Udaariyaan 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Jasmin gets jealous of Tejo

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The Episode starts with Tejo arranging Jasmin’s clothes. Jasmin hugs her and says you didn’t teach me anything before. Tejo says you learn everything now, you have to do all the work yourself. Jasmin says Gippy asked us to just enjoy there, I won’t have any work there, spend time with me, stop the work now. Satti asks them to have panjeri with tea. Tejo says I have to go now, I m getting late. Jasmin asks are you not staying back. Tejo says no. Jasmin says stay back, we won’t get a chance again. Satti says I know Sasural family won’t like it, Tejo you can go, what will Fateh think. Tejo says Fateh isn’t such, we are friends, I will talk to him.

Jasmin asks do you need permission in friendship. Tejo says no, but its imp to inform. Satti says yes. Fateh says we got an investor’s confirmation for our academy. Everyone congratulates Fateh. Fateh says credit goes to Tejo, she worked hard, I will show the mail to her. Gurpreet says she went to her Maayka, she doesn’t ask me. Biji says she asked me, her mum had called me, Gurpreet didn’t answer her call. Khushbeer asks Gurpreet to make some sweets, academy will start tomorrow. Fateh gets Tejo’s call. He says you will die old, I was just thinking of you.

Tejo asks were you missing me. He says yes. Jasmin and Satti hear the talks. Tejo says I was thinking to stay here. Fateh says I will come to pick you. She says I will spend some time with Jasmin. He says her marriage isn’t tomorrow, investor has confirmed, come fast, we will discuss the plans, I got habitual to you. Tejo smiles. Fateh says house will feel empty without you, just like my mind. Tejo asks did you really get habitual to me. He says yes, please come, our routine will spoil. Jasmin gets angry. He says I will miss you a lot, will you miss me. Tejo smiles. He says say yes Fateh, I will miss you. Tejo says mum is standing close. Satti smiles. Fateh says just say it, Tejo. Tejo says yes, I will also miss you. Jasmin tears her dupatta in anger.

Fateh says I will miss you, my alarm clock. Tejo asks so shall I stay back here. Fateh says fine, enjoy with family. She thanks him. He ends call. Satti asks Tejo did she talk to Fateh. Tejo nods. Satti says you are happy right, Tejo is staying back. Jasmin says yes, very happy, I wanted this, we will enjoy a lot, I will go to Bebe, she is making kheer for you. She hugs Tejo.

Jasmin goes and talks to her friend. She says I will prove it that things are normal, then Tejo and Fateh will keep coming, Fateh will also be mad for me. Amrik and Mahi talk to Simran. Simran asks for Tejo. Amrik says I can’t accept Tejo as Bhabhi, Jasmin was better, Fateh had love for Jasmin, I don’t think Fateh can love anyone, Jasmin is getting married, she will reach Canada, she had proposed her would be husband in filmi style, Fateh cheated Jasmin and broke her heart, she didn’t cheat him. Mahi fights with Amrik. She says Jasmin is so selfish. Amrik says you don’t know anything. Fateh looks on and shouts shut up. He says don’t take Jasmin’s name in this house, she was my past, Tejo is my future. Tejo spends time with family. Mami taunts Jasmin. She asks what’s going on. Jasmin asks her to do a job in CBI. She goes.

She serves the food to Tejo. Jasmin says I will feed Tejo today. Satti worries. Mami says I can’t understand Jasmin, she is thinking something, it will soon come out. Satti prays. Tejo dances with the family. She thinks of Fateh. Jasmin says I didn’t think that you will forgive me. Tejo says I m very happy today. She misses Fateh. Fateh asks Tejo for his tshirt. He says I really got habitual to her. He calls Tejo. He asks for his blue tshirt. She says I keep all the night suits in the cupboard, blue night suit will come tomorrow, wear anything else. He says I had to wear this. She says don’t behave like kids. He says I have to ask you, I can’t live without you. Tejo asks really. They laugh. Jasmin gets angry. He says come soon tomorrow. Jasmin and Tejo lie down to sleep. They think of Fateh. Jasmin says I really think that I made a big mistake in life by leaving Fateh. Tejo looks at her.

Precap: Fateh video calls to Tejo and says he told her that he won’t be able to eat noodles alone. Jasmin hears it. Tejo goes to Fateh and says let’s eat before anyone wakes up. Jasmin gets jealous seeing them eating together.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. 1. Jasmin is selfishness ki moorat and Amrik is Bewakoofi ki moorat.
    2. Fatejo convo was lovely
    3. Loved it when Fateh says Tejo is my future
    4. Fatejo cant live without each other and are falling in love !!!

