Udaariyaan 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Tejo confronts Fateh

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The Episode starts with Tejo coming to Angad and saying you are here, I went to see you at your home and office, I had taken these papers with me, so… She asks how did this happen, you are much hurt, you had a fight with someone, with whom and why. She does the aid. He jokes. He says its good that you are applying the ointment by your hands, you have become filmi now, tell me why were you crying in the morning. She recalls Jasmin’s words. She says leave it, its not connected to this. He asks did Jasmin say you something. She says when you understood, then tell me how did this happen. He says I fell down the tractor. She asks him to find a good excuse, who did this. He asks him to have lassi. She asks Rajat who had come here before me. Angad signs no to Rajat. She asks Rajat do you love your job or not. Rajat says yes, sorry, Fateh had come here, he had a fight with Angad. She asks why did he come, what’s the matter.

Tejo comes to Fateh and scolds him. She asks by what right did you raise hand on my fiance. He asks did he come to you with the complaint. She says you think he will do this, what’s your problem if I cry. He says he has no right to make you cry. She says oh, just you have this right, you thought he made me cry and went to ask him, you should have asked me. He says I did what I felt right. She asks why, why do you care if I cry or laugh, stay away from me and my life, can’t you and Jasmin stay happy, we have no relation now, stop showing care and rights on me, you have Jasmin, stay happy, let me live, spare me now, when I m starting a new life, you can see that also, I m helpless to see you, I m connected to your family and this academy, for the last time, stay away from me and Angad, he is a good person, he can’t even think of making me cry. He says even I can’t see you crying. She asks seriously, by that right are you saying this, you have made me cry the most. He says I know, I did wrong, I will always be ashamed, I can’t tolerate anyone else hurting you. She says you lost all the rights when we went for the divorce. He asks did our connection end after the divorce. She asks what connection, it was never there from your side, it was just from my side, you have broken it long time ago, anyways, stay away from me and my life, its my request. She turns to go. He holds her hand and stops her. She gets her hand freed and leaves. He cries and throws the things in anger.

He says I know Tejo, I never told you, I care for you a lot, and I m ashamed for my deed, if Angad didn’t make you cry, then who. He recalls Angad’s words. He gets angry. Khushbeer says food quality should be the best, its my daughter’s engagement. The man asks her not to worry. Khushbeer goes. Jasmin checks the menu. She says gulab jamun has no tick, because Tejo doesn’t like it, its my marriage also. Fateh comes home and takes her to the room. Mahi says he looks angry, I think Jasmin did something, I wish their marriage breaks. Simran smiles and wishes the same. Fateh asks what did you tell Tejo. Jasmin asks him to leave her. He says you would have said something, so she had cried. She says she complained to you. He scolds her. She says you all think she is great, you all got blind. He says you got blind, you can’t see what she is doing for us. She says she is convincing everyone to attend our marriage, it means they worry for Tejo, not us. He says I love my family, its imp that they are coming to bless us in the marriage, I want them to accept you, we all stay here under the same roof, you can’t understand this, enough now, I don’t want any drama, I m thankful to Tejo, she is moving on, my guilt is getting less, I don’t want to talk on this topic, if I hear that you have hurt Tejo, then none will be worse than me. She asks what will you do if I do this. He says you have seen my love till now, pray that you never see my hatred. He leaves. She cries and says Tejo made me away from the families, and now trying to make me fall in Fateh’s sight, Tejo did much wrong, she has to pay a price for this.

Its morning, Tejo finishes a call. He asks Satti to pack her lunch. Tejo asks why did you make all these dishes. Lovely asks Tejo to get habitual to lassi now. Bebe says Angad loves lassi. Satti says he loves parathas also. Tejo asks did Angad come. Harman says yes, we called him to discuss about engagement. Rupy says we thought to know his likes and dislikes. Harman asks her to see the gifts. Bebe says he got oil for my knees. Dilraj says toronto likes his new clothes, I also liked my gift. Angad greets Tejo. Dilraj asks her to see the new shawls. Angad asks Tejo to see, colour is suiting much. She asks what’s all this. Angad says toronto, she is your childhood friend, is she such since always. Tejo says we are acting, you don’t need to get the gifts. He jokes. She says I m not joking. He says even I m not joking. He holds her close. He says listen to me carefully Miss Sandhu, game might be yours, but I will play it my way, there maybe many reasons to like you, but the most imp is your family, I got a cute readymade family, one who doesn’t have a family knows its value. She asks what do you mean.

