Udaariyaan 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin is happy on fulfilling Canada dreams

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The Episode starts with Angad making Tejo wear the ring. Everyone claps. Fateh comes and looks on. Tejo makes Angad wear the ring. Fateh cries. Tejo and Angad stand up. They go and take elders’ blessings. Khushbeer hugs them and blesses. Fateh thinks Tejo, I just wish you to always stay happy. He goes. Sweety asks Jasmin not to take tension. Fateh comes and asks can I talk to Jasmin for some time. Sweety and friends go. Jasmin says its our marriage, when will you get ready, tell me if you don’t want to marry. He says you look very beautiful, let me look at my bride for 2 mins. She says I would have died if you came late. He asks did you think I have run away, I m not one of those to run away, I have fought the world and family for you, we will run away together now. She asks what. He says this is your surprise. She checks. She sees the tickets.

She gets shocked seeing her name on the ticket. She says these tickets, Canada, Fateh…. we are going to Canada. He says of course. She says I can’t believe it, finally we are going. She jumps on the bed. She says we are going tomorrow, are you joking with me. He says no. She says thanks Fateh, you are the best, I love you. She hugs him. She says we will be going to Canada, and we will stay together. He says its just the half surprise. She says I can’t wait for the remaining surprise, tell me. He says I will tell you tomorrow, its better than this, I have one request, don’t tell anyone till this marriage happens, I want this marriage to happen by everyone’s happiness. She says I forgot about the marriage, go and get ready, take your sehra. He goes. She dances and says I m going to Canada.

Fateh looks at his sherwani. He recalls his promise to Khushbeer. He says I couldn’t keep the family pride. Angad comes and says you aren’t ready yet, you are upset as if its your bidaai, you have to marry the one you love, get ready. Fateh thinks of Tejo. Jasmin gets ready. She sees Mama ji and Mami ji. She asks what are you two doing here. Mami ji says I m seeing a bride without a chuda for the first time. Jasmin says no need to do this drama, Tejo would have sent you to create a drama. She says yes, we came here on Tejo’s saying. Tejo hides and looks on. Mama ji says don’t say wrong, its your marriage, we have forgiven you, we have no anger or complains now. Swaroop Mami says yes, Tejo called us to make you wear the chuda, we have got the chuda/bangles for you. Mama ji says I got the best design chuda and its of your size this time. Jasmin recalls the last time. She thanks them. Tejo smiles. Jasmin says but chuda rasam happens in the morning. Mamiji says don’t worry, it will happen.

Angad asks Khushbeer to make Fateh wear the sehra. Bebe says Angad is also like Tejo, he spreads happiness. Jasmin sits for the chuda rasam. Mami ji asks Jasmin to close her eyes. Mama ji makes Jasmin wear the chuda. Tejo looks on and cries. Khushbeer makes Fateh wear the sehra. Gurpreet lifts the sehra. She does his aarti and tilak. Jasmin opens eyes and sees the red cloth tied to her chuda. Nimmo sees Tejo outside Jasmin’s room. She says you have a big heart, Tejo, Jasmin ruined your life, you got a chuda for her, don’t know this chuda will suit her or not. She goes. Biji ties the black thread to Fateh’s hand. Tejo thanks Mami ji. Mami ji says you stood for Jasmin by keeping a stone on your heart, you will get a reward for this, always stay happy. She hugs Tejo. Fateh sits on the horse. Angad asks Simran to get meals for the horse.

Gurpreet cries. Simran and Gurpreet feed the horse. Angad dances with Bau ji. The baraat proceeds. Sweety says I m very happy for you, why are you upset. Jasmin says I can’t stay happy until Tejo is here, she has a habit to snatch my happiness, Fateh and I will be gone away tomorrow. Sweety asks honeymoon. Jasmin says Fateh and I are going to Canada forever. Sweety says double lottery. Jasmin says yes, see the tickets. Tejo looks on shocked. Fateh gets down the horse and goes towards the house. Jasmin says Mr and Mrs. Virk, our Canada tickets, its Balle Balle, I m going to Canada, Tejo won’t be able to see Fateh’s face, they will get away forever, he will be mine, only mine. Satti does Fateh’s aarti and tilak. Tejo cries. Jasmin smiles happily. Fateh takes Satti’s blessings.

