Udaariyaan 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad and Tejo pretend lovey-dovey

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The Episode starts with Angad saying everyone loves you a lot, they are happy with our engagement, Amrik and Mahi don’t like me at all. Tejo says they decided it well, maybe they think… He says that you and Fateh get together. Fateh looks on. Angad says think again, I have no problem with this engagement, this family of yours may not accept me. Gurpreet calls her out. He stops Tejo and says you are leaving your most precious thing here. Jasmin says she is acting cheap. Fateh says we are also staying here without marriage. Angad says smile, that’s better. Mahi says he looks madly in love with Tejo. Simran says I don’t think Tejo loves him, its not easy to love someone when heart breaks, she wants us to stay happy, so she is acting happy. Angad says if anyone asks about me, which you don’t know, then give me a missed call, I will tell you.

Tejo goes to Gurpreet and says go out, I will see all this. Gurpreet says no, I will make food for my would be son-in-law, tell me what he likes. Tejo says he will like anything you make, you have magic in your hands. Nimmo says he will have his choice, you both would have talked a lot, you can know what he likes and what not. Tejo says of course, I will first see what Gurpreet has prepared. She calls Angad. Nimmo asks her to say fast. Tejo says I got an urgent call. Angad says its an imp call. Tejo asks what do you like to eat. He says brain. She turns and sees him. She asks him to say what he likes. He says karela, whatever you like, I will eat even poison if you feed it with love. She says Gurpreet is asking. He says you guess it. She says thanks, you were going to help such. She goes. He turns and sees Jasmin. She asks how did you meet Tejo, maybe at academy, but how love happened. Angad says I fell in love at first sight with Tejo when she came to my office, I didn’t wink till now that she may disappear.

Tejo says Angad likes all this, mushrooms are his favorite, make paneer and mushroom dish which you always make. Gurpreet says okay. Jasmin says how did you decide it in 2-4 days. Angad says hearts should meet, not days, you know, after all you have fallen in love with Fateh. She says Tejo is my sister, she thinks everything well, why did she decide this in a hurry. He asks her to ask her sister. Fateh comes and thinks what is she talking to Angad. Angad taunts Jasmin. She asks are you saying this to me. He says I didn’t take your name. He asks Fateh to come, Jasmin talks interestingly. He says I m feeling hungry, come. He goes. Fateh asks her not to do anything wrong. She says Tejo is my sister, she is getting engaged to a guy who she doesn’t know well, don’t you find this strange. Fateh says I divorced Tejo and I m marrying her sister now, what can be more strange than this. Angad makes Tejo sit on the chair. He asks Fateh to sit. Jasmin thinks I know Tejo is doing this drama to ruin my marriage, but I won’t let her do this. Rupy says I know how Jasmin’s mind works, she won’t tolerate Tejo’s engagement happening on her marriage day, she will go mad in anger. Satti says she is happy that she is marrying Fateh, why will she do this. He says I don’t want any problem in Tejo’s life.

Angad says wow, looks yummy. Gurpreet says Tejo said you love mushrooms, have it. Angad worries. He eats and says amazing. She says have more. He thinks I m gone today, at least I could have told Tejo that I have an allergy with mushrooms. His stomach gets upset. Everyone looks at home. Angad says you would have taught this to Tejo, I don’t want my wife to cook for me, I like to cook, but I want a cooking partner, I like competition. Fateh recalls his moments with Tejo. He says Tejo’s hands have magic, I mean she cooks really good, whatever we want, she makes it in minutes. Angad says businesswoman with magic fingers, all rounder Tejo ji. Angad says everything is fine. Khushbeer says I went to book a banquet hall for the engagement, its wedding season, I will arrange by tomorrow. Angad says what are you saying, what do we need, you have a big house, what do we need, just a guy and a girl, elders’ blessings, make some food other than mushrooms, we will keep it here. Bau ji says you are amazing, you won our heart, engagement and marriage will happen at home now. Angad says yes, I will go to washroom and come. He goes. Gurpreet asks Tejo to go and see. Jasmin signs Fateh and goes from there. He goes to her.

