Udaan 27th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Tejaswini consoles Chakor

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Udaan 27th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Anjor asking Raghav is he drunk. Raghav says no, I was just having fun, I just wanted to say you should play. Anjor says you should have not drunk wine. Tejaswini says he is apologizing to you, it means he is brave. Anjor asks really. Raghav asks her to hug him tomorrow. He goes. Chakor looks on. Tejaswini asks what’s all this Chakor, I thought all our enemies and problems ended, why did Suraj get drunk this way. Chakor says whatever happened in last few days, this has affected us badly, he won’t repeat this mistake, don’t worry.

Chakor comes to room and sees Raghav. He starts demanding the changes in the room. She asks him to keep his demand lists in his pocket, she didn’t open a hotel for him. She asks what do you think, you proved that you are a big cheat, you

felt bad that I pointed gun at you, you started this and robbed my house, don’t test me, next time I will shoot you. He threatens to tell Suraj’s death news. He says I will tell everyone that I m Suraj’s duplicate. She scolds him for his cheap thinking. He twists her hand. They argue. She hits him. He faints. She cries and goes out. She thinks of Suraj. Rajjo finds Raghav asleep and goes to check. Tejaswini says I will find out what happened to Chakor and Suraj. Leela sees Rajjo going to Suraj’s room.

Tejaswini sees Chakor crying. She gets worried. She consoles Chakor. She says our relation has gone through many phases, you are imp than a daughter for me, I trust you more than Suraj, you can tell me the matter. Chakor cries and hugs her. Tejaswini says how dare Suraj fights with you. She pacifies Chakor and takes her along. Rajjo drags Raghav away and puts him on bed. Her hand gets stuck. She gets worried. Tejaswini gets Chakor to the room. They see Raghav sleeping. Tejaswini asks Suraj why can’t he hear his mum’s voice. She asks Chakor to go to sleep, she will scold Suraj in the morning. She asks Chakor not to come after her. Chakor says yes, I was thinking to sleep with Anjor. Tejaswini asks why. Chakor says I met Anjor after many days, I thought to spend more time with her. Tejaswini says then get Anjor here and sleep. Chakor says no, this can’t happen, she has grown up, she hits us in sleep, Suraj is drunk, Anjor can’t bear this. Tejaswini goes.

Rajjo goes out of room. Leela scolds her and asks for the truth. She asks what were you doing in Suraj’s room. They fight. Anjor asks what are you doing. Chakor says they are showcasing their strengths. She asks Anjor to go and rest. Leela says this girl isn’t right, she wants to become a wall between you and Suraj. Chakor says I will talk to Rajjo. Leela goes. Rajjo says Raghav was lying on the floor, I was putting him on bed. Chakor says no need to say anything. Its morning, Chakor gets ready. Anjor comes to talk. She asks Chakor to apply sindoor tika. She goes to play. Chakor applies sindoor. She gets a shocking call. Someone scolds her for becoming a Suhaagan after her husband’s death.

The man says I have sent the proof of Suraj’s death, you can stop your lie from getting revealed Anjor sees the shocking video and shouts. Chakor cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Anjoor believes everything too easily. Loved Chakor-Teju scene.
    I wonder who’s behind the mystery man is it someone associated with Vikram or a new angle.
    I love VJ’s drunken act but I don’t like Chakor-drunk Raghav scenes, they’re too dark. I prefer when their scenes are light hearted.
    Liked how Raghav stopped and didn’t reveal the truth. I wonder if he really fainted or was this to avoid Chakor hitting him.

  2. I think Rajjo will accidentally reveal the truth, she worries too much.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    Good episode.
    I think it’s someone linked with Vikram. Maybe even the person who Vikram was actually working for; the ‘big guy’ so to speak. Because according to the recap they have proof that Suraj has died. Only someone aware of what happened in the village would know such details.
    Going to be a very interesting story going forward.
    Rajjo is getting too involved and her actions are becoming suspicious to the other persons in the household.
    Outstanding job by our actors as always.

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