Udaan 23rd December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj looking for Chakor in village. He says where did Chakor go, maybe she went to her parents house. Kasturi says no, Chakor is not here, whats the matter. Suraj says Chakor said she will take retirement from sports world and never run now. Tejaswini asks what, I know Bhaiya ji forced her to do so, you run away, else he will not leave you. He says calm down, I m going to find Chakor. Kasturi prays for Chakor. Bhuvan says what, I did not see Chakor, this is bad news about her retirement, its going to get dark, I will find her. Suraj says I will find outside the city. Vivaan calls Suraj and asks about Chakor, fine when you know anything, call me. He also worries and wishes Chakor is fine.

A man threatens Pooja and asks for money. Pooja says I will give you, but leave from here. The man hurts her. Vivaan gets angry and saves Pooja. He asks guard to kick out that man. He asks the staff to do their work. Pooja apologizes and cries. Suraj says where did you go Chakor. He sees Chakor sitting at the shade and crying. She recalls her retirement announcement. He thinks to leave her alone this time. He sits away. She thinks my fame was my power, now I can’t do anything for myself, villagers and Suraj, my fame is gone, Bhaiya ji has won, he finished me, he has cut my wings forever. She cries. Suraj recalls Bhaiya ji’s words and thinks what did he think for me, whatever it is, I m ready.

He goes to Chakor and thinks I have more sorrow that I can’t share your sorrow, I will not let you go away from my sight, if I can’t walk with you. He walks behind her. Udaan hai…… plays….. Chakor reaches the village and cries hugging Kasturi. She says I can never run now. Everyone feel sad. Suraj looks on. Chakor says I can’t take part in any race. Suraj says Kasturi and Bhuvan will support her, Chakor will be fine here, I will leave silently. He leaves. Tejaswini sees him going. Chakor says I lost everything, I can’t protect villagers and anyone, all my dreams broke, Bhaiya ji won, I lost. Bhuvan says we all were worried here, where did you go. Tejaswini says I was worried for you, even Suraj was worried, he came here to ask if you are fine. Chakor asks Suraj, where is he, why did you let him go, did he go haveli, he is not safe, why did you let him go there, his life is in risk.

Suraj steps inside haveli and says this story started with me and will end on me, I will not let innocent people bear tortures. He opens the door and sees the time 8pm. The net falls on him. Suraj gets trapped and shouts who is it. Bhaiya ji’s goons catch Suraj. Bhaiya ji comes and says you are gone now Suraj, its your story’s end. Chakor worries and says I will go haveli, Suraj will be alone, I have to save his life. Kasturi says try to understand, Bhaiya ji will kill you, you are his big enemy, I will not let you go.

Bhaiya ji taunts Suraj. Suraj asks will you hit on back, remove this net and fight if you are a man. Bhaiya ji jokes. Suraj pushes the goons away. Bhaiya ji tries to hold him. Suraj beats the goons. Bhaiya gets a stick and beats Suraj. Bhuvan asks how will you save Suraj. Chakor says let me go there. Bhuvan says how can parents send children in danger, you will not go there. Chakor says let me go and cries. Kasturi asks her to understand, now media is not with you, you are alone, you can’t even save yourself, come with me. She locks Chakor at home. Chakor cries. Bhaiya ji asks goons to take Suraj. Imli gets shocked and asks Bhaiya ji to leave Suraj. Bhaiya ji laughs and goes. Imli runs out of the haveli. Kasturi asks everyone to go home now.

Kishor says Suraj tortured us, Bhaiya ji will not leave him as he tried to kill Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini begs to Kasturi to let Chakor go haveli, else that devil will kill my son. Kasturi says you are so selfish, you are asking me to sacrifice my child to save your son, no Chakor will not go anywhere. Imli comes and says Bhaiya ji caught Suraj, he locked Suraj in room. Chakor gets shocked.

Bhaiya ji tells Chakor that he will drag Suraj to village, stop me if you can, I will see your pride breaking and get glad, are you ready for this last game. Chakor looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Chakor is in soo much pain ?even suraj too ?he want to give her some lonely time but still cant leave her and looks her and follow her ?till she went to her parents house chakor too?,was very afraid for suraj as he didnt met her and go to haveli ?and kn locked suraj? and precap,was interesting again,a challenge between bahu and sasur and we all know chakor will win it?

