Udaariyaan 29th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh meets Tejo and Jasmin at the mall

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The Episode starts with Jasmin saying I m going for shopping, everyone at home is busy. Tejo says I will come along, Fateh is also in Chandigarh, we will meet him and come back together. They leave. Tejo says thank God, I met you, you would be confused what to buy, anyway whatever you wear, you look beautiful. Fateh calls Jasmin. Jasmin hides the phone. Tejo says Sweety would have taken your pics, show. She sees the pics and smiles. Fateh stops the car. He messages Jasmin. Jasmin snatches the phone and says I had to send a pic to Sweety, I will send it now. She checks the message and replies. He reads and thinks Tejo is with Jasmin. He worries. Jasmin asks the driver to stop the car at the petrol bunk, she needs to go to washroom. She goes and calls Fateh. Tejo calls Fateh. She asks did you reach, I m asking a stupid question, sorry, you would have reached, end the meeting and then surprise, I m coming to meet you. He says really, how. She says I was going back home and met Jasmin on the way.

Jasmin tries calling him. She says get free from the meeting and we will meet, we can send Jasmin by cab, we can spend time, have dinner and return home. Fateh says no, I have a meeting, I m getting a call. He disconnects and thinks how much more will I lie to her. Jasmin calls him and asks why was your phone busy. He says Tejo called me, she said she wants to spend time with me, but I said I m busy, anyway you go to the mall with her, I m going back. Jasmin says no, meet me some how. He says she is my wife, I can’t do this, this is wrong. She says just meet me once, I was feeling unconscious after taking medicines, my finger is also paining, just meet me some how. He says it will get awkward in front of Tejo. She says just come to the mall if you love me. She ends call and says I know you will come. She sits in the taxi. They leave. Tejo is sad. Jasmin asks what happened, is everything fine. Tejo says Fateh is behaving strange, he cancelled lunch plan and now refused to meet, I just wanted to spend time with him. Jasmin says don’t worry, he will come to meet you, smile now. Tejo smiles.

Fateh buys a bouquet for Jasmin. Jasmin and Tejo reach the mall. Tejo sees Fateh coming and smiles. Jasmin also smiles. Fateh gets the bouquet. Tejo asks is this for me. He says of course. Tejo says its beautiful flowers, thanks. He sees the card, and removes it. He asks did you like it. She says yes, but you were going back. He says I had spoiled your mood. She asks how did you know that I m here. He says you should thank Jasmin, she messaged me that you are here, you are upset. Tejo thanks Jasmin and says I didn’t know she has grown up. Jasmin says yes, I have become sensible. Tejo says we shall have some food. Fateh says sure. Jasmin holds his hand. He makes her away. She teases him. He holds Tejo.

Abhiraj shows the cards. Harman says get the cards printed soon. Lovely says I feel Tejo’s Sasural is upset. Bebe says we will invite them for lunch and talk to them. Satti says yes, we should not do anything without Fateh’s advice. Mami says it will get weird, he was going to marry Jasmin, he will now do the preparations. Fateh gets the milkshake. Jasmin asks did you remember, we came out together after a long time, right. Tejo says I know its tough for you both. Jasmin says we both have moved on, don’t worry, chill. She hugs Tejo. Tejo smiles. Tejo says I m glad you both moved on. Everyone discusses at home about Fateh. Abhiraj says its final, Tejo and Fateh will come soon. Mami worries. Tejo says I didn’t know you both will be here with me, you both matter a lot to me. Fateh holds her hand. Jasmin looks at him. He asks them to go and do shopping, what will he do with them, he will make some imp calls.

Tejo says okay, we will come. Jasmin asks Tejo to find something good for herself. She says I will just come, I saw some nice dress at the other shop. She goes and hugs Fateh. He says Tejo will see. Jasmin says come with me. She takes him outside in the corridor. She says you look hot when you get nervous, I missed you a lot, you know I have waited for this moment, do you think we are doing wrong. He says yes, its wrong, Tejo is my wife. She says she believes that we moved on. He says we know its not true. She says let her stay thinking that. Tejo buys a nightie and smiles thinking of Fateh. Fateh says truth won’t change. Jasmin says don’t waste this chance. She hugs him.

