Udaariyaan 26th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh accepts Jasmin’s proposal

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The Episode starts with Jasmin seeing a procession going to the Gurudwara. Fateh thinks of her. Jasmin goes and washes her face. Fateh and Jasmin get ready and leave for a walk. Ni mai shagan manava….plays… Jasmin joins the procession. Fateh runs on the road. Tejo wakes up. She doesn’t see Fateh in his place. She says Fateh went for jogging so early today, its 4.30am. She calls him. Jasmin sees Fateh and holds his hand to stop him. He sees her. Tejo looks for Fateh in the house. Jasmin says even you couldn’t sleep all night, me too, Lord also has the same wish that we stay together, else would we be here together at this time. He turns to go. She holds his hand and asks will you leave me and go this way.

He cries and says you left me and turned away. She says I have said sorry, don’t punish me, please. She cries and says I can’t imagine myself with anyone else, I love you a lot, please take me somewhere far from everyone, I don’t want to get married, I love you, I know you still love me a lot, your eyes are saying this clearly, you have just today, you can either end our life or start it, please don’t make me away. She hugs him. They cry. Tejo comes there looking for him. Fateh sees Tejo coming. He worries and makes Jasmin away. Jasmin sees Tejo coming. Tejo sees Fateh standing alone. Jasmin goes.

Tejo asks is everything fine, what happened. He says nothing, I came for jogging, did you also come for jogging. She says no, I didn’t find you in the room and got restless, so I came to find you. He says everything is fine. He hugs her. He asks her to go, he will come. He sees Jasmin leaving.

Its morning. Satti and everyone are doing arrangements. She asks Mami not to worry, Jasmin will get married. Jasmin gets ready. She gets angry and throws jewellery. She argues with Sweety. She says once Fateh comes… Sweety asks will Fateh come. Satti welcomes Gippy home. Jasmin says I feel Fateh will come, he lied to Tejo because of me. Sweety says Tejo will come along. Jasmin says I don’t care for anyone, my engagement will make him say everything that I want to hear. Rupy says don’t worry, Fateh and Tejowill be coming. Tejo and family come. Jasmin goes to see. Tejo says I will meet Gippy and come. Khushbeer says congrats. Satti says I m glad you have come. Gurpreet says I had to come for the children’s sake. Gippy says thanks for the gift, it wasn’t needed, where is Fateh. Tejo says he had imp work, he promised that he will come in the marriage. Jasmin gets sad. Tejo says we are here, you and Jasmin are the chief guest today, I will get Jasmin. Gippy thanks her. Tejo goes and compliments Jasmin. Khushbeer says we have to leave now. Rupy greets them. Jasmin sits with Gippy. He compliments her. He says keep passport ready, I have planned honeymoon in Switzerland. Jasmin worries and waits for Fateh. She thinks of Fateh. She makes an excuse and goes. Satti asks what happened. Jasmin says my dupatta got turn, I will change and come. She takes Sweety to her room. Mami looks on and says Jasmin will do something today. Satti says don’t doubt her, her dupatta is torn. Mami says I have to keep an eye on her, why isn’t her family seeing anything. Rupy looks on. Jasmin packs her bag. Sweety asks what are you doing. Jasmin says preparing to run. Sweety asks why did you agree for engagement then, where will you go. Jasmin says I will go to your brother’s flat for some days, you give me the keys, I have no time, I can’t get engaged to Gippy, go and tell them that I m not able to find the matching dupatta, I will leave from here, handle everything. Sweety says fine, take care. The girls dance in the function. Cutie pie….plays…. Jasmin prepares to run away. Sweety worries. Tejo asks where is Jasmin, I will go and get her.