  2. Wow sukor scene ❤ loved how he was searching for her,the moment when he saw chakor was? and it was nice how he controlled himself so that she can get some space and was looking at her
    And his dialogue”hum tumhe apne nazar se dhor nahi hone denge”was fantastic and loved the part when he started following her and BG udaan hai plays..this part was so touching
    Kn ke bachhe..man Karta hai Ki tuje bandua banaye ??
    Loved how Suraj fought with them inspite of being stuck in the net and today Suraj’s voice was at peak stage…kn-Suraj tashan is really interesting to watch and waiting for Monday…..

    Today just loved VJ’s expressions in sukor scene and action in last scene,today VJ’s got a treat to witness his acting skills….VJ❤

  3. I was thinking about sukor!! They havent met for so long tym, suraj still knows where is chakor, nd also knows she ll be fyn with her parents!! Bt chakor, she dint knw any whereabouts of suraj, what she might be going through.. it was clearly seen when tejaswini told about suraj coming there, nd returning back, how she panickd, nd how she was worried!! She needed suraj more than her parents to share the sorrow!! When she said,” ab na hi hum humare kuch kar payenge, na hi bastiwalo k liye, aur na hi suraj!!” Suraj became an integral part of her lyf..
    Nd suraj saying,”hum sath nhi chal sakte par tumko akele bhi nhi chod sakte” too good!!
    U knw, i never saw tv actors acting with so much emotions.. perfect acting!! Best actors r in this show, i mst say, be it kamalnarayan, ragini, chakor, suraj, kasturi, tejaswini nd imli!!!
    Love to see sukor together..
    Always a sukorian <3

  4. Suraj changed so much yaar!!! Previously he never thought about others, now he s thinking of chakor nd other villagers!! All thanks to chakor, to bring out the human out of suraj, the lovely person was hidden inside, which came out because of chakor!!! Plzzz never separate them, bring twists nd turns, bt dnt separate them.. make it unique, show the faith which they both have on each other.. separation track is boring nd is very common, bt a trustworthy track is nil!! So writers plzz never separate them, its a hearty request!!!

  5. Udaan My Fav Serial In Hindi.

  6. I am a silent reader of this page bt I luv sukor very much n hello to all.

  7. today episode is very emotional!!! can’t able to see chakor like this.
    the way suraj searched in whole village with more pain in his eyes and sorrow in his face,when he see her he get his life back…
    the beautiful scene in today epi!!!is when suraj think he can’t able solve her sorrow,he can’t able to walk by her side but he walk behind her….its really nice scene…
    when she heard that suraj worried for her,she can’t able to stop thinking of suraj….
    kn is torture is started…ufff…we know chakor will win…

    waiting for monday episode!!!

  8. Helloo everyone I am a silent reader of this page bt thought to comment today I loved the episode and luv sukor a lot ?

  9. love you sukor… its very emotional to see sukor in pain.. they really love eachother.. they care eachother..they still cant see eachother in pain.. love suraj verymuch he is a good husband… he didnt disurb chakor and follows chakor still she reach her home.and he is really a brave man.. nd chakor also when she heard about suraj she is really heartbroken.how she begged her mom to free her… its very hearttouching….. Love u sukor waiting for the day when chakor save suraj

  10. suraj u r just awosome ur action,expression& acting i love the epi,how he worried 4 chakor,his dialogue ‘hum tumhare sath nahi chal sakte lekin tumhe akela bhi chchod nahi sakte’ how! romantic.guys r u read the spoiler that kn will knock the suraj in room & challengd chakor 2 find suraj,chakor manages rescue the suraj with the help of vimli &ask suraj to go dubai both have cute nok zok&also have sukor romance that always we want,eagerly waiting 4 that movement…lv u sukor!

  11. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pQyvhDL14tQ
    Guys chagan tells to Suraj what happened with kasturi and Suraj decides to come back….bandua track to start ??

