Udaariyaan 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo confronts Jasmin

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The Episode starts with Tejo asking how did your passport burn. He says Jasmin did this. He tells everyone. Jasmin recalls Candy. She thinks Tejo you can do a drama, I know she wasn’t Candy’s mum. Rupy says she acted to lose the passport first and make a new one. Fateh comes and hugs Jasmin. She says leave me, I m useless, why did you come to me, go. He says I came to say sorry to you, please sorry. She asks do you remember what you said. He says yes, you forget it. She says you stay happy and enjoy with everyone, even Candy, you get upset when you come to me, you enjoyed with Tejo also, you would be missing her, I have seen you dancing with Tejo and Candy, wearing that hat. He laughs and says you are jealous of that kid, he is so cute just like you. She says I m not jealous, I have a doubt, he saw your family pic and says he has the similar pic at his house, he said you are his mum’s friend, do you know Tejo’s colleague. He says no, he is a kid, leave it. She asks how did you get much attached with him so soon. He says sit here, I have an attachment with you. Tejo asks if Jasmin’s old passport is here, why did she give her new passport to Fateh for visa, why didn’t she burn her passport, why did she burn yours, what’s the reason. Rupy says not reason, its her obsession. Fateh shows the earrings. Jasmin says wow, thanks… He makes her wear it. Dil utthe chalda….plays… He lifts her in his arms. They smile. Tejo thinks Jasmin will have some motive behind this.

Gurpreet asks how are you able to eat this. Fateh says Jasmin made this cake for me, if I don’t eat it today, then she will eat me. She says I like to see you happy. Tejo comes there and hears them. He says its because of Candy, I feel light seeing dad playing with him. She says I regret that you chose Jasmin, if everything went fine between you and Tejo, then our house would have got a child. Tejo recalls the doctor’s words. Gurpreet says you won’t go to Canada now, right, I know Jasmin’s madness for Canada. He says she isn’t old Jasmin now, she has become sensible, trust me. She says I wish this is true. Tejo thinks I don’t want to get in their matter, I should stay away. She comes inside the kitchen. She asks tea? Fateh signs. She asks shall I ask something, I know I have no right, but its bothering me, our marriage happened in a different situation, but we both wanted it to work, you wanted to move on, I had read your eyes, what happened suddenly that you took such a big decision.

Fateh says you know, I just loved one girl in my life, on our marriage day, whatever Jasmin did, I felt that nothing is imp to her than Canada, so I wanted to move on, I wanted to make our marriage successful, then one day, Jasmin did something that I trusted her love again. He recalls Jasmin burning her passport. He says she burnt her passport, it was everything for her, she burnt her dream to stay with me. Tejo recalls Rupy’s words. Fateh says she isn’t the same Jasmin now, she changed, she loves me and wants to win everyone’s heart here. She laughs and says sorry, I got a laugh. He asks do you want to say anything. She asks why would I say, I m neither your wife nor friend, but I m your well-wisher, I will pray that you learn the truth soon, we have a relation or not, I will never want anyone to cheat you, you will learn the day one day and also understand why I laughed, till then, good night and enjoy your cake. Its morning, Jasmin says I will find out Candy’s truth. Tejo says I m ready for college, yes, I will pick Candy after college.

Jasmin says Biji is calling you. Tejo goes. Jasmin checks Tejo’s call. She says last call is of Urvashi, is she her college colleague. She enables location sharing. She says Tejo, I have your phone live location now, I will come after you. At the academy, Jasmin thinks why didn’t Tejo leave yet. Fateh sees her checking the files. He smiles and thinks she realized her responsibilities. He goes. Jasmin says Tejo is going towards the highway. She leaves. Candy says I will stay at Tejo’s house today. Tejo says I can’t take you today, I have imp work. He runs away. Buzo says he will be normal in some time. Simran asks why do you look tensed. Tejo says actually, Jasmin has a doubt about Candy. Jasmin comes there and sees Tejo’s car. She sees Tejo there. Tejo says I have to be extra careful now. Jasmin thinks Simran and Buzo are with her, what are they planning. Candy comes and says I m feeling hungry. Jasmin thinks Candy is Simran’s son. She recalls Khushbeer’s words. She thinks now see Tejo, what I do. She turns to go. The pot falls down. Tejo turns and sees her. Simran worries. Tejo says I will handle this. Jasmin runs. Tejo runs after her. Jasmin falls. Tejo holds her hand. Jasmin says leave my hand. Tejo asks why, you came after me and heard my talks, tell me, what’s going on in your mind.

