Udaariyaan 23rd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Tejo come closer at the party

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The Episode starts with Angad saying its double celebrations today, its Tejo and my pre engagement party, and my friend Fateh and Jasmin’s sangeet. Tejo thanks him. He says your wish is my command. Fateh thinks you can’t see anyone sad, I know it was your plan to call us here. Khushbeer says you came late. Angad says but I have come. Khushbeer asks Rupy to come with him. Bebe says we will go inside, let the children enjoy. Jasmin says it looks like they planned to insult us. Fateh says you will be the superstar of the evening tomorrow, make your mood better. Tejo plays the dhol. Everyone stops. Angad dances. He gets everyone for the dance. Fateh asks Jasmin to go and dance. Jasmin dances with them. Fateh plays the dhol. They all dance. Angad and Tejo laugh. Tejo dances and goes towards Fateh. Khushbeer looks at them. Angad smiles. Jasmin dances with Fateh. Angad takes Tejo for the dance. Tejo and Jasmin get mehendi applied. Tejo asks Dilraj to get some food. Angad gets the snacks and feeds her. Gurpreet and Satti smile. Angad says Fateh, recharge the girls, feed her. Fateh gets the snacks for Jasmin. Jasmin says make a big heart here and write Jasfa in it, it means Jasmin and Fateh, Tejo won’t you get Angad’s name written.

Angad says my name is written on Tejo’s heart, what’s the meaning to get it written on hand. Tejo says right, names written with mehendi get wiped out, but the names written on heart never get erased. Angad asks can I make a little flower on your hand. He makes a flower with the mehendi. She smiles. Jasmin says Fateh, you also make something. Fateh says I got an urgent call. He goes. Tejo says its too much. Angad says anything is less for you, you do a lot for everyone. They smile. Fateh looks at them. Khushbeer comes to Fateh. He asks what are you seeing, are you regretting. Fateh says I didn’t understand. Khushbeer says you understand it, you are thinking if you left a diamond and got a stone, there is still time, do you want to change your decision. Fateh says I love Jasmin, Tejo and Angad like each other. Gurpreet looks on. Khushbeer says I m your dad, I understand everything, you will also understand that Jasmin isn’t your love, but your mistake, a person bears a punishment for such mistakes forever, think again. Fateh says I love Jasmin, I m marrying her, I want to marry only Jasminm I request you to let this happen. He goes. Gurpreet says we are accepted this, why are you rigid. Khushbeer says its a father’s hope, I may look happy, but I m crying inside. She says Fateh is your son, but you regarded Tejo as your daughter, let this happen, Angad is written in her fate, Fateh is blind for Jasmin, he won’t agree. He says I can’t leave this hope.

Abhiraj says everyone’s name is written here, that person has to choose someone randomly, then choose the chit, it has punishment written, I mean that task they have to perform. Khushbeer’s name comes on the rotating wheel. He gets blind folded. He holds Satti. Everyone laughs. Mahi says Salim, Anarkali, you have to do some act. Satti says I m shy. Rupy asks her not to be shy. Satti and Khushbeer act like Salim and Anarkali. Everyone laughs. Angad’s name comes. He gets blindfolded. Angad goes to Jasmin and jokes. She chooses a chit. Abhiraj says she will teach you boxing. Jasmin asks Angad to do 50 pushups. Angad does it. He says spare me, I don’t want to become a boxer in this birth. Tejo’s name comes. Everyone claps. Tejo gets blindfolded. She goes around. She holds Fateh. She removes the blindfold and sees him. Jasmin makes a face. Angad says you have to take the chit, its a game, come on bro, I will get it, its dance. He asks them to dance. Jasmin thinks its her plan, she chose Fateh intentionally. Tejo and Fateh dance. Jasmin looks on. Everyone claps. Khushbeer says see it yourself, I can’t leave this hope until Fateh gets married. Gurpreet smiles. Fateh and Tejo see each other. Angad says let it be Jasmin, let them dance, from tomorrow, he will just dance on your tunes, enjoy. Jasmin thinks are they trying to make me away by this fake engagement drama, Angad may make them sit in the mandap tomorrow. Fateh holds Tejo in arms. Mangala….plays….

