Udaariyaan 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh and Jasmin at Tejo’s party

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The Episode starts with Fateh seeing Angad and Tejo’s dance. Angad jokes. Tejo laughs. The man says who is next. Jasmin says us. Fateh says I don’t want to dance. She says its our marriage, come. Angad says show some excitement bro, surprise is after the marriage, do some dance and romance. Jasmin says be it dance or romance, we will show everyone that we are the best. Tejo looks at Fateh. Jasmin and Fateh dance. Angad takes Tejo for dance. He gets a call. He says Rajat irritates me, I m the boss. He checks the call and says its an imp call, I will talk and just come. He goes out. She thinks what happened to him, I hope everything is fine.

Angad asks the lady to make him talk to her. The lady says the girl isn’t listening, she isn’t eating the food. He says make me talk to her. She gives the phone to the girl. He asks her to have food. She refuses. He says even I won’t have food. She says you never come to meet me, you are bad, I won’t have food. He says don’t get upset, I love you. She says its a lie, you don’t come to meet me, you just promise that you will come and never come. He says this time, I promise I will come, have food first. She says no, you come first. She goes. The lady says we will handle her. He says feed her the food somehow, make her believe that I will come soon to meet her, I have no permissions, I will see what to do till the next court date, I beg you. She says okay. He ends call and recalls the accident. Tejo looks on and thinks there is some deep secret behind his laugh.

Jasmin says thanks Mahi, I m excited seeing you all excited for mehendi and sangeet. Mahi says everyone is excited because its…. Jasmin says wow, we will not let anyone else come on the dance floor today. Mahi goes. Fateh comes and asks what’s all this, those ladies, band players. Jasmin says yes, I did this. He asks what’s the need to spend much for two people. She says Mahi said everyone is excited for our mehendi and sangeet, get ready, I will also get ready. They get ready and come. She says I got all the decoration done. He asks where is everyone. She says they will come, we will dance and make the ambience. They dance. Everyone comes. She runs to get them for dance. Fateh smiles. Khushbeer says stop it. Jasmin says thanks for coming in our sangeet, I m so happy, we will enjoy a lot, Mahi, Simran di, you can ask the ladies to apply the mehendi designs, come we all will dance. Candy says Nana ji we are getting late, come fast. Khushbeer says as you say, come everyone. Jasmin says wait, where are you going, its your son’s sangeet here. Simran says there is another party at your house, we are going there. Jasmin asks why, Tejo and Angad’s engagement is tomorrow. Gurpreet says yes, but Rupy wanted to keep a function for Tejo, so we are going there. Biji gives some money to Fateh. She says ward off bad sight and give it to someone. She asks them to play music and have their sangeet. Everyone leaves. Fateh looks on sadly.

Tejo gets ready and comes. She dances with the family. Khushbeer and everyone come. Jasmin says there won’t be any mehendi and sangeet now. She throws the things. Fateh holds her. Jasmin shouts on the ladies and asks them to go. The lady asks for money for wasting her time. Fateh gives money to them. The lady says you are marrying this girl, she is mad. Jasmin shouts. The ladies leave. Angad comes. Khushbeer says congrats. Rupy says same to you. Gurpreet says Tejo looks so lovely. Biji asks Satti to apply black dot to Tejo. Bau ji says apply it to my babyjaan also. Satti applies the kajal to them. Khushbeer asks didn’t Angad come. Tejo says he would be coming. Jasmin says you have come, you also insult me. Fateh says behave yourself. Jasmin shouts and argues. Angad asks at Tejo’s house, I thought… Jasmin says don’t tell me that you didn’t know, the real party of the real engagement is happening there, not here. Tejo and everyone are dancing. They see Angad coming with the bouquet. Tejo smiles. Fateh and Jasmin come. Everyone looks on.

Precap: Angad is feeding Tejo. Fateh looks at them from distance. Khushbeer comes to Fateh and says, what happened? You are not regretting your decision, right? It’s possible that you might be loving Jasmin, but she is not your love, she is your mistake. You still have time till tomorrow if you want to change your decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. First!

    1. Someone correct if am wrong but that girl looks a lot like Bhavya Sharma.

      I want a situation where Angad will marry Tejo for his daughter or niece.


