Udaariyaan 24th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin insults Tejo


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The Episode starts with Fateh and Tejo seeing each other. She goes. Jasmin collides with her and says sorry. Tejo sees the juice spilled on her dress. She says I will clean it and come. Tejo sees Jasmin and her pic. She recalls their moments and cries. Jasmin comes. Tejo asks what do you want. Jasmin asks what do you want, Fateh? I understand, you called us here intentionally, you are doing a fake engagement, what happened. Tejo says I don’t know what you are saying. Jasmin says you and Angad are doing a fake engagement, why is he helping you, tell me. Tejo says I can say it but you won’t understand. Jasmin argues. Tejo says you know what I m doing, but you won’t understand why I m doing now, shut up your mouth. Jasmin says I m not going to tell anyone, I don’t want Fateh to know this and cry, he thinks you are moving on and his guilt is getting less.

Tejo says stop it, look at this pic and recall, we are own sisters, we loved each other so much, you think I m your enemy, you forgot I m your sister, but I didn’t forget, so I m doing everything, you may hate me, but I can’t hate you, I was angry, but I care for your happiness. They argue. Jasmin says stop this drama. Tejo says I m doing this for myself, its a big day for me, I will get my freedom when you and Fateh get married, I want to go away from you, Fateh, your hatred and everything, you won’t need to see my face again. Satti comes and looks on. Jasmin says I m not so foolish, you are doing this because you still love Fateh, you still love him, tell me. Tejo says yes, I love Fateh, but this is also true that I will not let him come back in my life, the wounds he gave me can never heal, no one can heal that, anyways, you have to become mature to understand this, you couldn’t understand Fateh and your love, the day you understand this, you will not just love yourself, but also Fateh. She goes downstairs and recalls Jasmin’s words. She cries. Satti comes and hugs her. She says Jasmin can’t change, just Lord’s punishment can change her, don’t cry, your new life is starting tomorrow. Fateh comes and looks on. Satti says no sorrow will come in your life from tomorrow. She hugs Tejo. Jasmin comes downstairs and takes him along.

Its morning, Jasmin says finally, your parents know that families are coming to bless us, so they let you come, right. Sweety says sorry. Jasmin says its fine, who told you. Fateh comes and says I can do this for your happiness. Sweety says you are lucky to get him, he loves you a lot. Jasmin says I also love him, we have to get ready now, our entry should be grand. He says I will see. He goes. Jasmin and her friends see the clothes and jewellery to match. Jasmin asks Sweety to help her, keep an eye on Tejo. She says I feel she is planning to sit in the mandap, something is fishy. Sweety says Tejo is getting engaged to Angad, chill now. Jasmin thinks I wish I could say, they are just doing a drama.

Tejo, Simran and Mahi come home. Mahi says it was a good time at the parlour. Fateh talks to Jasmin on call. Simran says you think for everyone, but none thinks about you. Tejo says I don’t care, I m just doing my work. The man says when the groom and the bride make an entry, flowers will fall on them, fog will come and limelight will fall on them, it will happen when I cough aloud. Fateh thanks him. He sees Tejo coming and ends the call. Jasmin says why did he end the call suddenly. Simran says Angad is getting your dress, go and take rest, I will get tea for you. She goes. Tejo’s dupatta gets stuck in Fateh’s watch. They try to free it. The man gets a cough. The men start the limelight and fog, and shower the flowers, over them. Fateh and Tejo stand there seeing each other. Jasmin comes there. She sees them together and cries. The lights come back. Jasmin shouts Fateh….