  2. I just loveddd today’s episode❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Fateh is the bestest person I have ever seen and I would want to see….and I’m really feeling guilty as there was a time when I misunderstood him a bit….but now I realised it….And I’m loving how it’s shown that ont only one of them but both Fateh and Tejo are coming close to each other step-by-step😍💗
    When Jassu and Satti heard Tejo talking to Fateh and Jassu gave such a reaction…I wanted to say
    #FaTejo rocked Chameli shocked😚🤣
    Nothing more to say about Jasmin…everyone knows she is super selfish…
    And yeah Jasmin only told one thing correct.
    Mami should join CBI😅…but only after Jasmin gets married to Gippy bcoz till then Sandhus need her more than the CBI team😂
    If I were in place of Mahi today…I would have definitely slapped and even punched Amrik…but Fateh gave him the best reply “Jasmin was my past but Tejo is my future💖”
    Today’s ep was in short nice❤️

    1. I am surprised why tejo’s family still pamper Jasmin

  3. And BTW I’m first today😚😀

  4. I heard ppl saying that Fateh is just pretending to move on in front of tejo n jasmine but i don’t think so, he is genuinely trying to move on. Loved fatejo’s convo it was so cute. I don’t want to ruin my mood by talking about chameli n chameli ka chamcha amrik. Virk family is somewhat better than sandhus atleast hey have a bit common sense which sandhus lack no one except mami in that house has any sense.

  5. I think tejo is already in love with fateh but she has not realize it yet. By amrik actions it’s looking like he can go to any extent to separate fatejo Jasmine will easily manipulate amrik n maybe for separating fatejo they both will get married.

    1. She loved him since ages not now it was obvious

    2. @lla yes she have liked him even before their marriage but she did not realize as she never thought fateh in that way. She always wanted someone to love her as fateh used to love jasmine she once said she wants a life partner like fateh. After marriage those feelings r getting strong.

  6. Today’s episode was too good when i was scrolling my insta randomly some insta pages posted today’s episode where only fatejo conversation it was too lovely I’m very excited to watch it on tv🥺❤
    You shld definitely see Jasmine’s reaction of hearing fatejo conversation she deserves that😂
    And fateh’s dialogue my present and future is with tejo wow so cute❤
    Hello anybody there fateh sing virk’s brother amrik has lost his brain if someone finds that pls give it back to him 😂 he definitely needs it
    If i would have mahi place definitely i would have punched amrik she left😂
    In every family there shld be a person lyk mami she deserves to be in CBI she accurately knows moves of jasmine
    Tejo shld bring simran didi back to her home then nly gurpreet will understand her😌

  7. Like Jasmine, me also want fateh comes there and Fatejo feed food each other, spend some quality time in front of Jasmine.

  8. Vijayalakshmi

    Guys I don’t know why bt I think fateh is acting with tejo becoz he know Jasmine also will be der only so he is doing dis all I don’t know I am right or wrong

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Sometime i too think this…

    2. No he is not acting there is not reason why he should act like move on with tejo because jasmine is the who doesn’t want marriage and left hurting him. No one ever want a girl like that again in their life if he wants then he is foolish. Even when amrik and mahi fight over fateh said tejo is his present and future and jasmine is past. He won’t do cheap acting like jasmine

  9. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Seriously Amrik think Fateh cheated Jasmin😱😱😱😱
    2. Why i doubt🤔🤔amrik might get married to jasmin??
    3. Gurpreet want to taunt and speak ill of tejo, just like old time MIL: can’t she see that her son is happy due to tejo🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    4. Atleast Fateh is getting attach to.Tejo👍🏻👍🏻
    5. This is for those who thought that I am not concerned about fateh pain, who commented yesterday:
    I do care as he too suffered heart break, but his behaviour troubles..
    One side he is showing to Tejo that he is moving on and on other side he get jealous seeing Jasmin with Gippy..
    And in all this process he will hurt himself as well as tejo😣😣😣
    fateh should realise his true love and move in life: but until that time he should not hurt tejo..