He says we can talk later. She says I won’t marry here at home. He says we can save money, we would have gone to Manali or Shimla for honeymoon, but now we can go to Italy or Paris. Jasmin smiles. He says we will be going to Canada after marriage, right, that’s our real motive. She says yes. He says go and serve the sweetdish, we should say thanks to Angad, that Tejo is leaving from our life. Tejo asks wasn’t the food good. Angad says it was good, I m allergic to mushrooms. She says I asked you, you didn’t say, now you have the fun. He says don’t take mushroom’s name now. She says stop, have the medicines, I saw your face and understood something is wrong. He takes it. He says a wife should be like you. She says we are acting. He says I like it, we are getting to know each other. They smile. He asks what’s the sweetdish.

He says my fav, Gulab jamuns, Tejo you remember we had it with vanilla icecream that day. Bau ji says even we used to have it. Angad says we are also like you. Fateh says but Tejo doesn’t like Gulab jamun. Tejo says choices changes with time, I like gulab jamun now. She eats it and feels like puking. Angad feeds her the icecream. Fateh and everyone look on. Tejo sees Fateh.

Tejo gets coffee. Angad says coffee is amazing. Jasmin says thanks Tejo, Angad praised you a lot, you say what you like about him. Tejo says good and true men like Angad are very rare, he is the best. Angad and Tejo smile. Jasmin says you got to know him well in a short period, oh I forgot that Angad is the third one in your life. Simran, Mahi and Amrik look on. Jasmin taunts Tejo. Fateh looks at Jasmin. Jasmin says Angad ji, why are you surprised, didn’t Tejo tell you that you are her third would be husband. Angad and Fateh look at Tejo.

Precap: Fateh sees Tejo crying and running away. He then sees that she came out of Angad’s car. Later, he goes to Angad and punches him saying how dare he to make Tejo cry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. every time Jasmine taunts Tejo Angad taunts back we should make our honeymoon in Paris maybe even Canada the way he got her there oky the last part irate me

    1. meant 2 say Fateh taunting I AM MARRYING HER SISTER its like wth

  2. #Udaariyaan loved how every time Jasmine taunted Tejo then Angad would clapback at her . #TejAng moments brilliant and since wen is Fateh against Jass hated that last dig she took at her marriages that ended the show wanted one last clapback from Angad b4 show ended

  3. Silent Reader

    I like Angad’s character, he is hilarious and love how he gives it back to Jasmine every time. Karan V Grover is an excellent actor with good facial expressions. He knows how to connect to the audience.

    Hopefully, Tejo has started liking Angad. I don’t think anybody wants Fatejo back (except some fans who are too ignorant to see Fateh’s doings) else it’ll be the downfall of the show.
    Priyankit look good together but I don’t want them together has Fatejo.

  4. Speechless jasmine every time she want to spoil things

  5. Wait a minute…..karwachauth episode… Tejo ate gulab jamun in front of Fateh…..and now she doesn’t like gulab jamun……..story writer…please….ata madjie satakli🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯……I am really watching this show for Angad Maan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️……man should be like him..🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰. Now I really don’t care if Tejo and Fateh comes together…..cause if Tejo will choose Fateh over Angad than she is more hopeless than Jasmine…..just love this Punjabi da munda Angad Maan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. You are wrong tejo tell him everything i mean to angad. He just second chance just make fateh realise hid love for tejo thats all i think you forget tejo and fateh made from up i mean GoD they have to me together remmeber

    2. Indeed made from God 🙄 those who are made from God betrayed marriage and have extra marital affair that too with their wives sisters right?

  6. Pranbirlover

    Everytime, Angad brings a smile on everyone’s face. Be it the characters or me…
    International call 😂😂
    Loved how he gives back to Jasmine’s taunts. I am sure he will give a befitting reply to her dialogues at the end today😏😏😏
    Fateh telling about going to Italy, Canada, surprise again and again make me think that Jass might have told him the truth and he is going to give Jasmine a shock. Or….can this be expected from a dumb like Fateh??

