Udaariyaan 9th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh makes a plan

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The Episode starts with Tejo coming to the class. She reads the poetry. She asks who kept this rose here. Student says it was already kept here when I came. She says okay, I know who kept it. Fateh thinks don’t know she got a smile on her face or not. She recalls Khushbeer’s words. She recalls everything and thinks I can’t trust Fateh, I can’t forgive him. She trashes the rose and asks the students to complete the chapter. She leaves. Fateh looks at her. The students also leave. Fateh enters the class and smiles. He sees the rose and the note in bin. He gets sad. He says its okay Tejo, I will get roses everyday, you will forgive me some day. Jasmin comes and says poor guy, burdened by love, give me some time, you used to be my lover before, you are my biggest enemy now, I pity you, keep trying, one day your lover will agree. He asks what do you want to say. She says this is my college also, you and Tejo changed an innocent girl into a cunning Jasmin. He says nice joke, don’t blame us, you ruined our lives, I was innocent to not understand your conspiracy. She says good, stay scared of me. He asks why. She says I told you about the surprise, so stay scared. She gets a call. She says its my lawyer’s call, you like surprises, right, you will like this one. She goes. He thinks what is she planning now, I have to stop her.

Fateh is at some bar. He drinks. He sees Tejo in front. He says Tejo, you here, you accepted my rose, it means you have forgiven me, everything is fine. She says yes, you have convinced me. He turns and sees Buzo. He sees Tejo disappeared. He goes to Buzo and sits with him to drink. Buzo asks did you come to drink or forget sorrow. Fateh says I have sorrow to make Tejo cry, what sorrow do you have. Buzo says I don’t want to marry anyone, the girl’s alliance has come. Fateh says tell them that you love Simran. Buzo says I can’t say. Fateh scolds him. Buzo says I love her a lot, I want to accept her and Candy, I can’t tell them, Khushbeer will never agree. Fateh says yes, come, I won’t let you do the same mistake, come with me. Buzo says not in this state, not now. Fateh says he will accept my word, come, we will convince dad, Tejo would have done this. Buzo calls Tejo and asks her to come to the bar fast, Fateh is too drunk. Tejo says Buzo looks worried, why am I worried, why is my relation with Fateh now, nothing, did Fateh ask Buzo to call.

Fateh says I lost my love, Simran won’t lose her call, come with me. Tejo comes and slaps Fateh. She scolds him. She says you are a selfish person, you just think of yourself, you worry for your sister now, its good, but one can’t get love like this, don’t be foolishness, one needs family’s consent for love, become responsible, learn to join hearts and relations. She leaves. Fateh hugs Buzo and says thanks for calling her here, it means she still cares for me, she didn’t slap me, she proved that my hope isn’t baseless. He smiles. Tejo sees her hand and cries.

Fateh comes home and recalls Tejo’s words. He says thanks for opening my eyes, I m really a careless son and brother, I just want to see your smile, I forgot this will happen when our families smile, I understood what to do to get your smile, I have to convince the families and join them, I will make Rupy and Khushbeer patch up and settle Simran, maybe you get happy and forgive me, but how will I start this. Its morning, Satti gets a call and says yes, we will come. She says Tejo, Lovely, Pammi had called, we will celebrate Lodhi with the NGO school kids. Bau ji and everyone talk about Lodhi. Gurpreet says Fateh also loves the sweets. Biji says Amrik should have come here. Simran says he said he will finish dad’s work and come. Nimmo comes and meets them. Tejo smiles and talks to Bebe. Dilraj shows her to Fateh. Fateh thanks him. Navraj says you want to celebrate Lodhi with Tejo. Fateh says I want dad and Rupy to patch up. Dilraj asks for chocolates. Fateh says I will get it, get my other work done. Dilraj says think its done.

Fateh says I wish dad doesn’t get angry. Khushbeer comes. Nimmo wishes him happy Lodhi. He stumbles by the bag and shouts. Gurpreet says don’t get angry at the festival time. He says its not a festival for me. Biji says its Candy’s first Lodhi. Khushbeer says we have no respect in pind, I don’t want to meet Sandhus, you all can go. Fateh looks on and thinks how will my plan work if dad doesn’t come.

Fateh and Tejo dance on Gud naal…. Jasmin comes and greets everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Jasmin jab Fateh ko acha khasa sunati hai to…………….by god ……..Kalege main thand pad jati hai…

    Angad fans ka badla Jasmin chun chun k fateh se le rahi hai………………..Angad ❤️❤️❤️

    Angad scenes ka to pta hi nhi chal raha kya ho raha hai…..Na accident hota hai…..na koi plan ata hai

    I wish to donate 10 litres to “asian Paints” to the makers.