Precap: Jasmin comes dancing to the mandap. Fateh’s sister informs Gurpreet and family that Fateh is going to Canada with Jasmin. Tejo cries and tells Angad, I don’t want to stay here. I want to go far away. Place where no one even knows my name. Gurpreet questions Fateh whether he is going to Canada tomorrow. Fateh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. ShraddhaSharma392

    Kam se kam ek kaam writers ne ek kaam accha kiya, baki sab jaaye bhaad me, Fateh married Jasmin…😑😑😑Ab yeh dono sath rehe, akele rehe, jiye ya maare, canada jaaye ya nahi…. i don’t care even a bit….😑😑😑
    I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 these cheaters don’t trouble Tejo and Angad any more.. and TEJO should move on with ANGAD… AND THEY BOTH GET MARRIED😊😊😊😊

  2. WOW!!
    As usual selfless devi Tejo!
    Like how does Jasmean have so much luck to have such a sister?!
    Fateh has definitely something hidden as in the promo, he isn’t smiling n telling her about the surprise…what could be the other half of it??

    1. He got house and job in Canada

    2. I read an Article where they Said that They’ll get married and will Go to Airport where Fateh’s going to ask Jasmine to choose Between Canada or Fateh

    3. Actually tejo is so selfless it’s more irritating… At end when jasmine calls tejo as shani really i too got frustrated of her words she is her sister how can she do lyk tht i felt bad in real life no one shld get a sister lyk her… This much has happened bt still now tejo didn’t moved on from fateh its so sad to watch her tears…
      I dont want jasfa go to canada as per baba saying jasmine will never be into canada bt how can this happen
      Whn i see precap and tejo dialogue it is clear that she never moved on in life

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Jasmean and Fucteh gone to Canada


    1. Yeah… this was the pic I was talking about… this is the check in at the airport… not Canada… even plane pics are there…

    2. @snowflakes tejo is fateh’s ex wife

    3. @Desitvfan: They only got as far as the airport. Getting into the planes is another matter.

  4. As a Fatejo fan,am disappointed

    1. nobody cares

    2. yh no one cares

    3. Durr fiteh mooh. Fatejo is for losers.

  5. I’m a little confused… why does Tejo cry when she hear’s Jasmean’s Canada plan?
    I stated watching the show later… so I dont know much abt the staring Canada obsession…what could be the reason of this?

    1. Yaa even I started to watch it after Angads entry ,so why these Sandhu’s are too much obssesed on Canada


    2. Trashmean ditched Fucteh on wedding day coz he lost his Canada job and was not going to Canada… So families forced Tejo and Fucteh to get married and Tejo fell in love with Fucteh and his selfish family


    That’s it…..

  7. If that happens then drama will end also . Serial will still carry on . Fetch and tejo will marry as they both are in love . Because tejo love fetch from true heart and fetch is not happy with jasso.anybody can be trapped by lies but truth always come out .

    1. @raj so tejo is always an option for fateh whenever jasmine betrayed him? Which woman deserves that what message will it give to the society that husband cheated with sister in law and when she betrayed him he come back and she takes him back?

  8. @raj but Fateh is not a kid..EMA dono ki marzi se hua..both are equally responsible..fateh tejo ke sath v khush nai tha or ab jasmine ke sath v khush naii hai 🙄

  9. Even I’m not in support of tejo always taking sisters leftover no woman should feel less because of fail relationships tejo should give fateh but not taking him back if he was having an affair with some random woman it’s will have been better but sisters and fateh is not a kid to be mislead he chose jasmine over tejo and he clearly said over and over that he only cares for her but will never love her so where is the sudden love comes from I know jasmine is very selfish but fateh is not innocent too as he ruining 2 girls here everything jasmine did fateh was to be blame if he didn’t bring jasmine home she won’t get the chance to enter there

  10. We shouldn’t trust the makers I just feel the show is all about jasmine that’s why she gets whatever she wants…….but I think it is not s bad idea to change the script and make the show focus on tejo ‘s dream , and how she learns to develop self love, and maybe putting angad on the picture by showing them how the slowly fall for each other it will be interesting to watch. Honestly I think majority of us are tired of seeing jasmine win and seeing tejo being “Maata di Devi “, they should show how she grows just like other independent women out there, this crap of her yearning for fateh is boring now

    1. @soniah the story is about jasmine and fateh if you read udaariyaan description the story is about jasmine who dream to fly to Canada and fateh is madly in love with her and wants to help her fulfil her dream that’s what udaariyaan is about but how they spoil their character is what I don’t understand


      Same thinking here also, they should show some positiveness in tejo’s role, she should stop cribbing , because fateh doesn’t deserve tejo at all, she knows that fateh cheated her but still she is in love him, can’t understand, why makers are doing this


      Hope tejo stop thinking of fateh, because he doesn’t deserve tejo ,he publicly declared in party jasmine is his wife..and tejo knows about it,still shec is after fateh, really disgusting,director please show tejo in a positive light and get her marry angad, so that fateh should repent…and how Jasmine’s evil plots so far not revealed and what happened to Jass…

    4. Metin

      Growing, developing…
      Very nice ideas.

