Udaariyaan 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh still have feelings for Jasmin

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The Episode starts with Jasmin hugging the shirt. Tejo calls her out. Jasmin rushes to put the shirt on the hook. It falls on the laundry bag. She comes out of the bathroom. Tejo asks what happened. Jasmin says we will go, all the old memories, you selected everything, I had told you, whatever happens is good, everything here is of your choice here. Tejo says no, everything is not of my choice. Jasmin smiles. She asks why are you saying this, everything will get fine, time heals everything. Tejo asks are you saying this from your heart. Jasmin says yes, I want to see you and Fateh happy. Tejo says I will change and come, if aunty and Machi comes…. Jasmin says I will wait outside the house. She goes out and greets Amrik. Amrik says you here. She says don’t worry, there is no one at home, I came home to take Tejo, we are going for shopping. He says mum and dad would have got angry seeing you. She says my family is also angry, I m marrying Gippy to get away from everyone, even if I m not happy, everyone will be happy, I have no other way, just send me the DJ number. He says I will do. She leaves smiling.

Fateh asks Tejo to give him food. Amrik says Tejo isn’t at home, she went on shopping with Jasmin. Fateh asks Gurpreet to give him food. Amrik claps and says you are so cool. Fateh asks what’s your problem. Amrik says nothing, did you do anything, I was thinking if Jasmin came here as your wife. Fateh says don’t take her name. Amrik says its my wish, you can lie to others, but not yourself, stop this acting, you still love her a lot. Fateh asks why do you take her side. Amrik says you married Tejo and moved on, but she couldn’t move on, she is marrying someone she doesn’t know, she is marrying for your sake, she wants you and your wife to stay happy.

Fateh recalls Jasmin. He sees his shirt fallen. He picks it. He feels Jasmin’s perfume from it. He cries. He recalls their moments. He gets angry and puts the shirt in the cupboard. He cries thinking of her. He unblocks Jasmin’s contact. He gets her message. Jasmin gets notification. She thinks yes, Fateh has unblocked me. She says Gippy sends funny jokes. Fateh says what’s happening to me, why can’t I control myself, why is Jasmin affecting me. Jasmin says Fateh is coming back to me. Tejo asks did you say anything. Jasmin says I m very happy today. Tejo says Fateh and I are happy for you. Fateh recalls Tejo’s words. He blocks Jasmin’s contact again. He says out of sight, out of mind. Tejo says we will go home. Jasmin says we will shop more. Tejo goes to buy bangles. Jasmin checks if Fateh’s message has come. Fateh calls Tejo. He asks is shopping over. She says almost, why. He asks where are you. She says it will take some time, did you have food. He says I m not at home, I have come to the market to pick you. She asks really. He asks can’t I come. She says you know I m with Jasmin. He says so what, its not a crime to pick up wife. She asks where are you. He says parking. She says I m coming. Jasmin asks why are you blushing. Tejo says nothing, come.

Fateh sees Tejo and Jasmin coming. Jasmin sees him. Jasmin sees Fateh. He smiles and goes to Tejo. Jasmin gives the shopping bags to him. He gets away. He takes Tejo’s shopping bags. Jasmin says this is also Tejo’s bag. Tejo says we have to keep all bags in the car, we will drop you, right Fateh. He says of course, we won’t leave her here. Jasmin says no need to worry, Gippy is coming to pick me, he has come. Gippy comes in his car. Fateh gets angry. Jasmin smiles and signs Gippy to come. Gippy greets Jasmin and holds her. He greets Tejo and Fateh. He asks done with your shopping. Jasmin says yes, I bought many things for you. Tejo asks Fateh to come. Jasmin goes with Gippy. Fateh sees Jasmin. Tejo talks to him. He nods to Tejo. He looks at Jasmin hugging Gippy. Jasmin sees Fateh watching them.

Precap: Jasmin is happy and tells her friend that Fateh will soon realize that he can’t live without her. Fateh is breaking things in bathroom. Mami tells Jasmin’s plan to Satti. Satti asks Jasmin to put her hand on her head and say whatever Mami is saying is not true. Fateh goes to kitchen. He grabs Tejo’s hand and brings her to bedroom. He tightly hugs her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Senseless amrik whatever jasmine says he’ll listen bewakoof..
    Hello anybody there fateh singh virk’s brother amrik has lost his brain from his brother’s wedding if u find that pls give back to him he definitely needs that😌
    Fateh really trying to move on but this chameli never leave him back 😒
    Whatever lets hope for best fatejo will come together 🙃

  2. I hate this Jasmin and tbh now I’m feeling bad mostly for Fateh….he’s trying so hard move on but this Chameli is not letting him do so😡…I hate her more and more as each day passes….earlier I wanted that Jasmin also moves on and she also fulfills her dreams….but now I seriously want that she gets nothing and everyone leave her alone and she dies alone and goes to hell!!!!!
    She is cheating her own sister…. shameless!!