    1. Same thoughts

  7. Why do I feel like Fateh is planning to abandon jasmine on the wedding day

    1. i think he will but her tickets 2 Canada let her go solo but pretend they are going 2 gather and make plans 2 stop Tejo “marrying” Angad

    2. They only getting engaged at the same venue, not married

  8. Jasmin :Hi
    Angad :Teek he bye ji😂😂
    That scene😌🙌

    And attention seeker Fateh is trying hard to get tejo’s attention , today atleast she was better than yesterday’s episode
    He is planning his honeymoon with jasmin but wants Tejo’s attention 🙄🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

    Angad is the best ,his comedies,his way of talking ❤️❤️
    And I know tejo may keep quiet for jasmin’s taunts but Angad will give her such a reply which will make her mouth shut 😌😌

  9. Snowflake

    The title 😂

  10. Snowflake

    Honestly I loved today’s episode. All the light moments are fun😂😂
    I like how Angad gives utmost respect to Tejo n ate mushroom 🍄 without saying much.. he deffo loves her💞
    Tejo remains happy with Angad.. and doesn’t find it wierd when he flirts with her.. wow!
    Fateh jealously 100%👍👍
    Tejang looked fab😍😍
    Want more epi’s like this!!

  11. Snowflake

    How that Jasmean is only interested in materialistic things… How hearing abroad places brightenes up her irritating face🙄
    Fateh is learning to shut Chameli’s mouth by one word- CANADA
    Just go away already!!!

  12. Snowflake

    Angad is the best character uptil now
    Mami n Gippi couldn’t do anything….
    Waiting for the promo scenes…….

  13. For me the most annoying thing is the eye contact 😠😠 this don’t happen in real life and she always talk about self respect poor angad he eat the mushrooms for her sake

  14. And those who are rooting for fatejo they are just being dishonest their are types spouse don’t dare to cheat if they cheat I swear even God don’t know what they will do to their spouses

  15. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Just loved🥰🥰 the way Angad keep on taunting Jasmin…
    2. Ufffff!!!!! Angad and Tejo increasing closeness🥰🥰 Jaan hi le leni hai isne…
    3. Vriks and Sandhus tried to arrange marriage of Tejo and Angad, so why they question as if they are love birds🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️…
    Tejo hardly knows Angad and so does he, why do they ask questions as if they are lover??….
    4. Jasmin haddd hai😠😠😠😠 koi jaan se maar do isko.. ab bhi chain nahi hai isko, Tejo se itni jaalti hai, ki uski khushi bear nahi hoti..
    5. Vriks think🤔🤔their drama will bring Fateh and Tejo close, than forget it.. and I just hope🤞🏻🤞🏻 even writers don’t show this..
    And if this is truth, then end of this show😏😏

    1. I agree with your points

  16. Ganeshthegandu

    Jasmine is such a toxic trash filled thing it’s unbelievable. I really wish she meets a horrid end like jass kills her.

    1. The writing for the character is so bad, I feel bad for Isha. She’s so young and stuck in this negative role

    2. I think she is superb at her art. She is going to go places because of this character portrayal only. Imagine being this talented in the beginning and what would we see when she gets more experience

  17. ShraddhaSharma392

    I read some viewers stating that might be Fateh leave Jasmin in mandap (may be it due to jealousy or realisation)
    I don’t want this to happen:-
    1. If fateh leaves Jasmin, tejo and fateh will unite and tejo will be in pain again, as fateh is kaan ka kaccha, he will again fall in love with jasmin.. and uniting tejo with fateh is biggest wrong thing by writers
    2. If fateh and Jasmin drift apart, Tejo and Angad lives will turn hell due to both, due to jealousy and anger..
    More-over seeing fateh canada canada stating repeatively and big surprise, what I feel is he knows Jasmin lies now but he is marrying Jasmin, so that Tejo can move on in life…🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

    1. If Tejo is in pain it’s cause she chooses pain. This serial is about how to be the worst version of yourself possible. Can we make it illegal to call Tejo sherni? She’s never been a sherni she doesn’t deserve the tag. She’s always been a doormat. She married Jas for her family, Fateh for her family and now she’s playing with poor Angad and trying to murder him with mushrooms for her family. Save Angad the toxic trio can marry each other and live in Narnia for all I care but Angad should be saved

    2. Even I think fateh knows jasmine’s truth

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Even I think so… Girls like tejo can be found in tv industry only🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️, who are totally stupid….
      No girl is so Mahan that she beared so much due to families, and still give them importance…
      But seeing Angad eyes, it looks like, he already is in love with Tejo and he keep on trying to ease her pain..
      Even his dialgoues define this…
      But if 1% writers try to unite Tejo and Fateh again, than writers, producers, directors, cast, crew etc. Have gone mad and insane completely..😏😏😏

  18. First one🙋🏻‍♀️

  19. Royal princess


  20. Again I want to say that tejo should not go back to fateh, the way he cheated and now Jasmine’s taunt telling angad that it is her third marriage, low level of thought, do not know what makers are thinking of jasmine,will they let go jasmine unpunished , but whatever tejo should be shown as a strong woman to proceed and shown too emotional and she should retort back to jasmine.. please makers decide properly..

