Udaariyaan 22nd June 2022 Written Episode Update: Fateh’s important match day

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The Episode starts with Fateh sitting at the door and sleeping. Jasmin comes and sees him. She thinks you are mine, I won’t let the string go in someone else’s hands so easily. She covers him with the blanket. She pats his hand and wakes up, and acts to sleep there. Fateh sees her and thinks why is she sleeping on the floor. He asks what are you doing here. She says I was seeing if Tejo is fine. He says she is fine, why are you sleeping here. She says I want to take care of Tejo like you, help me in making her believe that I love her a lot. He says everything will be fine, go and sleep on the bed, you can sleep with Tejo when you become her friend, I have to talk something. She smiles. He says you are seeing Tejo’s state, it will be a lie to marry you, don’t worry, I will give my name, time, security and everything to the baby, Amrik’s baby and you are my responsibility, I will take care of you, but not like you want, Tejo needs me, I m her world, I have to find her and make her meet herself. She says I understand your situation, you are right, Tejo needs you a lot, I know you will take care of my baby, its okay. He thanks her. Tejo calls him out. He says I think she woke up. Jasmin says you trust me a lot, I will use this trust and make Tejo away from you.

Its morning, Tejo wakes up. She sees Fateh working out. She asks what are you doing. He says practice, we have a match today, I m a sportsman, I train kids in the same college… if we win the match, then we will win a prize money also to make a big stadium. She says I will come. He says if you come, then I will be just seeing you. She says idea, I will cover my face and sit. He says you will be lost in the crowd. She says no, give me your hand. She ties a dupatta to his hand, and says you play the match. He laughs and asks how will I play if my hand is tied. She says I want to go. Jasmin comes and thinks I got a chance in the morning. Tejo asks why did she come, she is bad. Fateh says bad sister doesn’t get tea and flowers, see she got a beautiful flower. He asks shall I fix this in Tejo’s hair. Jasmin says yes, it doesn’t have thorn. Fateh fixes the rose in Tejo’s hair. Jasmin thinks I have kept the thorns to pay in Tejo’s path.

Fateh thanks Jasmin. He asks Tejo to thank Jasmin. Tejo says thank you. Jasmin says welcome. Tejo says I have to see the match. He asks what will you do alone there. Jasmin says I will get her with me. Tejo says no. He asks Tejo to come with Jasmin. She says fine, ask her not to hold my hand. He says promise me, you will not trouble her and listen to her. She says promise. He asks her to get ready. Tejo goes. Fateh thanks Jasmin. He goes. Jasmin says you will forget Tejo soon, then you will be just mine. She thinks to have a rehearsal. She plays song and dances. Tejo says I will dance. She finds the door locked. She calls out Fateh. She shouts.

Rupy comes and calls out Tejo. Jasmin stops the music and unlocks the door. She goes from the window. Rupy and Satti ask Tejo what happened. Tejo says someone locked the bathroom. Satti says it was open. Jasmin comes and asks what happened. Tejo says Jasmin did this. Jasmin says I was talking on call, I will sit here and you go to get ready, else Fateh won’t take you. Rupy and Satti go. Jasmin plays the same song and smiles. Tejo says liar, bad girl, you locked the door, right. Jasmin says yes, tell me what will you do. Tejo throws slippers at her. Jasmin runs and shouts. Rupy and Satti come. They stop Tejo. Tejo shouts. Jasmin says don’t lie in front of them. Tejo says I don’t lie. Jasmin asks why would I lock her. Satti asks Jasmin to go. She asks Tejo to go and have a bath. Tejo goes. Jasmin says it was fun, now the drama will happen in the match stadium. Jasmin and Tejo see the college. Tejo says such a big ground, will Fateh play here. Jasmin says look there, your friends. Tejo says Kamal and Babli have come. Jasmin says no, your old friends, you used to teach in school. Tejo asks where is Fateh. Jasmin says come with me. Jasmin says you promised me, you will listen to me, come. Fateh says we have to win this match, we will play according to the strategy we made. He asks the peon for two seating. The peon says its done. The staff ask Tejo to join the college soon. Tejo asks what are they saying. Jasmin says nothing. Tejo asks where is Fateh. She goes. Jasmin says sorry, I have to go. The lady asks what happened to her, is she fine. Jasmin says I m scared of any drama that she would do. The peon says Fateh made seating arrangements for you. Jasmin asks Tejo to come. She says I will start my game now. The lady says coaches are also playing with the teams today. She announces both the teams. The teams come on the ground. Tejo calls out Fateh. Kuch kariye….plays… The lady says we will win the match, we trust Fateh’s talent. Fateh goes to Tejo. She says you look so handsome. He says don’t do this, everyone is seeing. She asks him to make her hair braid quickly. He says I will make it in a new style today. Jasmin signs the other team player. Fateh asks them not to go anywhere. He says its an imp match for me, I want to name my victory to you, I want to win this trophy for you, okay. She smiles. He asks Jasmin to take care of her and try to calm her down. Jasmin says her responsibility is mine, you focus on Tejo. He thanks her and goes. She thinks see how I play a game and embarrass her.

Fateh gets hurt. Tejo bites the guard, and goes to Fateh. She beats the other team member. Fateh takes Tejo with him. Jasmin says Fateh, its an insult for you to be with Tejo.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. tasneem mathee

    this track is getting 2 my nerves we need someone 2 expose Jasmine ASAP cant someone sends the mysterious text to get all family members and play a clip of Jasmine’s deeds and her confession maybe someone like Tanya

  2. sunder jagadishan

    O God, this jasmine puraan started again…..who will expose jasmine…makers show only evil people can succeed in this world and good people with good deeds have to suffer…enough of jasmine’s evil activities…too much negativity again…till sometime back it was ok..now again..it started…in this serial jasmine is given so much importance….with evil plottings…how one can do harm to their own sibling…in which family does it happen like this…secondly they show jasmine moving at a lightning speed, pregnant women wont be moving like this dancing and i think she is faking pregnancy also…makers please have mercy and bring some positiveness in the serial…Fateh’s mom is too selfish…i thought she will be good mom but turned out to be even more worse……so for sometime i will stop seeing this serial now…and later after few episodes shall watch…..

  3. This serial is now degrading mentally disturbed people ……. it is not entertaining to watch this on the tv…. why is Tejo not getting the professional help she needs……. Fateh will soon grow tired of the stress of looking after her……. writers please fix this mess if you want to keep the audience interest!!!!!!!!!

  4. Good observation!

  5. Exactly! Tejo needs professional help but no one seems to think that. And who writes this scenes „jasmine gives him a blanket, lies down, pats his hand and pretends to sleep“? And i saw the snippet to this and i‘m sorry it looks so funny 😂
    that‘s something mostly kids will do. I just hope this track ends soon because i can‘t with Tejo‘s „Fateh, Fateh“ anymore


    wow showed the promo of #Fatejo 2 dadi protecting each during the soccer match she sent this back “Love does not rejoice bout injustices Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance” (Corinthians 13:4-7

  7. I guess the makers never read the comments that’s why they show such negativity so shamelessly..this serial has become so toxic unnecessarily dragging Jasmine’s drama so much-_-

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