Tejo knocks the door and asks how much time will you take, tell me if there is any problem. Jasmin says I will come in 2mins, you go, I will come. Tejo says let me come in and help. Hasmin says you go, I will come. Mami asks where is Jasmin. Tejo says she needs time, she is coming. Rupy says I m worried that your fear will turn true. Mami says Satti doesn’t listen. He says don’t worry, I will go and see. Abhiraj asks are you missing Fateh, don’t get sad. Jasmin is about to jump from the window. She hears Fateh and stops. Fateh does shayari and comes. Tejo smiles seeing him. Jasmin smiles. Rupy knocks the door and asks Jasmin when is she coming. Jasmin happily dances. She says sorry, come, we will get late. She runs happily. Fateh dances with Tejo. Khulke dulke kare pyaar….plays… Jasmin runs to see him. She dances with Gippy and Fateh. Mami looks at Jasmin.

Jasmin holds his hand and signs him. She goes. Fateh makes an excuse and goes. Mami looks for them. Fateh goes to Jasmin. They see each other and hug. Tejo is dancing happily with the family. Jasmin says you scared me, if you didn’t come, then you would have not found me here, I had prepared to run away, if I marry Gippy then…

He says I love you, see your faith has won, you always said that I can’t move on in my life, I can’t move on, your faith and love had united us once again. He hugs her. They cry.

Fateh says you are my first and last wish, but its too late now. Jasmin cuts her finger and faints down. Fateh runs to her rescue. Tejo looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I’m just so freaking disappointed dude !!!
    Wtf 🙁
    I can surely not see tejo cry T_T
    I hated the moment where he gave in to Jasmine !
    I badly I hoped it was a dream sequence T_T

    1. New episode is out…please upload the update yaar

  2. God!!!!
    I haven’t felt more disgusted by anyone than Fateh till date.
    Fateh knew it all along that he has not moved on then WHY, WHY ON EARTH did he use and hurt Tejo…. Tejo needs to know the truth and she should just leave Virks and Sandhus and start afresh.

    1. Agreed

    2. Jasmine alphonce

      I saw somewhere that fateh will get sick and admitted by seeing the condition tejo will decide to give herself up and unite fateh with jasmine then I don’t know what will happen next but I guess fateh will realise that jasmine isn’t the one for him

    3. For what reason Fateh will get sick what happened to him ???

  3. It’s really bad to see this all.Fateh doesn’t move at all.Is sab main tejo ka kya qasoor hai.

    1. Simple logic…fateh can’t move on..so we should move on now..just stop watching this hell show

    2. Hahaha.. very apt suggestion.

    3. I agree 😂😂😂🤣

    4. Yes day byday my bp is increasing because of this rubbish serial i think we must boycott seeing this serial to decrease the trp rate. Bcoz even if our life is going peacefully bcoz of this serial our anxiousness and bp will increase. So i am done with this serial sasural simar ka is better

    5. Yes ab no more udaariyan

    6. Karisma Mahali

      Bakwas serial ye serial me pehle se he nai dekhti thi but tejo fateh ki shaadi k baad thodha interest badh gaya tha but ab story line wrong mode pe ja rahi hai aur humare Mr Ankit guptaji kehte hai humare kaam ko appreciate karo are sir sirf agar kaam ko dekhenge to story b to important rakhti hai na. Is tarha k jija sali k relationship ko kon accept karega, ye serial b silsila badalte reshton ka ki tarha band ho jayega. Shargun mam and Ravi sir koi nai story dikhaiye ghisi piti story matt dikhao plz I request you.

  4. Not going to increase my BP and stress by watching this shit 🤬

    1. @Koml, I know what you mean about BP, I’m invested in the FaTejo love story and can’t believe what has happened to Fateh’s character. He is beyond repair, he was the dude that during his own wedding was the only one that saw Tejo’s pain. And here he is being selfish, like he should never have done the deed, unless he was committed to Tejo.

    2. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 stop watching it or else you’ll get a heart attack 🤣

  5. I think fateh will regret after losing tejo

    1. If jasmin and fateh patch up.. And then if fateh again returns to tejo, i will say that he is the most confuseddd person in this world

    2. Jasmine alphonce


    3. Will definitely regret, look at their history, in the JasFa love story it was all about Jasmine, her needs and wants. Fateh was always the giver and Jasmine the taker.

