The unknown feelings – Part 12


Abhi got discharged from he was at their house .

abhi was siting in his room.purab and all are near him .

purab:pragya ,we are leaving .call when you need anything


purab and others left from there .now abhi and pragya was remain in house.pragya go to his room.

pragya:abhi, do you want any thing?

abhi looked at her and gestured her to come near him.pragya came near him.

abhi: sit here

pragya sat near by chair.

abhi: what happend?

pragya :nothing.

abhi: nothing? then why dont you talk with me.. like before?………….is that my confession?

pragya looked into his eyes.

abhi:thats the problem…….hmmm…….look pragya , i told you what i feel for you on that time …….it just …my feelings.

pragya: not like that abhi.

abhi; then what? tell me .

pragya hesitated.abhi hold her hand and asked do you trust me?

pragya nodded .

abhi: then?

pragya took a deep breath and began to say: abhi, when you say you love me i was confused but i told you that i love you…….

abhi: confused?

pragya looked at him and shaked as negative and continued: no more confused.i …..if…… abhi , if we start our life as husband and wife. will you be my best friend like before .or typical……husband….

abhi find about her insecurite.he opened his hand for a hug.pragya hugged him .in that hug she got all the answers for her question.

abhi: you love me?

pragya shyly look down and noded.

it was the first time abhi saw her friend being shy.he want to tease more.

abhi: you didnt say anything.give me my replay.

pragya became more nervous .she thought to just escape.she run from there.

abhi (loudly): you are not going to escape from that question.

after some days

aliya came back .purab informed about abhi”s condition .so she straightly go to abhi”s room. but bad timing .pragya was with abhi and they were hugging each other.alia saw this and became shocked .of cource she dont know they are married.alia was happy but she is upset with them because they didnt informed her that they love each other.they are lovers( for alia).

alia: what was happening here?

abhi and pragya became shocked they turned towards alia with shocking and with a little embracement.

pragya: that alia we

alia: no pragya i dont want your explanation .i thought you are…..but….

pragya: alia please lisen we …..

alia began to laugh .they became confused.

alia :i already had a doubt that you two are lovers.

abhi and pragya surprisingly looked each other.

alia: ok im leaving to my room. continue your romance and please left something after marriage.

she left there

abhi and pragya ata the same time: we should………..

and look at each other

abhi; we should tell her that we are married.

pragya: we have to share full story.from friends,friendship after marriage to now.

abhi: why all?

pragya: because if we said we are married . she will suerly ask about marriage date and….

abhi: i understand thencome let clear her misunderstanding


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