Udaariyaan 13th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad agrees to Tejo’s plan

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The Episode starts with Khushbeer saying we have to talk to you. Angad asks them to have lassi. He jokes. Khushbeer says we came for some imp work. Rupy says we came to talk about an alliance. Angad asks what alliance. Rupy folds hands and says nothing is imp for a dad than his daughter’s happiness. Angad says that’s right, why are you telling this to me. Khushbeer says we got Tejo’s alliance for you, we want Tejo and your marriage to happen. Angad recalls… Tejo says there is no pressure on you, think and answer its okay. She looks for Angad. She calls him out. Angad lies on the ground and does her aarti, calling her Tejo Mata. She asks what are you doing. He says you are a Devi, Tejo Mata, the real trouble shooter. She says please stop it, can’t you get serious. He says I understood, what is this nonsense, why do you give away your happiness for others, what’s the need for this. She says I m such, you can call it manufacturing defect, I m ready to do anything for my family. He says even if anyone has hurt you a lot and snatched your everything. She asks how do you know me so well. He says manufacturing defect, I can peek into hearts and understand anyone’s life circumstances. She says I don’t want to see anyone in pain, I can tolerate that, one can’t start a new life without elders blessings, I want all the family members to be a part of Fateh and Jasmin’s marriage, I just have to play this drama. He asks how will you end this. She says we will get engaged, then we will tell them that we didn’t know each other well. He says you thought of everything, you are sharp. She says I didn’t find any other way so I came to you. He says plan is good, but risky, like me. She asks what do you mean. He says if I say yes and then don’t say no, if I really marry you. She says you do good acting, convince Khushbeer and Rupy with such intense eyes, please will you help me. FB ends.

Angad looks at them. Gurpreet comes home. She thinks if Angad says yes. Her dupatta comes under her foot. She falls down. Fateh and Mahi hold her and ask is she fine. Mahi asks where did you go. Gurpreet recalls Tejo. He asks what’s the matter. She says I will change and come. He thinks what’s the matter she isn’t telling. She thinks my son didn’t give anything to Tejo than sorrow, who knows Angad gives her all the happiness. Tejo cooks food. She thinks what will be Angad’s reply.

Bebe prays for Tejo. Khushbeer and Rupy come. Bebe asks what happened. Khushbeer says we tried to convince him, but he didn’t agree. Tejo thinks my requesting was wrong. Satti asks them to tell the entire matter. Tejo says leave it, I have no complains, I m happy. Khushbeer and Rupy start laughing. Khushbeer says we are also happy. Rupy says Angad said yes. FB shows Angad asking them to not fold hands, parents’ hand look good when they bless the children. He says its my yes, Tejo is a diamond, I m a smart businessman, I can’t refuse to such a precious thing. FB ends. Khushbeer says he knows your worth. Satti hugs Tejo. Tejo thinks thank God, there will be no problem in Fateh’s marriage.

Jasmin comes to Fateh and asks about the orchids order. He says few people are coming, mandap is also small, we will do everything your way, I m already planning a big surprise for you. She says how sweet, what is it, you won’t say, leave it, try to understand, come with me and ask the man to get 1000 flowers. Fateh hears Rajat talking about Angad’s engagement. Fateh thinks is it with Tejo, no.

Biji, Simran and everyone talk about Tejo. Nimmo asks Mahi to get habitual to call Jasmin as Bhabhi. Mahi says no, Tejo will be my Bhabhi always. Khushbeer says Tejo will keep visiting us, be happy that she agreed. Gurpreet asks why do you have tears in your eyes. He says its tears of happiness, I want her to stay happy. Jasmin and Fateh come. Khushbeer says I spoke to Rupy, we will do Tejo and Angad’s engagement arrangements, Gurpreet you handle it. Fateh thinks Tejo and Angad’s engagement. Khushbeer consoles Biji. Gurpreet says Nimmo, we will see the menu for dinner, come. Nimmo says give them the good news. She goes to Jasmin and says Angad and Tejo are getting engaged on your wedding day, same date, same venue. Fateh says its good. Gurpreet says yes, another good thing is, we will be attending your marriage. He asks really. Simran says yes, Tejo kept this condition in front of dad, we all will attend your marriage if her engagement happens on your wedding day, same place, sane time. Biji says Fateh, Tejo still thinks of your betterment. Jasmin gets angry. She says but we have booked a banquet hall. Khushbeer says if function happens at the same place, then Sandhu family and we will come, else we won’t come. Fateh says its a good thing that you all can come to bless us, just this matters to us, right Jasmin. She smiles.

