Udaan 20th December 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Suraj asking Chakor to begin her practice again. He congratulates her. Vivaan says Imli, I m going office, call me if there is anything. He goes. Suraj asks Imli to be with Chakor. Bhaiya ji gets a call and says I did my duty, Chakor is my bahu, her respect is my respect, thanks. Suraj says so you did this to help yourself, not Chakor, you cleared your name doing this. Bhaiya ji says yes, you are right. Suraj holds his collar and scolds him for cheating everyone. He says I will not let you hurt Chakor’s emotions.

Ragini says leave him Suraj. She asks Bhaiya ji is Suraj right, you did this to clean image, you wanted to separate Suraj and Chakor, I don’t know whats going on in your mind. She goes. Bhaiya ji says my children don’t understand me, Suraj worked me for years and know what will I do, even then Suraj thinks this was for my publicity, no, game has just started, whatever drama I did infront of media is the start of the game. Suraj asks what do you mean. Bhaiya ji says don’t think I will forgive you, I don’t forget and forgive. He taunts Suraj and goes.

Raunak tells Vivaan about firing Pooja from job. Vivaan says she is talented, whats the reason. Raunak calls peon, who complains about Pooja. Vivaan says its not good to fire anyone from job by listening to people. Raunak asks him to hire any other secretary or decide well. Chakor checks reports. Suraj thinks if I tell Chakor what Ragini said about Bhaiya ji’s plans, she will worry for me, I will not tell her. He says congrats Chakor, I m glad all blames got clear, we should celebrate, shall I take you on drive or that dhaba.

She shows reports and says I m thinking of these two reports, Bhaiya ji had real reports, how can this happen, tests happen in govt lab, no one can get it, it means Bhaiya ji used his contacts and swapped reports, he is planning big game. He says leave it, get ready. She asks did he tell anything to you after I came to room. He recalls Bhaiya ji’s words. He says he did this to clean his image, media is praising him to save bahu’s career, anyways, I m glad all blames on you got clear, you can take part in any competition, be happy now, get ready.

She says I m seeing you are taking care of me and keeping me happy, did you add anything in juice yesterday, was it wine. He gets tensed and says what are you saying, come, dhaba will get shut. She asks him to answer. He says don’t shout, I did that as I wanted to make your worries away. She says you made me drink wine. He says little, so that you get sleep. She asks did I do stupid thing after drinking wine. He recalls her words. He says I was also drunk, I don’t remember anything, do you remember. She says no. She recalls his words and apology.

Pooja does her work well. Vivaan praises her dedication. She gets a call. Vivaan hears her conversation. He asks what happened, why do you look worried. She says nothing. He asks her to say. She says my ex husband blackmails me to come back, I pay him money to make him stay away. She cries. Vivaan gets shocked and pacifies her. She asks him to explain her ex husband that she will report to police if he threatens you. She thanks and hugs him. He gets Imli’s call and moves her away. He asks Imli to hold and talks to Pooja. He asks Pooja to obey office rules, and say thanks rather than hugging. She says sorry, I huge when I m happy, I did not know you will feel bad. She goes. He sees Imli ended the call.

Imli says he does not pay attention to me, he is always talking to Pooja. Suraj asks what happened. She says Vivaan did not talk to me, you tell Vivaan whatever you want, I will just end work and leave, Suraj checks some files. She says I think we should tell Chakor about Bhaiya ji’s threatening. He says no need to tell Chakor, she will be more worried. She says we did not get anything here. He says if it happens as I m thinking, it will be good. Ragini and Bhaiya ji are coming here. Imli says they are coming here, how will we go now. Bhaiya ji and Ragini enter the room…..

Bhaiya ji says Chakor will die in evening. Chakor looks for Imli and everyone. She walks in darkness. She gets shocked seeing someone coming with knife. She asks who is it.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Nice episode? and I liked the embarrassment scene between sukor…waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  2. Thank u for d update… Waiting for more sukor scenes…..


  3. Both remember their words.. still they dont want to confess, yaar plz realise soon!!! Love sukor <3

  4. Nice episode…I love d way Suraj care for chakor.Thank u for d update… Waiting for more sukor scenes…..


  5. Aaj ka episode dekh kar muje isqhbaaz ka scene yadd aaya when anika nd shivaya both r durnk nd Express their feeling nd dance with each other next day when they ask each other abut yesterday they bcom embarresed nd they just showup that they don’t know abut yestrday night but actually they know everything here also same they know everything but can’t say each other abut yesterday night nd bcome relax suraj think she forget abut yesterday night nd chakor think he forget abut yesterday night …..Usme toh pata chala tha kaas isme bhi pata chalta but like epi sukor rock’s ??

