The unknown feelings – Part 6

Pragya remembered her past with alia

when she was studying in school alia was her classmate .That time pragya don’t like
love matters it is well known to all .she don’t talk too much with boys .alia had a
love with their classmate named ,arjun .one day someone told this to teacher and this
became a big problem .alia believed that it was pragya ,who told teacher .
circumstance make her to believe like that .pragya also know that alia is doudting her.
aftersome days someone told teacher that pragya had a love .ofcourse she thought it
was alia and their hate start from there .

when they are at collage alia also there but in other department .alia ‘s love failed
and purab loved her it was not known to pragya but other from 4p know this. On day
pragya came to know about this she became very sad.

The next day, she was sitting on her house alongly that time including alia some
friends came there . pragya welcomed them .they asked what she is doing in purab’s
house.pragya became sad but she didn’t show and said then I’m leaving

Alia and others get in and purab came to attended them that time diya ,a friend asked
what pragya is doing there .purab asked about her they said she said she is going.
purab called prabha and told him to attend them and went insearch of pragya .he
found her and asked where she is going and said he thought that she hate alia and
it will became worse so they thought to tell her later

pragya said she don’t have anger towards alia and she is worried because they didn’t
share her about his love .then she explained how she came to know alia is not the one
who complained about pragya.

And problem get solved and they came back to home .They are happy ,with their happy
face prabha and prayaga find about their problem is solved but they didn’t expect
one thing from alia .she said if purab want to be with her he should leave pragya
and don’t allow her to come here and in his life .purab became sad and said to leave

Alia became happy she thought purab told pragya to leave and she asked pragya to
leave but purab cleared that he said it to alia .alia should leave ,that time a
person among alia gang became happy she is the reason for all the problem.

The next day after meeting alia

pragya came to alia and sat beside her .she want to unite alia and purab.
so she started first ” hi”

alia replayed by saying “hi”

“are you angry with me? ” pragya

“for what?”alia replayed casually

” because of me you and purab……” pragya

” oh ! I forget it.and now it a past ” alia ,pragya sighed in relief.

” then friends? ” pragya forward her hand

alia looked her and give her hand for shake and said” friends”

pra” I want to clear one thing on that day I not the one who told to teacher
about you”

alia” oh come on pragya .I know it and now its not important ”

pra” and where are you staying ? your home is far from office ,right?”

” yes I thought to be on any hostel .I had all lagage with me and what
about you?” alia asked

” here I had a home I’m living their ”

” oh! with family?”

” no ”

“hey, can you provide a room for me in your house? “alia requested

pragya” oh sure .after office I will Wait for you you should come to
parking OK”

alia” OK”

after office they together went to car parking pragya already told about
this to abhi

pragya and all sat in car pragya was at front passenger seat .alia noticed
abhi and said: hai abhi and what he is doing here?

pra”oh i forget .he is my best friend and he is also staying in our house”
alia” your friend ? in my known you dont have friends in boys other than

pra” hey it was long time back ”

they went to their home and pragya show her a room

sorry for my late update .its been I week . and thanks all who commented and
read my story .sorry for my grammer and bye

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