Precap: Fateh and Tejo are holding each other’s hands and are having an intense eye lock. Jasmin sees them. Later, she confronts Tejo that you are doing all this because you still love Fateh. Tejo screams, yes, I love Fateh.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nilria Muñoz

    This is so stupid 😒……I don’t want to see Fatejo no more if that happens it will be disgusting….I want Tejgan😘

  2. Disgusted to watch.

  3. Amazing best episode! Fatejo forever!

  4. Ok.. by reading todays update i think i lost the interest on this show and sooner um going to stop watching udaariyaan🙄. Bcz i feel like makers are going to bring fateh n thejo back together🤔😏😕.
    How can someone forget the betrayal and accept that cheater although that cheater realized his/her mistakes. Here fateh had lots of chances to correct his mistakes but didnt,so how can thejo still think about fateh🤷‍♂️. And how can fateh be that *god made partner* of thejo??? A cheater??? If that is going to be in that way then it will be the worst story😏.
    Um not telling that thejo and angad should get married. But if that happens it will be more lovely and good☺. Bcz angad is a person who can bring a smile to anyone who is in pain by forgetting his pain.
    However,the story will be really interesting when thejo takes the decision to leave fateh (and marry angad or not) thinking of herself and not on families to make them happy.
    If fateh and his family pressure thejo to marry fateh, she should make stand for herself this time at least🙄.

    1. The problem is fateh doesnt realise his mistake
      He is being stuborn that he loves jasmin

  5. Yea very disgusting to watch ….i dont want to see fatejo again…bullshit…

  6. Snowflake

    Oh gosh what rubbishhh!!!
    All these episodes thankfully the kept Fatejo away, and now only?!
    Stupidity 😐

  7. Snowflake

    And the game was so predictable.. we knew tejo would pick fateh😳
    Honestly, both tejo and fateh were enjoying dancing but towards the end it was dissappointing 😐
    Angad is best to shut jasmean’s trap🤣
    Jasmean only wants to copy others and look best among all🙄

  8. Snowflake

    And Fatejo had to dance on the breakup song only 😳

    1. I have stopped watching it…..it is so disgusting 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮……… udaariyaan becomes bullshit day by day…..Tejo is a spineless and hopeless woman 🤮🤮🤮. Jasmine at least gets bad and fights for her rights….but Tejo is getting disgusting day by day……now bye bye udaariyaan (disgusting show)……🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  9. Disgusting 😑🙌

    Show is turning to be a crap,but don’t worry,it will definitely get TRP as People are always interested in such disgusting plots😒

    Only someone with Brain and who truly cares for Tejo is Gurpreet🙂

  10. Snowflake

    Gosh the precap!!!
    What the heck!!
    The first part looks like a dream sequence to me… Can’t believe tejo said that!!!!

  11. in some subtitle way i reckon Angad is trying 2 show Jasmine that #FaTejo belong 2 gather. Every time Jasso tried 2 do something that increases intimacy between them Fateh becomes distant but wen he is alone with her he becomes perfect boyfriend. Hope F brings Jass

  12. If Tejo said I still love Fateh, even after all this. Then I have lost respect for her, please go back to that ducking cheater Tejo. I am not following this serial anymore.

  13. Yay. Precap amazing. Tejo loves Fateh. Can’t wait until they are back together. Best part of the show!

    1. Finally someone who likes Fatejo❤️

    2. Fatejo is tatti

    3. Actually why i still ship fatejo they are the ones who pull me to the show, they are the one who made beleive me that best friends can fall in love, their chemistry and their scenes was intense and lovable… Even though i knw fateh cheated on tejo bt it is an itv always fl become mahaan in this matter… I love tejang pair bt always fatejo scenes are best❤

    4. Snowflake

      Will u go back to a man who cheated u???!!!