  3. By the way I’m first today😘🤟

  4. I know many people may bash me for saying this yet I agree with the fact that Tejo should be the one blamed if Fateh goes back to Jasmine. Like someone here said Tejo will sacrifice her love for Jasmine. I think there is high possibilities for that. Fateh is trying his best to fight his feelings and stay away from Jasmine yet it’s too late. Tejo already forced him back to the situation where he was right after his severe heartbreak. I agree all Tejo wanted was her sister’s happiness yet she never thought about Fateh feelings or what he will be going through which was selfish from her side. Seeing today’s episode I think Fateh will fight over his feelings for Jasmine as he is trying all his might to do that perhaps in that process his present friendship and affection for Tejo will slowly turn to love. All the same when he comes to profess his love for Tejo, she will not accept it. For the way Tejo blindly accepts and follows her sister’s words she will also come into a misunderstanding if Jasmine says Fateh is still in love with her. After that as usual Tejo will sacrifice her love will not trust Fateh even if he says that he truly loves her and force him to accept Jasmine. I don’t understand why is Tejo always forcing Fateh? First to move on, second to forgive Jasmine which makes it to higher probability that Tejo will again force Fateh to accept Jasmine coming into her loser sister’s words even if Fateh frankly tells that he only loves Tejo.

    1. I agree with you at first I used to feel bad for tejo but now Im a little angry at her. She could be friends with jasmine and I wouldn’t care but why is she bringing Fateh into it!?! Like can’t she see that whenever he sees jasmine it hurts him!?! I don’t even what to start about how jasmine is literally RUINING this show.

    2. @Soofia @Arshjot Totally agree with you both

  5. Nadiah purizah

    I seriously hope that they’ll introduce a new male character who will fall for tejo, maybe that will be a wakeup call for fateh to focus on his wife tejo and finally leave jasmine the looser

    1. Hope makers do that

    2. I too thinking the same new male character shld enter and make fateh to realise his love for tejo

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally agree…

    4. wow, we think the same way I have wishing this since Fateh and tejo became friends I really another male to fell in love with tejo then Fateh will get jealous and will realize his love for tejo only when he felt like he’s losing her.

  6. 1. Jasmin itna gir chuki hai. She is getting her dream – Canada visa then why is she behind fateh and Tejo.
    2. dont know if I like Fateh in this episode cause he is hurting tejo alot.
    3. Tejo is falling for him….her heart will break.
    4. There needs to be another male who falls for Tejo and that fateh can then focus on his wife…
    5. Fateh’s behaviour confuses me , few episodes back he was jealous for Tejo but why if he still loves only jasmin.

  7. Senseless…. the serial should be something different , as to how Tejo and Fateh are adjusting instead Jasmine coming in between . Jasmine should get married to Gippy rather than the story just lingering the same old raga . Something different should be shown , some challenges for both sisters settling themselves in the places where they never wanted to be …..

  8. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. I was sure fateh is not at all moving and fooling tejo.. he is using her to show jasmin and jasmin is using gippy to make fateh jealous😣😣😣😣
    2. Due to Fateh and Jasmin, tejo and Gippy are going to suffer…
    3. Amrik is so blind in making Jasmin his SIL, he is ready to hurt his brother even🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    4. Frankly i started to watch show after tejo-fateh marriage and now i am even stop reading update 🙏🏻🙏🏻 i can’t take it any more

    1. @shraddha..now the actual play is going to start…dekh toh lo ki kaise fateh and gippy jasmine ko uske hi plan mai hara denge..and yaar tejo ko bhaut bada dhoka milega ab..just waiting for the next episodes

    2. Fateh is not using her yaar…agar aise hi hota then wapas usne jasmine ko block kyu kiya,he is genuinely trying to move on yaar…
      Jasmine cheated him,and heartbreak se nikalna itna easy nahi hota..now fateh will actually understand the meaning and difference between attraction and true love,hence this phase is shown

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      @vismaya i know its hard to move on after heart break and that too marrying in same house make it more difficult to move on..
      But don’t you find fateh behaviour weired..
      1. Suddenly he was so concerned to spent time with tejo and was keep calling and asking about family memeber around..
      2. Reached at tejo house in night and Looks he gave to jasmin..
      3. Anger seeing jasmin with gippy, specially when she proposed him..
      4. U mentioned blocked no. Again, that means he unblocked no. To talk to her or atleast read msgs??
      Whats the need of all if he is moving on???

