UNFORGETTABLE LOVE :SHIVIKA (Part 57) ( contract and blackmailing

So i m back after long ,how much u want a curse me ,do it later now enjoy the chappy
Recap: secret reveal
S: Mohini bua???
K: yess ,alok uncle’s sister ,u know from childhood she was so close to all ,she always treat us like her own child ,she was best ,she loves all or unko behrehami se maar dala…that day we also lost anika and chutkiii..
S:who killed her???
K: wo… Cut by karan phone call
K: one minutes
He takes up the call
K: yaa..okk…now…bt…okk…cmg
And he cut the call
S: everything okk
K: yaa ,dad calls he wants us to be in home ,he wants to announce something
K: don’t know bt we have to go
He nodded and both left
Luthra mansion
Everyone present there except our anika,kriyan
Raghav was standing with smirk , which was noticed by sammy bt she ignored
K: dad what so urgent
Sha: we have decided something
K : we ?? Decision
Sha: patience karan ,let everyone come till than wait
After 5 mins kriyan and anika come one after another and both stand together against shivaay
Shivaay notice that there is something in her eyes which is absoutely he can understand that somethink dangerous in her mind
Rag: chachu now everycome came
Sha: okk we have decided that luthras are going to merge with alok and samarth company
Samarth: and this merger will take our bussisness in new level (happy)
Al: and we are going to sign the contract paper today itself and we officially declare about this merger in media on shivaay and tanya engagement party
Ad: bt chachu when u decide this
Sam: last night kriyan came to us with this proposal and we found it is good ,so we agreed
K:bt what about legal formalities
Sha:kriyan handled everything
Al: did u bring the paper
Kr: yes dad and he handover the papers
Sama: did u check everything
Kr: yes ,bt if u don’t trust me u can also check again
Alo:no need ,u have checked so everything will be i m sure
A: sab kuch toh sahi hona hi h …taunting
S: matlab
A: i mean to say everything is handle by kriyan and kriyan never made a mistake galti se bhi nahi
Kr: okk if u want u can sign them now after that i will submit them today only
K: it’s like u have prepared everything previously
Kr: wo toh karna hi tha ,yahi toh mera maksad h
S: maksad????
Kr: yaa maksad u know i was working on this for so long bt didn’t get right person but now i got them and now world will see how we will see them sky…
R: okkk guys do it fast i m getting late
Sha: okk
Firstly shanshank signed the papers
And then alok and samarth
Annika pov
U have no idea that what u did , behind money u became blind that u didn’t notice that u have signed on ur destruction
Kriyan &raghav pov
At last u have signed on ur destruction ,u will see what will happen to u..
Shivaay pov
What is going on in anika brain , her eyes showing that she have achieved something her smirk is not normal kuch toh gadbad h…

Anika room
A: bahi did u get any information about tanya
R: not exactly what we want bt how much i know something is not right about her
Kr: matlab
R: anika u told us naa that shivaay announce his engagement with her after one week of ur departure…so it should mean that they know each other from long ….
A: yaa
R: bt it is not like this
Kr: i didn’t get it
R: i’ll explain ,tanya she used to leave in singapore since 7 years and she came back only three days back before ur departure
A: whattt
Kr: r u sure
R: yes , and as much i noticed them i didn’t find any love btwn them
Kr: he is ryt even i noticed that shivaay used to ignore her ,and if he wants to merry her than why they wait for so long
R: guys i m telling u something is not ryt kuch toh chupa hua h hamari aankho se
A: bt kya …
Kr: that we have to find
All the moment of shivaay and tanya was running in her mind shopping mall,announcement, breakfast table,enterance running in her mind
Is this true that shivaay doesn’t love her, than why he is doing all this ,what is he hiding …
R: guys i think we should now focus on our plan and about tanya we can deal later…this tym they r not necessary .
Stranger pov.
Finally now plan is in progress may be not with rajvanshi bt luthra’s are not less after dealing with luthra next will be rajvanshi …bechara kriyan he thought that this deal is beneficial for them bt not for them only for me ..
He throw dagger on kriyan photo and next is adhiraj my poor boy who will save u and ur family …
Anika pov.
I will not let u harm my family ..

Pinki room
She was very tensed and talking to somwone on phone
P: hey u can’t blackmail me like this …
I already paid u ….now u want more money…i will not …
No no ..i will do something…okk meet me today i will message u address and she cut the call in anger
P: i have to finish this matter as soon as possible ,if anyone come to know about it and agar shivaay …no no i can’t let this happen …kisi ko pata nahi chalna chahiye ki maine 2 saal pehle kya kiya …no i have to do this
She goes to wardrobe and take out bundle of notes and move out
Unknown that gauri was listening everything
Gauri pov.
What is choti maa ji hiding ,kya sabko pata nahi chalna chahiye,and what she did 2 year ago jo agar kisi ko pata chal gaya toh everything will be spoiled i have to find out and she start following pinki
Done for today ,
Next episode u came to know who is responsible for everything
And who is blackmailing pinki
What pinki hiding
Any guesses
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