The unspoken words – RISAN (Part 3)

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Continuing with the story, the story starts with Rishab phone ringing..
Rk- hey hiii dad…. What’s up?
Dad- Hiii my champ… I am good.. U tell
Rk- I am great dad… Just so tired today
Dad- when are you going to Mumbai
Rk- tomorrow morning dad

Dad- superb….. Rishab I wanna talk to you about an important project
Rk- not again dad…
Dad- you promised me… I never stopped you from pursuing your dreams and I hope the same from you that you will listen to me… See beta the thing is that you are the only heir of Kundra industries.. And who knows whether I will be there or not… So before die I want you to understand your work and take our company to great Heights..
Rk- Dad don’t you dare say that again.. You are not going to leave me…

Dad- if that so is the case, I should take it as a yes from you…
Rk- You are so cute to resist… Ok fine sir, as you say… I will work on your project but at the same time will also focus on fab5 as well…. Deal
Dad- Deal… I have never said no to you… Ok so you have to go to hotel Radisson Blu day after tomorrow to sign the deal….and above all this deal is very crucial for our company’s future… We have to get it at any cost… I hope you will not let me down
Rk- dad which is the company

Dad- Kapoor industries, the no. 1 company of new York
Rk- sounds interesting… Ok dad see you then and trust me I am not gonna let you down
Dad- I sure you won’t….. Accha see you my baccha…. Bbiiii
Rk- yaa dad… Take care… Bbiii
With this fab5 came inside… They have witnessed the entire conversation
Alya- rk how can you promise your dad about this deal… We have a complete album ahead
CABIR – chill Alya…i am sure rk will handle this

Dhruv- I agree he has other responsibilities too
Alya – seriously guys… I cannot believe this.. We are being ridiculous now..
Rk- yaar Alya… Try to understand.. Above all I can’t say no to dad.. And one day I have to understand my responsibility
Alya – and what about fab5…so ok u r saying that we guys are a burden on you
Rk- I am not saying that… And you know what I don’t even what to explain u anything… I thought you understand me but I was so damn wrong…. And guys I am leaving tomorrow as I have a meeting day after tomorrow.. So hope you understand guys
With this he went away in frustration

Dhruv followed him…
Dhruv – buddy listen.. You know na Alya is a kid.. She is so impulsive that sometimes she doesn’t even realise what she is saying
Rk- you know what sometimes I think that me and Alya are not meant to be together.. I mean we are just faking our relationship for fab5
Dhruv – I told you before that… Stop doing this drama for us and let us face it you don’t love her… Then

Rk- please Dhruv, you know na I don’t want to break fab5
With this rk went away and started packing his stuff and next day he left for Mumbai… What will happen when rk and sanaya come face to face… Stay tuned up till then..

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