    4. @shraddha…u r right…I am really sad after watching today’s episode yaar. Agar jasmine and fateh mil gaye then I will really stop watching this show, earlier I have commented ki tejo se agar fateh chin jaaye then mujhe bura nahi lagega bciz she is herself responsible for all that..but yaar reality mai bura lag raha hai mujhe tejo ke liye….the one who trusts is not bad ,but the one who breaks the trust is worst…jasmine is unwanted in the show,agar fateh and tejo ko leads mai liya hai toh jasmine ko beech mai kyu ghusaya…☹☹☹☹im just not happy with the ongoing track…aage twist mai kya dikhane waale hai that tejo is adopted ???😂😂😂

    5. ShraddhaSharma392

      Well i too feel bad for tejo.
      But than i think, most of the time she is herself responsible for it.. being mature and being stupid are 2 different things.. and most of the time she is stupid..
      When she knows jasmin and her family nature why she always come in their sweet talks..
      When everyone at fateh house taunt her for jasmin, she never give ans, just bear it even when she is not at fault..
      Currently only mami is smarat to know about jasmin …

    6. But im quite excited for new twists and turns…u know…I cant take daily soaps only for entertainment…I really feel it by putting myself at that position…

  9. In sargunmehta ma’am insta story she tell that the coming 2 weeks they are taking us to on roller coaster ride.some big twists and shock.

    1. Yes i saw that …guys be ready..fateh and gippy ka plan saamne aaega thodi time mai

  10. I really feel bad for Fateh, he is soo hurt, he tries to move on, but breaks down again, it happens, though time will heal all wounds
    but then how will he? on one side is jasmine, leaving no stone unturned to break him more and the other amrik…does he even understand what his brother is going through??

    Jasmine should just stop her antics now, you dont do do that to the one you love
    Seriously, how do you hurt the one you “love”??
    How do you terribly reject him infront of all for a reason so baseless, they could have sorted out everything after marriage, no? Indeed we get angry but mostly love overpowers it
    She should just let him go

    It will take long for fateh to forget about jasmine, his love was true and pure, and what could be more painful than seeing your love happy and mingling with another after rejecting you harshly??
    He is paying the price for truly loving a proud, toxic and arrogant lady

    I feel his pain

    1. Jasmine is soooooo selfish…she can’t see anyone’s pain and and sorrow in frint of her obsession…apni behan ko hi nahi choda usne,fateh toh ohir bhi paraya hai,her character is too annoying…don’t know still insta par jasfa kyu trending hai,why cant people differentiate between good and bad

  11. I think we need chameli to take to azkaban prison so that she can accompany dementors as she is a genetic variation of dementors and her job is also to suck others happiness.

  12. I think fatejo fans should stop seeing the show jb tak ye jasfa ka track chal rha h becoz abhi ke episodes m tejo ko as a background character dikhaya ja rha h and we dont want that 😕

  13. At first I didn’t agree with the fact that Fateh is not moving on but after watching the last view episodes I do think the same. I really can’t understand him. It’s ok if he’s finding it difficult to move on its understandable but now him acting like a flipper no… At least in the early days of their marriage Fateh’s motives and actions were clearly visible but now I can’t really understand. It would be better if he puts his thoughts straight to people close to him.
    And for Tejo..I really hope that at least for once she takes a stand for herself. If the whole scenario turns out to be bad for her I really hope that she raises her voice. She have been sacrificing enough for her family and in law’s. If they are taking her kindness for granted then please don’t continue doing it. It’s her life she should speak for herself.
    If the makers are going to repeat the same sacrificing plot then I’m for sure quiting the show unless and until the person who updates the episodes attracts me with another eye catching title 😂😅

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Totally agreed @nikitha and @koml..
      Writers just think that as viewers we are stupid who can’t figure out anything…

  14. Precap pls?

    1. Today’s precap is jasmine saying to her friend that she’ll definitely get back to fateh whereas this side fateh start breaking things in bathroom. Mami confronts jasmine about her plan and her intentions to satti where satti asks jasmine to promise on her head that she really wanted to marry gippy here fateh hugs tejo tightly