The man says who asked you to shower the flowers, I just coughed by mistake. Jasmin goes and slaps the man. She asks how dare you ruin my decoration. Fateh stops her. She slaps him again. The man says I didn’t do that intentionally. Nimmo says she has gone mad, and turned more dangerous, she can hurt the poor decorator. Mahi says she looks like a Chudail, not a bride. Jasmin shouts. Tejo says calm down, he said he will get this fixed, don’t spoil your mood, its your marriage. Jasmin says yes, it will happen when you let it happen, you would be happy now, you spoiled my entry, stop this pretence now, you go out, that’s the door, why are you sitting on my Kundali like a Naagin. She asks Fateh to ask Tejo why is she doing this. She shouts leave from our lives. Tejo cries. Jasmin says you want to spoil my dreams, I will see you. She gets a water bowl. Angad comes and takes the bowl from Jasmin’s hands. He asks what are you doing, its your marriage today, happy wedding, not happy holi. She asks how dare you come between us. Fateh stops her and takes her. Angad cleans the flowers/petals from Tejo’s hair. He signs her to smile. She smiles. Gurpreet looks on and smiles.

Precap: Jasmin is getting ready. Her friends tell her that Fateh is a very good guy. Jasmin asks, but where is he? Angad and Tejo are getting married. Fateh is going somewhere on his bike. Jasmin’s friends inform her that they searched everywhere in the house, but Fateh is not found anywhere.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. From Virk Family, the only person who genuinely care for Tejo is Gurpreet

    1. Yes , all the family members are selfish . They still want tejo as daughter-in law

    2. true , even papa virk is selfish for his son, not 100% fro tejos happiness.. sad tejo should marry angad or good life parter some one good

  2. With Angad around her, this smile of Tejo will always appear, Its obvious Tejo wont let tears come 2 Jasmine but cant say for jasmine its sad just coz of a man (its getting really sad sisters losing their bond over a man )Thx producers for giving us a #Fatejo and #Tejang was really NOT looking for 2 a Jasso and Fateh dancing

  3. Horrible episode of today. Thank god that I didn’t watch it on Voot Select. Waiting for precap, hopefully precap will be interesting.
    I now wait n watch that whatever Tejo said to jasmine that she loves Fateh but she’ll not accept Fateh in her life, the wounds he gave will never heal, will becomes true, if Tejo is really stick to her words or will she flip? Let’s see, time will tell.!
    Thank god Angad came and hold that water bowl. See Tejo, he’s the man who cares you, always stand by you, always support you, he makes you smile.
    See the drastic difference between Fateh and Angad.
    Waiting for something good will happen in upcoming episode like jasfa wedding and Tejang’s new journey and Angad’s past to reveal.
    I really wish Jasfa to get married. 🤞#No more Fatejo. 🙏

    1. @chahat 😂😂😂😂😂 as if tejo ever stick with her words 🤣🤣 all she can do is big words no action and she deserves today insults I mean her kindness becoming unreal

  4. First of all amrik played a role in jasmine and Fateh’s betrayal,who remembered when he vowed to bring jasmine and fateh together and house Tejo,he seemed to have forgotten so soon.

  5. I don’t know whether Tejo will marry Fateh or Angad, but Angad is actually a personable, caring man, I like him.

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻 Tejo see goodness of Angad and let him allow in her heart, and throw that thrash Fateh away 😏😏😏
    2. Jasmin need psycharist😑😑😑
    3. I just wish🙏🏻🙏🏻Tejo and writers keep their words and never unite Tejo with Fateh…
    Even currently i don’t want angad to unite with tejo, becoz its unfair for him…but only due to him, old tejo is visible to us…