He says you know the most thing imp about me now, I have no family, I m alone, I was 12 years old when my mum and dad died in the plane crash. She says sorry, your brother and sister would be there. He says there is no one, Dada and Dadi stay in London, when I go there, I meet them, I stay alone, I m upset, you broke my heart. She says sorry, what did I do. He says my would be fake Sasumaa made hot parathas with butter, I m not eating that and talking depressed things here, not fair, we will invite you and your questions on lunch, done, your fake fiance will cook the lunch for you. He jokes and asks about her allergy. She laughs and says no. He laughs. Rupy comes and sees them. He smiles.

Fateh washes his jeep. Jasmin comes to him. He asks what are you doing here. She says I have to talk something serious, do you really want to marry me, if you have anything in your heart, you can tell me. He says spare me in the morning, I can’t shout that I love you. She says yes, your face would have changed if Tejo was here in my place, you said Angad is very imp for us, you had beaten him, are you jealous that he is with Tejo, is Tejo still in your heart and mind. He looks at her.

Precap: Tejo tells Jasmin, I am going to my fiancé home for lunch. We will spend time together. You too spend time with your fiancé till then, so he doesn’t come there and disturb us. Fateh looks on. At Angad’s home, Tejo sees Angad’s picture with a lady and a small girl. She asks him who are they?

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Snowflake

    Finally we k ow Angad’s truth!!
    Bechara 😔😔

    1. Yea we know his truth now that too a sad one I can’t imagine losing both parents at same time 😢😢

    2. Snowflake

      But look at the way he see life!
      Respect 100++

  2. Snowflake

    Last week’s trp is 2.7

  3. well Jassu aint any saint for sure even if Fateh accepts he loves Tejo…she aint gonna leave him this episode was dumb and it broke my heart when Angad spoke about his past!😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  4. Do these writers think anything Fateh does can redeem his character? He can take his heart out his chest and put it on the floor and I would still see him as the biggest moron in serial land right up there with Aditya. Oof that Virk family is saturated in selfishness, Kushbeer is the worst. Jasmin is a young stupid spoiled child – her character has 0 depth. Tejo pulling her hand away redeemed her some, at least she’s not making that sour sour bechari face. JasFa marriage should happen, they must be miserable together. I hope Tejo’s character builds enough strength to abandon that Virk family. I think if she finds out Kushbeer is playing with her family and Angad’s emotions to reunite her with Fateh she’d break her relation with them. Jasmin is the bahu the toxic Virk family deserves, maybe Kushbeer will learn to be a human when his false ego and pride are shattered

    1. @jade you are absolutely right they said cheaters don’t deserve second chance but in fateh case he got so many chances to realise his mistake
      (1) when he thought tejo having affair with buzo he got jealous and even hurt himself we thought his in love with her but when he find out the truth he still didn’t realise
      (2) when they first sign the divorce papers he cry like he regret then tejo tears the papers and he blame her and seek for another divorce papers
      (3) when tejo tell him about the passport we thought he will change his mind as he knows the truth but no and now the writers trying to justify his actions?

    2. @Khadijah looks like fart in the atmosphere Fateh is going to force Tejo into marrying. Just going to use that magical mystical sindoor to enslave her to his family so they can finish her off completely. The Virk family are like vampires except they suck away happiness and dignity.

    3. Aynen katılıyorum çok benciler aile kimse o kızın ne kadar acı çektiğini görmüyor ve sadece kendilerini düşünüyorlar velevki jasminin yalanları ortaya çıktı bu Fatehi masum yapmaz Jasmin ve fateh birbilerini hak ediyor virk ailesine de öyle bir gelin lazım

  5. Gurpreet is way better compared to KSV. She is not biased towards Simran and don’t expect Tejo with Fateh. She knows Tejo deserves better. KSV is playing with Tejo’s feelings. What that man thinks he is? Hope Jasmine teach these family full of morons a lesson.