  15. You know, I loved the last 4 words you wrote!!

  16. Polka _dots🌻

    Hey! !!seeing fateh trying toout hard to control his emotions lek hin woh kehte haina dil ka haal hi kuch aajeeb hain. He is in emotional wreck than b4.by the way, I am happy that he came for tejo when he knew that nly she can handle him but phirwaha Jasu aagayi.if u guys have noticed PEhle whenever jasu and fateh come in front of each other,tejo looks at both of them this way fateh comes to his senses.but this tym our tejo is falling in love and has started trusting that fateh move on karchuka hain. So she didn’t even check if fateh is alright around her sister.
    Ekhi msg dena tha tejo Ko ki fateh has just said tejo tumhari aadat hogayi hain,pyaar abhI durr hain. Like I said on tejo should focus on her dream and if fateh should break her heart break it now, rather than later when she fall for all his sweetness. I hope lyk u all say this all is fateh and gippy ka plan,nahi toh siyappa Hona hain.
    And fateh should love his wife whole heartedly not as replacement for his broken love

  17. Why are we saying its a plan of Fateh & Gippy? If its a plan why would he behave like this & break everything around him & cry like this? I definitely dont think that its a plan anymore between them….. I’m now curious to see how Jasmine would escape the situation with her mom tomorrow… how would she escape swearing on her mom that this is a plan …. what kind of psychology professor is Tejo f he cannot understand Fateh’s emotions tomorrow???? I dont think the twists & turns mentioned by Sargun mehta will be about Fatejo getting together.. .Im thinking t would be about Jasfa coming back together but Fateh realising later about this plan of Jaasmine & about Tejo’s value in his life!!
    HOnestly I feel like venting out & ranting out a lot of things but looks like its of no use!!

    1. Yes you right and besides Fateh isn’t a kid to behave like that I’m done with the show sef

  18. I feel like fateh and gippy are planning something because they didnot show us what fateh and gippy talked when they met

  19. I swear precap made me emotional…this guy is in intense pain💔💔💔
    Tejo please console him for us😞😞😢

    My heart goes out to you Fateh…

  20. Friends I posted some comments in yesterday’s update. The comments are my attempt to connect Love and Udaariyaan. I shared my thoughts on whether the show needs improvement in terms of plot or characters and finally as a viewer my thoughts on future plots or tracks. Please have a look and share your thoughts.
    Holy Mackay !! Looks like the show is inching towards another union between Sandhu and Virk families – Jasmine and Amrik tying the knot. While Fatejo union was approved by elders in both households the only person who will support thus marriage is Neemo but she fails to realize that Tejo tolerated Gurpreet and Neemo taunts Jasmine is a firecracker that goes off without warning.
    Buckle up for a bumpy, exciting and exhilarating ride.

    1. Malayalam Babe

      Hey Canada Pal, did you see my definition of love a couple of posts ago? Would be interesting to have your comments.
      I missed a couple of episodes, got tired of seeing the same old Jasmine and the same old Tejo and the same old Fateh and the same old ….

      From Jasmine’s Diary:

      What’s all the fuss about? Let me tell all of you something. Anything goes in love and war. You have to fight for what you want. Humans make mistakes and I’m only human. Which one of you hasn’t made any mistakes in life that you have regretted? Let me see you cast the first stone. So I refused to marry Fateh because he wasn’t gonna take me to Canada. My whole life was me thinking about going to Canada and there I was thinking that the guy who loves me will take me and fulfill my dreams. So, it didn’t work out and I changed my mind. Now I am seeing how he behaves with Tejo and I realize how much I am missing. I want him back and I will do everything in my power to get him. Yes, I can sense that he still cares for me and this means I can stand a chance of getting him back. I know he doesn’t love Tejo so that it makes it even better. Tejo loves me and is willing to do anything for me. She will manage. She always does. Like I said, all’s fair in love and war. And this is a battle I’ll go all out to fight! You can hate me or see things my way now that I’ve explained what I feel.

  21. Guys..kya lagta hai aap sab ko..i think jasmine jhoot bolegi apni maa ke saamne…coz uske liye khud se zyada kuch nahi hai…wht u all think after watching the precap????

