Udaariyaan 13th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad meets Riya’s Nani

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The Episode starts with Tejo thinking of Fateh. She thinks I felt Fateh was there, but no, he is in Canada. Fateh says I have to go to Rampur and return this wallet. The man says you will go to another city for giving the wallet. Fateh says yes, it has imp things, I will come by morning. The man says take the bike keys, you are doing great, some people are real in and out like you. Jasmin is with someone. The man clicks their pics. He calls out Jasmin Sandhu. He says you are from Moga college right, Miss hawa hawai. Dilraj hears Jasmin’s pic. He runs away. Satti says she created hatred in a kid’s heart as well. Bebe says forget it, she would have settled in Canada. Rupy thinks how to tell them that they are in Punjab, she would be doing something wrong. The man says you are trapping innocent people. Jasmin scolds him. She says I m just making your wife’s case strong, don’t threaten me about the police, the lawyer is paying me, he will handle my case, I have your pics, you are romancing a young hot girl, Aman Taneja, the decision is in your hands. He gives her much money. She says dream and revenge can make a person do anything, your work is done, one thing is left, you have to do this, see this pic, her name is Tejo Sandhu, people know her as Tejo Virk or Maan, she was a lecturer in Moga college, find out where is she, tell me when you find anything.

Tejo greets Riya. Riya makes a painting and says bad man is poppins, he never keeps his promise, he didn’t come from office, I got angry. Tejo says you should get angry. Riya asks did anyone promise you of icecream and didn’t fulfill. Tejo recalls Fateh. Riya asks her to say. She asks did you punish him. Tejo says no, I explained myself, why shall I spoil my mood for someone else, I cheered up myself by dancing. They dance. Angad comes. He also dances. Tejo thinks of Fateh. Babli comes and says Sir ji, she has come. Angad stops the music. He asks Riya to talk slow. He asks Tejo to take Riya to the outhouse by back stairs. Tejo asks what’s happening. He asks Babli to clean the place. Riya asks did she come to take me. She holds Tejo’s hand. Angad says just do this for Riya’s betterment, just go. Tejo thinks who has come, that Angad isn’t letting us come in front. Angad sees the lady. He asks where is Riya. The lady says I have come to take her, where is she. He says just go, I request you to go. She calls him a murderer of Riya’s parents. Tejo asks who is that, who has come, tell me. Angad says she won’t go with you. The lady says I m her Nani. Angad says I m her Chacha, she wants to stay with me. She asks who will take care of her, you are a careless man, I will not leave her with you. She calls out Riya. She asks did you kill her too. Angad shouts and asks her to get out. She calls the Inspector inside. Inspector says you can’t stop her from taking Riya. Angad says I can stop her. He shows the court orders and says Riya can’t go with anyone with whom she feels stressed, ask her to leave. Inspector says you can’t take the girl. The lady says ask him to return my girl. She says I will see you, Riya has lost her parents because of you, I didn’t tell this to Riya till now, I will tell her now, you are the murderer of her parents, I will take my Riya. She leaves.

Tejo sees Riya sleeping. She looks outside. She sees the lady and the police leaving. She thinks why did she get the police along. She thinks of Fateh. She thinks if they are happy in Canada, then why am I so restless. Angad comes there and looks on. He thinks I wish I could tell you everything, things aren’t so easy, I wish we were really together. He sees the ring and says I wish our relation was real, true. He leaves.

Its morning, Jasmin talks to the lawyer. He says I m sending the pic of the next person, that man is rich, he doesn’t stay in Chandigarh. Jasmin says don’t worry, I will go, I will get a big commissioner. He says sure, I will send advance for your work, I have sent the details. She says I will check. She says I want a chance to earn money. She gets shocked seeing the pic. She sees Angad in the background. She says I finally got Angad, I will find Tejo and Fateh, Fateh will be with Tejo. Fateh comes to the market. Tejo buys fruits. She feels him. Hirey moti….plays… Fateh sees someone wearing the same dupatta and goes to see. He thinks why am I thinking of Tejo, is she fine. Tejo picks the fruits. He passes by. She thinks why do I feel he is around, what’s happening with me. She goes. He thinks I have no right on Tejo’s memories, don’t think about her. Saiyyan…plays….

