Udaan 29th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Akash kills Rajjo

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Udaan 29th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jyoti scolding Akash for stabbing her trust and doing injustice with Rajjo. She says Chakor has shouted your truth, but I didn’t believe her, now I will show your true face to Tejaswini. She goes. Akash looks at her. Chakor, Raghav and Rajjo come to police station and see inspector Damodar beating some prisoner. Damodar asks them to get seated. Akash says you want to fail me, fine, police will come and arrest me, what will happen with you, what about our coming baby, world will not let you live, look at Chakor, she is out of haveli and wandering on roads, because she doesn’t have her husband, this world is such, the living of a single woman is tough, you have no one, where will you go, why are you ruining our baby’s life, if you don’t support me, it will be bad for our baby

as well. She goes to Tejaswini.

Tejaswini asks what’s the matter. Jyoti changes the matter and asks if she can eat papaya. Tejaswini says you can have ripen papaya, not raw one. Jyoti says sorry to wake you up at this time. Tejaswini asks her to take care of herself. Akash thinks Jyoti has kept her wife’s duties. He smiles. Damodar asks how did you come here, how can I help you. Chakor and Raghav introduce themselves. Damodar asks what is the matter, did anyone misbehave with you. He starts laughing and says I m kidding. Raghav says Rajjo has faced an incident, we know her culprit now, we want to file a complaint against that man. Damodar asks what happened with her. Chakor says someone has raped her. Damodar gets dirty talking and embarrasses Rajjo. Raghav asks him to file the complaint. Chakor tries to say what happened. Damodar asks her to let Rajjo say, since she is the victim. Rajjo starts saying about the incident. Damodar asks was there no security in your house, do you keep doors and windows open and sleep, why didn’t you beat that man why didn’t you shout at that time, you should have shouted. Raghav and Chakor get angry when Damodar asks cheap questions to Rajjo about the incident.

Raghav objects to his questions. Damodar asks him to sit, he has to know about the case. Rajjo says I don’t remember anything, he had hit me to cupboard, I fell down, he threw me on the bed. Damodar says I knew this, how did you fall over the bed. She says I don’t remember. Damodar insults her. Raghav says enough now, she is raped, you are insulting her a lot, I m respecting your uniform, else I would have beaten up. Damodar throws the tea cup and threatens Raghav. Chakor asks Raghav to calm down.

Rajjo shouts no, and runs out. Chakor and Raghav run after her. Someone drives the car and follows Rajjo. Rajjo gets hit and falls far. Chakor and Raghav get shocked. Damodar comes there. Rajjo gets injured. Raghav shouts Rajjo and runs to her. He asks someone to get water. He says I m here, I won’t let anything happen to her, we need an ambulance. Chakor cries and calls for ambulance. Rajjo dies. Raghav and Chakor get shocked. Raghav shouts Rajjo…. Chakor and Raghav think of Rajjo. Akash is the person driving the car. She signs Damodar. Chakor and Raghav see Akash, and get shocked. Damodar asks constable to send body for post mortem. He asks the people if they have seen the car. He says the case will end, the man who hit her will also get saved. Raghav gets angry. Damodar says I m a police inspector. He threatens Raghav. He says you both can’t do anything against Akash, I will send the dead body to your home, do her final rites. Damodar goes. Raghav sees Chakor and cries.

Imli says I can file complaint against Akash, just allow me once. Chakor says I m allowing you to complaint, swear on this pure fire that you won’t cheat me. Imli swears to get justice for Rajjo. Raghav says now Akash will die.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode but Rajjo’s questioning was hard to watch, that inspector is very cruel.
    It’s a joke making Imli talk about women’s honor and dignity, she was as bad as Rajeshwari Devi and her sons and she didn’t get punished. It’s hypocritical of her.

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