    1. Shraddha dhi..you think that Amrik will marry Jasmine…
      Here I m sure about it… that he’ll only marry her..😂😂
      I seriously think that he is born without some part of brain or his brain has more than 4 ventricles..😂😂

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      😂😂😂😂 @Aa

  10. Now a view from the west. Not born in Canada. Family migrated to Canada when I was a toddler. Both parents were teachers who settled in Halifax area where even today south east Asians are less than 1% of population. Here is a view from the west from Canadian with east indian roots.
    1) Do not know what a normal family looks in India but by all Canadian standards Virk family is dysfunctional. Son’s fiancee has left him alone at the mandap. The poor guy is shattered and in shock and immediate concern or priority should have been his health and not family political or social status. In a normal family someone would have taken a stand for Fateh’s viewpoint. Dadaji, without any discussion with Dadiji, proposed a compromise alliance. This proposal was first dicussions with Kushbir and Rupy , the 2 fathers. Normal family all the parents and guardians would have been involved. Gurpreet was not in favor of Tejo-Fateh alliance but quietly accepted it for family sake. Huh!! Duh!! It’s your son’s future we are playing with; please 🤓😭😢😠
    2) Fateh’s rejection by Jasmine would be considered 7 on devastated scale but because of the circumstances it felt more like 10. The poor guy has to be commended for going through with his marriage with Tejo. His behavior towards Tejo was an example of how a person, with grief and anger issues will interact with people around him and Tejo was at a wrong place at the wrong time. Tejo should be commended for helping Fateh to survive through a very rough patch and attempting to move on.
    3) Fateh’s love for Jasmine was sincere and her happiness was his top priority. Jasmine never really loved Fateh as he was just a vehicle for her to pursue her true love – Canada. Today while Fateh is making a real effort to move on Jasmine, because of her ego and selfishNess cannot let it happen.
    4) Are Tejo and Fateh in love? A million dollar question. What is love? How do you measure love and what units of measurements to use? How do you express love? If you have answer to even 1 of the questions then you are a better person to answer the main question regarding Fatejo love.

    1. Malayalam Babe

      @Canada Pal, interesting to note your point of view from a Canadian standpoint. Here’s my take. Some families, regardless of the years spent overseas, remain culturally the same, as if they’re still living in India. Their behavior is the same and even though their children are born overseas, they push their Indian mindset on them. It’s rather unfair because the children have no knowledge of their parents’ roots. Some children are able to adjust and some rebel and marry outsiders. Since this family is from Punjab and a close family unit, everyone, that is the elders in the family, have a say on what happens to the children. Fateh could have said no, I do not want to marry Tejo and Tejo could have also said she did not want to marry Fateh. However, they are solid children and decided to save their families from being dishonored and got married. Right away it should have been made clear that it was a marriage of convenience. You can’t expect Fateh and Tejo to be living like a married couple. I’ve said a million times that it’s not easy for Fateh to completely turn off his feelings for Jasmine. And let me also make it clear once more. Fateh who is hurting more. He was in love with Jasmine and he was let down on his wedding day. You can’t expect that Fateh will just stop loving her, never mind how badly she behaves with him. In Tejo’s case, she got married to that fraud because her mother wanted her to do so. She was not in love with him. So her feelings are not the same as Fateh and she can easily get over that. As for falling in love and the question of who will fall in love first? Remember when Fateh was showering his love and gifts on Jasmine, Tejo told Jasmine that she was lucky to have someone like Fateh in her life. She admired him for his loyalty and kindness. She has started to see that in him and this time it is she who is at the receiving end. Any man who shows that feelings towards a girl will immediately have her wonder about him and begin to have some feelings which could gradually turn to love. We all want our guy to love us and show us passion, kindness, sincerity and loyalty. This melts our hearts. Given time, Fateh would have found a soulmate in Tejo. Time. He needed more time. He also needed to stay away from Jasmine. Meeting her is one thing, but having her behave as though she’s in love with Gippy while he’s there, will make Fateh hurt all over again. Look at his flashbacks. Poor guy is being tortured emotionally. He’ll put on a bright smile in front of Tejo and the world, but his heart is broken and his emotional being is again beaten. Tejo should stop being protective over Jasmine and start thinking about Fateh. Fateh comes first in her life now. She sees the pain although he’s pretending that he’s okay, but Fateh is not okay. For all those who think Tejo is the victim here, I totally support Fateh. There is no one Fateh can go to now. It’s not easy to get over a breakup, much less have your your ex girlfriend flaunt her new boyfriend of your face. My sympathies lie with Fateh.

      So what is love, you ask? Love is having someone put his hand on your shoulder and say, “I know how you feel, don’t worry, everything will be okay.” Love is walking outside, holding her hand, no words needed, just a smile. Love is a hug when you see she’s feeling sad. Love is caring, love is being there and knowing just what to say. Love is writing a letter, expressing the words she wants to hear. Tell her you love her. Make her feel important, make her feel needed. Make her feel safe. Put her first before anyone else. Tell her you love her!
      At least, for me that is love.

  11. Today’s episode was fantastic its really nice. Fatejo come closer and I also like conservation of fatejo.Fateh is really nice.I want to slap amrik how can he say that jasmin didn’t cheat fateh he is so so so foolish and fateh said right that jasmine is my past and tejo is my future.I am so so so so so happy that fateh os moving on and love it.

