Udaan 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor accepts Karan’s offer

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The Episode starts with Chakor saying I m a mum, my daughter is young, I can’t work for your project. Karan asks then what can you do, so sorry Chakor, I m not able to think clearly, I will talk to lawyers and find any other way to save Suraj, please manage Saanvi, sorry. He goes. Chakor goes to Saanvi. People cry for the lost ones. Kasturi says Suraj thinks good for everyone, he did this for you all, he is innocent. The people doubt on Suraj for making a weak bridge. They all talk about Suraj and have mixed opinions. Chagan and some workers meet Suraj. Suraj apologizes to them. The lady says our trust is not weak that it breaks by one incident, we all know you are innocent. Chagan says yes, we trust you, but some people think you are responsible for this. Suraj says let them believe it, if I m wrong, they will get justice. Imli comes in old Maai get up. She says you are doing a big thing to think for them. Suraj praises Chakor who always thinks for someone else.

Chakor meets Karan. He asks her to think about Suraj, the project will get shut if she doesn’t take the job, if she becomes the project head, everything will be fine. The man says the decision is tough, but you have to decide. Chakor says I will think well and inform you. She goes. Karan pays the lawyers and says you have done a good work. Chakor comes home. Girja says its good you came home, Saanvi got Suraj’s pic, she isn’t leaving it. Chakor asks Saanvi is she missing Suraj. The light goes. Chakor asks what happened. She takes Saanvi in lap. Girja says Suraj used to pay electricity bills, he used to manage everything. Chakor thinks of Karan’s words. Karan waits for her call. Karan gets glad that she agreed. He ends call and laughs. He says I knew you are foolish girl. Suraj gets freed. Suraj asks why are you leaving me.

Inspector says we caught the real culprit, you can go. Suraj asks who is the real culprit. Karan comes and says its me. Chakor comes and asks Suraj not to ask anything. Karan asks Chakor to take Suraj home, Saanvi is waiting. Chakor says Karan did this, he said his lawyer will arrange his bail soon. Suraj says Karan is big hearted. She says I want real culprit to get punished soon. Chakor and Suraj come to hospital and see Pakhi. Chakor says don’t worry, doctor said Pakhi will get fine. Suraj says I know she isn’t well, I fear my dream won’t get fulfilled. Chakor asks him to keep hopes. He says I m not a project head now, is new person appointed. She says yes, someone who knows the village well as you. He asks who. She says your Chakor. He asks why didn’t you tell me, why did you agree. Chakor says I had to agree to Karan to get you freed from lockup. Suraj gets angry.

Karan tells Imli that Suraj has gone mad. Suraj gets angry on Chakor.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. bad story line bad acting please end this serial do not drag it.

  2. Waiting for the Monday episode.sukor fight??

  3. Wt will imli n karan’s next step ????

  4. The villagers reaction is natural, some would support Suraj and some would blame him. The scene where Saanvi was holding Suraj’s picture was very cute.
    Sura’s words to Paakhi were heart touching.
    I didn’t like Karan calling Chakor foolish, also Chakor reaction to the lights going off was disappointing, If she can’t run haveli, how can she manage the project, Chakor has always been independent. The scene was unrealistic, Suraj has been in prison for two days only, the bills aren’t that late that they cut off the electricity.
    I expected a better reason to convince Chakor to return to work and why isn’t she angry that Karan will only help Suraj if she accepts his offer.

  5. Thts why its called Indian drama serials memo Di???

    1. Hahahahahaha ???????
      Anni di

      Oh god I missed quite a lot. Exams coming ?

      Coming to epi.
      I just hope nothing happens to Paakhi. Everyone trust Suraj soo much I couldn’t see him blame himself.
      This Karan and Imli ???????
      Someone do something abt them quick or I feel like I will go n give them a big smack on the face.

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