  12. Udan is on 3rd position i hope very soon it’ll be on 1st position like its going on.i love you udan team.please ess se bhi ache track dete rahiye

  13. Bohot dino ke bad suraj ka stylish wala bg music sunne ko mila.Chakor cares for suraj more than her life.But i have a question where is chiku and his toli.They should save suraj. ….

  14. hey when will suraj return from duwai

  15. guys so less comments on this page try to comment more and more

  16. Kriti he wont reached dubai and come back after knowing chakor mother got shot by kn

  17. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xNtz5jxnCS4
    Kirti u see this one it says Suraj comes back

  18. oh now suraj will return because he doesn’t want anyone to accept torture for him he don’t want chakor to land in trouble because of him,he can’t see in pain,even her family.???
    he now started care for whole village people…..so bandhuva track suraj will bandhuva and sacrifice for all…??
    can’t see him as bandhuva

    1. Ya Janu he started caring for village on that day itself when he made Ragini to hang on on kn shoulder but these village people are ungrateful,yesterday I angry on Kishore how can he say that who cares for Suraj??can’t they see how he is struggling to fight against kn and even he helped chakor to find about contract papers so that they can get freedom

  19. yes sia you r right all the villagers r ungrateful,even chagan is acting good i think,he is planing big with kn group i think which is seen clearly in today segment,he wanted to know where is suraj,i think he is more dangerous like kn!!!!!,he itself turn villagers again suraj

    1. Ya I too feel something fishy about chagan and it was confirmed for me on that when chakor returned back to village after ban and when Suraj gave his hand to her to take her home , in that scene everyone were smiling except chagan, after today’s segment I even don’t have any doubt,I think his true face will be revealed in bandua track….i don’t get one thing why he is behind sukor??he got beaten up infront of villagers by Ragini and even Ragini made him bandua again I think he fell for Ragini aur kahte hai na pyaar andha hai…shayad?

  20. good to know suraj come back.really super excited

  21. don’t know what will happens when suraj will come at azadganj, how chakor will help suraj & villagers…so much excitement,so much fun…super excites to watch sukor romantic that always we want r8 guys…love u sukor!

  22. hmm true sia,but i think ragini also started to have feelings for chagan,so as chagan but she hides this from everyone and from kn,and for love chagan r behind sukor helping ragini ,he can marry ragini and kn accept him,money everything.
    i think everything ragini made with reason so what i guess…
    we should wait and see,it existing and suspense…
    one think iam sure suraj will surely do anything for chakor and for her happiness,even he sacrifice himself and become bandhuva…chakor will able stop it or don’t no waiting eagerly….

  23. I am also exited to know how Suraj becomes bandua but I want the reason to be chakor.I am imagining that sukor may live in tabaali and do planning against kn…iss chakkar me Hume romance bi dekne KO mileha? but I don’t want Suraj to break down(if happens chakor is there to take care)but to get stronger and teach a good lesson to kn…bcz Suraj has equal takkar and equal tashan with kn

  24. i think now no one can save suraj and he will be a bandhuaa but i think after that sukor will definately do something to stop kn and they will be succeed but they have another villains that are chagan and ragini may be chagan is behind kn money par wo pagal ragini to kbhi bhi sukor par goli chala sakti hai how will they stop that psyco

    1. Ur right angel,Ragini can do anything before kn, I feel that she may betray kn

  25. yeah u right angel even they able to stop kn but chagan is their unidentified enemy which they don’t know he plan again them in their back. i agree with sia.(whatever a twist but want sukor to be together and do anything together).

    one think iam sure if suraj become bandhuva the one who get more hurt and can’t able to tolerate that will be in pain is only chakor……even suraj will not be in pain that much……

    don’t know what twist is writers making…..udaan is the only serial which can’t able to predict any twist by the viewers….,

  26. Tejaswiteju

    Guys any one get the link of new promo ah

  27. i saw the promo is combine of three serials udaan,devanshi,shakthi…
    where it shows of chakor finding suraj,and they escape from kn goons,they argue then chakor hugs suraj(wearing suraj gifted jacket)then suraj leaving in a car and chakor litle upset…

  28. thanks for promo

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