    5. @Snowflake,
      Obviously, it’s understood, that’s why they’re supporting and happy for Fatejo.
      I will never ever gonna see a face of that kind of cheater husband, forget about the forgiveness.
      They’re in support of, if a hubby cheated his wife than wife should accept his hubby if he comes back to you with a Sorry. That’s it.
      How painful that some people are in support of Extra marital affair. Seriously disgusting, disappointed.

    6. I completely agree. You cannot just push this below the rug and tonk life will go on. A cheater is always a cheater. It’s better to move out with self respect. I love Priyankit chemistry but this is derogatory

    7. Please don’t bash me but all people showing Fatejo and saying keeping them away is wrong. Would you accept a cheater for yourself or anyone close to you? I sure as hell won’t. Gone through this crap in real and this cannot be jusified

    8. Delusional much?

  14. Snowflake

    Fatejo holding hands, flowers falling, Ranjha playing, jasmean seeing them wow… Looks like Jasmean or Fateh’s dream.
    Tejo… Loves Fateh? Still? Ok maybe… But she shouted out like that?! Jasmean ur crossing all limits just bcoz u r insecure

    1. We all knew she’s insecure, nothing new in that… We all knew how Jasmine is.?
      But Tejo she’s the biggest fool. Why she give divorce to Fateh then, if she loves him so much. Rehti na Fateh ke sath. Jasmine ki asliyat leke aati. Woh toh kiya nhi.
      I must say there’s no difference between the trio… They’ll are doing same thing to each other. Result is no one is happy, except Angad. He isn’t insecure. He’s just worried about his daughter. Which is good and genuine. He’s the only genuine person in the show.
      Baki sab ke do chehre hain. Dil mein kuch or muh pe kuch, specially the trio Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine.

    2. Snowflake

      Tejo divorced him for his and Jasmeans happiness…. The most selfless person ever!😬

  15. Shit…. 😡
    I’m done now.
    Can’t handle Fatejo closeness and reunion…
    Tejo just go back to Fateh, you deserve to be with a cheater husband Fateh. Angad didn’t deserve you, Tejo. I can’t able to see Angad’s life will ruin bcoz of you and Fateh anymore. More than that I don’t want Angadti be used, which you and makers are doing by playing him a Cupid between Fatejo.
    From now on I hate Tejo more than Fateh, Jasmine, Virk family members coz she again confessed her love towards Fateh in front of Jasmine and her mother Satti. Look at the audacity the way Tejo said yes, I love Fateh. Shame on you Tejo. Wow, brilliant na, you forgot that party where Jasfa were lost in each other and they confessed their love in front of you and the guests who were in the party, you forgot the way Fateh announced Jasmine to be his wife As Mrs. Jasmine Fateh Singh Virk in front of you, you forgot their couple dance and Fateh kissed Jasmine, you forgot that humiliation when Fateh blamed you’re having an affair with buzzo, you forgot that insult, basically you forgot everything that Fateh did to you. Big round of applaud to you. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 To hell with you Tejo. Today I hate you Tejo more than Fateh and Jasmine.
    Makers do whatever you want to do. Go to hell.
    Love Angad 🥰😘
    I’m just waiting to know Angad’s past. That’s the only interest is left in the show, other than that I had no interest in Fatejo and their so called reunion. Disgusting show.


    Oh God, are they going to reunite tejo and fateh, really disgusting,, the person who cheated , still tejo goes after him, lessons not learnt, let’s see , because Angad’s past is there to watch ,how are they going to link with Tejo’s life..why can’t makers show that women should be strong in choosing their partner…same old crap…I think from tomorrow I will stop watching…

  17. I did feel like tejo is also using angad in the name of doing it for her family to get back to fateh like jasmine did with gippy what is all this nonsense why are they trending extra marital affair like a fashion all the Indian shows of this year is about extra marital affair and I don’t have a word for tejo if this precap is true then this a shame to womanhood and more shameless and hopeless than jasmine

    1. Agreed👍

    2. Not only this year. Extra marital affairs have been a selling point of Balaji telefilms shows since early 200s (actually 90s).