      Yes she is Angad’s daughter,hope tejo marries angad, tejo should not reunite with fateh, he is a cheater..


      Do not know what happened to Angad’s daughter, I think custody problem, but I feel his wife died,maybe his in laws want the kid so that they can look after her, because angad is in way to look after her as he is busy with business travelling always, but I feel tejo should not reunite with fateh, she should marry Angad only and Jasmine’s evil plots should be revealed..khushbeer cant be termed as selfish, because he knows that tejo is right for fateh, but on the filip side, he should help tejo to get really married to angad , because fatehbis a cheater…

    4. i too think that is Bhavya Sharma

  2. Till when will we see this guilty face of Fateh.. Not happy about his own marriage and hear Jasmin’s voice
    i am loving the n Mehnedi designer insulted Jasmin and ask God to give strength to Fateh because he is marrying her
    i have a feeling that Angad planning to Marry Tejo so that he gets his Daughter’s custody??
    planning something
    Now we know why Angad is so playful sometimes coz he has a daughter and she brings a playful side of him and if Tejo marries 4 real she will see why
    i swear Oxford English dictionary got nothing on Jasmine
    Excited=Exceeted , accept= assept
    i swear the entrance of Fateh Angad and Jasso is my mom forcing me 2 attend a ceremony /function knowing there are both aunties on both sides of the family wen is my wedding worse is wen the bride is younger coz they will ask wen is Mr right coming

    1. I don’t think that would be Angad’s intention but I think something like that might happen. But if she’s his biological daughter, why does he need custody, if the mum died in the crash?

    2. It is actually possible if there is a risk to child’s overall being. There might be some point where the inlaws are convinced about that hence contesting the custody

    3. Yes, but doesn’t seem like he’s that type of character. I think she’s probably not his biological daughter but he wants custody of her.

    4. For Idk How many episodes later I see old Jasmine for Few mins in this episode
      Don’t you guys Think?

  3. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    Tejo and Angad stole the day from jasmean 😂 👏👏👏

    1. so true no wonder she was pissed lol

  4. I think Fateh’s surprise is to reveal jasmine evil side in front of everyone in the family and for that he will invite that fatty Mamiji of Jasmine…. Where she went and meet/dated Gippy to make fateh’s jealous. I think that might be a plan of fateh on the wedding and surprise for jasmine. Well I’m not sure but let’s see.

    1. But everyone know her truth anyway so why Fateh will go that far to expose her when he already been warned by everyone about her? Doesn’t make sense 🙄 I really hope Tejo and angad get together for real! Fateh can’t be forgiven for all that shits he put Tejo through!

  5. Ohh god!I am super excited for the upcoming episodes man!!!😮😮🤩

  6. You Guys Are Right About Ksv!!!!
    That Uncle Still wants Fatejo 😠😠
    He’s using Angad and Tejo’s emotions!!!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  7. Oh God, this khusbeer is getting on my nerves now… Just a day before jasfa wedding, he’s teaching lesson to Fateh to pick a diamond(Tejo) not a Stone(Jasmine) and have 24hrs left to rethink about his decision.???
    After Tejo had faced such tough and rough path, he wants Tejo as his bahut only not needed a daughter…. Why he always say that Tejo is his daughter, when he didn’t mean her as his daughter instead daughter in law. Double standard mentality. Not happy with the precap.

    I just wish and hope that somehow Tejo married to Angad or at least get engaged to him so that Angad could get his daughter… I think he’s divorced and want his daughter’s custody, otherwise he won’t say that I hadn’t a permission to meet her and that’s why he didn’t visit to meet his daughter… I want Tejo to help Angad this time instead marrying with cheater Fateh.

