Udaan 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Suraj suspects Imli

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The Episode starts with Suraj driving angrily. Chakor imagines Suraj and buys bangles. She sees him making her wear bangles and smiles. She sees shopvendor and gets sad. Judaai….plays…. Suraj meets with an accident. Chakor drops the bags and shouts Suraj. Suraj gets down the car and shouts Chakor. Its night, Chakor shows the gifts for everyone. She says I got gifts for you all, Kavya ji life is not same always. Kavya says you should not go out without asking Ranvijay. Chakor says I went to nearby market, have the gift. Ranvijay’s mum says don’t know what will he say. Chakor says I will convince him. Ranvijay comes. Chakor gifts him.

He thanks her and throws the gift. He asks why did you go out without asking me. She asks what’s the need to take permission, I wanted to surprise

everyone by gifts. He shouts what surprise, why did I get you here, for your safety, if you go here and there, how will I protect you.

He sends the family. She says its Dussehra today, I learnt Kavya doesn’t have her husband so I went to get gifts for her. He says my dad died by his carelessness, how can you be sure that your husband will not come, my dad got killed by his best friend, its better to be careful before regretting. He goes to the locked room. Chakor looks on.

Chakor fixes Suraj and her pic. Preeti says this maybe your husband. Chakor says you would be thinking why I m fixing his pic, when I got to know how Kavya’s husband left her and how Ranvijay’s dad left you, I felt people can go but we can keep memories, so I have put Suraj’s pic. She talks about Suraj. Suraj sees Chakor’s pic. He gets angry and asks who got Chakor’s pic here. Girja says I have thrown all the things. He scolds her. He asks her to get clue and fix the picture in his cupboard, it stays shut and he won’t see it. She gets glad and goes. He says I have waited for you a lot. Chakor says you will also talk like this when you fall in love. Chakor hears sound and asks her about it. Preeti says there was no sound. She goes. Chakor hears sound again and goes to tell security guard. She calls guard and says there is someone here. He says there is no one here.

Bhaiya ji sees Imli sitting on his chair and scolds her, asking her to get up. Imli asks why, you said I m your heir. He says I told you this, but you won’t get rights till I m alive, work with me. She says work won’t happen if you just say. He says I do all work on right time, I have to announce this. She says its good thing, Suraj should not know this, if he doubts, don’t know what will happen. Ranjana comes and asks them what are they talking. Imli says how can Suraj turn so badto kill his dad. Ranjana asks were you thinking of Suraj’s madness, can I become part of this.

Bhaiya ji says we were discussing about Vivaan’s illness, don’t know when will he get fine. They leave. Suraj comes and looks on. He asks Ranjana does she also think they are planning something. Ranjana says yes, they changed the topic when I asked, but Bhaiya ji can’t talk to her, as she is Chakor’s sister, Chakor is his enemy. He asks her to keep eyes and ears open, I have to know what planning is going on in haveli.

Its morning, Chakor gets ready. She sees some guy and asks who is there. Suraj sees Imli and hides. Chakor enters the room and goes to hit the guy. He stops her. Suraj follows Imli. Preeti stops Chakor. Chakor asks did he come to meet you, I thought he cme to kill me. The guy says no, I m not any thief. Preeti tells about Eklavya. She asks him to leave before Ranvijay comes. Ranvijay comes there. Preeti worries.

Chakor wishes to talk to Suraj and calls him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Till friday episodes r on for 45 minutes its clear kn does not wanr imli to be his sucessor becoz wen suraj sat on it in previous epsiode kn didnt say anything ranjana turning good now? Toi spoliers r out suraj doubts imli and checks her phone he sees unknown number and calls it to see its chakor suraj is speechless and on friday suraj questions imli for why she hid chakor number from him chakor will tell rj she wants to leave as she believes suraj didnt wanna kill her so kn killed rj dad i think rjknows each and every member of rajvnashi family so he hates all of them chakor fixing suraj pic will be seen by rj so he will find out chakor is DIL of kn and he will go after sukor but i wonder how kn will be affected if rj wanna kill sukor cause he wanted chakor dead anyways i don’t think rj will let chakor go

  2. Girja mosi n suraj ka convo bhut acha lga. Starting of the episode was awsm. Finally suraj babu ne apna mind to dodaya. Hope for the best N fingers crossed.

  3. I think kn will kill ranvijay dad…so he vows to take revenge from kn….

  4. Sukorian

    now it’s getting interesting still not happy but just hope to get back to normal

  5. Entertaining episode. Suraj and Ranjana are doubting Imli. Sukor can’t let go of each other juding by the pictures they kept, KN is responsible for Ranvijay’s father death.