She goes out of the house and throws the table. She says Tejo found a new way to burn my life, she trapped a rich man and want to get engaged in my mandap, but why is she doing this, does she want to snatch my Fateh, if this happens, then what will I do. Angad and Fateh shake hands. Fateh says congrats, you guys will be great together. Angad says indeed, I feel a little bad, Tejo was your wife before and now she is going to be my wife, you would be feeling bad too. Fateh says no, I m happy that she chose a life partner like you, we have nothing left between us, I m happy, you can give her everything which I couldn’t. Angad says I can see the pain of losing something. Fateh says Tejo was my best friend, a person always regrets to lose his best friend. Angad says I m happy for that that you have someone which who you can share every pain, you have no hard feelings for Tejo. Fateh says I have some urgent work. He leaves. Angad says dil diyan gallan, its good, they are happy on their own paths. Rajat asks Tejo to have sweets. He says I m very happy for Angad, you came in his life, I m really happy for both of you. He sees Fateh and leaves. Fateh comes to Tejo. He says congratulations. She turns away. He recalls their marriage and moments.

Precap: Tejo asks Angad isn’t he taking this drama too seriously? He says, I give 100% to whatever I do… whether it’s love drama or love in actual. Tejo looks on. Later, they reach home. Angad asks Tejo to hold his hand. She does. Fateh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I don’t know why,,,,,,,but to angad this whole issue is not just an act, our Devi tejo putting others happiness first 👋🏾😒

    1. but thats attitude is what ruin her life

    2. Oh it’s totally drama.can maker’s gets something real.

  2. now Jasso thinks Tejo trapped a rich man she doesn’t know wat will happen if her Fateh leaves she doesn’t know wat nasty surprise is awaiting her

  3. Pranbirlover

    In theeno ki chakkar mein fas gaya bechara Angad…
    I don’t care about the three… They are selfish in their own ways.. Please don’t hurt Angad, pulling him between you toxic people..

  4. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Angad question what if I later deny🤗🤗🤗 he is in love at first sight with Tejo..
    2. I just wish🤞🏻🤞🏻 Tejo should have taken this decision for herself rather than for Fateh-Jasmin😏😏😏…
    But I hope she realise her love for Angad soon..
    3. Fateh was in shock😨😨😨 when he had doubt that Angad getting engaged to Tejo..
    I was laughing, haddd hai bande ki, phele Jasmin ke liye Tejo ko chodd diya aur jab Jasmin mili hai, toh tejo Angad se jalan ho rehi hai😂😂😂
    4. Fateh ke friends nhi aa rehe hai, Jasmin ke friends nahi aa rehe hai, Family Tejo ke kehne par Tejo- Angad Engagement par aayegi..
    Fir Jasmin ne hall 3 logo ke liye book kra hai, dulha Dulhan and Pandit😂😂😂😂😂
    5. Sometimes I wonder🤔🤔 what if Jasmin runs behind Angad now, becoz she always want those things which Tejo have and Tejo scarifice for her with happiness…
    In both case Tejo is only Victim and Jasmin enjoy😣😣😣😣😣

  5. Twinkle kapoor

    Leaving the whole repeated marriage track,trasmean,akhalhin fateh and marriage hungry Sandhu and virk house,the first thought is that production mein paiso ki khaami hain kya because itna bada businessman ka naah koi family hain and ghar ke saamne informal kapdo mein bodyguard and har bhaar garden area hi dikhtey hain

    whatever but the way Angad just tries to talk sense into tejo ki itna bada balidaan ka murthi nahi banna was pretty appreciable and yaa somewhere he himself knows ki tejo jaise koi aur ladki nahi mil sakthi.
    ..damn waiting to know fateh ka surprise please please yaar mandap chod ke bhaag jao because even if I want jasfa to rot in their shaadi but I want even more tadapofy jasmine she truly needs it

  6. Snowflake

    This happens in most serials, in the process of acting like bf/gf they actually fall in love
    Correct me if I am wrong 😬

  7. Snowflake

    Thank god Devi tejo is finally ignoring that Fateh 🙄

    1. and he looks bothered

  8. What the f**k!!!!!!

  9. any precap ?