  22. Malayalam Babe

    From Tejo’s Diary:

    The only one who really understands me is my father. He and I have a unique bond. Sometimes I think that my mother feels threatened and that’s why she shows more love towards Jasmine. She gives in to Jasmine and tolerates everything she does. She pushed me to get married to that jerk who left me standing in the hotel. I didn’t say anything. I got pushed into marrying Fateh and I didn’t say anything. It’s true that I told Jasmine that she was lucky and under any other circumstances, I would have been happy with him. Actually, I am happy with him. He’s a good catch and any girl would give their right arm to be with him. I know he still hankers after Jasmine. Jasmine won’t give us a chance and I suspect she knows the power she has over him. Gosh, I wish Fateh would really love me and I would do anything for him. If Jasmine asks me to give him back to her, what should I do? I don’t want to, but I’m supposed to be the good sister, a good daughter and good girl and if I don’t do as Jasmine requests, I’ll fail everyone and I don’t want to look bad to them. Please don’t let my mother ask me to give up Fateh. Pleeeeeeassse!!

  23. Malayalam Babe

    From Fateh’s Diary:

    I saw this beautiful girl and I fell in love for her. I only saw her, nothing and nobody else. I was so happy when she accepted my gifts and then said she would marry me. I never wanted to go to Canada. I love Punjab and I love my family. I wanted to stay here and make my life here, but if Jasmine wanted to go to Canada and if that’s what it takes to marry her, I decided to do what she says. I think Tejo is a nice girl, a bit boring, but she’s a nice, dependable girl. Then what happens? Canada was not in the cards and Jasmine refused to marry me. Do you know how I felt? I felt hurt and I felt really bad. How could Jasmine do that to me? Tejo is good to me, but at times I feel she’s too much under Jasmine’s control. I can’t turn off my emotions for Jasmine in a flash. I’m human and my hurt is broken. I pretend to smile and go around as though everything is okay, but it is not. No one understands how I’m feeling. At times I feel that I’m on the way to recovering but when I see Jasmine, I get those flashbacks of when we were together and I hurt even more. It didn’t bother me that she has Gippy, but it brought back a strange and hurtful feeling when she proposed to Gippy in front of me. I know she was doing this to spite me and it worked. If only there was something I could do to wipe out her memories then I would be happy. I don’t know what I feel about Tejo. She’s a friend and she’s trying very hard to help me, but Jasmine is still too fresh. Maybe I should take Tejo and go off to Alaska, maybe then I’ll forget Jasmine. Hopefully things will work out for me. And Tejo? Gosh, I’m so confused!

    1. I loved this the most !
      Keep going!

  24. Malayalam Babe

    From Jasmine’s Aunty’s Diary:

    I always thought this Jasmine is a spoilt brat. She goes around as if she’s the most beautiful girl in Punjab. When I was her age, I had 5 suitors who wanted to marry me. One was from London, one from Canada and one from Spain. I decided to marry the one who was good to my family and who loved me very much and I stayed in Punjab. I never behaved the way Jasmine behaves. If they let me, I would have straightened her out a long time ago, but that would have caused problems in the family and you know how touchy these family problems could be. The rest of the family are blind where Jasmine is concerned. I’m the only who who can see through her. Nothing passes me. I know every move she makes and how sly she is. Wait and see, her mother will regret one of these days. She is such a boodhoo. As for Tejo, she’s intelligent, but bewakoof. I know that’s an oxymoron, but you must know what I mean. All she has to do is keep Fateh away from Jasmine and the family and she herself should do the same. She should not let Jasmine walk all over her. I think even Edith Bunker would smell a rat. There’s a limit to being nice to Jasmine. Protecting Fateh from Jasmine should be her wifely duty but what can I say! My BP is raising, I better calm down!

