Ritik : A rich handsome king who is rude and is a workaholic . He has this nature because of his late wife sikha whom he loved the most. He is called Rana ji by everyone .He can do anything for his people.

Shivanya : A playful girl who is little bubbly and a day dreamer too. She loves to read books and is mostly seen in the library.

Yamini : Ritik’s mother who wants Ritik to remarry .

Ankush : Ritik’s father .

Virat : Shivanya’s father who saved Ankush’s life once from the terrorists.

Vijaya : Shivanya’s mother who also wants Shivanya to marry soon


A man is shown standing and talking to some people. The man is Ritik. He is talking to the people for the village welfare. He finishes the discussion and heads to the library.

Here in the library as Ritik enters everyone salutes him . He goes to the fantasy section when he bumps into a girl (Shivanya). Shivanya slips and is about to fall when Ritik holds her by her waist. She hesitates and stands up .

Shivanya: Rana Ji ! (Salutes him)

Ritik: I’m sorry ! Are you Okay ?

Shivanya : I should say sorry ; I had not seen you .

Ritik : No, Its my fault, to pay for my mistake I gift this book .(

Precap : Ritik to give his coat to Shivanya

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  1. mouni roy fan

    Finally ra u r there.that was great

    1. Thank you

  2. Rivanyaforever1

    A very different and beautiful concept.
    I am sure its going to be amazing it is a little bit like the serial
    Ek tha raja ek thi rani one
    Please do update soon very much excited for it

    1. Thanks ! Are you watching Ek tha raja ek thi rani , I don’t watch it .
      Its my own Idea

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