Jasmin argues. She says think once, it will be real fun when Khushbeer learns that Candy is Simran’s son, you are cleverly getting him inside the house, he will drag you and throw you out of the heart, did you get scared. She dances. Tejo says those who has bad intentions and lie, they get scared, one who has good intentions aren’t scared. Jasmin says you got daring. Tejo says no, you are daring, none can dare so much like you. Jasmin says stop this nonsense, go home and do the packing, I will make arrangements for your farewell. Tejo says I did the packing when you came home, I m there for six months, think of yourself, else I will make you leave that house and also Fateh’s heart. Jasmin asks what do you mean, I m not scared of you. Tejo says you will know it when Fateh learns the matter, you didn’t burn your passport, but dad’s passport to make him believe your love. Tejo shows the passports. Jasmin gets shocked.

Precap: Jasmin says bond between Tejo and Khushbeer is becoming stronger. She will need to do something to break that bond. She mixes something in tea. Khushbeer is having breakfast. Tejo says she will get tea. Jasmin comes saying she brought it. Khushbeer tells Tejo to get it. Tejo takes it from Jasmin and gives it to Khushbeer. Jasmin gets happy seeing Khushbeer drink it.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Hello guys, the episode was so beautiful when Tejo told Fateh that she supported Fateh in everything Jasmine what did she give him What was Jasmine’s proof of Fateh’s love How did they get back to each other when he told her to burn the passport she mocked him and laughed
    And when she confronted Jasmine about Candy’s truth and challenged her to reveal Candy’s issue, she warned her that she would lose Fateh, family and status, and would not marry Fateh in the future.
    When I told her the proof of her love Fateh
    And if you reveal the issue of passport to Fateh, what will happen hahahaha oh my God, a wonderful scene if Fateh discovers Jasmine and goes to kill her, I mean by beating, not killing death

  2. first yay

    1. Amazing to see Tejo in this new avatar. Love it. Finally standing up to that no good sister of her.😍😄

  3. Tejo is dumb …she could have rather told Jassu ” I WILL SEE UR CONFIDENCE WHEN I REVEAL THE BIGGEST TRUTH TO FATEH ” instead of saying abt the passports becos definitely jassu will find some way to destroy it !

    1. [email protected] Sure thing Jasmine will take action against Tejo about the passport It’s like a soul to Jasmine sure can’t wait She’s planning to take the passport from Tejo

    2. Bro. Rupy, Satti and everyone in the Sandhu family are evidences of Jasmin’s truth. Do you think..even if Jasmin destroys the passports, Tejo has many ways to prove the truth. Instead of Tejo, you are proving yourself dumb. Tejo knows Jasmin’s truth. Jassu should be scared of her.

  4. I’m very happy with today’s episode
    Tejo, she was cheated twice by Jas and Fateh, she has no fault in what happened to her
    I feel pity for Fateh He was cheated by Jasmine twice I don’t know what Fateh will react when he finds out the truth he will cry blood and there is a possibility that he will commit suicide in his anger hahahahahahahaha

    1. You are too good sis. Sorry for my previous reply to you. But be assured that Jassu is helpless now.

    2. Fateh trusts Jasmine blindly as Tejo did with Fateh when she trusted him blindly and a day came when Tejo saw with her own eyes and heard with her own ears the truth …. and Fateh is just like her.
      He must see with his own eyes and hear with his ear… the truth of Jasmine… and I think that the truth of Jasmine isvery soon