She gets Tejo’s call. She says I m just coming. Fateh asks her to go. Jasmin says bye, meet me in men’s section. She goes. Tejo asks her to show the dress. Jasmin says it wasn’t so good, what did you buy. Tejo says nothing special. Jasmin says I will buy a tshirt for Gippy and come. Tejo says I will go to washroom. Jasmin pulls Fateh’s hand. He says its not right, Tejo can come, there are cameras here. She says there are no cameras in trial room, come. They go to a trial room. He asks what are you doing. She says I can’t believe that we are meeting secretly, its so exciting. Tejo looks for her. Fateh says this can’t go for long, your marriage… Jasmin asks why do you talk about my marriage. He says its the truth. She says I will break the marriage. He says don’t do anything wrong. She says you worry a lot for me, I promise I won’t do anything wrong. He says I don’t want to lose you. Tejo comes to the trial room. She sees someone hugging. She opens the door.

Fateh talks to Jasmin on call. Tejo says Fateh is busy, he maybe on terrace. Fateh says I love you. Tejo comes there.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. My BP 💥💥💥Tejo should know the truth sooonn😡😡urghhh.. Each and every scene is making me mad.. When jasmin told fateh that he looks hot when he is nervous i felt like giving them a 👊👊

    1. Same feeling here….

  2. Worst serial I have ever seen

  3. Worst….
    I am feeling bad for Tejo

  4. Very irritating serial.. very very worst.m

  5. Why the makers are so interested in spoiling a good serial..
    I expected sthng different from sargun mehta and ravi dubey now i feel that this show is of ekta kapoor’s

  6. I was wondering what to comment….
    Literally not finding any words to bash them…
    By reading the update i got so angryyyyyyyy…
    One side i feel bad for Tejooo…At the same tym I’m getting angry on Tejo…can’t she see what the hell was going on before her…
    I saw some small clips in the youtube…in one video where Jasfa was Hugging and Fateh was saying …he can’t lose her(JasMean)…That 38 secs itself is enough to increase my BP…
    And the other video…which was more irritating… The whole sandhu family was talking good about their Ladley betti jas and their pure gold Dhamad Fateh…
    NOTE : Whoever want to get Blood pressure within a second… just watch one or two scenes of The Episode…Especially Jasfa scenes…High Enough!!!!

    1. Sach mein yaar so i find fun in reading the comments section here 😂😂😂 its a great feeling that i am not the one whose bp gets rise seeing this serial

    2. true I have stopped watching this, reading itself I can feel my tension rising. why to waste energy watching this. I feel bad and angry over Tejo, how foolish someone can be inspite of warnings , shouldn’t put 1+1= 2 , bad and sad

    3. u just said what i thought , like tejo is physiology professor but she is so dumb that she cant get things like his husband unblocked his ex n she is telling him that ur wife is upset , like come on man what is happening to both of them she is being completely blind in love of fateh {mera pati mera devta h} types 😡😡😡😡

  7. It’s true.. my bp is getting high reading the update.. felt like killing both of them fateh and so called jasmean.. they are not jasfa.. they are Jaffa couple who deserve each other

  8. It’s simply getting worse.. extra marital affairs was common in daily soaps but I don’t know why this one is really getting on my nerves..
    If their secret relationship gets exposed, for once in this whole show I really hope Tejo would take a stand for herself, make decisions for her future.
    God I really can’t tolerate this sent someone else for Tejo please

  9. Guys follow fanfiction it is more better than this track

  10. Tejo needs to learn the truth soon, they should not drag so much else they will lose viewers…

    1. True talk

  11. Surely, just a matter of time before Tejo finds out about the illicit affair between Fateh and Jasmine. The writers have been teasing viewers for days, but this cannot go on forever. For sure they will be found out. And than all hell will break lose.

  12. I dont know seriously what to say already i saw jasfa hugging scene in colorstv insta page I got irritated of it Idk what they are trying to convey to the viewers fateh knows this is wrong then y he is doing lyk this
    How much i love fateh now I’m getting irritated of him only seeing written updates already said tata bye bye to serial👋

  13. Again, Jasmean calling all the shots and Fateh following like a love struck puppy. What a toxic relationship. It annoys me that after everything Fateh is still willing to do anything and everything for Jasmean and continues to sideline Tejo. What a bloke?!? Somehow, this is just gonna keep dragging and I don’t think Tejo is going to find out soon. Also, what is it with the precaps not being actual precaps?

  14. I am not seeing episode because of jafa. I love fateh’s character a lot but now I just hate fateh’s character.

    1. Fateh was the best male lead.. But they jst spoiled his character

  15. Fateh remembers that Jasmean is going to get married soon but fails to realise that he is already married.
    What a guy?!?

  16. Fateh somewhere feeling guilty but this jasmine doesn’t feel a little bit guilty. I don’t how makers going to repair fateh and jasmin’s characters they damaged both the characters so much. And whenever jasmin talk and touch tejo with her fake sister love i feel like to burn alive her.