Fateh comes to meet Sharma. Sharma asks do you accept my offer. Fateh says yes. Tejo looks on from far.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. 1st

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Total time waste.. hit miss drama..🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    Nothing just dragging episodes

    1. Yes you are right ..

    2. @shraddhaSharma please some tell me my brain battery is not dead because I lost the track please guys help a sister out here I’m totally lost now please can someone tell me what is going on now

    3. ShraddhaSharma392

      Currently writers arw trying to show the following:-
      1. Fateh was victim of Jasmin deeds and repenting for his doings
      2. Jasmin want revenge, so she is helping lawyer and taking commission
      3. Tejo-Fateh hit miss drama
      4. Tejo still in past
      5. Angad past coming out slowly
      And in total Khichdi bana rakhi hai show ki bina kisi story ke..🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    4. @shraddhaSharma 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ I’m speechless the show started losing viewers since the dramatic repent start it’s has the highest viewers since angad entry but now😏 before 24 its get more than 1m viewers before but now not anymore

    5. Angad aka karan that guy always appears in series as mein lead I don’t understand why he even take this role in the first place and now I don’t know what makers are trying to do

    6. He was probably doing a favor for the producers, helping them with their new venture. Unfortunately even Karan’s charisma can’t save the show from deplorable writing. Hope they keep losing viewers and the show gets canned like GHKKPM

    7. @jade here you come again you never fail to make laugh angad Christmas 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m finished @jade @snowflake @martha this 3 drive me crazy with their funny talks

    8. @jade , agree with u,both the shows doesn’t deserve viewers ,Both are completely CRAPS🙄🙄
      Feeling Bad for the Actors 🥲 as all are doing a brilliant job 😊but Story is utter waste😌😌

    9. ShraddhaSharma392

      @rachel writers lose track in every show always🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ they just spoil shows..
      It was said that Angad will be parallel male lead.. and now where story is going god knows😑😑

  3. Metin

    hi , everyone 🙂
    i wrote a short story for the first time.
    its related to udaariyaan too.
    i hope you enjoy. thanks…

  4. I don’t know why this story start from jasmine revenge and ends to jasmine revenge.
    Only the story is based on revenge … 🙄

    1. True nidhi instead of udariyan it should be named as JASSU KA INTKAAM 😄😄

    2. @nidhi garg the story repeating itself I mean first fateh was with tejo but miss jasmine and feel her presence and couldn’t move on and now same is happening with tejo and angad 😏😏 before we know tejo won’t be able to move on too and go back to fateh as for jasmine I really feel sorry for angad as tejo not even interested in him but yet his still paying for their crimes

    3. What crimes are you referring to. Tejo has been honest with angad from the outset. If he chooses to go along with the fake engagement knowing full well tejo still has feelings for fateh, tejo should not be held accountable for his decisions. She has never led him on

    4. @Manmeet the crime that jasmine making revenge on tejo will affect angad first his firm house was burn due to jasmine bringing jass back and that happens before the fake engagement now that they are fake engaged who knows what jasmine will burn this time

    5. ShraddhaSharma392

      Writers have fvt hero and herions, whom they prefer mostly and even if viewers want or not they will always in frame..
      Like Jasmin and Fateh (mostly don’t want to see them but they are show all time: more than tejo and Angad)..

  5. True nidhi instead of udariyan it should be named as JASSU KA INTKAAM 😄😄

    1. ShraddhaSharma392


    2. Like👍I agree that the title should be renamed. I wonder if she will end up dead or mutilated. After all she’s playing dirty crime games and as we have seen throughout, her brain resides elsewhere. Jasmine will meet her fate sooner rather than later. (Jaise karo waise bharo).
      Please raise your hand if you want to see crime-girl Jasso’s hand infected and gangrenous. That will be most appropriate punishment for her.