  10. under no circumstances I want tejo to go back to fateh. Kushbseer thinks fateh would not marry jassmine and go back to tejo. I want jassmine & tejo to get married. I would prefer tejo to marry angad I think he will be perfect for her. I hope kushbeer’s plan fails about fateh & tejo getting back. I wonder what surprise fateh has planned for jasssmine.

    1. I think jass might have met Fateh and told him about all Evil of Jasmine with proof. Fateh might be planning to break Jasmines Heart like she did to him.

    2. Same thinking

  11. I am not concerned for Fateh,Tejo & Jasmine for a percent but feels bad for Angad.He has a good & clean heart but Tejo who despite rather than learning anything from her past life is still want to be behind Jasmine & Fateh.She had suffered a lot but now also faking marriage like thing with another person while she herself considers marriage an important aspect of life.

  12. Precap pls

  13. Snowflake

    Preacp 🤦😝

  14. Show is getting boring day by day. No meaningful acting, rushed script.

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Nice 👍

  15. Snowflake

    Do ul want written precap?

  16. This fake marriage of tejang will become real and jasfa marriage will become fake 😆😆😆

    1. that will be interesting and Angad should tell Tejo our honeymoon will be in Canada u will see Jasso flip more than a switch

    2. Snowflake

      Ya ya 🤣🤣

  17. Please Angad and Tejo ko milwa do…

  18. What does tejo want to prove herself, acting fake engagement, but I feel that engagement between tejo and angad will turn out real sometime later, now itself jasmine feeling jealousy because tejo getting engaged to angad who is a rich man, but when will they reveal all evil plots of jasmine…but any case tejo should not return to Fateh..she should marry angad only who is a good hearted person

  19. can u imagine Angad tells Tejo our honeymoon will be Canada i so want Jasso 2 hear it i wanna see her flip more than a switch

  20. Naveena Annadan


  21. Tejo you should stand up for yourself respect stop supporting ungrateful evil and wicked people love you self first you are being selfish to your self always wasting your time on those snakes that bite you ,my dear run for your life.

  22. Jasmin ne kadar kutuluk yapmış olsada fateh o kadar masum deyil ona karşı koyabilir onu kabul etmeyebilir di jasminin yaptıkları ortaya çıksa da Fatehi masum yapmaz tejo angad gerçekten aşık olmalı angad sonuna kadar hak ediyor tejo yu fateh yaptıklarıyla ve jasmini hak ediyor

  23. Today no one commented ????!!!

  24. Btw today’s episode is little boring nothing new is shown

  25. Hi where is everyone today I miss you all ☹️☹️

    1. Snowflake

      We are all there….?

  26. I’m hoping Angad teaches Tejo to be selfish then leaves her as a friend and she goes far away to progress in her own life. JasFa is a waste of screen space. Fateh and his crocodile tears don’t stir any emotion except pity and exhaustion, cause people are exhausted of his man child behavior. Jasmine – meh don’t care she has 0 fibre in her character it’s so base she may as well be a bot, there are AI robots with more presence than Jasmine. This trio must go their separate ways 😔

  27. Director why you keep dragging this too long …when will you reveal all Jasmine’s secret ?? I see that Fateh keeps loving Jasmine so bad …hate this series

    1. Snowflake

      This is a serial yaar… Long more time

  28. Irene mejavone from Kenya

    What a drama I can feel fatehs sorrows from his words but what can he do he is crazy for jasmin which he has lost everything
    Only time will tell wat is in store for these three love triangle birds

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