  5. I wondered what was going on in Tejo’s head when she smiled, when Fateh told her about Jasmine’s passport and proof of love .. She must have been like “man the love makes you blind and foolish ”. You lost your wife and your friend for a false pretense of burning a passport .. You broke everything because of a passport which is not even hers .. WHAOUU Fateh .. Anyway .. I liked too much Fateh’s face when Tejo laughs .. Poor man .. But Jasmine is smart and clever .. She can turn the situation so favorably and easily to her advantage .. In this part there sandhu family can testify for Tejo .. But Fateh is too naive and compulsive about Jasmine that he won’t believe anything. Anyway. And honestly I suspect that one day Fateh really realizes the value of Tejo. I so wish that Jass’s entry would click into Fateh’s mind. Worse than knowing Tejo in danger wakes him up and makes him realize Tejo’s worth .. But I doubt that he will ever realize what he has lost .. I don’t know what Jass’s entrance has in store for us .. With the functions of Navatri and apparently a new look for Tejo .. And I wish that finally the truth about Candy would be known and that Tejo finally left the Virk house .. Not possible that Fateh romance with Jasmine in the same house as his wife is present .. Anyway .. Overall good episode .. I sigh that a pregnancy trail is being made. It comes back too much in the scenes on his last days.

  6. Well.. Tejo i really love her smartness.. Jasmine is just a fool to have everything that will implicate her such a silly girl.. Shame on u….i love fatejo

  7. The sisters are now just blackmailing each other, or at least threatening to – you reveal my secret and I will reveal yours, or so it seems.

    1. its like seeing lets see who spills first

  8. loved that Tejo is blackmailing Jasso with the foundation of the rekindled relationship the passport burning. Tejo i see wants Fateh 2 see the lies and differences between the sisters so she does not just tell him as he will fight back but once he sees the differences it will eat away at him like yesterday. Now i see Jass coming in a jealous Fateh will be shown ( remember wen he thought Tejo was with Bozo even said why did she do this 2 me ) he completely forgot Jasso and him were in a relationship at the time. Fateh wants Tejo 2 need him and the fact that she is moving on and not fighting for their relationship is bothering him that’s why he said let’s be friends and Tejo said no he looked bothered

  9. I hope Jasmin doesn’t come into this bi**h Tejo talk & tell khushbeer whole truth of Simran & her illegitimate child whom this bi**h is trying to fit in Virk family.Let her tell fateh whatever she wants to maybe fateh will get a little angry but he will forgive you since he love only you.I hope this new entry will kill this bi**h atleast then Fateh & Jasmin will be United & they won’t have to wait for 6 months.

    1. I never know a legal wife can be called as B****

    2. Jasfa fans character assassinate the actor playing tejo in real life so for them calling her character a b*t*h is a very small thing. The most toxic people can be found in this fandom.

    3. When she doesn’t consider herself as fateh wife & still living with him then I don’t mind calling her as bi**h because that she is.. If she had any respect she would have gone to her parents house..

    4. Man first divorce didn’t happen yet.So she is legally fateh’s wife.second she doesn’t consider herself as fateh’s wife but she consider herself as Kushbeer’s daughterand khushbeer also consider Tejo as his daughter and also she doesn’t consider herself as father’s wife that is why she didn’t interfere between jasfa.she has respect for her loved ones more than self respect that is why she is staying in that house.Ithink u understood what I meant

    5. 😂😂🤣🤣The funniest Comment ever
      When did u start Watching this Serial that u have to call Tejo a B 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      How gullible are u though

    6. Are u a fool or something can’t u differentiate between right and wrong.Who are u calling a bi**h.The character-tejo has only one fault and that is she is too good from heart.Grow up man and learn to differentiate between who is right and who is wrong

    7. This new entry is Jass i think and he will help Tejo i think! And who are you calling a b*t*h? Tejo is what the family is telling her. She came back to Virk house for Biji. She didnt leave beacause not everyone wants this divorce. She is trying to get Candy in the house because she knows that Khushbeer still has a soft spot for Simran and that can open up if he finds out the kid they have started to love is her’s. And Simran wouldnt have had a kid with the guy if she knew he was married. she wouldnt even have ran away if she knew he was married!!! Fateh has the truth right in front of him of Jasmine being crazy and driving him away from his own family but he wont acknowledge it because he is too commited and think Jasmine did too much for him. But i know when he finds out he will say sorry to Tejo and the family also might confess his love to Tejo as well.

