Udaan 17th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with documentary director greeting Chakor and thanking her to give them a chance to know her life. Bhaiya ji says Chakor wins medal and makes us proud, she is marathon winner, I knew her talent since childhood. He acts sweet. Chakor smiles. She says Papa is right, all credit goes to him. She thinks its not so tough. She asks them to come, she will practice. Bhaiya ji asks her will she not take Ragini along. He says Ragini runs along Chakor. Ragini says there is a big champion behind a champion, I m Chakor’s trainer, I make her run a lot. Chakor thinks so they prepared all this, I have to teach them a lesson so that they stop lying. Ragini takes the lady. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to come, we will teach you a lesson.

Vivaan looks on and goes to see Suraj. He says Chakor is alone between them and worriedly rushes. He asks Suraj to come fast. Chakor gets shocked seeing a fitness room. She thinks they made all preparations. Ragini says this is fitness temple for Chakor. Chakor thinks to teach her a lesson. She says Ragini is very lovely, when we have chance now, Ragini will run on tread mill and show. Ragini gets shocked. Director says yes, you said you are Chakor’s trainer, we will like to see you practice. Chakor asks Ragini not to be shy and makes her get on the treadmill. She increases the speed.

Suraj comes. Vivaan asks him to wear suit fast and come. Suraj says Chakor wants me to come in suit, it will take time. Bhaiya ji and Ranjana worry for Ragini. Ragini thinks I will not leave Chakor. Chakor says run faster. Suraj says I will not wear this tie chosen by Chakor. Vivaan says get ready fast, else media will come to your room. Chakor says Ragini’s running speed is high. She jokes on Ragini. Imli goes and sees Suraj wearing a bad tie. She says Chakor gave you something else. Suraj says Chakor does not know men’s choice. Vivaan says get ready fast.

Suraj asks Imli what questions will they ask, Chakor was telling me but I did not hear it. She asks why, you were arguing with Chakor. He says I will take more time to come, tell me fast. Bhaiya ji stops the treadmill and says Ragini runs well. Chakor says you know whose hands are behind my success, sorry, I mean whose legs are there. Bhaiya ji asks director to come to see haveli. Director praises Ragini and says our story will complete when we question Suraj. Chakor says he went out, I will call him.

Ragini tells Chakor that if Suraj does not come, see how I make you run. Chakor goes to Suraj and asks him what tie did he wear, trouble me later, listen to me today. She changes his tie. He asks what are you doing. She asks him to be quiet, you are wasting time, director is waiting. She makes him wear the tie she has chosen for him. Vivaan says we should go and see Bhaiya ji. Imli says we will go. They leave. Suraj looks at Chakor.

Chakor tells Suraj to be quiet there and let her speak. He says I m not a donkey. She argues. Ragini looks on smiling and thinks Ranjana’s plan will succeed. Chakor ad Suraj come downstairs. Bhaiya ji gets shocked and thinks how does Suraj look a real prince today.

Chakor says he is Suraj Rajvanshi, my husband. Director says your jodi looks great, you are sports star and your husband does not look less than a film star. Bhaiya ji says Ranjana, you said Suraj won’t come, see he is here. Ranjana says calm down, its just starting, see what happens, this drama won’t go for long. Ragini says yes, it will be fun when questions start. Chakor holds Suraj’s hand and says do as I say, loving couple sits like this. She smiles. Director asks shall we start, how did you both meet. Suraj says Imli kidnapped her and got her to me. Chakor covers up and says Suraj jokes such things. Suraj smiles. Chakor says he will not tell you anything well, I will say, we met in Delhi marathon, when I got cup and turned, he was infront of me, it was love at first sight for him, but it got me time to get mad, I wanted to focus on career, I did not like him initially, as he is adamant. Suraj gets angry.

Director asks how did love start. He says by breaking coconut. Chakor asks is this time to joke. Director asks which of his habit touched your heart. Chakor says like I sad, he was very stubborn, no girl would like him. Suraj pulls her hand. She says let me say and answers. Director asks Suraj how did he like Chakor, when did he realize his love. Suraj thinks where did I get trapped. Chakor says be quiet, let me answer. Director says we want to know this from Suraj. Ranjana says I will answer you Chakor and Suraj, now we will see, lets see how Suraj answers. Suraj says when Chakor fainted, then… I did not like Chakor, she used to fight a lot, then one day she fainted in my arms, I sprinkled water on her face and she got conscious. That moment is shown in FB. Suraj says I saw her, she looked like a bird caged, I decided not to let her get in trouble, she is a free bird and should be free. Chakor looks at him.

