Unknown love for u (Part 3)

Hi guys!!! How r u all. I hope u all r fine. Thank u soo much for showing ur love nd support. Every comment really means a lot to me. Keep reading nd commenting guys. Sorry, for grammatical mistakes. So, let’s start. ????

In a room,
A girl is seen who is totally dressed as a bride. She has wear a heavy lehenga with heavy ornaments nd looking soo beautiful like an angel. She is looking like a picture of beauty and serenity.But she is looking tensed. She is talking to a boy.
Girl(tensed):What r u saying??? U can’t leave me like this.
Boy:What do u mean like this. It was ur own decision to leave ur home, ur family nd ur marriage to.
Girl:But I leave everything for u.
Boy(in a ill mannered way) :But i can’t leave three hundred crore property for u.
Girl(surprisingly):U r talking about which property??
Boy:Sweetheart!!my dad wants me to marry Shayra Kapoor, owner of three hundred crore property.
Girl:But u love me. So, how could u…
Before she could complete her sentence, boy interrupted.
Boy:Let me tell u Miss Saanchi i don’t love u. Even i never consider u as my friend.
After saying this, boy exits from the door.
Girl(teary eyed) :

Zindagi… Iss shabd ne mera mazaak bana diya,
Aakhir har rishte ko paise ka mohtaj jo bana diya.
Meri zindagi bhagwan ne ek kathputli si bana di,
Jiski dorr na jaane kiske haathon mein thama di.

Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai,
Umeed se badhkar jeene Ki koi wajah nahi hoti,
Par agar bharose ki gullak mein cheid(hole)ho jaaye toh uss rishte ke aage badhne ki koi umeed nahi hoti.
Tu hota mere sang, toh yeh ehsaas hi kaafi hota,
Zindagi ke har gam meon barabar ka hissa hota.
Milke baant lete har gam ke kisse ko,
Kaash!!Mauka dekar dekha hota tune iss rishte ko. ????

The whole auditorium echoed with the sound of clappings nd appreciation for Saancho’s acting.
(Yes guys, this was just a play. )???

After drama,
Saanchi come out of the auditorium .
Saanchi’s pov:
I have only twenty thousand rupees from savings nd i get ten thousand from this drama. So, total amount i have is thirty thousand. But day after tmrrw is the last dayfor submission of fees. If i’ll not pay mu fee, university will not allow me to give the final exams. I don’t know from where i’ll get remaining ten thousand rupees. God ji! Plz help me or send ur messenget to help me.

” Never trust anyone blindly. Saanchi,there is no need to spare ur tears on that guy bcoz if he loved u he will never become thenreason of ur tears. ”

Guys, i know it is not that good as u all r execting. Soory, if u feel bored. But next time i’ll try to give my best.

Precap:Kaanchi’s first meeting

  1. if u dont mind will u just add little precap next time and this is a bit short one dear
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    2. Hey sry dear actually after going through ur prevoius 1 they r enough lengthy .nly dis 1 is short.sry dear.plz update asap eagerly waiting what happens next

  2. Awesome.I loved it.Keep writing dear.????

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    Sanyu dear, can I make a suggestion……plz add a recap to ur episodes coz there r a lot of updates on tu & we get really confused abt where u last left…….plz don’t take it otherwise…..now coming to the episode, it was osm……I enjoyed reading it……plz update nxt one asap……..luv u loads………

    1. Dhruti

      sanyu i also want you say same thing what priyanka(riyarocks) said……btw ff was superb and amazing………but little short update next one very soon(just kidding)…………when you free update next one……..

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  4. It’s amazing dear please update soon can’t wait

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  7. Niyaaa

    Awsome mindblowing epi. dear nd especially the sayari portion is outstanding i feel like m saying all that bcoz my mood is just like a heartbroken person hey seriously per sach me mera dil nahi tuta h bas thodi sad thi wo bhi cvs ki daya se love is easy u know but i m busy hehehe.. lekin itni kamaal ki line padhkar mann khush ho gaya nd one suggestion dear recap jarur dena easy rahega sabke liye itne sare ff to confuse ho jate h thanks sweety for cheer up me lovv u plz post nxt asap nd lengthy too…. Gud ni8 tc

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  8. Shayra

    It was a fabulous episode. I just loved it to the core. ❤❤❤❤❤
    Especially,the shayari stole my heart. But Sanyu as i remember u wtote this shayra on Rikara.
    Keep writing dear nd eagerly waiting for next part. ????

    1. Negisanyukta

      Thank u sop much for commenting. And yes, i wrote this shayari on Rikara but with some changes put this on Saamchi.

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    It was simply outstanding. U nailed it. ???????
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