Unknown to Friends (RIANSH) Episode #22

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The episode starts…..

Riddhima and Vansh go back to their friends and all of them enter inside the theatre. They thought to sit with each other and mingle again.



Rishi(to Sia): Hey! Ragini and Angre didn’t join y’all?

Sia: Angre had work in office and Ragini, Ishani had called her up but she said that she’s in no mood. Her voice was sad and maybe she was crying.

Rishi(thinks): Weird! Ragini and noΒ  for movies? Ragini is the first one to jump in. And why was she upset and crying? Does Riddhima know?

Rishi(to Kabir): Bend down!

Kabir: Why?

Rishi: I want to talk to Sejal.

Kabir: So talk, I won’t stop!

Rishi: it’s personal. Bend down!

Kabir gives up and bends down. Rishi tries to be very low in tone.

Rishi(Whispers to Sejal): Ragini said no for this plan and she was upset and crying.

He gets back.

Sejal(thinks): Now what happened to her? Should I pass it on? Why was she crying?

Sejal(to Aryan): Ragini said no for this plan and she was upset and crying.

Aryan: Why?

Sejal: Do you think I know?

Aryan: Yes!

Sejal: And why so?

Aryan: Because you told me.

Sejal: It’s because Rishi told me.

Aryan: And who told him?

Sejal: Probably Sia!

Aryan: Okay!

Aryan(thinks): What must have happened? I am sure Riddhima doesn’t know because if she did, then she wouldn’t have come for movie and instead would have been with Ragini.

Aryan(To Ishani): Bend down!

Ishani: Why?

Aryan: I need to talk to Riddhima.

Ishani is no mood to argue since Aryan hasn’t started anything yet, so she bends down.

Aryan(to Riddhima): Ragini said no for this plan and she was upset and crying.

Aryan gets back and asks Ishani to sit straight.

Riddhima(thinks): Now what happened? Till morning she was good. She prepared breakfast means she was in good mood. What must have happened? Why didn’t she tell me? Otherwise all her sorrows either she directly comes and cries in front of me or writes them down. I should tell it to Rishi also.

Riddhima(to Vansh): Bend down!

Vansh(confused): Why?

Riddhima: I want to talk to Rishi.

Vansh: From where? The other theatre room?

Riddhima: Huh?

Vansh: I am sitting at the corner seat Riddhima.

Riddhima looks on and realises that there’s a wall besides Vansh. She looks at the other side and sees Rishi.

Riddhima(thinks): The message has come from this side, so either Rishi was the one who initiated it or he must have received it till now.

The movies starts. Kabir looks at Rishi diagonally. He hits Rishi’s thighs.

Rishi: Aahh!

Kabir: Can I sit straight now?

Rishi: ofcourse, I finished talking long back.

Kabir(sitting straight): Why didn’t you tell me?

Rishi: Sorry, I forgot! Let’s focus on movie now.

Everyone’s focus was on the movie. But then the two couldn’t stay without speaking.

Ishani: Luckily, it’s a Romantic film and not a comedy one!

Aryan: Why?

Ishani: Because then you’d be the lead. Because all you can do is crack jokes and fool around.

Aryan: Thank you! Then even I should be glad since it’s Romantic.

Ishani: Why so?

Aryan: Because if it would have been horror then you would have been the ghost.

Ishani: Yaa! And you my partner for it!

Aryan: You are enough to scare people, me being with you will look like joker.

Ishani: Doesn’t matter, you already are!

Riddhima: Can you both shut up? Who the hell argues here? If y’all want to continue then walk out!

Aryan: Okay!

Ishani: Huh? You want to go?

Aryan: No! You think that I’ll miss a movie just to argue? Nahh! We have full day to do it. Now focus!

Riddhima(to herself): Thank God!

The interval started and many people started moving out for snacks or washroom.

Riddhima: I’ll be back.

Aryan/Vansh: Do you want me to come?

They both looked at each other confused while others looking at them surprised.

Riddhima: I am going to β€˜LADIES WASHROOM’. If y’all still want to come then you can come.

Aryan and Vansh looked at each other embarrassed while the rest were trying to control their laughter.

Vansh: Aryan will come!

Aryan: Vansh will come!

They said it at the same time which made everyone else laugh while they were just staring at each other. Riddhima walked out and took out her phone from her pocket. She tried calling Ragini.

Riddhima(thinks worriedly): Why is this girl not answering my calls? Is she even alright? What’s wrong with her? She acted this way last time three years back when she…..

Ishani shook Riddhima and she came out of her thoughts.

Ishani: Well you are still standing outside the theatre while the washroom is there (pointing towards the washroom)

Riddhima: I was just about to go.

Riddhima and Ishani walked inside the washroom. After a while, they came out and went back in. The movie began. Kabir and Rishi had gone to bring snacks for all. Riddhima sat on her seat and Vansh and she started sharing the caramel popcorn.

Riddhima: You like caramel?

Vansh: Ya! You?

Riddhima: yes! Why do you think Rishi gave caramel to us?

Vansh: Because the machine for cheese and salted were hardly working.

Riddhima: Huh? Just focus on the movie.

Vansh: *giggles*

The movie continued.

After it got over everyone moved out and stood together.

Aryan: I wish I get a girl like the lead.

Sejal: You have Ishani!

Ishani: What?

Kabir: What β€˜what’? Y’all argue so loudly that it was audible to most of the people present around. Keep your voice little low.

Vansh: Moreover, y’all argue like couples.

Sia: Are y’all in a secret relationship?

Aryan/Ishani: Shut up guys!

All this while Riddhima was lost in her thoughts thinking about Ragini and the sudden change in her mood. As she was lost. Vansh brought her back to reality.

Riddhima: Sorry! I was just thinking something.

Vansh: About?

Riddhima: Nothing!

Kabir: Even I want to think about Nothing, but this Vansh gives me so much work that my mind is filled with everything.

Sejal: Done?

Kabir: Yes!

Aryan: So let’s go back home!

Riddhima: Ya! I have work.

Vansh: What is it?

Rishi: Why do you want to know?

Riddhima: Ohh! He was just having a general question.

Sejal: you started justifying him?

Riddhima: Can we go?

Everyone leaves. Riddhima on her way back thinks about Ragini.

Aryan: Do you want us to come?

Sejal: Last time this happened three years back.

Rishi: And till today, you are facing it.

Riddhima: Thank Guys but I’ll manage. Just drop me home.


Vansh(thinks): Riddhima hardly focused on the movie. She was worried for something ever since Aryan whispered something to her. But what? I bet Riddhima doesn’t even know the storyline of the film.


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