Udaan 27th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Imli and Karan join hands

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Udaan 27th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to go home and tell Saanvi that he will come back soon. Imli comes to Karan’s office and checks Aazaadgunj file. She checks the project details and says this route is going towards the temple. Karan comes there and finds the office messed up. He gets alert and takes a gun. He gets a call. He says I told you not to call on this number, bridge has fallen, you got the money, what, say it again, you didn’t make the bridge fall, what, then who did this. Imli says I have done this. He sees her sitting in his chair and gets shocked.

Chakor gets sad thinking about Suraj. She cries. Saanvi stays awake. Imli says now you can make the silk fields and take the gold idol from temple, did I say right, did I miss out anything. Karan says no. He aims gun at her. He says you got to know a lot, sorry you have to die. He finds his gun empty. She shoots beside. He asks are you mad. She shows the bullets and asks why did you get shocked, I have bullets in gun, my aim is also good, shall I show you.

He says no, if you had to kill me, you would have killed me before, what do you want from me. She says you are sensible, I m ready to help you if you help me. He says we will steal idol together, you will get profits too. She says no. He gives her more percentage. She says you keep all the money, just give me one thing, I want to ruin Chakor. He laughs. He says your enmity looks old. She says yes, I can do anything to fail Chakor. He asks what can I do for you, tell me. She says just do as I say, make Chakor the project head. He asks why, Suraj is already out, we can make road anywhere. She says don’t be foolish, villagers won’t let you do anything without Chakor’s permission, convince Chakor, you use words well, go and fool Chakor, then we both will win. He asks how will you win. She says I want to see Chakor on roads. He accepts the deal.

Suraj gets sad and thinks of Karan’s words. Chakor comes to him. She asks aren’t you getting sleep. He says you should be at home. She says I don’t get sleep without you, I miss you. He says I also miss you, you have to get habitual to this, handle everything, take care of Saanvi and home. He says this matter is not too small. She says I know, Karan is finding some way. He says my case is weak, I have nothing to defend myself, its not my mistake, but law doesn’t know this, if I get punished, you have to get haveli on your name, you have to educate Saanvi and make her fearless like you, take care of mum. She cries. He says promise me, you won’t leave Saanvi alone. She promises.

She says nothing will happen to you. He says promise me, my sorrow shouldn’t reach Saanvi. Tujhse judi hai…..plays….Chakor comes home and takes care of Saanvi. Tejaswini asks her to take some rest. Chakor says Saanvi isn’t drinking milk, sorry, I m worried for Suraj. Karan comes to meet her. He says I spoke to my lawyer, I will take the blame of this incident and Suraj will get free, my lawyers will then prove that my suppliers are at fault, Suraj and I will get saved, but there is a problem, media will understand that I saved Suraj, we can’t make him project head again, you have to help me, can you become project head, else this project will get shut. Chakor gets shocked.

Karan tries to convince Chakor. Suraj scolds Chakor and asks do I hold any imp or not, why didn’t you ask me once before deciding this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sukor scene was so emotional, both were on the verge of break down. Why do Sukor believe it’s an accident and no one is behind it? Why can’t Karan’s lawyers prove Suraj innocent without Karan taking the blame?
    They should’ve shown how Imli blew up the bridge, and why she came to Karan’s office. So now Imli is smarter than Karan, she’s a superwoman.
    I was disappointed that they revealed Karan’s offer at the start of the episode, they removed the suspense of the promo.
    I’m not happy that Sukor are unsuspecting victims and Imli-Karan are doing what they please. They need to know their enemies ASAP.

  2. I don’t know why they bought Imli back, she adds nothing to the show and she’s just annoying. Also everyone thinks Imli is dead but surely to be declared dead there has to be forensic evidence so if she supposedly died in the car there would be evidence of remains. I understand the writers take creative licence but they take out all logic ridiculous.
    Also as much as I like Chakor she is partially responsible for the tragedy because she had just met Karan, knows nothing about him, did no research on him and took him at face value.
    I hope this time they get rid of Imli for good and doesn’t drag it in too long.

  3. Safiya Hosein

    Doesn’t anyone respect the Rajvanshi name anymore? Just asking. Shouldn’t Suraj be referred to the malik now? I mean he is not bad like Kamal Narayan but i an sure he still has some sort of authority left.
    And before Suraj and Chakor were always smart thinkers.
    At the start Suraj had doubts about Karan, he should now start putting a few pieces together; such as what does Karan have to lose by having Suraj out of the project or even him being jail? Its obvious he has motive to have such in an interest in the sudden development of the land.
    And Suraj also should have paid attention to when Karan was describing Imli, because they never actually had a funeral ritual for her. Come on!.
    Don’t make Imli and Karan smarter than everyone else.

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