Udaan 21st December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji getting Ragini to room. Suraj and Imli hide. Bhaiya ji asks why are you angry. Ragini asks what are you doing with Suraj, what do you want. Bhaiya ji says calm down, your anger will burn you. Suraj thinks to leave and signs Imli. They leave. Bhaiya ji tells his plan to do drama of helping Chakor, I will not leave Chakor, she will die this evening. Ragini says I m waiting for the evening. Power goes. Chakor goes downstairs and calls out Imli, Suraj and others. She sees someone coming and asks who is there. Imli, Vivaan and Suraj come with knife and cake. They all say surprise. The lights come. Chakor sees everyone and her parents. She smiles by the surprise decorations and arrangement.

She hugs Kasturi and Bhuvan. Kasturi says we were sure you can’t do anything wrong. Bhuvan blesses her. Chakor hugs Imli. Imli says Suraj and Vivaan did all this. Vivaan says no, Suraj did everything, I just helped him. Chakor asks but why. Suraj says you got your wings back, you can fly, you can take part in races. She says so you called my parents here. He says you can win many races and earn name now, your wings can never get cut, Chakor has to take flight, even small party is necessary, come cut cake. Chakor thanks him. She cuts cake and feeds everyone. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai….plays……

Imli says Suraj, my sister is happy because of you. Suraj says she is your sister later, she is my wife first. They all smile. Chakor sees Suraj. Suraj says I have a gift for you. She says this was not needed. He asks her to see it. Chakor opens the gift. She sees a jacket. Suraj says I made this on special order, you will wear this when you go on practice. She smiles and says how will that guy make jacket for girls. He asks did you not like this. She says its too big, how will I wear this. He says so you did not like this, I thought you will like it. Chakor and everyone laugh. Suraj says its fine, you atleast got a smile on face, its enough for me.

Bhaiya ji, Ranjana and Ragini come. Bhaiya ji claps and says you guys are celebrating, oh Bhuvan and Kasturi are also here, its right time to say. Chakor I told media, I was right, the truth is you took drugs. Chakor says I did not take drugs before any race. He says yes, I gave you drugs when you were leaving for race. FB shows Bhaiya ji sending Bijli to get water for him. He adds drugs in the juice glass kept for Chakor. Bijli gets water for him. He asks her to take juice for Chakor. Bijli takes that glass and goes. FB ends.

Chakor and everyone get shocked. Suraj gets angry. Chakor stops him. Bhaiya ji calls him wife’s puppet and asks him to control anger. Suraj asks what do you want, why did you clear blame on her name. Bhaiya ji says the reason is there, you should praise my smartness, I will get permanent ban on Chakor and I cleared my name. Suraj gets angry. Chakor reminds he told media about the right report. He says fine, I will call media conference, you have to announce that you are taking retirement from marathon race. They get shocked.

Chakor says no one can stop me from running, I will not be scared, don’t think so, I will not make any such announcement, I think you got mad. Ragini asks her to talk with manners. Bhaiya ji says Chakor if you don’t do this, I have your original blood report, I will tell world that you fooled world and even me, I will get sympathy and you will lose name, it can be police case also. She thinks does he really mean to do so. He asks her to take retirement. She says I m innocent, I did not change any reports.

Suraj says don’t threaten us. Bhaiya ji says fine, I will say I support truth always, when I got to know Chakor takes drugs, I m showing original reports, I will ask them to take tests again, I gave you that drug, it was of high dose, it will be in your blood even now, what will you do now. She gets shocked. He asks her to decide, defamation or retirement. He bursts a balloon and smiles.

He says Chakor’s fate is like this balloon, it can burst anytime. Suraj says stop your nonsense, you are playing game with Chakor, enough now, I will not leave you, I will kill you. They all ask Suraj to leave him. Suraj holds Bhaiya ji’s neck. Chakor shouts leave him, else I will call media and announce retirement. Suraj leaves him and looks at Chakor.

Suraj asks Chakor not to see his face, but check the papers once, you will take retirement, its good way for you. She says Bhaiya ji will kill you if I leave sports world. He says its time to think for yourself, not me.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Finally exam’s ended love u sukor but I did not missed any episode

  2. Nice epi and specially chakor cake cutting celebration and how suraj said she is my dharampatni first ???and then feel ambracced and shy ?love it?and than he holded kn neck hehehe waiting for tomo epi where are this weaks spoiler ??

  3. Nice episode and first part was awesome,loved how Suraj says to imli she is first my wife and then your sister ?and at party times every hubby gives a saree to his wife lekin hamare Suraj babu Ki Rasta hi alag hai?…loved how he gifted her the jacket especially the tag”Always a winner”and precap was superb….can’t wait for tomorrow ?