  12. Precap anyone?

    1. Fateh video calls tejo she ask what is he doing at their house to which Fateh reply that he bought maggie jasmine listens to all the convo n get jealous. Tejo opens the door for Fateh n they both sit on stairs n eat Maggie jasmine sees this n gets angry

    2. Is there episode tomorrow or should we wait till Monday ??

    3. They said episodes from monday to Sunday but today precap is mentioned as next week so we too dont have idea about whether we have episode on tomorrow? 🤷‍♀️

  13. Polka_dots🌟

    Hy!! Everyone are either commenting on fatejo friendship ,changing dynamics of their bond and blah blah ppl(jasu,amrik,mummyji)..but the one person who truly rocked here is mamiji she is too good yàar she is seeing ryt through jassu.i am team mamiji for sure 😂💜

    1. Seriously we should appreciate her…she is only one who belongs to i think real life…
      And a person with high IQ to understand the dynamics and who infer the result after seeing the situations precisely…
      And the best thing about her she gave reality check to her..😂😂😂..that slap i can’t get over that slap..,😂

    2. Malayalam Babe

      Me too. That aunty is the gest. I just love her expression when she looks at Jasmine. She is the only one who can set Jasmine straight and I think Jasmine is afraid of her. Did you notice she waited until aunty left the room before she started talking to mother to get Tejo to come help her prepare for the wedding? That sly Jasmine. I hope to see more janjhats with the aunty.

    3. Malayalam Babe

      Sorry. I mean she is the best.

  14. I love Fatejo’s scenes🥰🥰🥰
    Just Wow!!! actually I’ve always admired their bond even b4 marriage, and I am more than hapoy for what I’m seeing now😍♥️I couldnt stop smiling the whole while…

    By the way, who else love the way fateh calls out “tejoo”😜
    And Gippy, he’s nice, carefree, I also love his scenes so far..and his “I like it”
    he’s just cool

    Uff..Priyanka has a cute smile, n notice when she laughs, I like it😜😜😜

    thank you makers for the positivity and some real life scenarios👏👏👏

    Does happen, u get used to one u r living with in harmony…
    And the start of a relationship is not always on love, can be trust, mutual understanding, respect e.t.c

    And it does happen in real life, take something for granted and you realise it’s worth only after it’s gone

  15. Guys, is it fair now to say that Fateh is playing a game to teach a lesson to jasmine? The precap made me think this as Fateh isn’t a character who wod be desperate to meet Tejo like this unless he truly loves her & is aware of his love!!

    1. I also feel the same, looks like he is acting in front of Jasmine
      Hope Tejo doesn’t get hurt with all this.

    2. Same. I like tejo aur fateh Jodi. I just wish that fateh truly gets over that stupid jasmine. Fateh needs to realise that jasmine has never, ever deserved his love. Infact he needs to be grateful he got away from her before his life got truly ruined. He and tejo need to unite and form a strong unbreakable bond.

  16. ShraddhaSharma392

    Precap has made clear that Both Fateh and Jasmin are going to hurt Tejo in there own ways..
    Fateh is trying to make jealous Jasmin to teach her lesson by showing what she lost and Jasmin in jealousy want Fateh by going close to Gippy…
    Sooner or later they both will realise it and will confess truth..
    And in all this process Tejo will fall in love with Fateh and will get severe heart-break when will she come to know the truth😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    Now even if fateh and Jasmin supporters can’t see reality than just wait to see the reality..

    1. Nooooo…fateh dare not break tejoji’s heart oo

    2. I have this feeling too that in between all this, Tejo will have a heart break. May be that heart break would lead to realissation of Fateh about Tejo & his relationship. I have seen some BTS about Jasmine in bridal attire but Im thinking will the wedding really happen. IDeally, if the wedding of Gippy & Jasmine happens, the story will be half over. Anyways all these are just thoughts & Im not opposing JasFa or FaTejo. Eventually all of them should have the needed realisations & no one should be hurt but this is a daily soap so cant expect positive vibes always!!

    3. Yeah.. I also think that tejo will have heartbreak

    4. Malayalam Babe

      Even if Jasmine gets married to Gippy, it won’t be “and they live happily ever after” ending. She will continue to try to break up Tejo’s marriage. Making Fateh hers is her entire life’s mission. There will be more antics.