  7. I’m even more confused with Tejo’s speech. So what do the CVs and producers want to show on the show if Tejo loves Fateh but doesn’t want him in his life anymore. 😨😨😨si Fateh understands and asks for redemption for his mistakes and wants to win back Tejo. What will be? . .. Anyway .. It’s a story where relationships are tested .. Friendship, loyalty and fraternal bond. All of her bonds broke at the same time😩😩😩 .. It’s a love triangle story. Si Fateh marries Jasmine. what will be the relationship between Tejo and Fateh? What will emerge from the concept and the story .. In an interview Karan Sir said that he was for the independence of the woman who removes the constraints of forced marriage or other .. But in Udariyaan what will be? He did not say .. Just that his role will not become negative .. So Which means that Tejo will be for the empowerment of women. No need for marriage, no need for a husband. Ok .. I’m a taker. I know a lot of women who have succeeded on their own. ☺️☺️. I said it earlier. Today we hate Fateh and worship Angad .. I would say Jasmine has reached a point of no return for her behavior .. She really needs help getting treatment. And I think Fateh punishes himself by marrying her for hurting Tejo. Yes he doesn’t intervene when Jasmine screams but when can he intervene? when he sees Jasmine’s anger for Tejo. He knows that Jasmine can go far to harm Tejo .. And he doesn’t really know how dangerous Jasmine is completely .. She can concoct such evil plans. Short. I’m not taking Fateh’s interest. And even less a return of FateJo because I think that there is no longer any doubt that Jasfa ki shaadi because even Tejo tells Jasmine that she will love Fateh for what he is .. So a change for Jasmine .. To see 😊😊😊. And for Tejo to either be a strong and independent woman or she marry Angad or something for her future .. But I allowed myself to believe that Fateh could have redemption and prove to Tejo that he cares about her and the love and have a second chance but Tejo and his words put us in doubt. Disappointed that CV destroys the role of Fateh a little more each day at the expense of Tejo because of Jasmine and that Fateh does not interfere as a man. And yet it is the jodi FateJo who is the most appreciated by people and we make them stars .. Proof that he received a surprise .. go see their vlog on YouTube. Their contentment is a treat to watch..and to say that now many of us hate Fateh

    1. Ravya

      Hundred percent true lilou

    2. Metin

      lilou no confusion please :

      i wont take it.
      you put it in my pocket. 🙂
      serial violator
      umm , Who should I fall in love with today?
      dance dance dance

  8. Confirmation that Jasfa ki shaadi .. Segment Jasmine carries mangalsutra and kumkum

    1. Ravya

      Am very happy 🤣🤣let that fa and jas suffer together as jasfa 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. Snowflake

      Yayy!! Firecrackers please!!
      Stupid people deserve each other 🤣
      Can u pls share the link…. Interesting to see how jasmean looks in shaadi shuda form

  9. Ravya

    Wtf is with this Jasmin she is obsessed with fateh like for real love isn’t obsession she is a b*t*h

    1. hi @Ravya This is the punishment of Fateh .. Don’t know what will come out of the marriage Jasfa .. FateJo dosti.. De Tejan .. Time to heal wounds .. Don’t know what will happen to any broken relationship .. To see. Honestly I’m a little disappointed .. Because I believed in the redemption of Fateh .. But now no more doubt .. No going back

    2. We seem to forget that jasmine and fateh are the mainly lead udaariyaan is a story of jasmine who dream to fly to Canada and fateh is madly in love with her and wants to help her fulfil her dreams so I won’t be surprised if their marriage happens and they are perfect match fatehi a boxer and jasmine a fighter 😂😂😂😂 I hope they don’t kill their self’s

    1. Thanks for the Link yaarr…
      A little bit of relaxation after seeing her in this Look…I mean with a Mangalsuthra and KumKum…so #JasFa Marriage Happened…
      I hope they make Tejang together…

    2. Snowflake

      Thank you!!

    3. Yay yay.. 😍💃
      Finally Jasfa married…. I’m so glad.
      They’re made for each other.
      Looking forward to Tejo and Angad’s equation. Waiting for Angad’s past.
      Maybe in future they slowly become together by sharing each other’s pain and solving their issues. Tejang. Let’s see. It’s too early to say anything right now.
      But Jasfa wedding news, made my day. Got relief.

    4. I was really hoping jasfa’s marriage won’t happen. Then angad marries tejo while jasfa watches them in anger and jealousy. Then they end up blaming and hating each other🙂. No one else will marry them so they will end up marrying each other but won’t fall in love. They both don’t deserve love.