    8. And if Jasmin had some respect, she wouldn’t be throwing herself at her sister’s husband, especially after dumping him publicly on their wedding day. FYI, right now Tejo is staying with Fateh because the court has ordered them to stay together for 6 months. And if you haven’t watched enough serials, when the court orders you to stay together, you stay together no matter how much you hate each other. Also everything Tejo did was with good intentions, and everything Jasmin does is for selfish motives. But you wouldn’t understand that because you are just as muddle-headed as Fateh is.

  10. Perfect arrangement now between Tejo and Jasmin – you keep quite and I will keep quite and that way everybody will be happy.

    1. Precap: Jasmin says bond between Tejo and Khushbeer is becoming stronger. She will need to do something to break that bond. She mixes something in tea. Khushbeer is having breakfast. Tejo says she will get tea. Jasmin comes saying she brought it. Khushbeer tells Tejo to get it. Tejo takes it from Jasmin and gives it to Khushbeer. Jasmin gets happy seeing Khushbeer drink it.

      But Jasmine will never keep quiet. She will try to defame tejo in front of fateh and virks

  11. Don’t use bad words in comments, it will give you bad impression from the audience . It’s hurts the fans when you comment bad words .

  12. I want to ask you guys is there any news about the release of a solo song for the Fatejo, as there is no song that expresses or represents the Fatejo in the series Udaariyaan
    The song of the series, Udaariyaan, was almost targeted by Jasfa, not Fatejo
    Ruttan (Udaariyaan) – Gurnam Bhullar
    Gurnam Bhullar | Udaariyaan
    The two songs almost targeted Jasfa
    When will we see a beautiful single that is about Al-Fatejo and represents their suffering

  13. oh boy now i am scared of the precap

  14. Precap: Jasmin says bond between Tejo and Khushbeer is becoming stronger. She will need to do something to break that bond. She mixes something in tea. Khushbeer is having breakfast. Tejo says she will get tea. Jasmin comes saying she brought it. Khushbeer tells Tejo to get it. Tejo takes it from Jasmin and gives it to Khushbeer. Jasmin gets happy seeing Khushbeer drink it.

    I think Tejo will get to ,now about Jasmine’s intentions and will change the tea. Then Jasmine will bring the new tea thinking that is the poisioned tea.But Jasmine game might be over when the bond grows much stronger

    1. Snowflake

      Ya..that shld happen, she is smart now

  15. Is fateh aware a passport can be re-made…just asking coz he is acting as if jasmine gave him her kidney or something
    It is just funny how his feelings are based on a paper booket 😂
    Jasmine burned her passport — Must love her
    Jasmine faked burning — Shouldn’t love her , must go back to tejo.
    This guy grew his muscles but forgot to grow his brain.

    1. Metin

      clap clap clap :):)


  17. Jasmine is unhappy .. She is not a good girl sister and girlfriend and friend .. Frankly she never learns anything from her bad deeds .. Tejo is way too nice .. This kindness will lose her one day .. To wanting to help too much forgive and pray for the wrong person. We forget each other .. This precap bothers and troubles me .. One day the episode is good and the next day less .. We play so much with our emotions. We risk a heart attack .. I want FateJo so much .. I still hope that something will be done for FateJo .. But this new Tejo pleases me very much .. Calm and thoughtful but too kindhearted towards Jasmine .. This girl is going to play him a very hall trick .. Fateh one day is angry with Jasmine and the next day is a little doggie after her .. In short, derisive .. He pities me somewhere. To believe so much in Jasmine .. I can’t wait to see her reaction to the passport .. Anyway. Am sharing it with Udariyaan. It’s a roller coaster that goes up and down with our emotions.