    I would be wonderful if anyone recorded this kn blackmailing and gave it to media

  4. Omg, my wife first!!! Awesome!!! Chakor still thinking of suraj, nd now suraj also asking her to think abt herself.. jst fantastic.. nd suraj saying “tumhari behen se pehle meri patni hai wo” ohho, possessive.. love sukor!!! <3

  5. Sia i wonder so many days passed but we didnt watch any video or news in which chakor was wearing that black outfit and that pic where she was in full makeup and jewellry look for a occasion so why was she wearing them??

    1. Angel I think it was her (meera)personal outfit..otherwise they would have shown VJ’s outfits too right and I don’t think any parties are on the way as bandua track is going on start?..i think this is the last party….?

    2. Tejaswiteju

      Sia We can’t image a bandua stamp on Suraj forehead.how it will be happen.?.lets see is it real or not.

    3. Teju I think both were kidding or may be they were talking about that pic on which kn kept stamp on the forehead ?
      And how can VJ agree for that?

  6. its a nice episode!!!suraj suprise for chakor is really superrr!!!!?
    when he talk about chakors freedom wings and udaan that he proves that he is a best husband who wants his wife to fly high….he doesn’t want to lock her,simply he is amazing and better than vivaan…???

    he is more happy than all the memebers even more happy than chakor.when chakor can able to participate again in race.??
    when imli said suraj thanks for making chakor(her sister)happy.suraj said she is first his dharampatni ?is a best scene,he did everything for his wife as a best husband who want to see his wife happy ❤????.

    when suraj gave gift to chakor and that jacket…but his gift is unique..but he didn’t get angry when she said its big but he felt little upset…but turned into happiness when chakor smiled.???
    (but chakor didn’t tell him she like that jacket or not to him)??

    kn,ragini,ranjana really getting on my nerves.??i evil plan r ahead of chakor.??
    but suraj hold kn neck and strangle his throat was a best scene i really like it???(its like punishment when kn strangled chakor neck).??
    suraj didn’t listen to anybody he only heard chakor words and listened to her leaved kn neck,..???

    always sukor should support each other..trust each other..

    precap litle confussing…and exiting i can’t predict any twist in udaan…??

    but whatever twist don’t separate sukor team udaan pls.??

    1. Hy janu, how r u?? Later she will wear dat jacket in one scene

  7. yes angel i also today think about that she wearied that dress with mangalsutra..but why there is detail or news.there is no segment also..can anybody know that pls share it…

  8. Today’s episode was awesome suraj was so much for chakor he just want his wife to fly, he want to see his wife happy, he don’t want to see his wife to bcome typical wife but want see her independent,he just want to fulfill her dream for this he can do any think, he just wanted to give her wing so nice suraj u r the best habby, i must u have changed ,i luved that scene when he said” she is ur sister later, first of all she is my dharampatni”this time he has done for his wife …
    I know his gift unique as usual this time chakor also can’t say easily that she don’t like his gift she feel like he feel bad so she can’t say anything i think suraj ko thoda sa bad feel hua when everyone laughing by seein gift…. After seeing suraj changed behavior i want suraj aka “vijendra” to won any awards i really want i know there is so many nd actor with gud storyline but i want this time vj won any awards i chakor nd suraj won any award as couple if u agree with my words or not reply my msg guys i know u never reply in my msg but i want to know what u think guys byee gud night

    1. Yea ur right vj should win awards cuz he really changed. I love his acting a lot..its awesomeeee.

    2. Yes, VJ has shown different shades of acting. From a ruthless man to a remorseful lover, and now a selfless and caring husband, he portrayed Suraj’s character so well. He is a versatile actor. Thus, he is worthy of a reward.

  9. iam fine trisha.how r u????yes thank u i also saw that later she wear that jacket and hugged suraj..,

    yes r u correct even i want vj to get best actor award and sukor should get best pair award..their acting r amazing
    i also loved the scene when he said that he done this for his wife(he want to see her happy he doesn’t care about what others think)

    precap is bit confusing pls anybody rxplain why he asked not to see his face and check paper to chakor?? what is that paper i know she will announce her volunteer retirement…

    1. I presume that Chakor is still angry with Suraj as he tried to kill KN once more, and he did not reveal KN’s threathening the day before. Hence, she refused to see him. The paper may contain speech for retirement elucidating the reason behind it, so that it does not hamper her career. But you never know, udaan is famous for refuting any speculation.
      I like the way they are concerned for each other. She is not scared about termination of her career, she is fearful about Suraj’s life. On the other hand, Suraj doesnot worry about his life. He does not want Chakor to be embarrassed in public and found retirement better option.