Ranjana asks director to ask these questions. Director asks Chakor and Suraj for sleeping away in bedroom and shows pics given by Ranjana. She asks Suraj about his affair with Imli, and she was pregnant with his baby. Suraj and Chakor get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Love today epi full of sukor scenes? love it how vivaan and imli laugh when chakor scold suraj ?and how suraj look at chakor when she is making him wear a tie and how suraj explain his feelings without thinking of anyone and chakor look on?waiting for sukor kidnaping scene hope too see more romance between them and yeah kn expression ?when he looked at suraj and tell him a prince as suraj is looking so dashing?

  2. Wow awesome episode.no words to say ???
    Sukor rokzzzzzzzzz ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    Ragini chakor scenes ..lol???

    Angel agree with you if we remove naagin it’s in 2nd place and no doubt about their sizzling chemistry and I think trp is 2.9 and this week we got more sukor scenes so there will be no doubt of getting trp above 3 this week and want to see udaan in 1st place.fingers crossed

  3. Udaan is just awesome.
    Today’s episode full of sukor scenes.just want to see the next epi. A trp of 2.8 superb

  4. Suraj is really so funny.Love starts by breaking coconut.Love the every moments of todays episode.

  5. I just hope sia it comes true

  6. Today’s tie scene was nice and Suraj explanation of karvachuth scene was amazing lagta hai Suraj babu ke dil me ganti bajna shuru hogayi
    And his dialogue”she is a free bird and she will always be” is the highlight of today’s episode and I feel he will not let anyone harm her(it is clear by new olv)

    Last but not the least kn’s dialogue something like”humara gunda beta sach much Ki raj Kumar lag raha hai”honestly I never agreed to ur any words kn ji but today I have to agree majburi hai???
    The most disgusting one is ranjana she is ahead of kn and Ragini but ranjana ji itni excitement aap Ki sehat ke liye acha nahi hai???

    Waiting for kidnapping scene and if CVs Ki krupa Ho tho looking forward to jungle scenes ????

  7. Oh funny scene..sukor luv u yaaaaaa…..tie waala scene uffffff….trp rate 2.8 right…

  8. today’s epi was just awesome….I want to see a concern suraj for chakor….imagine if anything happened to chakor what will suraj do…I saw his consult for imli but I want to see that for chakor….???? I want to many things in udaan…?? in sukor lyf…as suraj concern his jealousy… ??? what will happened if adi come back chakor lyf what will suraj do if chakor go for a tour with out him….?? I want to see a restless suraj who is restless nd missing chakor…???

  9. Sia i hope ur wish and mine come true and cvs give us sukor jungle romance and yeah what is clear by new olv?

  10. finally my waitng is ended…. ohhh…surajjj hndsmmmm….In today’s epi really surajjj…can’t get my eyes off uuuuu… nd really won’t my eyes to shuttttt!!!!!!… u look juz wowww!!!… in that suit…nd chakor don’t get sad okkk…I knw u both r enemiesss…sooo… u look stunning as always!!!…now itz == rytttt???

  11. It was honestly so funny when KN saw Surat in the suit, I thought his jaw was going to hit the ground

  12. Amrutha

    Cho chweet?????? the way suraj telling his feelings. Chakor stand on your words let suraj fall for u.
    Guys can any one tell me please, one boy who helped chakor in circus, what is the name of that boy. Where is he? Come this is a perfect time to bring a new guy. Suraj u made me mad with ur looks and dialogues?????.

    1. His name was om


    Show is going awsome now a days… can’t wait Suraj and Chakor Love story to start….

  14. Angel I told he will not let anyone harm her and in new olv when she was fighting with gundes and one was about to hit her he came in between and saved her and fought with them.
    He said ur trying to harm my wife something like that

  15. Yeah sia right he won’t let her anyone harm her now

  16. Suraj and chakor are best couple

  17. Suraj and chakor best couple

  18. ShonaaMishra

    awsome epi

  19. Wow full of sukor scenes….tie wala scene was awesome….luved it the way sukor were looking each other….

  20. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=m-5lq8_WtYk

    Udaan off screen masti vJ meera Rajiv Kumar vidi and Ragini (don’t know her name)

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