  2. I really wonder what Jasmine is going to do with the lawyer. I think she is going to force Fateh to agree to the marriage. Just like they did for Tejo with the visa as a request and proof of marriage … It saddens me that his character is so well defined and that Tejo and Fateh are less powerful in their role. Why we can’t give a little rest in FateJo .. Or leave space for the other worries of family members .. Example comes the worries of Buzzo and Simran … What about Amrik .. Or abhiraij would make a beautiful jodi with mahi .. But there Jasmine comes every time and every moment a good dialogue for nailed Tejo or Fateh.

    1. @Lilou: Yes, just more and more marriages between the Virk’s and Sandhu’s. At least that will be a distraction.

  3. Angad k character ki wajah se Jasmine se pyar ho gya hai….Bygod….

    1. This show is ruined….please remove Fateh…put Angad ..Fateh is a dull dry boring, expressionless character…..

      Y u insulting a woman by making her soo stupid like tejo

      Angad role was like sunshine to a dark serial
      Now it’s going back to darkness

      Waste of time seeing

      Hope this show ends

      Worst twist of story

    2. Bullshit twist

    3. Exactly Ansaa
      Since pandemic has started i stopped watching TV.

      I knew little bit of this story as my family watches this….and i Always used to comment Yr mummy ye show TV par mat lgaya kro…..Sab ismein rote rehte hain…..Aur Iska male lead to hero jaisa b nahi dikhta kisi angle se….That much expressionless guy Fateh is….and i always used to leave TV room..

      But i was just one evening having a cup of tea with my family and then i suddenly saw Angad’s character in one episode…..

      and i was just stopped there and i waslike….Ye itna sunder Ladka kon hai bhai….is show main
      I loved his performance …he was so effortless so natural and so loving…it feels like it is just so beautiful…

      But since the day they ruined his character…..I m back to my normal routine…..but Angad is still in
      my heart….This was the power he showed within 2 months….I loved his epic comic timing….his awesome dressing sense,,,,his great romatic side….his anger So many expressions…..and i loved this….Awww he is just so Handsome❤️❤️

      Bande ne apna character poori imandari se aur shiddat se nibhaya….ki we cant forget him❤️❤️

  4. Filhal to iss show ko Jasmine hi chla rahi hai…..
    As uska character atleast clear to hai…….Atleast Now jasmine is justifying that worst betrayal by Fateh made to become her more evil….

    Otherwise…rest others have no job othern than to Just Cry…Fateh’s acting is so expressionless….He can’t even do a single comic scene…Bore expressionless character

  5. For me, this episode just shows how weak Tejo is for Fateh by falling for his old tricks again at least Jasmine can stand on her two feet and be revengeful towards Fateh since he shattered her dreams. Dont think Tejo deserved that title ‘sherni’, well this is my opinion.

    1. Yes. Tejo doesn’t deserve to be called as ‘sherni’

  6. Yes. Tejo doesn’t deserve to be called as ‘sherni’

  7. Do not know how people still watch udariyaan…oh god ….

    1. Youtube promos only…….This show is Cringe to be watched on TV

  8. All of you without exception being hypocrite 🙄🙄🙄 .. It’s so confusing to read you and insult the role of Fateh 😕😕😕 it’s like insulting you the actor Ankit😯😯 especially when you criticize his games. role 🤬🤬🤬 .. And even to read you when you say that Tejo is not sherni 😱😱😱 .. Whose fault is the writers doing injustice to their roles 😒😒😒 .. Even I find it unfortunate and unacceptable that Jasmine is a very good role and such a good dialogue 😒😒😒 .. And when you say that we should give Angad the lead role 😕😕😕 .. But people if you are currently watching and reading Udariyaan it is because ‘there is a reason 😜😜😜 .. It pisses me off to read that Angad should have been or Jasmine because of this revenge .. Revenge but for what .. The girl did everything because she felt insecure in short 😴😴 😴 .. You find it normal that a younger sister can have so much hatred for her older sister when she has always been there for Jasmine .. And constantly criticize you Tejo 🤭🤭 .. Shit and shit s Erie was doing well before Angad entered and will be doing well when and if he leaves the series soon because other project awaits him 🤭🤭 .. Stopped comparing because it is insulting the work of other actors for the episode past 🤨🤨 .. The story moves each has a nuance .. You think that karan sir would have come for the series and would be part of the future series of Sargun and Ravi Sir 🤭🤭🤭🤨🤨. In short stop criticizing the role of Tejo or Fateh is like insulting actors .. Very disgusting to read comments as well😴😴😴😴

