Udaan 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhagya picking red flower. Bhavani smiles and Suraj says he don’t want to fail again. Bhavani says Devi can make him pass if he shows devotion, he will pass with first grades. Ragini keeps her books and says she has not done her school work. Bhavani asks her to take her blessings and see the miracle. Tejaswini asks her to make her get blessings. Bhavani says yes, and thinks the kids will make her lose in these earnings plan. Bhagya recalls Chakor and sees Ragini’s book. Ragini says you have touched it, give it to me, I have to do homework. Bhagya does not leave. Tejaswini asks Raginbi what is she doing. Ragini says she has to do homework. The book falls and they see the homework done. Ragini smiles and says mummy Devi has done miracle, see my homework is done. Tejaswini and Suraj say what and check her book.

Saroj and her husband see this and smile. Bhavani says I did not know Devi can do this miracle and thinks how did this happen. Saroj says she did miracle and tells all the villagers. Bhavani says yes, we all have seen it. Bhaiya ji comes there. Tejaswini says even I have seen it. Chakor and Vivaan look on and think how did this happen. Bhaiya ji asks them to see, Devi Maa gives such grand way. Bhavani asks villagers to say who will big for tomorrow morning’s aarti, and starts with 7000rs. She says miracles don’t happen daily. A man says 7001rs. Chakor is stunned.

Ishwar asks about the new labor. Saroj’s husband comes there and greets Ishwar. Ishwar asks him not to worry, no one will beat them, they all are labor like him, they are equal and shakes hands. They does not see the bandhua stamp on his hand and is stunned. He thinks where did the stamp go. Vivaan asks Baa to tell Ragini that homework was not done by Devi. Baa tells Ragini that Vivaan is right. Ragini says no, I have seen it. Chakor shows her book and her handwriting, and says she has done Ragini’s homework. Ragini checks it and says but dadi, maybe Devi’s handwriting is like Chakor. They laugh. Ragini says it means Bhagya is not Devi. Suraj takes his books to Bhagya. Vivaan asks Chakor to let him go. Baa asks is Suraj good. Chakor says no. Baa asks her to go as Vivaan says. Vivaan asks Suraj not to go temple wearing shoes, Devi will be happy if he goes barefoot and will do all the homework. Suraj asks really? Vivaan says yes. Suraj says thanks, and hugs him. Vivaan and Chakor laugh.

Arjun talks to NGO lady and she says she can’t help in Bhaiya ji’s matter. Bhaiya ji gives money to more people and make them bandhua. Days pass and this goes on. Ishwar sees more labor and does not see any sign on their hands. Ishwar wonders whats happening. Ranjana gives him pics of Bhaiya ji paying them money. Ishwar says its strange, they are becoming bandhua and coming on construction site, and does not have any sign, whats happening there. She says we have one way to know this secret, that I go back to haveli so that I can expose his planning.

Arjun meets Chakor and she says she has seen many people coming and becoming bandhua. Arjun says we have to do what NGO lady said. She says how to make Bhagya run. They see Suraj going to temple and think he will help them in freeing Bhagya. Suraj come to Bhagya and prays that she makes him pass the exam. Bhavani asks him to come daily with chadava. Suraj says please, make me pass. Bhagya holds his hand tightly. She says she is not Devi. Suraj asks what is she doing. She says Didi. He recalls Tejaswini’s words. He says she is Devi, not Didi. Bhavani pushes Bhagya and asks Suraj not to worry, she means she will do your work and sends him home. Chakor and Vivaan fool Suraj and ask him to take his exam sheet to Bhagya to make her write his exam. Suraj thinks.

Suraj plans to take Bhagya to school to make her write his exam. Chakor, Arjun and Vivaan hide and look on.

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