  6. Nice epi suraj cares for chakor he dnt see her upset and in tension too and the way they were ambrassing and trying to hide there emotions soo sweet tomo epi will be awesome

  7. loved todays episode especially suraj’s expressions when chakor asked him about last night that does he mix wine.. His expressions are superb.. their embarrasement…. both they are aware of what they did in that night.. but concealed it. waiting for more sukor scenes

  8. today episode is nice!!!especially sukor scenes they both remember each other words but acting like doesn’t remember anything…..
    their awkward feeling of both knowing what each other did eachother yesterday was simply amazing and best scene..it simply giving sukor fans goosebumps..

    pooja is litle acting weird with vivaan imli should concentrate on vivaan….because he is not having constant mind and allowing a girl to hug him….
    suraj is really happy for chakor…..and caring…

    today i read news that chakor is going to take bullet by saving suraj….what going happen don’t no…but eagerly waiting for upcoming epi!!!!.but don’t separate them team udaan its a request…..

  9. hey sia the ff sukor my love writer mala…why she stoped writing?? nd I can’t comment her last part to continue coz I love her ff…nd waiting for it….hey mala if u read my comment so plz respond nd write again their taj mahal trip long story plz complete… ur ff is fab nd different…PLZ MALA DON’T STOP UR FF IT’S A REQUEST… UM WAITING FOR IT EAGERLY FROM LAST FEW WEEKS…. U WRITE 2 FF IN A DAY SO WHY U STOP…???

  10. very nice epi i maxt more sukor scene,i laugh that movement when chakor ask suraj that he mix wine in juice,suraj’s expression was awesome i think 2day we can see suraj will arrange a suprised party 4 chakor,eargely waiting 4 2day epi…love u sukor!

  11. and what happened to fanfiction i will always love you by komaljanu? Im a regular reader of her ff and sukor my love also. hey guys pls write it .. its so nice..

  12. Guys is it true that kn is gonna keep bandua stamp on Suraj’s forehead????? (read in some spoiler)have there been any conformation??

  13. Actually reading the spoiler makes me afraid that The separation and future track will reduce sukor scene together. Any info about the trp for 12st december episode?
    Hi guys remeber to watch udaan in youtube to increase the viewers.

  14. Tejaswiteju

    In sukor interview,Chakor saysthat she will take goli to save Suraj.what does mean !!!!!!!.

  15. How’s that possible sia?? how can there is some stamp on hero head? if suraj is going to be a bandhua then the stamp will be on his wrist like others have i think that spoiler is not true but i think suraj will become bandhua ? bcoz somedays ago chakor said in interview that bandhua track will be back soon as the show main concept is all about bandhau and its outcomes too will bring an storm in whole azaadganj? i think she must have hinting us about suraj bandhua track? as nothing can be so big than a father making his own son a bandhua ?and torturing him ?and definately chakor wont spare kn than ?and she will fight for her husband?

  16. Tejaswiteju i think they both were kidding as they were in funny moond and chakor said she did so much for suraj till now the only think is left is taking a bullet for him so may be she is joking and if chakor will get shot how will story focus on her marathon ahead and kn also dnt want to shoot suraj so who will shoot him and than how chakor save him i think its just a joke..

    1. Tejaswiteju

      Ha I too think so angel

  17. Angel first I too didn’t believe spoiler but when I saw a olv of ranjana and Ragini,they were saying the same?(hope they were kidding,I am not going to believe until episode airs)
    and yes this kn is really disgusting how can he make his son…his only son a bandua?? I am sure chakor will never leave his hand

    And teju in that interview meera was just kidding….reporters asked meera”aap aur kitni hadh par karenge Suraj ke liye”so she said she almost done everything to save Suraj and only thing left is to get shot to save him….VJ says u can think about it ?

    1. Tejaswiteju

      ?? yah sia.they r kidding know.chakor asks uwant another wife ah??

  18. I love you udaan team.i love every moment of this serial.but i’m afraid if its end soon then but i wish you’ll made other story like this story with full of thrilar and love with these actors.and yes i want to say that tejasvini ji is so beautifull.once again i love you soooooo much udan team.i want to say much more about your set designing,costume, dilogs,screenplay but i’m speechless.i love you udan team.

  19. even suraj become bandhuva make stamp in his wrists like others not in his head…can’t able able to see him like this….even they separate i want chakor to support suraj as always…

    i think suraj will bandhuva when chakor will get hurt by saving suraj…then kn threaten suraj about chakor life,to protect her he become bandhuva i think…

    when chakor get normal only then she will know about suraj….
    anyways its just guessing but don’t want sukor to separate want to support each other…

    anyways upcoming track will emotional for sukor fans….

  20. Hay guys you know that there’ll be 7oo episode on 17th jan.2017 and 680 epi.are alrady complete.i’m too much happy guys i hope you all more happy then me.

  21. I don’t think anything will happen like this because suraj is going to duwai but kn will stop him anyhow and god knows what will happen

  22. what is udaan going to end as aanya said

  23. nice episode as always lv sukor

  24. Guys link for Ragini- ranjana olv one which I was talking about

  25. Nice epi, specially the sukor scene was awesome .

  26. No guys i just want to say that i wish this show’ll be very long like yeh rista kya…..but it can’t happen so i wish for a new story with same artists.sory guys if you hurt.

  27. Nice episode excluding that Pooja

  28. today suraj will through a party for chakor wow really excited for today episode

  29. hey guys any body know that is sukor going to confess their feeling while hugging…

  30. guys share link for udaan spoiler

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