    5. Metin

      look at her face.
      is it a wedding face?
      i bet its something different.

  10. I hope angad and tejo gets married then go to canada.jasfa will be in Punjab.then jasmine will die in jealously fateh will left lonely and regret his whole life.

  11. Snowflake

    Gosh jasmean…. Take care of ur mental health.. pls admit urself in a mental hospital n practice yoga and meditation… Slapping a poor decorator!! This is the hight of it man!
    Fateh how can you “love” such a chudail?!

    1. They said love is blind 😂😂😂😂
      Jasso didn’t trust fateh because she knew what his capable of 🤣🤣 birds of the same feathers

    2. Coz love is blind. Fateh’s love is blind from the day he falls for jasmine. 😇😂

  12. Ravya why are you not writting your FF

    1. Snowflake

      Her exams are going on sis

  13. Precap seems confusing,🤔 . Hope Fateh will not stop Tejang engagement. Let’s see. Till then I will keep reading the update only. Until Jasfa got married.
    Virks seems to be sad in Tejang engagement. Specially khusbeer.

  14. can anyone send the link of precap please


    Hope tejo marries Angad later, because in today’s episode she said that she loves fateh but then won’t allow him on her life again, so hoping…for a blast episode in future

  16. Fateh and Jasmine are perfect for each other, emotionally. Both are out of control in their own ways.

  17. Snowflake

    Guys, I saw that the pic with jasmean with sindoor n all is actually edited..look carefully.. its Tejo’s body…
    Pari has a small frame.. and even the face is kinda out of proportion with the neck n body..
    I hv seen comments also where they are saying that it is edited 😬
    Not sure tho

    1. @snowflake but that mangasutral wasn’t the one tejo was wearing 🤔🤔

    2. Snowflake

      Idk what the comments were saying 🤷
      That also cld be edited… But I really hope not

  18. Finally two idiots got married 😌😌
    I think more than Jasfa fans Tejang fans are happy on Jasfa’s marriage 😂😂
    Party on 🎉🥳

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agreed @s…
      We don’t care if Jasmin Fateh marriage happens or not, weather Jasmin truth come out or not..
      But we only want Fateh to stay away from Tejo and Angad life…

    2. @ShraddhaSharma392
      I couldn’t agree with you more. As it stands right, I’ve stopped wasting any more of my brain cells on jasfa coz I stopped seeing Fateh’s relevance a long time ago. So,whatever they decide to do with their lives,really doesn’t affect me anymore as long as that idiot Fateh sticks to his nemesis Jasmin and stays the hell away from Tejo. In fact,I might soon add Tejo to that list coz right now, only Angad seems to be doing it for me.

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      This is becoz currently tejo is doing same with angad which fateh did with tejo.. i.e. using (may be intentions are different)…
      Fateh used tejo to show jasmin that what she lost..
      But tejo (though she is wrong for supporting them) intension is that family give blessing to those cheaters..😑😑
      But I think🤔🤔 Angad story will be something that might surprise us, as sometime his dialogues are such which make me think that for tejo is drama, but for angad its reality…

  19. Jasmine will marry Fateh and he’ll abuse and make her life hell then she’ll do them same and they’ll keep fighting until they burn the whole house down… Anyone else don’t really care about JasFa? I’m here for Angad’s complete story and his daughters entry. His role as a father is going to be amazing

    1. @jade 😂😂🤣🤣 you won’t kill me with laugh burning down the house part got me off

    2. JasFa can do anything they want because in the end Jassu is gonna end up being depressed she definitely has mental health issues. Fateh is going to end up being regretful. Angad is like a breath of fresh fresh air.

    3. @jade 🤣🤣🤣🤣 if papa Virk is smart, he should oust them from his house after the ceremony coz those two are a ticking time bomb ready to explode. I feel like jasfa getting married is the best punishment we could’ve ever wished for. Sometimes giving people what they really wanted is the best way to realize that thing u wanted so badly wasn’t really good for you to begin with. I wish them whatever lil happiness they can get till they either kill each other or realize how wrong they actually are for each other.

