Udaan 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Colonel learns Suraj-Chakor’s relation

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The Episode starts with Colonel slapping Chakor. He says you have come to my house as a waitress, who are your helpers, agent Abhay and others, what happened, did you get shocked, you know who I m, even then you tried to fool me. Suraj and Chakor worry. Colonel says I kept this meeting to teach you a lesson. He says I was tagged a traitor, now I will shed blood and no one can ruin my plan. He says Suraj is not just my son in law, but my right hand too, he won’t help you. Gumaan says what’s happening here. Colonel says this girl troubled me a lot, I want you to kill her, so that you know how much I trust you. He gives the gun to Suraj and says fire…. Mahiya…..plays…. Suraj and Chakor see each other. Gumaan looks on and gets shocked seeing Chakor’s face. He says its Chakor, Suraj’s wife. Colonel says shoot her. He gets seated. Gumaan says the matter is fishy, I don’t understand what’s happening, I have to tell everything to Colonel. Colonel asks what are you thinking Suraj, kill her, she has snatched my peace, she tried to spoil Naina’s future, she invited her death, she is a fool.

She scolds Colonel. She cries and says you can’t do anything by killing me, I m sacrifice my loved ones for my country, not just myself, you think you will in, you are wrong. Udaan hai….plays…. Chakor asks Suraj to kill her, she is lucky to die for the country, everyone will be proud of her, even those who love her will be proud. Suraj thinks of her and cries. Mahiya….. plays… She thinks of her loved ones. She says I have no regrets in life, I got much love, I have no hatred, anger or sorrow in heart, I will take my loved one’s love with me and go. Suraj cries. Colonel says shoot her, don’t get sad, your life didn’t start now, kill her.

Gumaan messages Colonel. Colonel checks the message and gets shocked. Gumaan nods. Suraj turns to see. He doesn’t see Gumaan. Vivaan says I m tensed now. Abhay says everything would be going on as per the plan. They get a message on Colonel’s phone. Abhay reads that Suraj’s truth is out. Colonel reads Suraj is from a rich family, he is Suraj Rajvanshi, that girl is Suraj’s wife Chakor…. Colonel stares at Suraj and recalls his words. Gumaan writes, Suraj and Chakor are together, its a plan against you, leave from, there, else anything can happen. Abhay gets shocked. They stop Vivaan. Vivaan says let me go, Colonel got to know their truth, we have to save them. Abhay calls for help.

Colonel laughs and asks Suraj to read the joke to everyone aloud. Suraj gets shocked reading the message. Colonel says read it aloud. Suraj reads it. Chakor gets shocked. He drops the gun. Chakor worries. Vivaan says I can’t wait here, I have to go inside. Vishal and Fareed stop him and get him to Abhay. Vivaan says Suraj and Chakor need our help, they will die till your commandos come, let me go. Abhay aims gun and says you can’t go in. Imli scolds Abhay. Vivaan says calm down. Imli defends Vivaan.

Suraj says its good you got to know the truth, I m feeling good seeing your pale face, you are equally foolish as you assume the world. Colonel says you made a big mistake Suraj, guards…. Suraj picks gun and aims at him. The goons aim guns at Suraj. Suraj says Colonel will die if you come ahead. Deva takes Chakor at gunpoint. Colonel says kill her. Chakor says Colonel should get punished, he has to get arrested, take him, don’t worry for my life. Suraj says no, I won’t go anywhere leaving you here, I didn’t do this for mission, I did this for you, how can I forget whatever you said now, this mission will end as you want, I won’t leave you.

Mahiya…..plays…. Gumaan looks on. Colonel says this is called good hearted person, aren’t you ashamed to play with Naina, you cheated her. Suraj says I love my wife, my wife lovers her country, I felt ashamed to cheat Naina, when I saw my wife’s sacrifice, how could I step back, I was helpless to cheat Naina, you compelled me, you are a cheat, traitor, your daughter is a nice person, when she learns why I did this, she will forgive me, I m sure, think what will she go through knowing your truth, you love her a lot right, no, you just know hatred, you have no rights. Colonel asks Deva to kill Chakor. Suraj says no, wait. He leaves Colonel and gives him the gun. Chakor says don’t do this.

Colonel beats Suraj and says you are strong, this time I won’t miss my shot. He aims at Suraj. Chakor takes gun to shoot Colonel.

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  1. Thrilling episode, loved it. The two things I didn’t like was showing Suraj almost pulling the trigger and the way Imli talked to Abhay, no respect.
    I wished Suraj pointed the gun at the colonel before he received the message.
    I’m sad this track is ending, I enjoyed it a lot.
    I don’t think I’ll like the next track, it’s clear that Sukor won’t suspect Ghumaan at the start.

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