Udaan 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Suraj avoids Chakor

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Udaan 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor and Vivaan getting lift. She says I m eager to reach home and hug Saanvi. He asks do you want to hug Saanvi or Suraj. She smiles. He says you are lucky, everyone doesn’t get such a family. She says you will also have a family soon. He says no, I tried to settle down and seen it, its my fate. She says all wounds heal with time, I forgot to ask you, what happened between you and Imli, she told me you slipped in coma after the accident. He says she lied, I never met with any accident, she didn’t tell anyone and aborted the child, before I could tell this to you, she fainted me and made this story, she locked me in cupboard for many days, she faked an accident and everyone thought its the reason of my coma, don’t know when did she plan to kill me, I was locked in that room, then you know the rest.

Chakor cries and says who filled so much poison in her heart, she was loving before, how did she become such, she hates me, you, Suraj, villagers and even our parents, she has hurt villagers so much by becoming Imli Devi. He says we will try to stop her dark intentions. She agrees. They reach Aazaadgunj. Tejaswini says Suraj went without informing me. Kasturi says don’t worry, husband and wife have fights, its fine. Tejaswini says I wish everything gets fine between them.

Chakor and Vivaan come home. Chakor kisses Saanvi. Vivaan says we need rest now, we are much tired. Chakor thanks Kasturi for coming and helping Tejaswini. Kasturi says its fine, don’t misunderstand me, tension between husband and wife isn’t good for long, silence isn’t right, sort the issues. Chakor says yes, I will talk to him and give him the news. Kasturi asks her to go. Chakor takes Saanvi with her. Tejaswini goes to tell her that Suraj isn’t at home. Chakor looks for Suraj. She says I have come back, where are you. She feels sorry. Tejaswini comes and says Suraj is in Lucknow with his friend, he will come tomorrow. Chakor asks what, its wrong, Saanvi needs him, I will go and get him. She leaves. Tejaswini runs after her to stop. Chakor says don’t stop me, I will get Suraj back.

Vivaan says I won’t let you go. She says don’t stop me, I want to clean his heart, I want to say what we got to know at ashram. He says don’t go anything in haste, we just got info, not any proof, give some time to Suraj, his heart will change, his annoyance will end. Chakor agrees. Tejaswini thinks Chakor is understanding Vivaan soon. Chakor calls Suraj. Suraj doesn’t answer. She asks Saanvi to sleep. Vivaan comes and asks why didn’t you sleep. She says Saanvi likes to hear lullaby from Suraj. He says fine, I will try to make her sleep. He tells Chakor’s childhood stories. Chakor smiles and says I couldn’t see that hen as bandhua. He says Saanvi slept. She says amazing, she slept hearing you, I will get pillows for her. She goes.

Vivaan answers Suraj’s call and asks him to come home. Chakor comes and takes the phone. She says its not connecting now. Vivaan says he didn’t speak to me, maybe he didn’t like my voice. She says don’t know what happened to Suraj. He says he is annoyed, he will call you soon, take care. He goes. She gets a call and asks Suraj why is he so angry. Imli says so Suraj has left you, its so bad. Chakor gets shocked. Imli asks her to tell everyone that she is alive. Chakor says I won’t tell anyone till I get a proof. Imli says you won’t be able to find me ever. Chakor says you called me as you are scared, once I get you, I will not spare you. She sees a little girl in living room and says Sonu… Sonu says I need to tell something imp.

Its morning, Chakor and Vivaan come somewhere. Vivaan asks what did Sonu tell you. Chakor says Sonu didn’t see Imli, she has seen some woman digging the ground here, Sonu knows everyone here, that woman was Imli. He says we may get something by which we reach Imli. Chakor sees the rose plant. She asks how did rose plant come in silk field. He says yes, its like someone fixed it to have a sign.

Vivaan says we have to start the show, Imli should come. Chakor says she will come, her money is stuck here. Imli comes there. Chakor says don’t try to run away now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. They need to cut down on Chakor-Vivaan scenes and their childhood friendship. People change and grow apart and if one meets their childhood friends after 10 years or so, they usually have nothing in common. Chakor knew Vivaan for 3 years and left when she was 10, they both changed a lot in the following years, they don’t have to be friends, in real life they most likely won’t.
    Why didn’t Chakor record Imli’s call? the only good thing isn’t Imli may become sloppy if she thinks she succeeded in creating problems in Sukor’s life.

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