  17. Today episode damn good talking over the phone fatejo scenes are good how fateh telling that he miss tejo and git habitual to her. Loved it. Many of them are doubting fateh is faking the moving on with tejo to make jasmine jealous. seriously its totally invalid thing
    1.fateh never lied before like tejo .even when he lost canada job he wants to tell it to jasmine out of all them.
    2.fateh was so happy with the job he is doing and his career it seems he really enjoying it unlike before canada job tension. He is so happy when sponsorship deal got okay he credited everything to tejo and tell the good to her first.
    3.when he got call from her his smile said everything.
    4.fateh is not jasmine who do something rashly without care of family members.He respect his family members like tejo he won’t hurt them by doing something that will make his father and family get insult.
    5.he itself smiled and said he got habitual to tejo while searching his T-shirt because they have been spending to much time together like eating, to planning, late night chats they do everything together.
    Once we get habitual to someone we want them daily.
    6.tejo doesn’t loved anyone her new feelings are making her smile and she thinks like her friendship with fateh getting good.its difficult for her realise her love.same goes to fateh when his true love with tejo happens.
    7.fateh made it clear that jasmine is his past and tejo is present and future
    I’m sure he will get hurt by jasmine in future just hope he doesnt get hurt more and overcome his heart break.
    Tejo should be more careful with Janine and should divert her care to fateh rather than psycho jasmine.
    Amrik is just a waste one whose Brain should be left in museum. Precap is also too good

  18. Malayalam Babe

    What do you think of Jasmine telling Tejo that she made a mistake in giving up Fateh? What will Tejo do in light of this admission? Just hope she doesn’t hand over Fateh on a golden platter. She can’t be mahaan stupid, right? And what about Fateh’s bubbly behavior? Some of you say it’s an act he’s putting on and I tend to agree. We saw his reaction during the over the top Jasmine proposal. He can’t be over it in a jiffy. I want Fateh to be happy, not with Jasmine.

    1. @Malayalam Babe jasmine telling tejo that she made mistake leaving fateh have one she doesn’t want tejo to fall in love with fateh because jasmine saw tejo and fateh is moving on. 2nd because by telling it tejo will feel bad if jasmine made tejo believe in future that fateh doesn’t still move on, she will definitely ask tejo let be with fateh. We can just hope tejo think properly before its too late. I actually believe fateh moved on from jasmine. Because yesterday episode he made it clear with amrik. Fateh bubbly act he always done that with tejo first itself because with jasmine he can’t behave like that because she herself a immature one
      He is not jealous with gippy and jasmine. He just by her behaviour and drama he reminces of his love which was now nothing left with bitter memories.he won’t ever go back to jasmine

  19. I am really happy with fatejo scenes, but im just thinking that within few epiosdes or so tejo will regret all her doings now,chameli will snatch everything from her. I just think that fateh and gippy ka plan ho yeh sab bas,in their conversation unhe jasmine ke baare mai pata chal chuka ho,then only some excitement can come. Tejo is really acting stupidly, itne ishaare kar rahi hai jasmine that I want fateh back,still tejo and all r thinking that she wants to amrry gippy…dude aaj kal itna Pagal and bewakoof koi nahi hota,ek baat toh hai ,tejo ko apni behan ke baare mai kuch pata nahi hai and unki maa….yaar guys seriously, is she stupid or what….she saw jasmine anger still she is acting as if there is nothingwrong. Bcoz of these stupid people tejo will suffer and that’s for sure. But mujhe Pehle bura lag raha tha tejo ke liye,ab nahi lag raha hai,bcoz vo aone pair par khud hi kuladi maar rahi hai. She deserves what she will get in future. Hopefully jasmine ka drama ache se wnd ho and fateh tejo ka hi rahe …daya mai kahi tejo apna pati jasmine ko na de de…agar aisa hua then tejo is stupid,nonsense,fool,worst etc etc etc

  20. Earlier this serial really used to be interesting when jasmine was innocent,childish …but ab,har serial ki tarah interest toh nikal hi diya hai makers ne,har serial ki tarah yahan par bhi negativity hi dikhani hai. Really yaar guys,im just fed up now with all this drama that is being shown

  21. It’s good that Jasmine “thinks” that she made a great mistake by leaving fateh, but it’s too late mama, now have some shame and leave him alone, he does not need chaos, tantrums and to be someone’s slave
    🤣🤣🤣Just laughing on her face, poor thing, she did all the moving on drama “to make fateh realise his mistake” what mistake??

    Tejo you cant let those words have an effect on you, and behave foolishly, you wanna move on with ur siz, fine, I forgive u, but make sure it does not hurt fateh in any way, stand with what is right, not selfish sentiments of your arrogant sister

    Fateh is not putting on an act, it is said that whoever brings you the most peace should get the most time…and that’s it,
    Otherwise time will tell

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