    1. Jasmine is so not patient .. that she makes so much cheaply that she forgets that in 6 months she can legitimately be the fateh woman .. but she is struggling to want to experize so tejo that she can sometimes get there especially. She uses Fateh against TEJO is that’s not just .. brief ..

    2. well said

    3. Jasmine doesn’t want to be fateh women, she only wants to snatch him from tejo…because fateh is the only advantage she has on tejo who is better than her is every other aspect.
      There is no love…jasmine is driven by possessiveness and fateh driven by boredom…he was just bored of his perfect life with tejo and needed spice.
      That’s why jasmine is afraid fateh will come to his sense in 6 months and go back to tejo. She knows she can’t keep up this love act for long. She is no match to tejo, until tejo is in the house jasmine can’t win fairly. Hence, using stupid tricks.

  18. Udaariyaan 8th October 2021 Written Update Khushbeer in danger
    By TR Editorial Team -October 7, 20210
    Udaariyaan 8th October 2021 Written Update Khushbeer in danger
    Udaariyaan 8th October 2021 Written Update Khushbeer in danger Tejo shocks Jasmin by showing her the two passports. She tells Jasmin that she knows it well that Jasmin has burnt Rupy’s passport instead her own just to fool Fateh and prove her love to him. She laughs on Jasmin’s dirty tactics to get her love. She asks her if she can play more such games to always keep Fateh with her. Jasmin and Tejo hold each other’s secrets. Tejo asks her to not tell anyone about Candy at home.

    She tells that she will expose Jasmin’s truth to Fateh if she dares tell anyone about Simran and Candy’s relation. Jasmin gets helpless to obey Tejo, because she can’t lose Fateh. Tejo and Jasmin settle on a mutual deal to keep their secrets. Tejo knows that Fateh will some how learn Jasmin’s truth soon, she doesn’t need to tell him anything. She also realizes that Candy’s truth will come out some day, until then she has to make Candy win the family’s hearts. Jasmin realizes that Tejo has earned a good place in the house just because of Khushbeer. She wants to weaken Tejo and Khushbeer’s bond.

    Tejo tells Khushbeer that she will get the tea for him. Jasmin adds some powder in the tea to harm Khushbeer. She wants Tejo to get blamed. She wants to weaken their relation and break it. She knows that everyone will hate Tejo if anything happens to Khushbeer. She tells Tejo that she got the tea from the kitchen. Khushbeer asks Tejo to get it. Tejo takes the tea cup from Jasmin’s hand to serve it to Khushbeer. Jasmin wants him to drink the tea and fall ill. What will happen to Khushbeer? Will Jasmin stoop to this level to harm someone’s life? Keep reading.

    1. Snowflake

      The powder must be laxatives or something…

  19. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Tejo should not have told about the passport…. now jasmean is aware and will make mischief again…. same with Candy…. Tejo needs to learn to hold her tongue when she gets evidence against jasmean…
    As for the tea Khushbeer drank… I can only hope that someone saw jasmean adding something to it…. and prepared another cup for him….
    Writers can’t always be giving jasmean the upper hand…

  20. Totally agree with you. ‘she should hold her tongue .. She sees up to Jasmine can go to harm her and she says everything .. Although she thinks Fateh will know it .. But when .. As one friend said more high .. The truth will be known when Fateh hears it and sees it with his own eyes coming from Jasmine as Tejo learned the truth about their relationship at the party .. But hey .. I hope someone has seen Jasmine doing this at tea .. She never learns from her silly things .. How can a younger sister hate her older sister so much .. It’s time for Candy’s truth to be known .. I cross my fingers and think hard that if Tejo explains the situation .. Khusbeer can forgive .. And I hope the CVs can read us .. Because you are right on this point .. They must not give Jasmine always right for her misdeeds .. Already one thing bothers me .. What is Jasmine doing in their house .. Although Tejo knows the marriage is over. She says it .. But Jasmine does not understand and is not safe. Why .. She sees that Fateh has feelings for Tejo? .. Anyway …. Fans on Instagram speculate that Jass could be simran’s husband .. So what do you think? .. I’m pessimistic. Because if it’s him .. Fateh mahi and Amrik would have recognized him unless they have never seen Amanpreet .. Anyway .. The guy who plays Jass posted a live from his Instagram .. I did not fully understood as I do not speak fluent English or Hindi. I am French and I cheat while chatting with you. Because I use Google translate to write my sentences and to be able to exchange everything with you. 😂😂 Lol .. Tell me what you think of Jass coming in .. Your guess ..

