Udaan 17th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Chakor meeting her parents. Arjun thinks Bhuvan knows me and leaves. Everyone happily cry meeting Chakor. Chakor hugs them. Kasturi asks how is she. Chakor says I m fine, why did you all come late, I was waiting. She sees Bhuvan’s slipper and says its good. Bhuvan says I told you Chakor will like my slipper, and hugs her. Chakor tells Dadi that her hair are getting white. She asks about Imli. Imli comes there and they smile seeing each other and hug. Imli brings icecreams. Chakor says Maai you are spoiling Imli by giving money. Kasturi says no, she is herself earning. Chakor says by selling mangoes. Imli says she made kites and sold. She shows the coins. Chakor says Imli got rich, I did not get money here, as I m bandhua. They cry.

Chakor says she is happy that Imli earned money. Imli thinks they will be happy when she earns much money and frees Chakor. Bhaiya ji looks at the villagers and claps. Bhuvan says he is calling us, come. Bhaiya ji says my Bandhua/bonded labor, I mean my bandu/friends, get the kites and make the sky colorful. We will shot Aazaadgunj is a small heaven. He asks Arjun to start. Arjun smiles. They all fly the kites happily. Dadi asks Chakor and Imli to fly the kites. Ranjana looks for the servants and sees Arjun. She says I have seen him somewhere. Vivaan gets tensed and says if mum sees Arjun, then what will happen. He stops Ranjana and asks where is she going. She says she is looking for servants.

He makes her go saying the villagers are outside, go to your room, else you can get ill. She says I doubt when you obey me, I have seen a man there, I feel I met him in Lucknow. Vivaan says who will come from Lucknow. She smiles and says the beggars got lottery. Arjun Desai finds more about Bhaiya ji in the village. He thinks Bhaiya ji made everyone fearful, I will make his colorful report that opposition party will be happy. Chakor does not fly kite and stares at her family. Dadi asks her to fly. Chakor says let me see you all, don’t know when will I see you again. They get upset.

Kasturi says you left education, how will you get free from this cage now. Lakhan’s son says I can write what you wrote, tell me what is next. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s words and smiles. She says education did not leave me, this is your answer. She asks them to come along and goes. Chakor teaches the kids alphabets. Arjun and Vivaan see this and smile. They say teach us more. Chakor says when time comes, you will get everything. Chakor tells Arjun that they want to go school and educate, I will go when they go. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai……………plays……. Arjun says you are right, this is a big proof.

Bhaiya ji flies kite and sees Arjun talking to Chakor. Tejaswini says we have many kids here, but Arjun is showing interest in Chakor. Bhaiya ji says Chakor is not telling anything against us, its fine. He asks her to hold the thread and manage. She says now you will teach me to fly kite. Arjun says Bhaiya ji can doubt on us, we should not talk much Chakor. Bhuvan comes and asks Arjun is he the one who taught running to Chakor in Lucknow school. Arjun says yes. Bhuvan apologizes to him for getting Chakor without informing him. Arjun says yes, Ishwar told me. Chakor tells Bhuvan not to say anything, Arjun has come here as something else. Bhuvan says fine, so this festival is celebrated because of him. She says yes. Arjun gives him the kite and wishes Sankranti. Bhuvan thanks him and leaves.

Bhuvan teaches Kasturi to fly kite. Kasturi asks who was that man who gave this kite. Chakor says he is big officer, you fly the kite. Kasturi flies the kite and it gets tangled with Tejaswini. They all get shocked. Bhuvan asks Kasturi why did she fly kite close to Tejaswini’s. Everyone look on.

Tejaswini says how dare she, I will see her Bhaiya ji stops her and says cut her kite. Bhuvan asks Kasturi to leave the kite. Arjun smiles.

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