Udaan 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor talking to the moon, and saying about her friends who came here to free her, and then how can she punish them. Vivaan looks at the moon and is upset. She sees Vivaan and calls him. He stops and she talks. Ranjana calls Vivaan and he leaves. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini look at Chakor. He tells Chakor that she won’t get any answers here about Ishwar. He says meet Ishwar, come with me. Chakor smiles. He says the answers are waiting for you there. They sit in the car. Chakor says I can’t sit in your car, you leave in the car and I will run after you car, I can run really fast without slippers. Tejaswini says wear slippers and sit in the car. Bhaiya ji says yes, else Ishwar will be annoyed, sit fast.

Chakor thinks did Lord change them, they are showing pity on her. Ishwar and Abha talk about Chakor. Bhaiya ji comes there. Ishwar says why did he come here. The inspector runs to welcome Bhaiya ji. He greets him. They get inside the police station. Bhaiya ji sees Ishwar. Chakor meets Ishwar, Abha and Aditya and smiles. Abha hugs her. Abha asks is she fine. Chakor says I m fine. Bhaiya ji tells her about Ishwar in jail. Chakor runs to Ishwar and sees the lock. She asks why is he in cage, come out. She asks Abha. She says bring him out, else I will break this cage. The inspector scolds her. Tejaswini says let her try. Bhaiya ji says it can’t break easily and laughs.

He says your mum and dad have complaint against Ishwar. Chakor says what? Bhaiya ji says yes and shows the legal document. She is shocked. Ishwar says no Chakor, don’t trust them, why will your parents do this, they are not like him. Abha says they have taken their stamps by forcing them. Chakor says yes, I know they can’t do this, they regard Ishwar as Lord, can anyone put Lord in jail. Ishwar smiles and asks Bhaiya ji to understand. Bhaiya ji says I understand it very well.

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He says I don’t care if you become Lord, you always forget and I remind you that this area is mine, it happens what I say. The inspector says yes. Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that he has made Ishwar arrested, like he has caged her. He says he will be here, till I want, till he apologizes to me. Chakor holds his feet and asks him to leave her Lord/Ishwar. She says I will do what you say, but leave my Mausa ji. Ishwar says you don’t worry, no need to hold his feet. Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to leave Ishwar. Ishwar says nothing will happen to me. Abha asks Chakor to listen to them.

Bhaiya ji asks will she do what he says. Chakor says yes, and folds hands. Ishwar asks her not to do what Bhaiya ji says. Bhaiya ji laughs. He says don’t worry Lord, you will be free now, thank Chakor. Tejaswini asks Chakor to meet them for the final time, maybe she won’t meet them again. They leave. Ishwar and Abha ask Chakor to listen to them. Chakor leaves. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai…………..plays………………..

Chakor comes out, and sees Bhaiya ji. He asks her to come after the car running. The car leaves. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji smile, as she runs after their car. Bhaiya ji says I have seen love in her eyes for her Lord, and she can run even till Lucknow for him. Ishwar and Abha cry that Chakor will have to pay a big price for us, don’t know what they will do, she can do anything. He asks Abha to meet Chakor’s parents and tell them everything, if Bhaiya ji makes Chakor do any wrong thing, they can save her. Abha says fine, and leaves. Ishwar asks Aditya to talk to Vivaan and find out what Bhaiya ji is planning. Ishwar prays to Lord for Chakor.

Chakor sees the car going very ahead and takes the rough way shortcut. She removes her slippers and holds it. She runs after them. Udaan hai…………..plays………………… Bhaiya and Tejaswini reach the haveli, and Chakor comes running. They see her and smile. Tejaswini smiles and says you were right, this girl will not think to go anywhere to save her Lord. Chakor removes the thorn from her feet and throws it. She touches her face and it becomes her tilak, and she smiles. Bhaiya ji looks on.

Bhaiya ji does a deal with Chakor. He asks her to choose any one from two things, do you want to keep Ishwar alive or your education? Chakor looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh so sad Wat will the kid do now

  2. OMG a what will she say now.
    I think she will choose Ishwar.
    But what about her education???
    Feel sorry for her.

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