  6. Wonder why riyas Nani was accusing angad .
    If he hS killed his brother n sis in law then how Come he is roaming freely

  7. Tejo angad n riyas dance was cute. Looked a lovely family

  8. @renu the question is how did he kill his brother and sister in law when it’s clearly show its was an car accident 🤔🤔 what’s going on

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      May be Angad was driving car and his brother and SIL died, but Riya’s maternal grandmother feel, he drived rashly so accident happened..
      Infect in yesterday’s episode: Angad was hiding his license, may be this is the reason, as might be due to case, his license has been retained..becoz when he showed it to Tejo, it was weired seen, he did too much drama and was not showing to police even..
      Rest May be in future this mystery opens…

    2. Yes ……

    3. It clearly shows The car was driving by angad brother in the fb 🤔🤔 this is so confusing maybe we will get to know by next year

    4. 🤔🤔🤔 but the fb shown seems like it is angad’s brother driving the car🤔🤔
      Seems like makers are slowly trying to show angad as a bad character🤷‍♀️. They will some how come up with such an idea to make us feel fateh is better than angad🤷‍♀️😏😏

    5. Good point Teddy. Yes, that’s what I have been wondering too. Seems like she’s another psycho like Jasmine. Hope that’s all there is to this. 😏

      Poor Angad. He’s trying to do his part but everything (and yes I mean Dumb Tejo) continues to pine for her ex-husband who cheated on her, humiliated her, lied to her repeatedly, insulted her repeatedly, preferring to believe Jasmine, and not even fulfilling his duties. Take take take that was his MO throughout.

      My message for Tejo is – Swallow a reality pill Tejo and have some self-respect woman! If you have any sense then revolt and tell the producers to show your character as a strong woman who knows her own worth and finds Angad’s good and generous nature attractive. Fateh is a loser. If they don’t listen, then quit the show. The way it is heading it will end sooner or later anyway. It’s become that boring.

  9. Writer is deliberately trying to bring the TRIO TEJO FATEH AND JASMINE AT COMMON PLACE

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      @renu exactly… Writers are trying to clear fateh image, though he is bigg culprit than Jasmin🤬🤬

  10. The producers are triying the normalising abnormal and disgusting relationships. The man is married one sister, but he is cheating the wife with younger one . And till yesterday three of them were living in the same house. What the hell! Surely they are trying to damage family values and ofcourse social values either

  11. Tejo character is irritating me right now. she still stuck at her past. always fateh, fateh fateh..in fact that guy never made her happy during their married life. in reality, ónce your partner caught red handed having marital affair, the wife will leaving him. forgive not forget, not accept back because the EMA was happen with wife’s sister. fateh is really real culprit. because he played with 2 hearts of sisters. their sister bonding broken because of fateh

    1. I call it he ruined sisters bound and ruins the family too udaariyaan is now 15-16min 7 minutes for remembering 3 minutes for feeling each other presence 4min for jasmine and her gang irritating faces and 3 minutes for angad this remembering thing started since 4 months ago they don’t even have a what to remember again other than dream which was not real become their precious memory 😂😂 whenever both of them remember tejo dream I die 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @Teddy, I can’t stop laughing when they show Tejo’s red saree imagination as a memory of them like how the hell can Fateh remember something that isn’t even real😂😂
      I would love to have this magic, where I put my dreams as memories of someone else like to a boyfriend I never had and that he should remember me as his lost love 😂
      You’re so right with the minutes, every episode till now is the same, no progressing 😂
      Honestly, I just come back for everyone’s comments 😜

  12. @ renu 😂😂 right

  13. Why did I even read this update… more of the same nonsensical crap. Tejo deserves Fateh, she deserves a worthless moron. Angad deserves better than Tejo. Hope Angad gets Riya’s custody and goes away from Virks and Sandhu’s to London. Let Jasmine kill Fateh abs Tejo then die of gangrene herself