  6. This are the most painful things I will never forget about Jasfa

    1. The day tejo almost got killed while she call him so many times but his was there romancing his lady love

    2.the day he takes tejo right by taking the academy responsibility and handover it to jasmine and ask tejo should be taking care of the house chores like a maid 😠😠😠

    3. How they deceive her like nothing happening between them while they are romancing in the mall dressing while poor wife dreaming in her own world

    4. How he proudly said that if tejo has come back to his house with intentions of winning him that he will never left jasmine for her

    5. How tejo works so hard for the academy but the money is being use to buy jasmine gifts 😭😭

    6. How he plan to runway with jasmin leaving tejo and how he defend her

    7. The most painful part 😭😭😭😭😭 the way she fine out about their affair in that party how he introduces her to all his friends as his wife how she was watching them romancing and sharing kisses the most emotional is how she was running on the road crying without shoes no woman can ever forget that in real

    1. indeed..I agreed with all the point. I think the makers forgot already what was happened before. how Jasfa hurt tejo’s feeling. from A to Z. right now, they show fateh sour or regret face. sorry. in reality, if my partner cheated me with my sister, I won’t accept or give another chance for him to come back into my life. better move on, be independent n find another good guy with ggod qualities like Angad to be my husband.

    2. @hannah I agree with you all despite being a man myself it’s unacceptable no man in this world can accept a wife who cheated with their own brother never so why can’t be same with women too you know because women take back their cheating husband in the name of they regret that’s why extra marital affair is increasing in myself opinion she should forgive him but definitely not take him back let him repent then bring another woman for we kids of nowadays copy what we see in the movie

    3. Hannah,
      I agreed. This is why I’m irritated with reunion of fatejo… Makers themselves don’t know what they’ve shown and what they’re gonna show….
      Some might saying that com’on it’s a show, why getting so serious, but they don’t really bother about the content, what matters to them is lead actors and their love story… And they called their entertainment, I’m sorry it’s not.
      I’m watching this show only for Angad after his exit, I quit watching this shit.
      Better to watch The Kapil sharma show for entertainment.

    4. You right gal some people only care about the lead actor’s without given a thought of the kind of message they are given to society now fateh starts playing victim here and everyone thinks jasmine is not right for him since when did betraying a betrayal become a crime

  7. Sakeenah

    This really made my day… Spare me this morning I can’t shout I love u 😂😂😂😂😂😂…

  8. Sakeenah

    So jasmine knows Tejo is in Fateh’s heart then why is claiming he loves her? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄..

  9. Sakeenah

    *she claiming he loves her

  10. Just Watching for fun

    It’s just fiction. Nothing in this not even near to most of people’s reality at all. People try to find themselves in the situation but when shit hits the fan in reality no one would behave like any of these characters. Let’s just watch this for entertainment. And besides don’t you guys think that these kind of things happen in India and everywhere else in this world? Men who can cheat and still are accepted by their caring mothers, women who have no selfrespect and sacrificing themselves for the good of their family and cruel family members who use you and manipulate you and betray you….

    1. Since reality is different we expect atleast fiction to fulfill those desires and wishes…

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Tejo and Angad secene🥰🥰🥰🥰
    Chahe sad ho, happy ho, emotional ho, bus dil jeet lete hai, with their expressed efforts in scene…
    2. Tejo finally confronted Fateh for his deeds👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 bus kaash slap👋🏻👋🏻 bhi kar deti.. maza aa jata..
    3. I just wish🤞🏻🤞🏻Fateh’s Family dream break of uniting Fateh-Tejo…

    1. I have the same wish as you I wish their plan backfire everyone is just selfish using poor angad

  12. Silent Reader

    I was very pleased when Tejo confronted and shouted at Fateh.
    Love TejAng moments.
    Sad to hear about his family 🙁

