Udaan 26th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor leaves the haveli

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Udaan 26th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor recalling Akash’s words. She says I won’t let my family become a hurdle for me. She goes. Imli drinks the tea. Raghav says you are really Devi, I mean you know criminals well, tell me what’s Chakor’s future, can she convince her mum in law. She says no, don’t you regret, why are you seeing me with love, tell me what’s going on in your mind. He says I m fan of your amazing thinking, if you used your mind in good things, you could have been something else today. She says I didn’t get what I wanted, if I get you, I can come on right track. He asks me? She says yes, Suraj’s lookalike.

He says Suraj was Chakor’s husband. She says you aren’t Suraj, you are just his lookalike, the world won’t taunt me for trapping sister’s husband. He goes away. She

smiles. Tejaswini says FIR shouldn’t be filed, minister will not do anything if he wants the seat. She says Akash, Chakor can’t do anything until I m here. Chakor comes home and claps. Tejaswini warns her and says if you want to stay in this house, you have to end your fight against Akash.

Chakor says how did your heart get wrong about me, I have seen Akash’s truth, why don’t you believe me, you are wrong to think that I will spare him, I will not spare him at any cost. Tejaswini says fine, it means you took a decision. Raghav and Rajjo come. Raghav says I have also taken a decision, you have gone mad. Imli thinks of Chakor. She keeps her pic. She scolds the workers and gets the house cleaned. The man asks why do you want to stay here in this old house. Imli says this is heaven for me, I regret on my doings so I have come here to stay. She asks the men to arrange the things. She says Chakor will get Raghav, Rajjo and Anjor here, I have to make arrangements for them. Raghav argues with Tejaswini. Chakor stops her.

Tejaswini blames her and asks her to decide, end the fight against Akash and oust Raghav, else she will have to leave the house. Rajjo says don’t do this, I will try to explain Chakor. Chakor goes upstairs to Anjor. She recalls everything and cries. Anjor hugs her and asks why are you crying. Chakor says you are my daughter, what if I say that I have hidden something from you, would you keep courage to hear it. Anjor says yes. Tejaswini says my good wishes are with you Rajjo, I will try to get justice for you, explain Chakor so that Chakor doesn’t get troubled. Raghav angrily scolds Tejaswini. He says Rajjo is my sister, none can snatch my right, I will get her justice. He asks Rajjo to come, if Chakor supports Rajjo, Tejaswini will not leave her. Chakor stops them. She comes with her packed bags and Anjor. Raghav gets shocked.

Chakor says I will get justice for Rajjo, even if I have to leave this house. Tejaswini says it won’t be easy. Chakor says yes, I know, but I have promised Suraj that I won’t let anything wrong happen here. She asks Akash to be ready to bear punishment. Tejaswini says Anjor will be with me. Chakor says a sinner is living here, I can’t leave Anjor here. Jyoti argues. Akash asks her to forget it. He says forget it, Tejaswini is facing much sorrow, Suraj is also dead. Anjor gets shocked. Everyone looks at Akash.

Raghav asks Imli to apologize to Chakor with love. Imli smiles and holds his hand. He says don’t flirt with me. She asks why, are you of someone else. Anjor calls him Raghav daddy and says you stay as Suraj or Raghav, you are my daddy. He nods. Chakor looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. It seems like imli doing all these to make Raghav fall in love with Chakor.No one will accept Raghav-chakor pair unless they show Raghav is Suraj.I’m missing Sukor and Suraj so much.Still couldn’t understand why the hell they brought imli back.she is not needed for the track.Everything seems forced just to give more SS to imli.

  2. Overall a good episode although I hate how Imli knows everything and Teju-Chakor scene was the same as yesterday, ditto Raghav saying Rajjo is his sister.
    I wish makers didn’t kill Rajjo and showed her rebuilding her life with the help of Chakor’s NGO.
    Seems Imli will turn against Chakor when Raghav chooses Chakor over Imli. It would’ve been better if a new character was introduced because Imli’s reaction is predictable, everyone knows she’ll backstab Chakor.
    Please more Raghav-Chakor light scenes without Imli.
    I’ve been dying to get some relief from drama overdose but when I get it it’s an Imli scene, all her scenes are fillers while all Chakor scenes are over dramatic. I wish we got a Chakor monologue about telling Anjor the truth or talking to Rajjo and comforting her.

  3. It’s an insult to justice involving Imli in taking revenge from Akash, she’s worse than him and did more crimes and sold women and girls. And to top it she was never punished.
    It’s laughable how she calls police station her sasural, she only spent six months in jail and spent a night in jail in baby track 2. Chakor spent 5 years in jail and was detained in memory loss track and after the 7 year leap.

    Why doe Raghav call Teju amma even if she isn’t there. I don’t think he’s Suraj but I feel sorry for Raghav, I think he’ll die saving Anjor/Chakor.

    1. Yes I too felt the same

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