    1. You’re right. Idk why but Tejo irritates me nowadays. Like she says something and speaks so highly and boldly but does the opposite of this. Like she says, she’ll move on and bla bla but the only thing she’s doing is remembering Fateh. Yes, moving on needs time but I feel like she will never move on. She’ll accept Fateh, which tells us, she’s no sherni at all but the same sacrificial, too much talking but not doing anything kind of girl in every Indian tv show🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. @SL that sherni tag was false. She’s always been like this. Can see it in her behaviour with Riya who literally gets violent, now we know why gangrene Jas is so spoilt. She’s always covering for people and hiding their faults. She’s a doormat. The only Sherni was Mauli

    3. Yeah! Agree Jade. My sentiments as well.

  14. Snowflake

    Fun fact- The girl who won miss Universe 2021 recently, acted in a episode in udaariyaan!
    Dil you’ll know?

    1. Probably in initial episode of chandigarh ball

    2. Snowflake

      Her name is Harnaaz Sandhu

  15. Snowflake

    I’m not even reading the update!
    I’ve gotten so bored of this and I can literally predict that once again Fatejo hit n miss tool place. Ugh🙄

  16. You know our dad banne us from watching indian series on TV 🤣🤣 we secretly watch on our phones now when they said zee world extraordinary everyday my dad said zee world extrastupidity everyday he like I can’t teach my daughters such kind of relationships as love where women are being treated without respect throw them out of their homes like trash and tell them to go fight for their right what happens to men fighting for women right no one will disrespect you where you have right in my mind I was like did you think any woman would probably allow herself to be insulted without standing on her feet this 2021?

    1. @rachel your dad sounds like my mum watching twist of fate when pragya searching for abhishek for 2 years my was can I borrowed them my eyes😡😡 and when pragya lost her memory my mom said I know it if there is no memory lost in India series then it not proudly sponsored by extraordinary everyday 🤣🤣🤣 we end up quiting the show

  17. I still read the updates only to know the angad’s past. But i think it wont happen in this year/ birth😂
    Im not interested in others even thejo sometimes 🙄(only except when she is with ria n angad). Seriously now i get angry for thejo n fateh more than jasmine when they are thinking about each other, specially fateh😠
    Does any one in real life behave in the way thejo n fateh behaving after such incident?? I think NO🤔
    Although this is a drama, makers should write it accordance to real world not as a fairy tale 🤷‍♀️ n they should certainly give the audience a good massage not promote wrong doings..🤨

    1. @pz the way in India series pandit ji always knows their future and destinies 🤣🤣 i don’t think any of them will ever remarried or has broken marriage and the way they describe true love 😂😂 you have to feel what your lover is feeling even if you both are far away gosh 😂😂

    2. 😂😂😂😂 💯true.. they feel each other eventhough they are 100 miles away.. 😂😂😂😂😂

  18. Is there any way to take some action against this show makers for Promoting EMA in this way
    I think there should be censer board or something for giving n restrictions to these shows

    Now all the shows are like ,they will show anything what they wanted ,And Women are shown as too weak in most of the shows and Men are always shows as someone who does mistakes and crime🙄🙄

    It’s like ,women can live only in 2 extends ,Either A mahaan like Tejo or A Vamp Like Jasmin

    She can’t be just a Human who won’t ever be PERFECT 🥲🥲

    AND Men ,will be either Rough and Tough Angry Hero ,Or Coolest Person or a Cheater😒😒

  19. Udaariyaan 14th December 2021 Written Update Arced Fatejo Tejo and Fateh’s constant hits and misses continue. Fateh doesn’t want to think of her. He feels he has no right even on her memories. He limits himself from thinking about her. Tejo always seems to look like she has sighted Fateh, but in vain. Fateh meets Mr. Sharma and returns the wallet to him. Sharma welcomes him. Sharma is really pleased to know that Fateh has come to return the wallet all the way from Gurdaspur. He finds Fateh really trustworthy and offers him something. He asks Fateh does he accept the offer. Fateh nods to him in reply. Tejo visits Sharma, who is known to Angad as well. Angad introduces Tejo as his fiancee.