    1. Aunt diary was nice thn too first few lines wow😂😊

  25. Malayalam Babe

    @Canada Pal, interesting to note your point of view from a Canadian standpoint. Here’s my take.
    Some families, regardless of the years spent overseas, remain culturally the same, as if they’re still living in India. Their behavior is the same and even though their children are born overseas, they push their Indian mindset on them. It’s rather unfair because the children have no knowledge of their parents’ roots. Some children are able to adjust and some rebel and marry outsiders. Since this family is from Punjab and a close family unit, everyone, that is the elders in the family, have a say on what happens to the children. Fateh could have said no, I do not want to marry Tejo and Tejo could have also said she did not want to marry Fateh. However, they are solid children and decided to save their families from being dishonored and got married. Right away it should have been made clear that it was a marriage of convenience. You can’t expect Fateh and Tejo to be living like a married couple. I’ve said a million times that it’s not easy for Fateh to completely turn off his feelings for Jasmine. And let me also make it clear once more. Fateh who is hurting more. He was in love with Jasmine and he was let down on his wedding day. You can’t expect that Fateh will just stop loving her, never mind how badly she behaves with him. In Tejo’s case, she got married to that fraud because her mother wanted her to do so. She was not in love with him. So her feelings are not the same as Fateh and she can easily get over that. As for falling in love and the question of who will fall in love first? Remember when Fateh was showering his love and gifts on Jasmine, Tejo told Jasmine that she was lucky to have someone like Fateh in her life. She admired him for his loyalty and kindness. She has started to see that in him and this time it is she who is at the receiving end. Any man who shows that feelings towards a girl will immediately have her wonder about him and begin to have some feelings which could gradually turn to love. We all want our guy to love us and show us passion, kindness, sincerity and loyalty. This melts our hearts. Given time, Fateh would have found a soulmate in Tejo. Time. He needed more time. He also needed to stay away from Jasmine. Meeting her is one thing, but having her behave as though she’s in love with Gippy while he’s there, will make Fateh hurt all over again. Look at his flashbacks. Poor guy is being tortured emotionally. He’ll put on a bright smile in front of Tejo and the world, but his heart is broken and his emotional being is again beaten. Tejo should stop being protective over Jasmine and start thinking about Fateh. Fateh comes first in her life now. She sees the pain although he’s pretending that he’s okay, but Fateh is not okay. For all those who think Tejo is the victim here, I totally support Fateh. There is no one Fateh can go to now. It’s not easy to get over a breakup, much less have your your ex girlfriend flaunt her new boyfriend of your face. My sympathies lie with Fateh.

    So what is love, you ask? Love is having someone put his hand on your shoulder and say, “I know how you feel, don’t worry, everything will be okay.” Love is walking outside, holding her hand, no words needed, just a smile. Love is a hug when you see she’s feeling sad. Love is caring, love is being there and knowing just what to say. Love is writing a letter, expressing the words she wants to hear. Tell her you love her. Make her feel important, make her feel needed. Make her feel safe. Put her first before anyone else. Tell her you love her!
    At least, for me that is love.

    1. You wrote down everything so beautifully
      Literally Just beautifully !
      Actually you can make ffs ! Like Jasmine’s dairy..Fateh’s Tejo’s
      Ig it’s worth giving a try cuz your words are genuinely so good!

    1. Malayalam Babe

      SS art thou making fun of my feelings? I wearest my feelings on mine sleeve for the world to see. Gosh, if only the moon can see the melody in my heart.

  26. Malayalam Babe

    Folks, one more thought before I bid you goodnight.

    Much ado has been made about feminism. Some gals believe that feminism is all about protecting women and fighting for them. Actually, just as I thought and as defined, feminism is “advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of equality of the s*xes.” In other words, if I’m doing road work with my buddy Ramoo, I expect to be paid the same as my buddy Ramoo. If Ramoo is allowed to vote, I should be allowed to vote too. If Ramoo is allowed to go into a club, I should be allowed to do so too. If Ramoo is saying Tejo is not strong, he is entitled to his opinion. If I say Fateh is not strong, Ramoo should not call me names. Equal opportunity for both man and woman. If I find Ramoo beating up his wife, I will call him names and I will take the chowki to his head. Okay?

    1. Hi Malyalam Pal I was wondering where yourself and other 😉 fellow “Old Timers” 😂 were hiding. I have not been able to watch much this week but judging from tomorrow’s preapproved I may just see the next few episodes. Like you I was also getting bored and tired of same old same old and that is why I suggested the idea of showing multiple individuals or families following individual or collective dreams. (Phew!! That was a long one). I have been reading your comments and sorry but because of 2 years of COVID work restrictions I was unable to do performance appraisals of my team members and was just trying to make a dent in the mountain of pending requests. Well getting back to Udaariyaan world why am I not surprised that our thinking is same if not similar on most issues or topics.
      Love to me is a Gift, an assortment of Emotions and a vast ocean filled with our own experiences.
      GIFT if LOVE: Life is the most expensive gift o love. It is an act of Love that creates Life, Love sustains Life from birth to death and without Love a person loses will to live.
      EMOTIONS: Certain occurrences in Life invoke moments of sheer joy and become life long memories and other moments leave us so devastated that these painful occasions become a learning experience.
      EXPERIENCES: Meeting a soul mate, uniting with a soul mate and losing a soul mate. Birth of a younger sibling or an offspring, watching and participating in a sibling or offspring growing up and form their own memories and loss of a sibling or child.
      Gotta get out of Halifax and head home as certain family members are getting very restless and naughty.

  27. Elizabeth Johnson

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