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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Bhaiya how can Vivaan ask you to leave from haveli, I will talk to him. Bhaiya ji says you know me, such warnings don’t affect me, we will do one thing, you and Imli, I will give you time till 8pm, you get money and papers from Vivaan and give me, else I will kill Vivaan. Imli and Suraj get shocked. Bhaiya ji says I will not move back from killing Vivaan. Imli worries and goes to pray to Lord for Vivaan’s safety.

Ranjana comes and gives her saargi for Karwachauth. She says I should not give this as Vivaan is making us leave, but I wish you and Vivaan stay safe, you know Bhaiya does not forgive anyone, Vivaan is immature, you explain him. Imli says I will try. Vivaan comes and hears them. Ranjana asks her to explain well. Vivaan says now there is no time to

understand, you have to go today. Ranjana goes. Vivaan asks why did you not return this. Imli eats food from sargi and says this is sargi, its my first Karwachauth, I can’t do abshagun by returning this, whatever this ritual, I love you a lot, I took this sargi, I will complete my fast.

He says I m surprised seeing you, you used to get gun for little things, and you are lovely innocent wife, why are you worried. She recalls bhaiya ji’s words and says its my first Karwachauth, will you not gift me anything. He says I will give, tell me what do you want. She says we can earn money, we can young and energetic, we can do work, return money to Bhaiya ji, I m scared. He says I m ready to give you anything, but I won’t return him money, we are safe as we have money, you are keeping fast for my long life, I m doing this to save you. Suraj comes and says you will do protection when you are alive, sorry to enter your room like this, Bhaiya ji will kill you. Imli says yes, he told me and Suraj, agree to us.

Vivaan says so this is why you are worried, he said he will leave from haveli tonight, I will not return money to him. He leaves.

Bhaiya ji laughs and tells Ranjana that its Imli and Vivaan’s test. Ranjana says if we have to leave now, I can’t think to celebrate Karwachauth anywhere. He says I m alive because of your Karwachauth, you will celebrate in this haveli. He makes her have sargi food and hugs her.

Chakor is worried. Kasturi says its Karwachauth today, since devil Kamal Narayan came in village, no one did preparations. Chakor says Bhaiya ji did that so that villagers get scared of him, we can’t leave our festivals and celebrations, all women have kept fast, see what I do. Kasturi asks her to have food. Chakor says I have to see about that devil first. Bhuvan says I m going to factory, don’t know what will Bhaiya ji and Ragini make us work today. Chakor gets sargi for Kasturi and surprises her. She says Bhaiya ji thinks we are bandhua, we will show we are not bandhua, we will do puja. She asks Kasturi to distribute it to all women. The lady asks Chakor to keep fast as her divorce did not happen. Chakor says I have to meet lawyer, I have work. She leaves.

Chakor meets lawyer and says I gave you evidence against Bhaiya ji, how did he get free. He says I remember, but he got free, I think its trap that evidence burnt. She asks can’t we do anything. He says no case can run on him again, if you get new proof, we can do something, jailer said Bhaiya ji planned this, but jailer was pressurized to change statement. Chakor says maybe jailer got killed. He says maybe. She asks from which jail was he shifted. He says I can give the details. He tells her.

Suraj cuts the wood. Imli comes there and looks on. She asks him not to get anger on woods, how to explain Vivaan, its danger on him, its my Karwachauth and he is not agreeing. Suraj says Vivaan will listen to Chakor. She says he is not listening to us. He says yes, but he will listen to Chakor, she is his childhood friend. She says fine, I hope he agrees to Chakor. He asks him to send Vivaan to Chakor.

Vivaan meets Chakor and says Imli said you are unwell. She says no, I just slipped, I m fine. He says I was worried. She says we both worried for each other since childhood and always agreed. He says yes, now have food, Kaka told me you did not eat anything since yesterday. She says I won’t eat till Bhaiya ji goes. He says I will make them out of haveli.

She says how can you decide alone. He says if Bhaiya ji stays here, he will make villagers life hell, I m doing right. She says no, Bhaiya ji told Imli and Suraj that if you does not give him money, he will shoot you. He says no, he has no way and has to leave. She says Bhaiya ji did not kill you because…. He says I have his money. She says no, he is playing big game.

Vivaan says no, he will leave with Ranjana. She says we are explaining you and you are not understanding. He says oh, I understand, Imli has sent me for this. Chakor says she is worried for you, its her first Karwachauth, she is not happy, she is afraid. Vivaan says I m afraid for Imli, Suraj made stupid plan, if money goes, there is no guarantee. Imli looks on. Vivaan says Imli is my wife, my family, I don’t need anyone’s advice for my family protection, I m leaving. He leaves. Imli says its Karwachauth fast, every wife prays for husband’s long life, I will pray till Lord answers.