    Hope Chakor calls Suraj’s name on the phone.

  6. Aleya.marzan

    REALLYY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    all r only listening to imli y???????????????
    i wish to kill this imli

  7. I Don’t think it will work bcoz again imli will tell a lie and Suraj like an idiot believe him guys how can a relationship works without any trust sukor should learn to believe and trust themselves it really disgusting to see this kind of track where no believe at all between the characters….hope seeing the negative comments cvs will realise that the track is disturbing the fans and trps r usually decreasing day by day.

  8. Imli is fully literate speaking english saying sorry and now drives too??? imli does not give a crap about vivaan justifying all her doings for him we all know he in coma but sukor suffer everyday whislt she dont give a darn about vivaan or his condition that she put him in ans is dreaming becoming kn hier only hiers r ragini suraj n vivaan?cvs cut out the scene of suraj performing a purification of chakor and girja taking all of chakor dresses and imli smirking i think cvs changed the plot that’s why finally cvs have given suraj a brain as he doubts imli but in olv imli says she convinces suraj and he thinks he is overthinking but the phonecall will change suraj doubt into reailty i feel there is more to rjwhy would he have kn pic in his house if he killed his father? Seeing toi spoliers suraj will confront imli about the phone calling and chakor tells rj she wants togo bk by suraj…i think in 2 weeks time sukor will unite near diwali maybe rj is verycontrol freak and chakor will probz get kavya married to that guy leading rj to kill chakor? Or forcing her to stay and imli will also make an excuse but suraj better not beleive it i really expected suraj to think morw of chakor pregnancy ie thinking its his child knowing chakor consumated with him 1 month ago but instead (im still happy) that suraj wanta to find out what’s going on the haveli its quiet clear if cvs aired suraj drunken purification scene it would have ruined the love sukor r feeling for each other in beginning i also felt sad for sukor they believed imli as she is some1 that they trust but overtime her lies became vile and dragged that any1 would doubt her the cant wait for sukor union vivaan getting better and then sukor vivaan kaustri bhavan all givr imli biggest punishment ever i even want kn to double cross her and blame her for everything if that happens i hope every1 believe him my fantasy (maybe a bit extreme) truth is outkaustri bhavan vivaan and sukor stand in a cricle (cuz she broke thier heart the most)smack her each (chakor pulls her hair evil witch) and they humiliate drag her around the baasti and kick her out of azaadganj after beating shit outof her (ik this wont happeb though?)

  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZdOaoghdYU/?hl=en
    Found the link if wouls be stupid if cvs aired this suraj gets ridof chakor stuff and says imli is the true bahu of thehouse and imli gets happy it wasn’t somthing to be put in if chakor if following her heart and suraj thinking chakor betrayed him finally cvs r showing sukoe following thier heart and suraj having doubt on imli even though she went to mandir and swore on her mom life

    1. This scene was cut, it was supposed to be before Girja showed him Chakor’s photo.

  10. There may be two reasons why Ranvijay is keeping KN’s photo:
    -This was his father’s study room and he kept everything the same.
    – As a reminder of KN’s betrayal so that one day he’ll seek revenge.
    I don’t know why has waited so long to take revenge though. There are spoilers that Ranvijay will want to kill Suraj and that Chakor will find out.
    It’s good they cut the scene where Suraj threw away Chakor’s clothes and purified the room, it was too negative and too over the top.
    Looking forward to Suraj-Paakhi scenes.

    1. I totally agree what were writers thinking looks like the directorcut it out as it was so stupid cuz imli already burnt chakor stuff only thing left of chakor was her diray and suraj also saying imli is the true bahu would make sure look like a fool..i feel thier is more to rj as he is contorl freak cuz every1 has to follow him and allhis famliy members r scared of him i feel rj has put a tracking divice on chakor phone saw a new olv were suraj will confront imli that she is working for kn so obvious she will make a new excuse saying somthing like oh i doubt kn too so i was acting to get info out of him and surah will fall for it again?

  11. Guys an interesting news for the upcoming plot

    1. I think rj knows how each member of rajvnashi family look that’s why with the pic chakor put up he will find out suraj is chakor husband so he will go after both sukor as he hates kn to the core he will wanna kill kn dIL and son if suraj follows imli i want suraj and chakor to meet i dont want imli to goi feel rj will team with imli as imli wants kn money and he sed she will get it once he passes away imli wants chakor dead so she will join hands and will help rj that’s what i feel i think kn will puinsh her once he finds out she double crossed him?

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