    1. Passenger🙋🏾‍♀️

      Hi @ Lilou. Can u please send the link? Not that i will understand anything that he said because like u i only speak French and english. But i just want to read the english comments under the live( if it’s there any).

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Correct. I still don’t understand why jasmean is still in Virk house when judge gave Fateh and Tejo six months to try to correct marriage differences.
      Family keeps talking about what society will say…. but everyone can see this irrational arrangement was made to accommodate Fateh’s so-called feelings for both sisters 🙄
      Also, the thought that Jas could be Simran’s husband is not far fetched at all…. because he is just that…a thief and a Polygamist… so its possible🤷 but I hope not as he ‘falsely’ got married to Tejo as well 😬

    3. Metin

      hi , i heard that the new guy jas is here for fateh.
      screenwriter tries to bring a harem to fateh.
      3. is jas .
      after this cold joke i can say its like meethi in anu’s home.
      they like this free-rent thing , i think.

    4. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      @Metin….thanks for the update 🙏
      If he’s the same Jas then i don’t want him to meddle with Tejo….she was hurt pretty bad 😕

  21. Hi @Passager.. He did it live .. Go to his Instagram. His nickname is the_tall_actor.

    1. Snowflake

      Can u send the link as we don’t hv insta

  22. Tejo should have used the paper leak issue against Jasmine rather than the passport. If Jasmine gets the burnt passport then Tejo will not have any evidence. It was sheer stupidity by Tejo to reveal the secret when she had the question paper leak issue as well.

  23. They say Jass is coming back. I really hope this time Jass is a better person and he helps Tejo get Jasmine’s truth out to Fateh. He was really bad first now i want him to be nicer

    1. Metin

      @Kiran Mann
      that would be a good twist.
      nice thinking.

    2. Snowflake

      Yes he is back. He has made reels also

  24. Why are they making jasmin so negative

  25. I have a feeling Jas will use Jasmine to get his revenge on Tejo
    He will help Tejo indirectly reveal the truth about Jasmine in front of Fateh in order to prove to her that he has become a good man and gain her trust because he knows Tejo will not ask him for help.
    Then he plans to get revenge on Tejo and Fateh and then things will get a lot complicated
    I wonder what Jas’s steps will be in his revenge
    What will Fateh’s reaction be when he finds out about Jas?
    Will Jas when he knows that Fateh’s weak point is Tejo he will kidnap her or pretend to Fateh that he loves Tejo and wants Tejo back what will Fateh do?

    1. Snowflake

      What is Jass’ relationship with fateh?

  26. Snowflake

    Jass coming back is confirmed. I saw his reels also. His dressing style n all is similar ( as I hv seen him in the promos when he was in the show earlier) ….. But changing clothes doesn’t change ur character ryt….
    Anyone knows in which way he left before? He just ran away or what??

  27. guys guys!!! dont worry about vishu coz his also like fateh who doesnt differentiate btwn wat is wrong or rgt anyways this was the most interesting episode ever cant wait for the next episode

  28. If the directors include Jass for Fateh that means they want to make the equation between Tejo and Fateh equal
    Tejo +Jasmin = Fateh
    Fateh+Jass = Tejo
    I think Jass is going to stay at Virk’s house to claim Tejo
    Jasmine is unashamedly staying at Virk’s house. This does not prevent Jass from staying at Virk’s house in order to get Tejo back to him. I think he will bring witnesses or have proof that Tejo is Jass’s wife.

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