  21. The precap is so funny how fateh telling angad how dare him make tejo cry? 😂😂😂😂 Like seriously? I use to think his confuse but now I know he completely brainless 😂😂😂😂

  22. Wow! Jasmine just hit a new low. For all ppl waiting for her to redeem herself. She is beyond redemption.

  23. Isha is very talented at her age and one of the main reason’s for this show’s success. Her portrayal of Jasmine as a ‘lose cannon’ is what keeps viewers hooked to the show.

  24. Fateh should go to Canada leave Jasmine in a apartment there then come back .Then I swear Jasmine will never call Fateh back.I cannot understand yeh Ladki Jasmine apna mouh kyu band nahi kar sakti iski shaadi ho to rahi hai ye ladki Shaadi kare air phute yaha se now I think Double Trashmean want to marry both Fateh and Angad.That is why she is doing this She has gone crazy now.

  25. @jade your comments are literally the only reason why I come here thanks for putting delusional fatejo shippers in their place!

  26. I want Fateh to known that Jasmine’s truth but after their marriage
    ANGAD’S savage replies to Jasmine OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

    1. Spoilers say Fateh will leave jasmin in the mandap🤷‍♀️

  27. Fateh wants to take revenge on Jasmin by losing everything. Family, wife, love, respect. He should have used another method tbh. Smh. It’s a serial tho, nothing is ever logical.
    And seriously, Fateh, you went to punch a had cause you ‘think’ he made Tejo cry? I’d like to eee you pinch yourself too. Ha! And jazmin, omg. She’s too selfish to see Tejo is helping her. Cause of Tejo whole family will be there at her wedding and she will have to elder’s blessings too. And Fateh has finally realized her weak point honeymoon in italy? I laugh in a hundred languages.

  28. Udaariyaan 17th November 2021 Written Update Fateh goes violent Fateh reaches the academy. He finds Tejo disappointed and crying. He tries to know the matter from her, but she leaves in a rush. Tejo doesn’t want to share anything with Fateh. She avoids him. Next, Fateh sees Angad leaving from the academy. Fateh jumps onto a conclusion that Tejo is crying because of Angad, its Angad who told her something that made her cry. He follows Angad to his place. He misunderstands Angad. He angrily bashes up Angad to punish him for making Tejo cry. Angad and Fateh get into a brawl.

    Angad asks Fateh by what right did he come to ask him about Tejo, how did he get so much concern for Tejo and her tears when he is the person who had hurt her the most. He accuses Fateh for disrespecting Tejo and her love. Tejo learns about their fight, when Fateh goes out of control. She intervenes to stop Fateh from getting innocent Angad. Angad knows Fateh still loves Tejo. Is Angad planning things to bring Fateh and Tejo together? Keep reading.

    Earlier in the show, Tejo serves coffee to Angad and the family members. Angad praises Tejo a lot. Jasmin asks Tejo to tell what she likes about Angad. Tejo tells that true people like Angad are rare in the world, he is special. Jasmin gets too mean. She taunts Tejo that Angad is the third person in her life, her two marriages experience is helping her decide things so quickly. She hurts Tejo’s sentiments. She asks Angad did Tejo not tell him that he is her third would-be husband. Angad finds Tejo really upset. Fateh didn’t wish Jasmin to say this and hurt Tejo’s heart. He gets angry on Jasmin. Both Angad and Fateh worry for Tejo, while realizing that Jasmin can never be a good sister for Tejo.

  29. @Jade: Indeed, Tejo is the classic “doormat”. They do exist in real life too, very much so. For that matter, characters like Jasmine and Fateh also very much exist in real life. Most people aged 50 or more would have seen all three types in real life.

  30. Bakwas serial,if the director reunited brainless fateh .we will stop watching this serial

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