  8. I don’t think he is divorced it maybe some other reason

  9. can anyone share the precap link please

  10. That kushbeer uncle is a 🐍🐍🐍 under a green grass he not only wants daughter in law but their maid and fateh baby sitter I mean his using everyone including tejo parents while they think he truly cares about her happiness I just wish his plan fail and as for fateh his used to getting what he wants that’s enough want jasmine on her engagement day he get her and now he want tejo on her engagement day too

  11. IDK what to say about the precap man . ..but the only song which is coming in my mind for the writers ” pata nahi ji kaun sa nasha karta hai” (don’t take it too seriously)

  12. Oh.. this fateh n his father unbelievable..
    Whatever fatehs intensions are(thinking about the surprise 🤔) he is doing wrong.
    If he now feel like he is in love with thejo, then he is doing the same mistake he did with thejo. First ruined thejos life now jasmines life. It is true that jasmin is wrong but 🤷‍♂️.
    If he is going to leave jasmine on wedding day what will the society who faught for thejo will say?🙄
    It is better if he is going to make jasmine undestand her mistakes n make her realise what she has done n say sorry showing the right path. Make her undestand the value of family than the canada dream n then marry her with everyones blessings.

    1. *ask her to say sorry

    2. Enfact she needs a therapy as she a pathological lier. And evil minded. So besides families blessings and acception.

  13. Khushbeer makes me sick. Please do not reunite Fateh and Tejo. We all deserve better leave Fateh to rot with Jasmine in Canada where he will work as a waiter and jasmine as a cleaner.

    1. @vishu😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 yes since his leaving off his father income and jasmine doesn’t even anything other carrying shopping bags all the time

  14. I am a little lost in each character .. And when I read the various comments I am the same .. Lost .. I would be more ready for a story where Fateh has faked the annulment of the divorce with Tejo without informing anyone .. Because he learned all what Jasmine said and did .. What sucks is that he is planning the wedding knowing that he is married to Tejo and that he is humiliating Jasmine like she did with him .. but this humiliations could backfire on Fateh because Tejo and the family will say that Fateh did wrong and betrayed the two Sandhu girls … Many of you want Tejan married ☺️☺️☺️ free of thought as well. It’s a beautiful jodi .. .. Why not? It seems to me to see on an Instagram page that Angad’s wife is alive .. She is dressed in a black saree .. In addition, the actress who played GUDDAN on Zee.TV will make her debut as Tejo’s best friend. . It says so .. I don’t know anymore … It would be a shame if the role of Fateh is so frowned upon .. If he leaves Jasmine like this .. And says he wants Tejo .. The promo is so disturbing and not very revealing segments. It would be very, very bad to see that Fateh could be that kind of guy. Anyway. Worse already that he did badly with Tejo .. I know Jasmine is also guilty .. But it would be Fateh who will be guilty .. I am lost by Fateh’s behavior. Who Fateh loves! … Tejo or Jasmine? . When he is with Tejo he thinks of Jasmine. And when he’s with Jasmine thinks Tejo. Only one aspect changes between that .. Is when he was with Tejo thinking about Jasmine and Gippy had behaved with an angry look and not happy despite their memory ..? Whereas with Jasmine when he thinks of Tejo with Angad .. It is regret jealousy the memories .. The behavior is not the same. You tell me. Tejo for a bogus engagement. She takes pleasure and it feels good. Jasmine is good for the asylum.

    1. How could he have faked it, a lawyer and judge have seen the papers and finalised it?

    2. I hope they don’t reunite tejo and fateh

    3. Metin

      lilou lilou (dost means closer then friend in turkish , thank you for that , dost.)
      fateh doesnt know love.
      he has only desires.
      they lead him.
      look how he loves jasmin .
      if , 🙂 if it were third sister , i think he would go after her too 😛
      maybe in his career he got punched to the head too many times.
      i dont get some comments by the way.
      tejos past problems can be explained in one sentence:
      ”lack of knowledge about the guys before marriage.”
      angad has his own dark secrets.
      we dont know them how bad they are.
      but many people wants to see tejan.
      “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”
      i just want to watch , real & pure love wins.
      there is only one real love after 200 episodes.
      tejo to fateh. opposite is not there.
      where is the rest of it???
      how will tejo reach to ”neverland” ?
      ps : if its ok to you , message me in private your insta. if not , no problem.
      i would like to see lilou lilou island photos 🙂

  15. Udaariyian is my fav it show, its getton so suspensful and exciting
    Also in the begging since udaaryian had low trp, I heard that colors gave an ultimatum to it, that they will off air it if trp doesn’t increase, but now color only relies on udaariyian, the only high trp show on colors, I LOVE UDAARIYIAN

  16. Wow Tejang Instagram reels… 😍🥰
    Looking lovely and Amazing together. 😊

  17. @Sanam: Too right – Udaariyaan has everything right to make it a successful show: Story, Cast, Suspense, Drama. But the ‘big 3’ have made it – Tejo, Fateh and Jasmine. Of the three, Jasmine is probably the most talented.