    4. Kya Matlab regret karke,tejo ka dil tod madod diya kam**ne fateh ne…aur kya kar sakta hai vo…im really feeling bad for tejo…27 july ka episode dekh kar bas ab mujhe stop karna hai udaariyaan…..I can’t see tejo suffering and jasmine enjoying once again…she did wrong even then stupid family members and kamina fateh is with her only…..

  6. Deep down I keeping hope that maybe this is all a big joke
    Maybe this is a joke
    Is it April fools?
    Or maybe this is a nightmare if so someone please pinch me and wake me up
    Fateh is so unbelievable, it definitely feels like a joke
    Sighs, I’m definitely not watching this✌🏼

    1. @Ally, even the optimist in me, can’t see how Fateh can redeem himself from this. Like they’ve just done a complete 360 on his character. He isn’t the Fateh the show started with, definitely an imposter.
      Out of interest, is there a desi version to April fool, August fool perhaps?

  7. I completed reading this update with a heavy heart.. I dont want to watch this episode.. I want this to be a dreaaammm

    1. I haven’t seen the episode yet but even if the end convo was a dream, that still leaves the precap, which doesn’t look good either.

  8. Ager move on nhi hona tha to Tejo ko hurt kyu kiya ye drama hai

    1. Yess yaar now tejo will get pregnant …also😌

    2. @Pooja Agreed, Fateh should have maintained distance, until he was ready to commit.

  9. Chinnu Johnson

    Seriously fateh .. u deserve Jasmin after watching today’s episode… Tejo deserves the best …

  10. Fateh will betray Tejo soon he is a worst husband
    Y don’t he tell the truth to Tejo directly.Tejo will be heart broken for sure

  11. I know everyone r disappointed but I think I’m satisfied Fateh doesn’t deserve tejo he deserves that stubborn jasmine who uses everyone like him for their own personal reasons.Tejo deserves a better guy she is s nys pretty and understanding girl anyone can fall for her.I think she should leave them and find a super life and stability.where she is not confused what to choose
    But I’m still not getting it why did they consummate their marriage why is that guy giving false hopes to her

  12. Polka_dots🌟

    Run tejo run !!all that I have got to say

  13. Fateh won’t leave Teju.., some misunderstanding, separation may be happen. I know he doesn’t move on. But He will choose Tejo not Jassu.

    Finally Jassu will ask Tejo, give me Fateh back something like that.,
    May be Tejo ready to sacrifice her love , for Fateh not For Jassu… It’s my thought.

  14. Atleast show the reality of fateh and jasamine face to tejo… She will not let her feelings to grow up… 🙏🙏🙏Irritating fateh#Disgusting Jasmine

  15. Shesha485

    I am getting Ishaaron Ishaaron Mein vibes from the Udaariyan storyline now. Did anyone watch the show or feel so like me? There also, Yogi (hero) fall in love with Gunjan (1st heroine) and they had a breakup due to Gunjan’s family. Then later, Yogi falls for Pari (2nd heroine) and their relationship deepens. But again, due to Gunjan’s family, Yogi married Gunjan and fall in love with Gunjan. The difference is, here Jasmine is bit grey while there all the three are positive.
    But, yeah I am disappointed a lot after seeing this.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Hi @shesha485..
      How are you??
      Do u remember me??

    2. Shesha485

      Hi Shraddha! Obviously I remember you. How could I forget our discussions in Naagin5 episodes? They were so memorable. Nice to see you here.

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Good to see you here…
      Meeting after naagin 5☺️☺️

  16. Don’t know why but I still hope that all this comes out to be a dream…….
    Just one word for today’s episode “Heartbreaking 💔”

  17. After reading all this I will not watch the episode, it’s super crazy, WTF!!

    Earlier I was Fatejo fan now I am only Tejo Fan. No more needed spineless Fateh.

