Unknown love for u (Part 4) by Sanyu

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Recap:Veer’s intro as devdas,kabeer a strict nd senior doctor inSDCH but become a child with his sister.Saanchi a bubbly girl,but needs an amout of twenty thousand rupees to pay her exam fee.

Kabeer nd Aysel come out of a Mall,Kabeer is holding soo many shopping bags.
A:Bhaiya! I have done shpping.So,what’s the next plan?
K:Next plan??
A:As u know,i have completed my shopping,so after shpping i want to eat golgappas ,after having golgappas i’ll buy gifts for maa nd Ransh bhaiya and then we’ll go to….
A(confusingly):Temple.For what?
K:For begging.
Kabeer starts laughing.?????
A(angrily):Let my bhabhi come,we will make a team nd will make fun of urs.But seriously bhai what kind of a girl u want as ur lifepartner???
K:A girl selected by u,maa nd Ransh will be a suitable lifepatner for me.
A:But i have already selected a girl for u.
She points towards a girl.
K:If i have a sister like u,i don’t need an enemy.U want me to marry that buffalo.See..she is soo fat ndher hairs r looking like nest.Her figure is like a buffalo….not buffalo..like a hippo.??
A(in a teasing way):Let me tell tell her that u r appreciating her beauty.
K:R u serious??
A(tensed):Bhaiya!!see what is happening there.
K:I know Aysel,u want that hippo as ur bhabhi but i can’t marry her.U can ask Ransh about his marriage with this hippo.
A:Bhaiya,i m not talking about that lady.
(She points towards the road where a child of 4-5yrs is playing in the middle of the road nd a truck with highspeed is coming towards that child).
A:Bhai what r u waiting for??save that child.U r a hero .
Kabeer starts running nd save that child from a heavy accident.
A:Thank god! he is alright.
Saanchi hurriedly comed to that child nd hug him.
S:R u ok beta?Why u leave ur mumma’s hand??….
K(in a scolding manner):What kind of a lady u r?U leave ur child’s hand while shopping.I have never seen such a careless mother like u.U just know how to purchase cosmetics but u don’t know how to take care of ur child.It was ur luck that i was here nd save ur chid…
Before he could say her anything else,she placed her hand on his mouth.
S:Shhhhhhhhhhhh Keep quiet.Firstly,listen me.I also runned to help this child like u .He is not my child nd u were shouting at me.And secondly,a mother knows very well to take care of her child.
Do u get it Mr.Whatever u r??
She remove her hand from his mouth.
K:ok nd i m sorry.
S:It’s ok but next time think twice before reacting on any situation.
After saying this,Saanchi leave from there.

Screen shifts to Kaysel’s house.
Kusum is sitting in the hall nd talking with his son Ransh.
Ku:Aysel beta,where is Golu??
A:Maa,he goes to hospital to attend a serious case nd will be back in 2-3hrs.
Ku:How was ur shopping??
A:It was fabulous nd u know i met a girl who scold bhai nd bhai apologise to her.
Ransh nd Kusum together:Not possible.
Ku:That’s not possible.Two things r not possible in this universe.
1.Aysel leave watching Ishqbaaz.
2.Nd Kabeer apologise to anyone.
R:I m agree with maa.
A(melodramatically):That’s true maa.U don’t trust ur daughter.
R:Leave this topic.I have made something very special for u.
A(excitingly):What??Let me guess…u made noodles for me na?
R:No dear,i have something more special than noodles for u.
Ransh signs servant to bring that special thing.
Servant brings two glass of Karela juice.
A(puppy face):Ewwwwwwwww…Karela juice,u know how much i hate this.
R:I’m not asking u i m ordering u to drink this.
Ransh drinks karela juice in only one breathe.Whereas Aysel is making faces.
A:I’ll not leave u bhaiya.
Ku:Ransh!!u r like ur dad even ur dad loves karela .
A(in a low voice):That’s why he marries u.

Screen freezes on Aysel’s face.

“Happiness is nowhere,it is inside ur fist.It is toytally depends upon u that u want to enjoy ur fist or not.Collect enjoyable moments of ur life in ur heart which have a deep impact on ur mind nd leave an everlasting imprint”.

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    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u soo much for the support dear.

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    This story was really good .I have no words to say about your story.this story is very interresting and febuless☢☢☢☢☢☢

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    Hey pls someone save kabir from buffaloe no hippo yar just amazing i can’t control the smile appeared on face after readong it

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