them

Sayyam didn’t say anything and he just went to his room being hell angry

precap: A strong arrgument takes place between Yuvan and baby. Aanat’s entry

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