  17. Shyad sargun ko Ekta kapoor serial kundali bhagya pasand aa gaya hai isliye fateh ka character kundali bhagya ke prithvi ki tarha essay kar diya ek tarha sherlin baby dusri tarha preeta same as fateh tejo ko bewakoof bana raha haii wish tejo fateh nd jasmine ko kheench kar ek slap kare thn pata chalega kisi ko hurt karna kitna bura ladta hai

  18. Polka_dots🌟

    Hy!! Phirse tejo missed catching them yaar nahi toh fateh shayar and shayari🤢nahi kartha as shown in precap.matlab he is talking about the jasmean marriage hain galat hain falanadimkana and also he is saying ki jasmean I don’t want to lose u matlab writer kuch toh consistency rakho yaar.kabhi kissi ke romance scene se itna gatiya feel nahi aaya jaise jasfa ka.but feeling bad for the actors they are just doing their job and getting badly thrashed the makers should be but not them.tejo sweetheart tum fateh ke shopping kar rahi ho na wahi fitting room mein aapka pati is with ur sister .pls end this track fast .does anyone know the trp of this week ??

  19. Storyline is stupid. The current JasFa story is relying on the stupidity of the whole family except Mami. Whoever conceived this story should have observed human relations. People and not that stupid. Only Jasmine is shown to be brilliant. I don’t understand what’s the point of hiding their “love.” Both of them are willing. Why hide? Jasmine could have thought of Tejo and spared a little of her dignity. And how long is Gippy in India? People from Canada don’t get time from work or business to spend so many days in India. Unbelievable stupidity on part of writers. How does channel support such a story? Colors should have their intentions examined for promoting this kind of open cheating and extra marital affair. Are they hoping to deliver a social message? Like education is of no use. Cheating is ok as long as hero and his love are hot and young? And all these people put Western ethics down! This is what I would call muh mein ram, bagal mein churi. Fateh should move aside. He has become the villain now. Need a new male lead. I think Tejo will ñot find out about Jasfa till the end of the serial. As they have no other plot line. This is turning out to be worse than Ekta Kappor serial.

  20. I think this is remake of KCR It’s exactly like that Having an extra marital affair with wife’s sister and also at the same time consummating your marriage
    If it is the remake
    Then serial is on right track in that jas and fateh will continue their affair and an old friend of tejo will come and jas will make fateh believe that tejo is having an affair with her friend by writting some letters and claiming tejo and her friend used to exchange it and without divorcing tejo fateh will marry jas and tejo will come to know about this after realising that she is pregnant
    Fateh becomes so obsessed with jas that he leaves everything for her even his small baby
    But living with jas makes him realise that he can never be happy with her and he misses his daughter and realise that all he need now is happiness which only tejo can give him and surprisingly he gets ready to leave jas for tejo and apologize to her and begs for forgiveness
    But tejo outs fateh and demands divorce and tells him that she no more feels for him and has completely moved on and she and her daughter doesn’t need him anymore and he should atleast fulfil her first and last wish that’s by giving her divorce she tells him she is gonna let him live with jas to which he replies it’s like a hanging punishment for him to which she replies he chose it for himself
    And tejo refreshes her life by accepting the love of that guy who actually loved her by enjoying rain with him
    And fateh is left only with loneliness In all these drama khushbeer and Gurpreet will also die by heart attack when fateh leaves them for jas

    One think I loved about tejo character was she always stood for herself no revenge a strong independent girl who had strong belief that she doesn’t need him in his life …

    1. can you say the full name of the original series please

    2. Hoping so,but this serialis too dragging…I have lost a patience to watch it… let’s c…

    3. I still lost patience with Fateh and her stupid and false behavior hated it now I only read the updates and comments

  21. When certain people ship a couple just because they look ✌good together✌ and are defending EMA as “true love” then there is simply no point in arguing and discussing. It clearly shows the cheap degraded thought-process of this society and how shows like these are encouraging this thought-process. I am seeing some people imparting gyaan on how this is *just a show* but they just don’t f***ing understand the real issue here…. About how this actually happens in real life too. I pray these people never get a partner like Fateh…. Good or bad nobody deserves a cheat like Fateh. And about Jasmine… Really don’t wanna waste my energy on that cheap wasted character. They are just showing the cheaper version of Silsila show…. Not much difference only Chameli Didi is the meaner and b***h version of Nandini. And Fateh is no different from that other guy Jass….Jass used her for money and this one forgot her after consummating their marriage. Both were the key witnesses to Tejo’s previous marriage mishap and now both are resorting to similar acts hurting the same person again.
    If they wanna highlight EMA alright do it but then stop glorifying illicit relationships to attract some immatured regressive viewers and money.
    Was a neutral viewer and finally walking out of this crap today. Aise ghatiya shows dekhke khoon khaul jana hai mera toh. Good luck to Udaariyan😶👍🏻

    1. Love your comment🙌🏻🙌🏻

    2. Shajaha Shaikh

      What a comment,Mutual feelings✌️
      God knows aese serial bnate hi q he first Nandini Kunal p gussa ata tha now these two cheap ppls Fateh n jasmine.
      Whatever happens Tejo should never go back to Fateh just like Mauli….