  18. Same here @Sunder
    So disappointed😞 with precap and makers.
    I knew it they’ll show Fatejo reunion.
    Even I don’t know for how long I could bear this injustice to watch…. But like you, I’m only waiting to know about Angad’s story, his past, his life. Have no interest in show.

    1. One thing should be trending…..#boycottudaariyaan & #boycottfatejo…….not an example for real lovers 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. I am from Suriname. Can someone in India start this please …….

  19. For those who hate Fatejo,you aren’t even 20.Trp won’t drop coz of you.

    1. Nobody hates fatejo but fateh character has been ruined…….there was no need of EMA, also him accusing tejo of having affair with buzzo was disgusting as if it was right to him to have affair with jasmine,,,,,, u guys he is only regretting now but at first he even wanted to run away with jasmine and leave tejo alone why you people are forgetting things easily

  20. so disappointed .i officially announce that I’ll not watch 2moro’s episode even written update its 🤢disgusting

  21. Some people don’t understand understand between wrong and mistake

    Mistake is when something happens unintentionally

    But fateh case is not like that in fact he got so many chances to correct it but yet he make it sound and clear even after tejo tear the first divorce papers he still insist on divorcing her

    Fateh can’t see jasmine with another man he can’t see tejo with another man did he want them both and tejo is just a shame to the society if she really confess to love fateh like the precap

  22. I’m more disappointed in simiran the most she been cheated and didn’t go back to him and fall in love with another person and yet she is still in support of this nonsense

    1. @Mimi
      I so agree with you on this. To think after being hurt by a man she loved,she’d understand Tejo better than the rest but she’s just as selfish as the rest of her family. Her own dad barely forgave her for eloping but wants Tejo whom she considers her “sister” to take back a man who hurt her in worst ways? To an extent, I don’t blame them coz Tejo has made herself into something anyone can take advantage of so,it’s no doubt people actually take her feelings for granted. It’s 2021 and Indian shows couldn’t be further from reality. Y in the world should this be considered romantic? Infidelity, humiliation and weakness, are not romantic and shouldn’t be romanticized at all. Not only do Indian shows ignore the concept of personal responsibility and repercussions for one’s actions(coz if they didn’t, Jasmin will be behind bars for her actions),they romanticize and normalize the unthinkable and then they wonder why Indians want things to change so badly and yet, that change never comes. If it’s not normalizing the fact that women always take back dia cheating husband, it’s the the fact that it’s ok to sacrifice yourself constantly for others like you’re some god or being unnecessarily disillusioned to think loving family you put them before yourself everytime like Tejo, Akshara and countless other ITV shows FL. I love ITV shows but never get through to the end coz midway, they choose unnecessary drama over realism and according to my lil knowledge of theater and shows,a good show must be a lil realistic and I’m sad but I think I’ll stop watching this show like I have countless others coz it’s just to much if I intend on keeping my sanity.

  23. When will they show justice on extra marital affair because everytime they reunite and call it destiny

    1) bhagya lakshmi same
    2)tere bina jiya jaye same
    3)udaariyaan worst because his having affair with sister in law
    4)gum hai kisi ki pyaar mein same

    And this all will have same ending what are they trying to reach the generation 🤷‍♀️

    1. 100% agree with u its disgusting showing its OK to affairs with someone even if it his sister in law so bad all drama serial are same

    2. This is why, I hate Indian TV Series, they always show extra marital affair and after that they reunite the couple… Why they’re supporting Extra marital affair so much, it becomes a fashion or trend now a days. And it’s not good. In real life no one can forgive their cheater partner and have move on in life.
      In fact I remember the old Kasauti Zindagi Ki, where Prerna and Anurag were loved each other but still after seperation she moved on and married to Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj already had 3 childrens from 1st marriage. Two were in young age and 3rd the girl was below 10, I guess.
      In same way why Makers don’t let Tejo to move on and get marry to someone better than Fateh. But instead of that they’re reuniting fatejo is unbelievable. Pathetic

  24. Why are they showing the previous episodes?

  25. This is a show and it’s there to entertain people. If we just saw people being happy and nice to each other all the time would you watch the show or call it boring. 🙄 Also. People saying what they are showing to the world, if you watch a show and then think I’m going to do that because I saw on udariyaan then thats stupid! Even in real life people cheat on their partners but does that always end a relationship , no it does not and its not always easy to stop loving someone despite what they have done. It’s a show just watch and enjoy!

