Udaan 8th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji coming home and asking about Tejaswini. Girja says she went out with Chakor. Tejaswini cries and apologizes to Bhagya. She promises her that she will never let her go, and whatever she lost in 18 years, she will give her happiness to fulfill that pain, just forgive me once. Bhagya’s dupatta catches fire and Kangan falls from her chair to blow it off. She gets her hand burnt. Chakor goes to get ice. Tejaswini makes Kangan sit on her chair and thanks her.

Kangan says she did what her mum said, that Lord keeps the person alive whom he wishes. She asks her to take care of Bhagya, as she does not talk well. Tejaswini says she does not need to talk, she will get what she wants before she speaks up. She thanks her for the big favor. Tejaswini blesses her. Chakor asks Tejaswini to take Bhagya to haveli.

Everyone wait for Chakor. Chakor comes to them and says she has to prove that she is not cheater and educate everyone. She goes to write the test. The principal says its not ordinary test, they all made questions. Bhaiya ji asks whats Girja saying. Girja is shocked and says Tejaswini came. Tejaswini brings Bhagya home. He is shocked seeing them. Bhagya steps inside the house.

Tejaswini holds her hand and brings Bhagya to him. He gets tensed and speechless. The principal asks about sunrise and sunset. Chakor answers about it sun rotation. Bhaiya ji says I will explain. Tejaswini says you lied to me all these years, you saw me crying for my child, you cheated me, you call me your friend and wife, how can you do this. The principal asks more questions. Chakor answers well and everyone clap. Tejaswini says she will never trust in her life, he is liar and cheater.

He says I will explain, what is she saying, this girl is not her daughter, she is Devi Maa, Laxmi’s avatar, she is just a medium to bring her in the world, her work ended and she does not have any relation with her, we have name and money because of her, she is blessing for us, she is Devi Maa. Tejaswini says your money and name is not more than my love for my daughter, you are selfish man and took my child away from me.

He asks is she calling him selfish, he took the decision for her and family, not for himself, Bhagya is blessing and curse too, if she stays in haveli, all this will be ruined.

Tejaswini says she is not selfish, she loves her daughter and will leave this haveli forever. Bhaiya ji says it will ruin everything if she goes, Devi Maa has to be in temple, see she has come and we are fighting, is she blind. She says yes, I m blind for my daughter, you keep your money, let me go, move from my way. Bhagya stops them and says Maa and Pita.

Tejaswini hugs her and cries. Tejaswini asks him to see she is uniting their relation, she wants mum and dad’s love together, so she does not want to go, now she will stay with me here in our house, it does not mean I have forgiven you. Bhaiya ji says her mind has got nuts, she is not understanding. He says fine and greets Devi Maa. He leaves. Suraj and Ragini come and see Bhagya. Bhagya smiles seeing them.

Tejaswini asks them to meet their elder sister. Bhagya blesses them. Suraj and Ragini leave. Everyone clap for Chakor as she answers right. Lakhan says last question is from Bhaiya ji. Kasturi says what is he doing here, he might have got hard question. The principal asks how did we know time when watch was not invented. Chakor thinks and recalls Ishwar and Aditya talking and a scene of Lucknow. Aditya tells how he made a pencil stand and knowing time by sun shine.

She smiles and tells the answer to him, that time was known by shadow. Everyone clap. Mutti me hawa ke jhoke hai………….. udaan hai…………..plays……. She gets the prize and principal says congrats to pass in test, now everyone knows she was not cheating, she is promoted in 3rd class. Everyone clap. She keeps the prize and says no, I don’t want this, I don’t want to study in school. Everyone is shocked.

Bhaiya ji scolds Chakor and asks why did she tell Tejaswini after her promise. He goes to beat Chakor.

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  1. Good one…….chakor is really superb. ….

  2. Chakor is bright girl I just love her because she is cute and bhaiyaji needs somebody to beat him up And why does ishwar look angry and grumpy

  3. y chakor does not want to study????

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