    Angad is still lying to the world about his fake engagement with Tejo, with only a hope that the fake relationship turns into a real one. Angad wants Tejo in his life. He has already hinted her many times that he would like her to enter his life and family, but Tejo isn’t able to move on by forgetting Fateh. Tejo feels Fateh is around. She looks for him, and finally gets to see him again, while he is talking to Sharma. Will Fateh and Tejo meet this time? How long will their re-meet get delayed? Keep reading.

    Earlier in the show, Jasmin gets the details of her new client. She gets the picture and finds Angad in the background. She finally tracks Angad’s location and tells that Tejo will also be with Angad. She is sure to find out Fateh as well. She thinks her revenge will be soon fulfilled. Later, Tejo and Fateh have a hit and a miss in the market. Fateh also feels her presence, just like she does, but they don’t see each other. They both head for Rampur to meet Sharma.

  20. Useless show

  21. I have quit watching this show, enough of jasmine, enough of non sense , atleast in 2022 please try to be practical.

  22. I can’t believe how many people quit already 😒😒 I think I’m the next to quit even on YouTube they are losing viewers by this time around if you check it has like 700k views or more but now they are not up to 400k views 🙄🙄 by next week if there is no improvement then I’m done

  23. They keep crashing everyone dreams

    1) Canada is jasmine dreams which has been crashed

    2)jasmine is fateh dreams its has been crashed too

    3)fateh is tejo dreams its has been crashed too

    4)Virks dreams are tejo and fateh together it’s has been crashed too

    5) sadhus dreams their daughters to love each other like every other parents it’s also been crashed

    6) now angad dreams are at stake 😅😅 before we know his own dreams will be crashed too

    I think by then some of us will bid our good bye

    The producers should be called dreams crashers 🙄🙄

    1. But initially Tejo’s dream was always about living in Punjab, so that was fulfilled, right? And she wanted her family happy, that dream didn’t happen. I’m not sure if Fateh was her dream or not….
      But yes, you’re right but I would say Sandhu’s dream was Canada. They didn’t know they created a vamp in trying to fulfill their dreams.

    2. But she never remembered her dreams of living in punjabi all she remembered is fateh in every small thing even in her sleep 🤣🤣

  24. BhataktiAatma

    I have stopped watching the show and now just come here every 2-3 days to see updates. The show has become hella toxic. The makers are trying to portray Fateh as a victim of Jasmin.

    1. Obviously, because the woman is always at fault. Nothing new. It’s just laughable how even the families blame her instead of Fateh – like he can be forgiven and she not? it’s not like she was alone in this. Her crimes are unforgivable but one thing is true, she did this because she wanted him. Her relations broke because of him. She’s hella insecure but knew that he didn’t love her. So he should’ve made it clear from the beginning they started that he didn’t love her. What did he get from his revenge? A psycho?

  25. Snowflake

    So Fateh will get a driver’s job with that Sharma person 🤦
    Now 100+ Fatejo hit n misses guaranteed!

  26. Fateh was not even Tejos love to begin with- and all this sh!t is beoc so Jasmins father , why did he not tell Jasmine the truth that Fateh did not get a job in Canada before the wedding-
    now again hes speaking lies,
    plus they forced Tejo to get married to Fathe for izzaat

    1. That’s the mysterious spice they added to the show with the most implausible, baseless argumentation of Rupy why he couldn’t tell her. Now his punishment is that he created a vamp daughter, who doesn’t think her actions have no consequences and who sells herself, her self – respect and honor for money.
      The izzat thing was the most nonsensical thing I’ve ever heard. There reputation was already tarnished. What they did was dancing on that reputation and stomping on it by marrying Tejo to Fateh.
      Well, in the name of true love Fateh was Tejo’s since their birth. And to emphasize that he remember her imaginations/dreams. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    2. Me I’m waiting from now until next week if there is nothing new then I’m quitting

  27. News entry girl in the show.. Spéculation adithi rathore

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