    4. I just love you guys having you guys here is more fun than the show I mean you guys drive me crazy with laugh 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Snowflake

    Wonder what Kanika Mann will enter as🤔🤔
    Any guesses?

    1. Kanika MAAN maybe ANGAD’S wife

    2. @Riya I hope not ooo we had enough of love tangle

    3. It is a serial where anything can happen 😅😐 🙄🙄😬😬 but according to the spoilers fateh will not marry jasmine and ….what about Kanika Maan wala news ? Is this true ??

    4. It will not be too surprising if Tejo reconciles Angad with his family. After all, she has helped everyone else reconcile too.

    5. Could be that she’ll be doing flashback scenes as his wife… I wish they would hurry up with this wedding nonsense. We’re here for Angad’s life story not this JasFa FateJo circus. I couldn’t care less if Fateh married both sisters the whole trio is so dumb. If the story moved away from the ruined Virks to a romance between Angad and his ex wife and reuniting his family I would be all for it.

  21. One hopes after the marriage with Jasmine, assuming that takes place, Fateh heads for the airport and they have a bust up over there over a dispute in flying to Kaneda. Allegedly, Fateh has bought two tickets but he may try and send Jasmine on a one way ticket alone. Jasmine is a hell raiser anywhere. She is the one keeping audiences glued to the TV sets.

    1. This girl can’t even speak English properly, can you imagine what she’ll do there alone. She’ll probably get arrested at the airport itself for her awful behavior and deported right back. She can’t even support herself, she has no skills, they wouldn’t even hire her to work as a labourer on a farm

  22. Snowflake

    Gosh…why was fateh looking at tejo when she entered with Simran n Mahi like she is his fiancee or gf?! He was even lost in her eyes when they had the flower shower . Tejo staring is understood as she doesn’t hv anyone in her life, but fateh?! Disgusting.
    Like seriously,makers even put slow soft music in the bg! Fatejo is definitely final!💔

    1. @Snowflake Hi Dear how are you.. 😊😊The two love each other even if Fateh does not admit it and does not recognize it himself .. Because his punishment is already traced in the person of Jasmine .. He knows that Tejo can be happy with Angad, that’s why let him not worry that Angad might go up against Jasmine to defend Tejo .. I think it is Fateh’s best decision to prove that he cares and loves Tejo .. By freeing her from him and her. Jasmine’s devastating madness .. The CVs are not disgusting when they show FateJo like this .. They will be disgusting to show Jasfa having their suhaagrath because Fateh has already consummated his marriage with Tejo … In short although in real life this would not arise no problem that the man or the woman have to consume with the respective partners. Could it be possible that the CV of Udariyaan tolerates this. Although other series we do? .. In short you never know with Cv. They just look at each other FateJo .. After the shaadi of Jasfa .. Tejo and Fateh will be finished … I find it difficult to explain myself concerning the betrayal of Fateh .. But for me there are several kinds of betrayal. . Short. I’m not going to go back on it .. Because now all hope of redemption .. Second chance .. Forgiveness .. Ect ect and a reunification of FateJo is nil .. Because the marriage is happening. So now it will be Tejo and his new life. Whether alone strong and accomplished independent or accompanied by a man who will love him.

  23. Snowflake

    Just watched Atrangi Re trailer… Starring sara Ali Khan, Akshay n dhanush… Reminding me of Fateh🙄
    This time it is the woman wanting both the men🤦

  24. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    i would like to believe that Jasmean told Fateh that Tejo loves him🙄… so he left on his bike to stop her from marrying Angad 😐 … but I don’t want Tejo to again fall prey in Fateh’s web of words… and that she shows him how strong she has become since then…and continues to marry Angad.
    But we all know how unpredictable these crazy writers are… so we will just have to wait for the next few episodes to see what madness they will eventually show us 😐🤦

  25. It may be possible Fateh is heading on his bike to the nearest bar for some refreshments. Jasmine would still marry a dead drunk Fateh than ‘lose’ him to Tejo anytime. A drunk husband is better than no husband, if the prize is Kaneda.

