Udaan 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: Chakor suspects Akash

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Udaan 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav checking Rohit, Amit and Akash. Tejaswini stops Raghav and says Akash is the son in law of this house, I can’t let you insult him Akash says let him check, its fine. Raghav checks his leg. Amit starts running. Inspector catches him. Amit says I m not involved in this. Raghav checks his leg and finds the wound. They all get shocked. Amit says I didn’t do anything, believe me. Akash asks how did you get this wound. Amit says you know me, trust me, I didn’t do anything. Chakor says Amit is fine. Raghav says he has the wound. Chakor says we can’t blame him, Amit has no relation with Rajeshwari and Vikram, kidnapper is related to them, Amit is Jyoti’s brother, uncle’s son, he can’t kidnap Anjor, I m sure, I know Amit since long, why will Amit take revenge from us.

Jyoti says Chakor is right. Amit says I got wounded by falling down the bike. Imli says everyone is innocent here, who has kidnapped Anjor.

Anjor gets up and thinks how did I come here. Chakor cries for Anjor. Akash asks her to sit and goes to get water. He walks with difficulty. Raghav says I have beaten that kidnapper a lot. Chakor and Raghav see Akash. Akash gives water and asks Chakor not to take tension. Chakor open tears his kurta and sees wound marks. She says so you are that culprit. Akash says no, I m innocent, I didn’t do anything. Suraj says you are the rapist, you have threatened us, I told you I will break your bones, the day has come. He slaps Akash. Jyoti says Akash is innocent, why are you beating me. Tejaswini makes Raghav away.

Raghav says this man is trying to kill Anjor you are asking me to leave him, I have beaten him a lot in hospital, call Chakor or inspector, these marks on his body are given by me. Inspector says yes, he is right. Akash asks are you done blaming me, I have got upbringing from a good family, I can do anything to help people, I have saved a new bride from attack in the market, so I got these wounds. Raghav says wow, what a story, you think I m a fool. Akash asks him to go and ask the shopkeeper. Inspector asks constable to get those men from market. He asks the men about Akash. The man praises Akash and says he has saved my daughter’s life and got beaten up.

Tejaswini says you all would be happy now. Raghav says no, I don’t believe him. Akash asks how shall I make you believe. Raghav says I want to see your foot. He checks Akash’s foot. Tejaswini says the blame on Akash is proved wrong. Chakor says my doubt can’t end, Akash maybe wrong. Jyoti says enough, Akash is my pride. Tejaswini scolds Chakor. She takes Akash’s side. Imli says no need to listen to anyone, I know you, when you get determined, you can find Anjor, just listen to your heart, you have no time, Anjor needs you. Anjor shouts for help. Chakor says Anjor is nowhere. Imli says maybe she is in haveli. They all try to find Anjor and find storeroom locked. Leela says we didn’t need to lock the room before. Raghav breaks the door. They see Anjor.

Chakor and Raghav hug Anjor. Anjor says I was scared. Chakor asks are you fine, I have come. Anjor sees Imli and gets scared. She asks why did Imli come here. Akash says she has come to kill you, she has done a lot before, she is framing me to break the family. Imli says you are trapped, this time you won’t get saved. Jyoti says I trust my husband, I will never believe him wrong. Tejaswini says yes, its Imli’s fault, inspector arrest her. Inspector says we can’t arrest her without proof. Rohit says I m the proof, like you all know, Imli has given me money and took information about this family. Imli says fine, if you all think so, then arrest me. She goes with police and cries. Chakor looks on. Chakor asks Anjor to go with Leela, she will come in some time. Chakor stops Raghav and asks where are you going, I need you, Anjor needs you, come home. Some people kidnap them and out them in the car.

No Precap

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Imli will be definitely out of jail soon.she will be proved innocent and will stay in haveli.why so much importance to Imli…still now no info about Suraj.
    Trp will increase if and only if they bring Suraj and focus on Sukor.
    The rival shows of udaan are undergoing major changes in the plot to attract viewers whereas in Udaan always Kidnap kidnap kidnap…….

  2. I think the kidnapping is just for tomorrow’s IMMJ’s special episode.
    Ruling out Amit just because he isn’t RD’s son is wrong, maybe the blackmailer is lying when he says he’s RD’s son. The only established fact is that the culprit has connection to haveli.
    Poor Raghav, he had to touch so many hairy feet ???
    Does this mean the three men are working together? Like Rohit’s move, betraying Imli and supporting Akash, so badass.
    So far Imli’s return wasn’t needed, the story could’ve worked without her and the blame could be put on an outsider, afterall Imli doesn’t live in haveli now.
    I wish there is more focus on Chakor-Raghav, this week was a let down, I only liked Tuesday’s episode. The party was good but I would’ve preferred a longer Sukor flashback and Sukor dance (flashback or dream).
    Please decrease Imli’s ss.

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