  11. Actually this show is completely messed up 😌😌
    First they showed Fateh love Jasmin like more than anything ,he was always behind Jasmin

    And he always considered Tejo as his friend
    And then they made a forced marriage of Fatejo🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️,Then Tejo fell in love with fateh ,like this was not a real thing ,its not easy to accept him as her husband when he was about to be ber bro in law ,And even at that time Fateh couldn’t forget Jasmin which is completely all right, But that Idiot other than opening up to Tejo about that , he did drama ,got intimate with her and started to do EMA🙄🙄,which cant be accepted 🙌

    Jasmin who loved her sister soo much became Tejo’s enemy, and that was too unreal😑😑

    Now Jasfa is going to get married , suddenly Fateh started to feel for Tejo🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ,That was just to please the fandom

    So Both Jasfa and Fatejo is toxic ,Fatejo is a forced couple where as Jasfa is a mad couple 😒😒

    So only one thing which is good in thos show is Tejo and Angad

    Iam ok even if they won’t get married ,but Tejo should not go back to that Cheater Fateh🙂🙌

    Got this info by reading story in Wikipedia and by watching some old episodes clips from instagram 😌😌

    Don’t know to what extent this is right

    1. @S,
      I completely agree with you.
      You exactly echoes my words.
      I too wasn’t in support of EMA and don’t want to see Fatejo reunion. #No more Fatejo.
      I want Tejo to move on with Angad or without Angad but be happy in her life and become independent and fulfill her dreams. But Tejo is “Mahaan Devi” Tejo’s this behavior irks me. And pissed of her crying for Fateh. Only Angad’s presence makes me smile and watch the show. Other than that, nothing is left, show has become a dustbin, waste of time. Don’t feel like to watch, but watching for this handsome hunk Angad aka Karan V Grover.

    2. True ,Angad’s scenes is the only pleasing thing for my eyes to watch in this show ❤️,I just skip all other scenes 🙌😌

      And me too get irked with Tejo’s behaviour , mostly when she cries for that Idiot😑😑

      I can understand that its difficult to forget someone who we Loved but that doesn’t mean we will keep doing things to please that person and keep thinking about him


    3. Agreee….🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  12. Precap link?

    1. I don’t understand some things.

      1. When Fateh invited Jasmin’s friend sweety she did not told him anything about Jasmin how dumb Fateh is

      2. Jasmin’s have overdose to Khushbeer, which would have killed him.
      3. She manipulated academy’s investers and sent Tejo to jail and Fateh took blame on him and got jail.
      4. Drama at award ceremony.
      5. Sweety is all these knows, she did not told Fateh anything.

      If Fateh personally went to invite Sweety for attending marriage or call her or meet, he did not ask her about all KAND of Jasmin.

  13. I still have a doubt on Jasfa wedding.
    I think it’s a fake wedding drama by Fateh to expose jasmine.
    And coming to the Airport scene, I’m having a feeling that either Fateh will tear his Canada tickets or he will ask jasmine to choose any one between him and Canada.
    But there’s no confirmation about Jasfa wedding is real or fake. Let’s see.
    Day by day I’m losing the interest in the show.

  14. If its was a woman having extra marital affair with brother in law and divorce husband for his brother and Bring him home there is no name in this world they won’t call her and she won’t be accepted again by the ex and his family so why can’t it be the same with men or does that mean women don’t have self respect?

  15. is it me or is that only wen Fateh saw Tejo get engaged did he cry why is he emotional he was about 2 marry Jasso its like whatever he thinks he sees between Tejo and Angad he reactions by doing something for Jasmine. as 2 the precap he looks stunned wen Gurpreet mentioned Canada and asked if he is going?

    1. Fateh has a habit of crying when he saw his ex with another man🤣🤣 he did the same during jasmine and gippy time too so I’m not surprised

    2. Makers are trying to show Fateh a victim, and that’s why all of a sudden when Fateh seen Tejang together he feels insecure and didn’t even thought that what was Tejo felt when she saw jasfa together and their cheat gives her a lot of pain.
      I hate this track, why Fateh and Tejo is crying for each other, I understand that Tejo fell in love with Fateh when Fatejo was married but why Fateh is crying, he always madly loved jasmine, not Tejo.