    3. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  22. seriously …. i mean seriously sargun and ravi are making such cheap serial for our society….i think ravi himself have a extra marrital affair with some1 thats why he is supporting such scene . so much negativity…jz boycott this serial

    1. Nbnita I am100% agree with you. Maker making such a cheap serial for our society. Marriage is one of the dream for everyone. But the maker show the marriage is just a game. This kind of serial like extra marital affair that also with your sister’s husband it’s really so disgusted. I tell my girls don’t watch this serial . Even I am stay aboard and yet I brining up my girls with our Indian proper culture. But this kind serial just spoiling the new generation’s thoughts. 😡😡

  23. This show just keeps getting horrible day by day😂
    It’s really hilarious at this point at how terrible it is
    I remember when I first started to watch this show and I instantly became obsessed with it as it was so good but now wow😂 just wow😭
    They totally ruined Fateh’s character
    Totally disgusting 🙄
    Jasmine’s character is just wow, they did a great job with that, I’ve never hated a character more😂 like really she’s a shitty sister and horrible person all around👍🏼
    The whole sneaking around thing and all of that is just so ridiculously disgusting too🤮🤢
    I don’t even know why I keep reading these updates because it’s quite disappointing

    1. Shajaha Shaikh

      I can understand yea ur comment made me laugh thus lightened my mood thnx😹

  24. Vivpri

    Do the makers even realize that they are making something disgusting?

  25. Sandra

    if Fateh is in love with jasmine he should inform his wife that he is in love with jasmine and divorce her so can she live her life and happy than deceiving her

    1. He want both

  26. Miss spagetti

    Honestly this story has became not very pleasing to watch really fast.
    Reading the updates is just better for me than watching this!

  27. Yaar really I don’t think they have realized what they have done.its really a very very big mistake. Earlier this show was too good but now it is the becoming worst than ever.

  28. Pls makers there is a limit… It is crossing that… Atleast show the truth to tejo… From precap it is crystal clear u r not going to show those ridiculous faces to tejo happening in guest room… It is not going to happen big in the next episode also… I am not having that much of patience to watch all these disgusting acts… I am sure for thizz week no more uplift in trp…

  29. Tejo is isn’t gonna find out anytime soon, yesterdays precap didn’t happen as led to believe. And today’s precap means that Tejo doesn’t catch them in the changing room, probably be another dude wearing the same shirt as Fateh and then Tejo feels guilty for being so stupid, Fateh would never to that to her… blah blah blah… Even the I love you, she is too far to hear the convo or something stupid like that.
    One thing that’s common in all serials, the villian has all the luck in the world, they never get caught, yet the hero, goes to do good and gets caught by misinterpretation or compromising scenarios where they always come off on the wrong side.

    1. Just remembered, Tejo didn’t even pick up on how could Chameli message, Fateh has blocked her number, why would he need to invoice it?

    2. Yes! I was like how can Tejo not know that? He blocked Jasmin and Tejo didn‘t even think about that he unblocked her or how she could write him a message?🤦🏻‍♀️
      Seriously, they‘re messing up all characters and show them as dumb and stupid. If they don‘t solve issue this week, then there‘s no coming back!
      We‘ll always remember Fateh and Jasmine as these people not the ones they showed us at the beginning!
      I liked all three equally at the beginning but now all of them are just the same characters for me.
      So sad to see this show with amazing BGM turn to this 😖

    3. *not the same characters I mean even Tejo – they‘re showing her as a dumb girl though she was strong willed, and independent and know she sees nothing

  30. The episode annoyed me on so many levels, if Chameli and Chamela love each other then be adults about it and face the music, don’t pretend, lie and fool the people around you.
    In the Chameli and Chamela love story, there is only room for Chameli, where is Chamela? Chameli has him wrapped around her little finger, it’s all about what she wants and no thought for Fateh or Tejo, and that muppet does as she wants with no concern for his Mrs. How can he be so fickle?

    1. Shajaha Shaikh

      Chamela whtta nme😂lol so funny

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