    I fee SAsural ka Aarav is much better than this stupid fateh

    1. Totally agree. Fateh should forget Jasmin atleast for the sake of his self respect

    2. There is no comparison between fateh and aarav. Aarav respect women unlike fateh who loves someone and uses other for his s*xual satisfaction and personal motives. Aarav has self respect but fateh doesn’t have.

  18. Guys don’t conclude just yet …maybe it’s fateh’s plan to bring out Jasmine’s truth out so we should wait for the next episodes. Let’s hope for the best

    1. I also had the same vibes yaar…
      Not sure…But I too thought that he was doing all this just to show the true color of JasMean…I hope makers don’t spoil the serial…

    2. Love the optimism @Ananya and I really hope the writers pull something out of the bag and soon. Can’t believe they would destroy Fateh’s character beyond repair. I had no problems when they showed his internal battles and his struggles to get over Jasmin but what they are doing now, is bizarre, not what you expect from the hero of the show.

    3. He is not over jasmine yet. I dont think so this is his plan

  19. After watching the whole episode in tv I concluded that hereafter i wont watch any of udaariyaan episodes. Actually daily watching episodes in tv even used to watch it on voot again but hereafter I’m gonna follow only written update thts for sure waise bhi my exams are lined up for 2 weeks so if could any positive track for fatejo thn I’ll surely watch it back

  20. I think that fateh will betray at the last moment like she did…tit for tat types…
    Just a thought 🙂
    So no offense to anyone

    1. Deekshitha Muthurayar

      I hope this happens

  21. Bye bye udariyaan.. Iss serial mei toh har koi pyar ka mzak hi bnaya hai lgta hai pehle jasmine ab fateh.. Badia hai

  22. What the f**k😡fateh…..

  23. I think it must be jasmine dream. Because in precap it shows that she cut her wrist.

  24. oh God i hate all this, what is f**n’ wrong with you Fateh, you just neeed some help, i am so disappointed with you, i don’t think i am gonna watch the next two episodes.

  25. Definitely Amazing twist which has twisted the viewers. LOL.
    But I guess it was always coming, the way story was going.
    Now let’s see who all can guess the next twist correctly.
    Whatever you guess, do not forget the story told by Fateh and Tejo to the party group when they got struck in the Jam. – Hey Ram !!

  26. Haven’t seen the episode yet but man have they just butchered Fateh’s character and I’m sorry, his response ‘your faith has won’ are you kidding me??? So, so 😡😡😡😡 right now, I can’t believe this guy.

  27. Areee Yar.. what is this …??? Ohhh god Fateh ………. actually one thing is still confusing that is precap….what they had shown other days are different from today’s precap it means the dresses….
    Have anyone observed it???

  28. ShraddhaSharma392

    Fateh and Jasmin chullu bhar Pani me dubb kar ke marr jaao🤬😡😠, just spoiled tejo’s life…

  29. I’m done with this show. After reading this update, I will not be able to watch the episode because my tolerance level is not so high. My anger will hit the roof. So bye bye udaariyaan and trps definitely gonna drop.

    1. Same here , it’s really hurting

      I wish it’s a Dream of Jasmine
      Because I don’t think Tejo will not go searching for jogging Fateh

  30. Totally a crap!!!
    Fateh dude if u don’t move on and don’t want to move on why did u slept with tejo in first place and why did u act like u wanted to move on? If jasmine is ur first and last wish why did give hope to tejo and made her
    fool out of herself? Why did he always holds her hand or hugs her? Fateh is the worst character I have seen, at least he should have let tejo know everything then cheating on her and fooling her,truth can hurt but not more than a lie and cheating ,if her told her truth as a friend tejo would have already left him now she lost herself to him
    Jasmine is also same as fateh both of them cheating their own sister and friend come wife
    If all come to know by tejo will she ever handle second breakdown? So sad
    I hate both fateh and Jasmine so selfish
    I can’t believe that Jasfa fans accepting this rubbish as true love
    I just has one percent hope in fateh that this is all a game of him
    If it’s not then I’m done with this show I’m quitting it

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