    1. Hi all commentators. Great comments. I watched parts of the show today after quite awhile and you all are 100% right in finding the show cringeworthy. Notwithstanding what Anonyme has to say about this Fateh character, the actor Ankit’s personality is unsuitable for a hero’s role. Antagonist, body building coach, gang leader sure, but hero, a definite “no”. He doesn’t have the necessary appeal that a hero normally has. If commenters feel that way then we have the comments platform to say that. No one should try to stop or intimidate the commenters from making their point of view known.

    2. Jasmine as a character is evil. But no one can deny that there is both evil and good in everyone. Jasmine was pushed in the dark right from the beginning of this show. Fateh gave her hope of a life that could help her out of that darkness.

      Not everyone is born with a high IQ, but everyone is unique. But if a child is constantly compared, constantly shadowed by the other sibling, even if for the sake of protection. The result is Jasmine.
      She got attention only because of beauty and because she was obediently following the family’s Canada dreams.
      Then comes Fateh with his “Oh I will love her till the end of my life” and because he had access to doing those things he did them. No one would be doing those things in a practical world except an immature teenager like Fateh.
      Then he hides his inability to fullfill her dreams – Her only source of light and hope to prove to the people she loved that she too exists..
      And yes he did it completely unknowingly, I agree.
      Frankly I’m interested only in seeing how they shape Jasmine.
      Tejo is an incapable, intelligent woman.
      Confused to the core, burdened with all this responsibility. And yes only being out there doesn’t make one Sherni
      A person who has perseverance is also a Sherni.
      The male lead is flawed for sure. He should get a spine of his own. Muscles aren’t everything

    3. @gudiya your right
      Jasmine is always compared to tejo which annoys me. The whole SANDHU family acts as they only have one daughter which is TEJO because she is good andlistens to them, like. They cant forget jasmine, and whatever she is today its because of RUPY, TEjo, and ofcourse Fateh. Like why did fateh show her all those dreams if he cant fulfil it, hes doing the similar thing with tejo, like tejo was betrayed, and the whole family cant forgive thtat but what about Jasmine

  9. Se tu critichi gli attori stessi, e la loro personalita’, sı’ , questo e’ inconveniente . Cosa dovremmo criticare allora? Senz’altro possiamo criticare la loro capabilita’ di recitazione e
    lo scenario stesso. In che cosa consiste ” criticare i ruoli” ,non ho potuto capire . l ruolo di un uomo infedele, non lo possiamo criticare? Se un attore recitava una parte negativa, che colpa ha quest’attore ? Non possiamo criticare certamente la sua personalita’ , ma se interpreta un personaggio cattivo, cioe’ se ha un ruolo negativo,noi gli spettatori, non possiamo criticare per esempio un personaggio traditore ? Questo non vuol dire criticare Ankit Gupta, ma il carattere di Fateh . Possiamo criticare inoltre le capabilita’ degli attori

    1. what language is this in I want to see what it means

  10. Really only watching for jasmine now
    not weak fateh or tejo
    Jasmine is doing right by taking revenge from fateh

  11. Fateh is weak
    Tejo is a cry baby

    The biggest problem there is Rupy Sandhu (aka as Pavarotti) , he started this whole thing of lying and manipulating, if he told the truth in the beginning, when Fateh told him, no problem
    then he forced Tejo to marry Fateh for shame
    then he was forcing Jasmine to marry Gippy
    then Tejo to marry Angad
    now hes guilt tripping her,

    Tejo needs a backbone, stop acting like a cry baby ,
    marriage is not all,
    why can t she work and make name for herself,
    same with Jassu, why cnat she go to canada, she got the money

    writers have sh!t for brains,
    always want to keep the girls oppressed
    Fateh cheated in his marriage, now everyone must feel sorry for him
    Did anyone force him,
    but now they force Tejo to forgive,
    with all their festivals,

    1. I completely agree to the Rupy part. That man should be awarded for the best bad timing.
      He hides things when he should reveal them. Keeps quite when he knows things are wrong. And speaks when he should just shut up.

  12. Megha Desai

    I don’t understand what these makers are getting by ruining male leads. First Fateh, then Agand. Both were ruined by their lust for the Sandhu sisters. Really? Who would do that in reality?

    At least the makers should have shown some mercy to Angad.

    No doubt Udariyan is out of top 5 now.

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