  26. One reason why indian series receives a lot of criticism is their unreal story line. The writers should never let tejo and fetah come back together at least to break the indian series theme that the female lead character is only meant for the male lead character. Plus the relationship of the sisters is already soar as it is. Even if fateh and tejo whats to go back together, tejo’s parents should against it. I mean how can one man have a relationship with both sisters

  27. Metin

    are they sisters?
    our main hero should be dumb and selfish moron?
    of course , why not baby?
    we need a rich guy with plenty of free time?
    other family members should do , what they shouldnt do?
    your will is my wish.
    now we have an indian serial
    AAAActiooon!!! 🙂

  28. Metin

    i feel the way of the story is telling there will be no jasmin marriage.
    just my guess.
    angad is still a grey character.
    present fateh is not enough for tejo.
    Ghar Ek Mandir
    Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2
    Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
    Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali
    Thapki Pyaar Ki 2
    Barrister Babu
    anyone is not enough for somebody , but they found their way to unite.
    naturally after too many episodes.
    9 of 9 of them have love triangle.(ghar todays epi. / mehndi second triangle , etc.)
    fateh is not a man but one thing never changes almost in every countries serial:
    whos love is real , he/she reaches his/her love at one point.
    dont look at them at moral angle.
    romance level and money for producers is the legitimate angel.
    fatejo will find its way.
    my wish? im seeking just pure ,epic romance tales.
    i hope they will find a story that crosses with my expectations.

  29. Udaariyaan 25th November 2021 Written Update Fateh shocking surprise Jasmin gets decked up as the bride. She waits for Fateh. Sweety tells Jasmin that Fateh is really a nice guy, and loves Jasmin a lot. Jasmin asks her where did the nice guy go. She wants to meet Fateh and make a grand entry with him. Fateh leaves from the house on his bike. Jasmin calls Fateh. He is not reachable. Fateh doesn’t want to attend Tejo and Angad’s engagement. He leaves from the house and stays away from the family. Angad and Tejo get engaged in front of the family. They have a fake engagement.

    The families are really happy for Tejo. Tejo tells Angad that like they faked the engagement, they will come up with a breakup drama soon. Fateh lands back home. Fateh and Jasmin are seen exchanging the garlands, but Fateh still has his eyes on Tejo. Tejo finds Fateh and Jasmin married. She returns the ring to Angad. She tells that now that Fateh and Jasmin got married, they don’t need to keep their engagement bond. She tells that they don’t have to do any drama now.

    Fateh tells Jasmin that everything will change between them after his surprise comes out. Fateh is done with his own preparations. His surprise will change the lives of four of them. What surprising revelations will be made? What did Fateh plan to reveal, that will leave Jasmin shocked? Did Fateh learn about Jasmin’s evils? Did he really marry Jasmin as Tejo thinks? Or will Fateh take his revenge by leaving Jasmin in the mandap and choosing to marry Tejo? Fateh’s surprise is going to shock both Tejo and Jasmin. Can you guess his surprise? Comment your views. Keep reading.

    1. Fateh marries sweety? Yeah I think that’s the best move leave those sisters alone marry sweety and live like Devdas. I have 0 interest in tweedledum and tweedledee sisters. Tejo should not become a psychologist she will give people bad advise and make them doormats like her and her blind dedication to the Virks. I can’t stand Kushbeer, I don’t even watch the show – just read the updates and even that makes me cringe. None of these 3 idiots should get married. I want to go sit with the writers with a ruler and help them out… every time they write something regressive and dumb imma use that ruler on some knuckles

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