  13. I just disgust a man like Fateh…..even if he does good from now on…still I will disgust him….if Tejo will leave someone like Angad for Fateh…than even she is more disgusting……how can someone chose to be with a man like Fateh who only thinks about himself. He liked Jasmine’s beauty and not her brain..so he wants Jasmine…if he cannot get Jasmine than use Tejo to get Jasmine…if he finally got Jasmine by hurting Tejo…..now he wants Tejo……Fateh is really like🤮……no girl wants someone like Fateh in her life……let him stay single and become the villain…..make Jasmine good and she will get true love from Amrik❤️…….If Angad’s character will be tarnished….a lot of people will stop watching Udaariyaan… remember that….🙏🙏

  14. A man who can easily fall into another woman arms and betrayed his wife don’t deserve true love if a man can betrayed his marriage for me believe it or not he will definitely betrayed me for another

  15. I don’t know why you guys are worried for this fictional entertainment which is going to end one day..
    Focus on your life as it is much better than this
    And overthinking is not good as we are not the witers or directors…

  16. Udaariyaan can we plz keep
    as a permanent cast member he’s a breath of fresh air let him and Tejo fall in love let Fateh see the HELL he put Tejo through wen he kept flaunting Jasso in her face come on


  17. loved Fateh shouting Jasso its so great seeing Tejo smile wen she is with Angad her laughter brings tears (happy tears). Loved Angad trying 2 let his assistant not tell Tejo#Udaariyaan i want Angad to tell Tejo he bought honeymoon tickets for them 2 go anywhere in the world and I want Jasso 2 overhear it okay GULITY I want Jasso 2 flip her rocket and expose herself. I was so convinced before the divorce signing that i wanted Fatejo 2 gather now I want TeAng more than ever she is more happy and is smiling more she gets confrontational she is learning 2 show she is not effected by Jasso words, she is vulnerable she is human so she will shed a tear but she is getting stronger as Angad says he is a “blessing in disguise “

  18. Irene mejavone from Kenya

    I feel for Annandale ji,
    Fateh is just doesn’t know himself, what I can say is that he is good for nothing
    Jasmine is just a drama queen
    But guys don’t you think we are blaming the three of them for nothing
    Rupy and khusbeer are to be blamed for this , they knew fateh had no job in Canada but they refused to understand that rather they forced fatejo to marry when jas refused..can’t they be blamed for the whole drama
    I think the two fathers are to be blamed for everything

  19. Omg… Precap…
    Hope that’s not Angad’s wife and daughter in the photo frame which Tejo got.
    Hope that to reunite fatejo, makers will not turn Angad’s character into negative role which I was anxious about, since 4 days.
    Hopefully Angad comes clean…. But still I’m worried regarding that photo frame.

    1. I hope not 😢😢 maybe he lost his wife and child or what we don’t know what the makers has in store for us

    2. He lost his parents and then his wife and daughter, that sounds very sad. Could be a friend 🤷🏽‍♀️

    3. I doubt it would be his wife and daughter as he said he has no family, he is alone. Unless they are separated but we’ll find out tomorrow.

    4. Judging by his reaction, he clearly didn’t want her to find the photo frame. Will be interesting to hear who they are.

    5. Well in order to make FateJo favourable they’re going assassinate Angad’s character it appears. Like they assassinated Jasmines character just to make the audience like Fatejo. But it back fired and the audience can see through the toxicity of the entire Virk family. If this Virk family was written off I don’t think they’d be missed much

  20. I am Confused now in Precap they are showing that Tejo Find a pic and There’s angad and a Lady and a Child in that picture
    Soo now are they Portraying angad as A married Man?
    Or is he Gonna say that they are his lil Sis and Mum?

    1. Maybe his painful past that will bring tejang more close or another plot to spoil his character in order to justify fateh shameful action

    2. He was an only child and his parents died when he was 12, he’s a grown man in the photo

  21. I think,
    1. Fateh and Jas marriage will not happen
    2. Angad and Tejo engagement will happen
    3. Fateh will try to get Tejo back after her engagement, understanding that he loves her [well, I don’t believe he loves her]
    4. Jasmean will blame Tejo and harm her as her wedding is stopped and Fateh is trying to get Tejo

    What do u guys think?