    2. You r right subi i also think so he doesn’t care his life,he just want see her happy nd don’t want her to spoil her life nd her reputation for him… I hope janu u understand precape ok janu?sorry joke a part ur real name is janu or something else??

  10. Today’s episode was beyond cute. How Suraj planned her a party and he seemed so excited that she was free of all allegations and would be able to take flight again. He was so cute and happy and smiley All of Sukor’s sweet smile exchanges were just ?. And his gift for her. He seemed so sad that she didn’t like his gift but when she laughed at hoe cute he was ge got all happy again because her happiness is enough for him. Moving on to hoe upset he got a KN at well everything he has done so far to hurt Chakor and ruin hee life. He really has become a good person. He had become very supportive, sweet, caring, considerate, and protective of her. In the precap it’s nice to see that losing her career is as big of a deal to Chakor but rather that this can put Suraj is harms way. However Suraj encourages her to think for herself for once not anyone else. I can’t wait to see how Sukor works through this problem together.

  11. thanks subi.yes chakor is more worried for suraj life more than career .suraj is more worried for chakor career and freedom than his life

    1. And I love this equation Janu
      Suraj ?

  12. I love the warm Heart Suraj but I also love his evil side. I really hope that team udaan will keep these two characters alive in him. I want Suraj and Chakor fly together. Strong and bright individually but shine and unbeatable together. One is a strength for another. So they make one unity that can’t be separated. In the future they will face different problem and resolve it with unpredictable way that viewers never think will happened like that. And of course, the most importand things are they sweet love story, cute moments, hugs and kisses (hehehe), sweet fight, nhock jocks.

    Someday I want to see chakor sink and Suraj come to save her. Hehehe

  13. Hi udan team i’m always talking about your wounderful work.but today i want to make a request guys.i know after reading this commet you’ll make my fun like my family.but i don’t care because i want to do so pleaseeeee guys change sukor’s bedsheet and also that purple cusion covers in (dri. Room).sory to say but six months passed. main kub se kehena cahti thi magar aaj bol rahi. main resty pay udan dekh rahi thi to ek scene main sofe pay vo purple cusion dekha and then in sukor scene i noticed that bed sheet but later in latest episode on colors jab suraj sir kn ji ka gala pakdtain hai to pher se meri najar uss cusion pe ja padi i like that bed sheet but i want you should change that one more thing guys your set is uniqune from other serials i love you udan team and whole actors in this show.sory guys if you hurt by my comment.

  14. thanks sia.there is no new promo for udaan waiting for that…for any spoilers and news because can’t predict any twist in udaan and always thinking about show of what happen next…its best of udaan team making fans creating eagerness in mind

  15. Guys dnt worry there will be no mohar on suraj forhead as we all know kn is a very big coward and if he put mohar on suraj forhead he will be finished as the whole world can see that mohar on his head and than kn will be jailed for making his own son bandhua so for me he will not put that mohar on suraj forhead he can put it on his wrist like others have or may be on some other part of his body like back , soo i dnt think he will do it..

    1. Angel do you think he will let world know that he made his own son a bandua??after post-leap when chakor announced in media about aajadgunj then whole world knew about it and now even chakor announced retairement then how will the world know about it and Ragini is going to make Vivaan’s life also hell(new olv)i only villagers will come to know about it and there will be much embarrassment for sukor and vimli

    2. After making him bandua kn may hide sukor in tabali ? only there is one chance left to save Suraj is Aditya’s entry,he can only leak this matter to whole world??what do you think Angel

    3. I think kn will put the stamp which they shown before the interview scene on Suraj’s wrist…this one is very big even to put on forehead or on wrist or back? (I hated kn on that day as he spoiled Suraj’s handsome potrate by putting that mohar?)

  16. sukor are really cute and how suraj says she is my wife first that part was mindblowing

  17. trisha my real name is janani

  18. I think reason of retirement is Chakor is going to be mother (fake reason) of course

  19. guys udaan’s trp is increased and is in 6th position.here is link


    1. Yeah of course it will be because Ishq ka safar track
      So happy my exams are over,now I can concentrate on my SUKOR

  20. Great epi. Sukor expressions were so cute during 1st part.

  21. Guyz can anyone say what’s this dubai track??? Is he really going to dubai leaving our chakor??? So it means may be he will not being seen in udaan for few episodes n no sukor scenes…. Oh god what is the further updates plz anyone reply????

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