  16. Today precap Tejo words is just emotional 🥺🥺

  17. Fateh changing the priest’s must mean something. You only change priest’s if you want to arrange something.

  18. I still think something is dishy fateh is really doing something 🤔but what good if jasfa got married atleast tejo will be able to move on

    1. I think jasfa wedding is fake. Priest is fake.
      I think it’s a drama to expose jasmine.
      Fateh’s conversation with jasmine has some hidden motive. As if he’s trying to expose jasmine.
      I just wish that jasfa wedding must happen and it was not a fake marriage drama. That’s all I want.

    2. Snowflake

      Same here 😬

  19. Hey is any indian friend here I have a question 🤣🤣 seems like there is lack of men in India 😂😂 that’s why everywhere sisters against sisters for a man or how I don’t get it 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Yes, every one another show has this same twist sister against sister and unfortunately both sister falls for the same man and then becomes enemy.
      I guess mostly colors TV shows have same story sister Vs sister.
      Don’t know when will our ITV shows have some strong content based show.
      #woh time kab ayega?

  20. And the most funny thing is their series are different from their reality indian women self respect is the most important thing for them they don’t become lovesick puppy for their cheater partners in fact after divorce you need to see their attitude and they never let their self’s feel less but they will be showing us different things in the show 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  21. But even a ‘fake’ marriage is a marriage, and similarly a ‘fake’ engagement is an engagement, otherwise why bother to go through the motions and expense?

    1. About the engagement I’m asking myself how is it fake? The rings are not fake the ritual performed by the parents are not fake the name fake is only in their minds but the engagement is real or what do you think guys I don’t understand how is it fake or did they also change the rituals 🤔🤔

    2. what about fake marriage? I’m also didn’t understand. what is different between fake engagement n fake marriage? is it tejang eñgage for real? why the makers make marriage is a joke? is this a good lesson which they want to show to young generation?

  22. Snowflake

    Jasmean will never reach Canada. If she does, show is over.

    1. Jasmine is not bothering me at all now, but I’m affected by Tejo’s behavior and fateh’s behavior. They both are very confusing personality. Jasmine is very clear about her dreams and her intentions. I agree her behavior towards Tejo isn’t tolerable but still she’s(Jasmine) very much clear by day one she wants to go to Canada and wanted to marry Fateh.

      I don’t know what Tejo want. What she’s thinking about? What she want? What’s her dream? Whatever she say, she really meant that or implement on that? Is she really worried/thinking about her future? I found Tejo and Fateh very confused, they don’t even know what they want?
      And it’s completely makers fault that they misleading these 2 characters, makers are not doing justice to Tejo’s character specially, and ruin Fateh’s character to that level that it’s not easy for the audience to connect with fateh’s character at all. In comparison to Tejo and Fateh, Jasmine’s character is very clear. She’s an antagonist clearly visible to the audience. The only thing that Jasmine’s hatred towards Tejo is baseless in my opinion, and that too as a sister. Maybe I was wrong but still Fateh and Tejo have no clarity about their future, their thoughts, whereas Jasmine is very clear about what she wants and getting that.

  23. I guess tejang fake marriage track will come too in order to leave from everyone I think angad will help her to move to London where angad grandparents are by doing fake marriage and there tejo will come to know about angad daughter and his past experiences and try to help him in getting his daughter I don’t know I’m just guessing

  24. @Chahat me too… 😁😊😊😱😱 But
    Two roles two protagonists whose behavior is so nuanced .. I have more trouble with Fateh .. Because in the end whether he is Jasmine or Tejo .. Can they forgive him .. Because if it is a false marriage why gone through all its stages and have this lost and confused behavior regarding Tejo .. If Fateh really wanted to expose Jasmine .. Why is going through this stage of false marriage leaving for Canada .. Honestly the story made no sense and none interest .. Especially regarding FateJo’s relationship. I don’t times what could bind them again unless Tejo forgives Fateh and become friends again. But hey .. I lost interest because the marriage is done. What’s confusing is that Jasmine played so well and manipulated everyone including Fateh for having her go to Canada. You really wonder when she says loved Fateh is that true? Anyway, Tejo, I don’t know .. Even Angad. He says it’s to help Tejo but has some hints! Tejo who seems appreciated and lost with Angad but when Fateh appears is distant. Anyway. Really the interest of Canada marriage I do not see the reason and also what is the message it wants to convey .. Many of you are against the return of FateJo .. OK .. But if the marriage Jasfa does not is not real .. What it is .. Anyway .. Disgusted disappointed .. I wasted time in patience. And my pennies

    1. Metin

      lilou lilou. how are you?
      same here on many topics about the show.
      they ruined it.
      they ruined it with 19 year old, village’s most successfull , disgusting brat chameli.
      she is like rome. every way goes to her.