    1. Saw a spoiler that Fateh is going to forcibly smear Tejo with sindoor…. And by the rules of magical mystical sindoor they will be married again

  22. Precap🤔🤔

  23. i think its Angad wife and daughter and he is a widower coz he said has experienced loss

    1. @tanseen I also think the same,, I have a doubt that Agand has a bitter past

    2. sunder jagadishan

      True, precap seems to be like that hope tejo understands and get married to Angad, but we do not know what makers will do…

    3. sunder jagadishan

      Same thinking

  24. Hi everyone I want to thank you for yesterday thank you so much for boasting my confidence I swear to God I lost my confidence after my husband cheated and dumb me I never know sharing my problems with you guys will make me gain my confidence again I become insecure after the divorce I thought I wasn’t good enough but you guys give me a new strength thank you

    1. Snowflake

      We love you QUEEN!❤️

  25. sunder jagadishan

    Finally we get to see other side of Angad, precap shows angad with a lady and a daughter, probably they died in an accident I think… please makers do not reunite fateh and tejo, maybe tejo may not agree for marriage, but she has to develop in angad who really cares her..but when will Jasmine’s lies will be out, maybe Jass has to come to reveal it…

  26. Aise hi randomly I was wondering… that these Jasfa party .. don’t they ever think of the fact ki they can be separated again…. Both of them should have that slight fear in them na…

    For fateh it should be ki somewhere down the line… for jasmine her Kanneda is still above fateh.. and what happened once .. may happen again.. if things go wrong she can again dump fateh..

    Also for jas.. she should know that after she dumped fateh.. he somehow learned to live happily without her existence.. (because of which jasmine had to do passport burning drama) which implies.. if necessary fateh can again stay happy even when she is absent…

    But still I never see this fear in them… they are never scared to lose each other.. even the slightest… this seems unnatural..

  27. The great Fatejo fans started to bash Angad , as if their Fateh is the perfect man

    Seriously , just by watching a 20 seconds precap, those people made angad negative and started calling him as a CHEATER

    This marriage is a FAKE drama right ,so Angad may not be comfortable in revealing his past with Tejo ,he didn’t say any lies ,he just didn’t reveal about that things and may be he will reveal it to tejo when she ask about that Tomorrow

    So Angad is 1000times Better than That Fateh , Actually Don’t even compare that cheater with Angad
    Because Angad is a gem💕💕💕

    1. @S,
      I agree with you…..
      How can you expect someone you never met before he/she will reveals you about his/her past life within 10-15days of friendship.
      I say friendship coz they’re not lovers nor they’re engaged and infact they’re pretending to be a lovey-dovey couple in front of everyone specially in front of jasfa.
      And may be tomorrow Angad will reveal something about his past before that no one asks him about that and if someone asked also then he is not comfortable to share by knowing someone professionally or meeting within 15-20days before.
      Such fans are crazy, they didn’t use their brains, they don’t have any common sense. Just got a chance to bash Angad’s character so that Fateh’s wrong deeds they can hide and justify Fateh’s cheating/extra marital affair with jasmine.
      Waiting for tomorrow episode.

  28. Snowflake

    Saw the promo!!!! Aghhh tejo what a big blunder!!

    1. Snowflake

      Jasmean overhears Tejo reminding Angad that it is all a fake drama that they are doing 😬😬

    2. Do you have the link ??

    3. Ab jasmine toh tejo ko nhi chodegi.
      She will make her life a living hell.
      If she knows that They’re faking their engagement.

    4. Snowflake

      Link: https://youtu.be/uL_JRd-hYKU
      Sorry couldn’t find udaariyaan only.. its in first half

    5. Thank you 😊

  29. So, I heard a spoiler on YouTube, which says that, Angad will gonna reveals his past to Tejo. It was his family which he lost(don’t know they too dead or divorce). Angad had stated in front of Fateh in bar that he too understand the pain of losing someone very special, close to your heart.
    According to spoiler, Angad was like 60-70% of Fateh in his past. He didn’t give them value, he was busy in earning and he was an angery person that’s the reason why Angad now always try to make Tejo and everyone in front of him to make them happy and smiling.
    Don’t know if this spoiler turns to be true or not?
    Let’s see tomorrow in the next episode.
    Eagerly waiting to know about Angad’s past, if he really had?

  30. Today’s episode was better..anyways I am excited for tomorrow’s episode

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