Udaan 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Imli gets sorrowful

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Udaan 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Bhanu getting the good news. He tells this to Lallan. He scolds Lallan and says I m not a criminal, I m doing crimes for my business, so I have hired Ram Charan, the country is of emotional people, strike the person’s emotions, not person, kill relations and person will die. Chakor and Raghav will be dying without relations, Imli will come to us. Imli is on the way and recalls Chakor’s words. Lata comes. Bhanu asks what will you believe about me if I do bad. Lata says then there must be a reason behind it, person isn’t bad, situation makes him bad, I m sure you are good. He smiles. Imli recalls Anjor on seeing a girl. Bhanu praises Lata and hugs.

Lallan asks why did you hug her for a small thing. Bhanu says she has said a little thing, when she learns that I m a devil, I will tell her that I was helpless, I wanted money, so I killed my father in law. He asks Lallan to free that kidnapped girl. Lallan agrees. Leela gets freed. She returns home. Chakor says we have done a drama to make Imli out so that we can get Leela back, we did what Bhanu wanted, Leela has come back and now Bhanu can’t do anything.

Anjor asks them why did you slap Imli, tell me. Raghav says yes, you are saying right, I made a big mistake, I should have not slapped Imli. Raghav cries. Chakor says he will get Imli back and apologize to her. He says yes, I will get her back. Chakor and Raghav ask people about Imli and look for her everywhere. They don’t get Imli anywhere. Raghav says she would be near the lake, I think she is there, she goes there if she is happy or sad. Chakor says she never told me about it. He says she has told me. They come to the lake and look for Imli. They don’t find Imli.

He recalls Imli. Imli comes to a bar and orders wine. The men stare at her. She gets angry on a man. She recalls Raghav’s slap and gets sad. She drinks wine. Imli says she won’t come in front of me, she is stubborn. He hurts himself in anger. Chakor stops him, he regrets to break Imli’s heart and slap her. He says I didn’t think what she goes through on seeing us together. Imli tells the men about her heartbreak. She does shayari. A man misbehaves. Imli scolds and hurts him. She says I m Imli Devi and breaks a bottle on his head. The man falls down. She says I m in tension, so I left him soon, I warn you all, whoever comes in my way will be killed. She puts money and says get this man treated. Chakor pacifies Raghav. She says I would have done the same, being in your place. She hugs Raghav. Bhanu and his goons come there and surround them. They get shocked.

Bhanu says I had fixed the bomb, it will be blasting in Anjor’s hand. Chakor begs Bhanu. Bhanu says you have to rush and save Anjor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I wanted to see Raghav and Chakor bonding, it’s long overdue but didn’t want it over a worthless character like Imli.

  2. I feel sad seeing Raghav and Chakor’s feelings wasted on Imli. When Rajjo was raped they didn’t spend time showing people feeling sorry for her but Imli gets one slap and we get a whole episode dedicated to her.

    I feared makers would spend a lot of time showing how her feelings got hurt, but instead we got Raghav punishing himself, at least makers know whom viewers want to watch.

    All their efforts are wasted, Imli is a criminal who got away with murder and human trafficking and still kept the money she made from her crimes. This is the woman who used to whip people and kick men down the stairs and who buried a child alive and we are supposed to feel sorry she got slapped.

    About Chakor saying to Raghav never to hit a woman, I’d say never use violence with people weaker than you, but there are people who deserve to be beaten.

    Why did Imli break the bottle on the man’s had, that’s not how a good person would behave and make dresses less revealing.

    1. You wrote perfect. there is overdoing of the leads at the cost of their character for a criminal. pathetic writing to glorify a character which has no remorse. if she was so upset and broken she should have gone to a temple or Daak baba to cry her heart out but going to a bar shop. Whats being told??/

  3. Safiya Hosein

    Why is there still so much focus on Imli?!
    No matter how hard the writers try, no one is going to have any pity for her! So please stop trying to show her as a human.
    Bhanu has everyone running ‘helter skelter’? LOL. No wonder he is having a laugh and enjoying himself.
    I actually enjoyed that slap Raghav gave to Imli. It reminded me of when Suraj slapped her when he found out Anjor was his daughter.

  4. Safiya Hosein

    Worthless episode. It was sickening to see Raghav cry and beat himself up over slapping Imli. What the hell! Her character doesn’t make sense anymore. The writers are over doing it now man! Just stop!
    She never showed remorse while deliberately hurting so many people. And those people still have to live with all that pain and trauma she caused.
    These writers are sending the wrong message.

    Suraj Rajvanshi was killed to bring Imli back?!
    And people need to stop referring her to Imli Devi…she once forced people to call her that. It’s just plain Imli.
    Bhanu is a good villian, use his character to create a good storyline.
    Writers, Chakor is still wearing Suraj’s mangal sutra and sindoor while claiming to love another. It is disrespectful and unethical.

  5. At last raghav and chakor hugged without any disturbances for me that was theither first hug after long time. In previous episodes tothey hugged but imli is there and watching them??????? and in hospital scene there is no privacy between them ???????but yesterday they really nailed it but why is worrying for imli that too hurting himself sooo sad. Slapping a girl is a big crime ok but imli she deserves that slap ????????? I hope they will save anjor without imli s help

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