  25. Metin

    Third consecutive week with no change in the Top 5 of TRP charts:
    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (i dont know, not watching.)
    Imlie (EMA)
    Udaariyaan 3. (EMA)
    Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin second best (EMA)
    Anupamaa 1. (EMA)
    i think the main fan base is not here. 🙂
    some say no fatejo ,
    i think they are just angad actor lovers or maybe some jasmin lovers.
    if they are against EMA ,could anyone explain me with sincere, polite way this charts???
    ps : im against EMA i said that in the past a few times..
    im saying fatejo will be , because of this chart kind past.
    writers didnt give proper angad char.
    we dont know him , if he is good or bad.
    according to comments ”he made tejo smile” is his biggest card.
    you know if they didnt show backround of incidents , angad was almost like jass 1.0. with money.
    but still some people kick tejo to angad.
    they didnt give us independent , strong tejo
    because many audiences made angad married to tejo even before he came to the show.
    (why tejan? many answers : i dont know, i like the actor)
    ”everyone gets what they deserve.”

    1. Snowflake

      Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai is love triangle 🤷

    2. earlier YRKKH wasn’t a love triangle but now after the generation leap it is a love triangle

  26. Udaariyaan 27th November 2021 Written Update Love test Jasmin makes a grand entry in her marriage. Fateh sits in the mandap and waits for Jasmin. He gets to see her rocking entry, while she dances and comes to her groom. Virks and Sandhus dislike Jasmin, and don’t like her unrestrained behavior. Mahi overhears Jasmin’s talk with her friends. She is shocked to know that Fateh and Jasmin are going to Canada after the marriage. She goes to tell Khushbeer, Gurpreet and Simran that Fateh is taking Jasmin to Canada on the next day of their marriage.

    Khushbeer can’t believe that he is going to lose his son to the evil Jasmin’s fake blind love. He gets depressed, and so does Gurpreet. Tejo is broken down and much affected by Jasmin’s revelation. Angad reaches Tejo and finds her crying. He asks her who has hurt her now. Tejo tells him about Fateh and Jasmin leaving for Canada. She tells that she doesn’t want to stay with the families now. She wants to go afar where nobody knows her name and identity. She asks Angad to help her and take her away.

    Gurpreet confronts Fateh and asks him if he is leaving for Canada tomorrow. Fateh didn’t wish any tension and drama during his marriage with Jasmin. He gets speechless. Gurpreet understands his answer. Fateh will be faking the marriage and also the Canada trip to put Jasmin’s love to test. He gives Jasmin an ultimatum and asks her to choose between Canada and him. He tests her love and asks her to prove that she only loves him, above any of her dreams and desires. Fateh’s surprise will leave Jasmin shocked. What else did Fateh plan? How will Fateh do justice with Tejo? Where does Angad stand between this entire drama? Keep reading.

  27. Jasmin will never go to canada the canada thing is cursed. They wont go and thier marriage wont work coz jasmin dnt love fate will regret getting married to jasmen n Fateh will miss tejo.

  28. Fateh’s marriage to Jasmin is fake. He is going to take her to the airport and then say he doesn’t want to go and will then see Jasmin will still want to go, he will then tell her it’s fake marriage and he knew she would ruin his life. He let Tejo get engaged to Angad as he thinks she really likes him and he knows she deserves better then him. Just showing people what Jasmin is like is not enough, he wants to play her at his own game. How she manipulated others he is doing the same thing. She plays on others feelings so he has done the same with her! He knows he doesn’t deserve Tejo, so his happy to suffer and let Tejo be happy with Angad as he knows his punishment for what he did is to never have live in his life.

    1. would love 4 that 2 be true @sunshine my hope shattered

  29. Here we come again they are making fateh play the victim again and trying to justify him if jasmine wasn’t a bad person he would have truly married her can’t they just show us that a woman can still move on and have a happiness even after this kind of relationships extra marital affair always in men favour which is ridiculous all have been watching the same thing in all indian series can’t we have something different this time

  30. In India where there is girls ratio to boys is less, there in almost in every serial they are showing 2 girls running after 1 boy. What about other boys? If it happens in real life more than half boys of India will remain unmarried. Sad but true.
    And these Mahan devis of Indian shows, why in life we never get such Devis.
    Such unrealistic scrap

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