  26. As many fans want Tejan, others want FateJo .. ⚠️⚠️⚠️ I read that Tejo if Tejo that .. That Fateh betrays. That Jasmine betrayed .. Yes. ⚠️⚠️ I’m not excusing Fateh far from it .. But a question .. When did Jasmine leave FateJo alone and not manipulate them with her words her tears and her plans ..? I’m not saying it’s all Jasmine’s fault .. Each of the 3 has their share of the blame .. A lot Jasfa .. Fateh knew what he was doing. And that’s why I have such a hard time figuring out the role of Fateh .. Even more so now .. I don’t want the CVs to destroy his role and his character a little more .. Fateh must suffer .. When we say Fateh wants both sisters and doesn’t know what he wants .. I also don’t understand … His behavior and touch is so different from each other .. I believe in forgiveness. . I believe in change .. I believe in redemption .. Fateh unlike Jasmine knows and admits that he hurt and hurt Tejo a lot and that he blames himself and that he wants Tejo to be good with him too. Angad .. I think he is punishing himself by marrying Jasmine because Tejo told him so .. It will be an unfinished love for Fateh regarding Tejo .. Many don’t want FateJo anymore because Angad has arrived .. Who cares thinks the actor who would have come. Could have and made Fateh understand what Tejo represents and feels for her .. Even khusbeer understood .. He said that his son will know what he has lost and will repent of it .. I don’t know what what the CVs and producer of the series want to show. I’m watching a Mexican series on Netflix where the lead actor who was the antagonist in the 1st season and committed a lot of crime turned positive in the 2nd season. I found it hard to understand why! But in the end he explains himself .. I think that Fateh after having made this mistake with Tejo has this possibilities of redemption .. At worst everyone stays with their respective spouses .. Or FateJo reunite because CV shows the couple so much together .. Really I don’t know the message they want to convey or give .. I would say for me a love story that suffered huge hurt and broke a lot of relationship .. Because of a dream and the obsession with this one by a family and a daughter .. Who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal .. Even to deny his parents and his family and accuse them for it. While she is in charge .. Anyway .. Fateh’s betrayals are no less than what society sees .. Her fault was to give and sustain the love he has for Jasmine. ‘but as Fateh says it is blind love .. With his words he knows that Jasmine’s love can be false’ ‘and that he has hurt people a lot for that .. And the main thing I would say that if neither couple end up together .. At least Tejo becomes a strong and independent woman .. Whether I’m from FateJo or Tejo .. I’m not for Jasfa .. Never mind .. There is an answer to we question and a logic that CV wants to show at the end .. If redemption for Fateh = meeting of FateJo .. Why not .. As said Tejo difficult to erase the name inscribed on the heart .. FATEH is inscribed on his Heart . I do not know..

    1. @lilou I understand what you but that’s what happened in all indian series the same thing after extra marital affair they find out the mistress is not a good parson they come back to wife’s and reunite them at least can we something different from udaariyaan as they even spoil fateh character that no one can accept it your husband divorce you for your sister that’s the worst thing that can happen to any woman

    2. Hi Lilou. Can you tell me the name of the Mexican series ??

  27. At least mauli ‘s character made sense after trying to save her marriage and kunal still chose nandini she decided to move on that is was a strong woman is . Tejo too tried the same thing but fateh himself asked her to move, he even begged her mother to convince tejo to leave him and jasmine alone but, tejo is doing everything for him but not even once did he say I love you to her, please stop forcing them to unite a lot of people are finding it to lack logic

  28. I’m going for a break from this show if anyone else going I’m with you guys 🙄🙄🙄 I see why this show effect those who are being cheated in real life they are not encouraging the young couples

  29. OKay if the precap is true, then Tejo is a shame to girls who have self respect. Wtf is the difference between these trio? Worst show ever.

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