  18. Child is Angad’s. Kannika mann seems to be entering the show. She is either angad’s wife or someone related to his wife who has child’s custody post his wife’s death.

  19. Why Angad don’t hav permission to meet her daughter???🤔🤔🤔

  20. I hope they don’t reunite tejo and fateh

  21. Home Colors TV Udaariyaan Udaariyaan 23rd November 2021 Written Update Final choice
    Udaariyaan 23rd November 2021 Written Update Final choice
    By TR Editorial Team- November 23, 20210
    Udaariyaan 23rd November 2021 Written Update Final choice
    Udaariyaan 23rd November 2021 Written Update Final choice At the Sandhus house, Angad and Tejo enjoy the party in high spirits. Angad feeds the sweets to Tejo. He takes care of her really well. Khushbeer is glad to see a smile on Tejo’s face, but knows that she has no love for Angad. He knows well that both Tejo and Fateh have feelings for each other. He wants Fateh to speak out his feelings for Tejo and stop her engagement with Angad. He so wishes to save Fateh’s life from destruction, from his marriage his Jasmin. Fateh secretly watches Tejo from far. He doesn’t let Tejo know about his presence.

    Khushbeer finds Fateh watching Tejo and getting sad, like regret is making a place in his heart. He sympathizes with his son. He asks Fateh what is he looking at. He wants to know if Fateh is really regretting. He tells Fateh that he can still stop Tejo’s engagement and win her back by his love, before it gets too late. He asks Fateh to realize what he lost to get what he wanted. He tells that he might have love for Jasmin, but that love is not worthy enough. He asks Fateh to realize if he left a diamond to pick up a stone.

    He tells that maybe Fateh loves Jasmin, but he should soon understand that Jasmin isn’t his love, but his mistake. He tells Fateh that he still has time till tomorrow, if he wants to change his marriage decision. He asks Fateh to think well and decide what he wants in his life. Fateh gets into a big dilemma. Khushbeer’s advice gives him a new hope of getting Tejo back. Khushbeer proves that he is Fateh’s father first and wants his life to get saved, even if he has to bring Tejo back into an undeserving Fateh’s life. Why is Fateh given a choice, when he isn’t at the righteous end? Tejo should be given the choice to decide for her life. Comment your views. Keep reading

  22. Makers shouldn’t united Tejo and Fateh.Moreover,I couldn’t understand why some people expecting Fatejo. In previous epsiode. Fateh cheated behind her and accused tejo character. And fateh also said that I love jas so why don’t you move on.and he is the one who initiated for divorce. There are lot. Why women doesn’t have any feelings. After two failed marriage why cannot women be independently and successful.Tejo have a very good professional so I dnt think that tejo should go back to fateh which makes no sense to her as well as society.

  23. 🤷‍♂️

    Why Angad went to fatehs house?? Did he really unaware about the party?? Hasnt thejo told about the party? Why angad behaved like he know nothing about party at thejos house? Did he go the jasmines sangeeth??
    I dont really get it🤔🤔 why is that??

  24. Snowflake

    Kanika Mann entering the show I guess… Bts pics are there!!
    Who will she enter as?? Angad’s wife with a new face after surgery??

  25. Snowflake

    Khusbeer is very selfish. He wants Tejo mostly that is why he is trying to make Fateh change his mind 🙄
    Such a selfish man! Talks about Tejo’s happiness 😳😳😳

  26. Snowflake

    Fateh will say no to ksv’s offer for sure. As in the promo, jasfa shaadi only ends up happening. Fatejo shippers, stop dreaming tht fateh will change his mind as of now😳

  27. Oh gosh, makers have lost their mind!!
    Why did tejo choose fateh n why did she fall in his arms???!!!

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