Udaariyaan 17th May 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin upsets Fateh’s family

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The Episode starts with Jasmin saying Vivaan will be talking to me on video call, I will just come, its an urgent call. She asks Gurpreet to ask Tejo about the changes, her choice is mine. She goes. Fateh says she is silly, Tejo you see what will your sister like. Gurpreet leaves. Amrik asks where is Jasmin. Tejo says cupboard will come here. Nimmo sees Tejo with Fateh. She asks don’t you think that they are newly married. Amrik asks what are you saying. She says I know it, you won’t understand, something is cooking. She goes. Jasmin says I want to look the best in my marriage, just 5 days are left, then I will be going to Canada. Nimmo says she is busy here, her sister is getting her room decorated. Gurpreet says she got an imp call. Nimmo says Biji was calling you. Gurpreet says I will get Jasmin.

Jasmin sees the clothes and gets confused. Nimmo asks Gurpreet to help Jasmin. Jasmin says I m looking for Tejo, she selects my clothes always. Amrik and Tejo come. Jasmin says Tejo will select clothes soon. Nimmo asks is Tejo going with her to Canada. She asks Jasmin to ask Gurpreet’s choice once. Jasmin says sorry, Tejo selects my clothes always. Tejo says Jasmin… Khushbeer looks on. Nimmi says Tejo interferes a lot in Jasmin’s life. Tejo and Jasmin come home. Tejo tells them about Jasmin’s silly behavior. She says Jasmin didn’t think of Gurpreet’s feelings. Jasmin says you don’t become my Dadi, I want everything best in my marriage. She goes to talk to Preeto.

Bebe asks them to start preparations. Satti says Gurpreet said she will do everything her way. Jasmin talks to Preeto. Satti says Gurpreet invited us in Mata ki chowki, we have to go tomorrow, tell Jasmin. Jasmin says Vivaan wants to meet at 11am. Gurpreet comes to Fateh and says I have some dreams for my bahu, Tejo can’t be with her always. Fateh says she will fulfill your dreams, Tejo can’t be with her always, you teach her everything. She says I feel worried for you, call her and ask her to come on time. Nimmo says she can send Tejo in her place for puja. Khushbeer says Nimmo didn’t say anything wrong, confirm it with Jasmin once. Jasmin says I will be there at 11am. Gurpreet says she will come, puja is for her marriage. He says we will see. Fateh says she will come here at 11am.

Khushbeer introduces his sister Pammi and her husband Manjeet. Manjeet starts arguing. Khushbeer says we respect Manjeet. Manjeet says you didn’t ask us before fixing Fateh’s alliance. Dada ji says when hearts string are connected, we don’t need to inform. Gurpreet introduces Balbeer, her Devar. Nimmo asks where is Jasmin. Satti says Tejo has gone to get Jasmin, she is at Gurudwara, they will come. Tejo asks where are you. Jasmin says I came to meet Vivaan, handle it for my sake. Tejo says you lied to me about Gurudwara, they kept the puja for you, everything is asking for you, what will I tell them. Jasmin says its tough to get Vivaan’s appointment. Tejo says what will Fateh think, he will feel bad. Jasmin says you can handle it, its matter of few hours. She ends call. Tejo worries and says what will I tell them. Everyone talks of Jasmin and Fateh. Jasmin’s family feels odd. Pammi says I trust Fateh’s choice. Nimmo says Jasmin can get everything here, then why does she want to go to Canada. Dada ji asks Fateh to find out, where is Jasmin. Khushbeer says puja will start at 11am. Tejo says just 15mins are left. Fateh sees Tejo at the door. He asks where is Jasmin. He says I told her 10 times to come on time, where is she. Nimmo sees them and goes to hear. He asks what, Vivaan Nanda, how can Jasmin do this. Tejo says sorry, I scolded her, she is kiddish, I don’t think she can come. Fateh says it will be a big issue, you could have explained her. Tejo says I didn’t knew, you think I would have let her go if I knew it. He asks what will we tell inside, that Jasmin won’t come till puja ends. Tejo says we have to say.

Khushbeer asks where are Fateh and Jasmin. Rupy says I will see. Nimmo goes to everyone. She says Jasmin won’t come for few hours. Satti says Tejo will get her, I will find out. Nimmo says Tejo was telling Fateh, they are in tension. Gurpreet asks what are you saying. Nimmo says Jasmin has gone for hair styling, it will be her wish to look good, puja isn’t imp. Pammi says puja is imp, she had to go at this time. Nimmo says she isn’t at mistake, she doesn’t know about our house traditions. Balveer says she won’t change, she changed Khushbeer’s principles. Manjeet says its time for puja, she is missing. Khushbeer says I told you, you were sure that she will come on time, what happened now. Gurpreet says I told Satti.

Satti gets sad. Nimmo says maybe Jasmin has sent Tejo for puja instead her. Dadi asks her to mind her tongue. Khushbeer shouts Fateh. He goes out. Amrik and Buzo say Nimmo has told everyone about Jasmin. Manjeet says I told you, relations aren’t fixed this way, you should have found about the girl, I m very upset, even Bau ji didn’t tell me. Dada ji asks him to relax. Satti asks Tejo did she know that Jasmin has gone to set her hair. Gurpreet and Rupy ask Tejo did she know it. Rupy says tell me where did she go, I will get her. Fateh says I will go and get her. Khushbeer says no need to go anywhere, this puja won’t happen if Jasmin doesn’t care for it, we kept the puja for her. Jasmin comes and greets everyone.

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