Its night, Imli gets ready and prays for Vivaan. Vivaan comes and smiles seeing her. She says I have many dreams with you, to have a small baby and family, that our life is peaceful, I m scared, will my dreams break, Vivaan agree to me and return money to Bhaiya ji, I will be happy with you any way. He asks her not to worry, nothing will happen to him as she is with him. He says I m sure peace will come in this haveli today, the moon will be of new life, trust Lord. They are called for puja. Imli goes and attends puja. Tejaswini comes but Ragini makes her sit with servants.

Kasturi says Chakor did not keep fast, but she did not eat anything since 2 days. The lady says that’s also fast. Chakor goes. The women do Karwachauth rituals. Vivaan asks Girja to get Bhaiya ji’s bags. Bhaiya ji comes with his men. Suraj and Imli wish they leave silently. Bhaiya ji asks what happened, did you both get money transferred to my account. Bhaiya ji gets angry when Suraj says Vivaan did not agree. Imli asks Bhaiya ji to leave Vivaan. Vivaan says no need to beg, and asks Bhaiya ji to leave. Bhaiya ji slaps Vivaan. Everyone get shocked.

Suraj asks will you return money or shall I shoot. Vivaan says no Suraj, you can’t shoot Imli, she was your love. Suraj says she was my love, now she is my servant, I can do anything with her. He pulls Imli’s sleeve and backstring. Vivaan shouts Suraj, I won’t leave you alive. Imli cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Ek tuu mjhyy yee smjj nii aata yee chakor 2 ,2 dinn tk bhokhi kesy rh letii haa phlyy b ek dafa aisa hi hya ta ge kay chakor nu 2 din sy kuch ni khaya hahaha strange??

    1. Sra series mein kuch bhi mumkin hai….ha ha ha

      1. Haha sii kaha

  2. Boring episode without any sukor scene

  3. just stop this vimli drama please

    1. Yes please hate those VIMLI

  4. Boring no sukor scenes but the way the women said chakor about karwachauth and she made expressions on her face its nice

  5. Promo is disgusting… again imli being the centre of attraction…only chakor is working properly in getting proofs against kamal narayan… vivaan and imli are doing nothing but creating more problems….heard the spoilers that suraj will take chakor to a hotel and unknowingly break her fast…. waiting for that episode…love u sukor…♡♡♡♡

    1. serious vivaan and imli are just creating problem cant wait for Sukor

  6. thanks amena for the update,but plz try to update it fast its just a request,yes obsolutely very boring episode no sukor scens at all,bt waiting for karwachauth episode

  7. I hope suraj episode main chakor ka vrat khole or usse hotel bhi le jaye

    1. Anjane mein sooraj hi chakor ka vrat kholenge…..

  8. thanks for recap

  9. Hate that Imli always being the main attraction but I will be waiting for that karwachauth

  10. Udaan trp ratings increased to 2.7and is in 4 th position yayy! sukor roczzzz????

  11. No sukor scenes…. Waiting for suraj and chakor to fall in love with each other….

  12. wow thats grt news sia, its only only because of sukor,sukorrrrrr rocksssss,it will increase more if their love story starts

  13. Agree with you ramyasri, I’m eagerly waiting for their love story to start

  14. no i only want to see vivan with chakor that chakor loves him lot and since from childhood .its not fair vivan forgot his love for present imlis 2 days love its not fair with chakor i started to see this serial because of only vivan and chakor lovestory if there love story does not seen nomore then i have no interest to see the serials if whoever agree with my comment pls rpl ……

    1. Meee agree i am also a vikor fan butt when vivaan changee i think sukor is best

    2. Please stop watching you won’t get your ViKor, now go sit in the corner quietly and cry and write pathetic little FFs like the rest of the ViKor fans.

      1. Dkhh humm rahyy ha masla tjhyy ho raha haa rani ny tu srf ekk baat hi kii ha aur my ny us ki baat ko prefer kiya tmhyy kiya ho raha haa kaam kroo apnaa aii barrii hamyy rulanyy valii kyu rani sii kaha na??

  15. I lik sukor way better! Vivian isn’t good but Syrah is great!

    1. Suraj not Syrah

  16. ViMli scenes are required to keep SuKor fans wanting more, ViMli actually is very cute and sweet, it’s a nice mixup you get cute and sweet ViMli and hot and spicy SuKor. The series has 4 leads not 2 so Sukor will have to share with ViMli, they will probably have quite a few ViMli scenes soon when Vijayendra goes on paternity leave. They’ll probably get his character to fall of an hill or disappear and have ViMKor trying to find him.

  17. waiting for next

  18. Uff no sukor scenes…..Anyways I’m waiting for today’s episode to watch as there is some sukor scenes….Sukor Rockz…

  19. Plz sukor ko jaldi unite karooooo

  20. Yr koi updates kr do aj ka episode. Plsssssssss


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