Udaan 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Anjor misunderstands Chakor

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The Episode starts with Chakor asking Rajeshwari to give statement now. She taunts Rajeshwari. She asks her to give the answer, Bacha Pandey has confessed all crimes. She says you have forced Suraj to take back the complaint, you snatched our daughter, you are weak, you have to tell me where is my daughter, you have to return her. Vikram sees this on news. Chakor says Bacha Pandey tried to ruin my respect, I could have killed him, I didn’t do this as I had to expose his bad deeds, Rajeshwari has killed many kids. She says you told me that ministers don’t get punished in this country, people are scared of them, I m not like them, I fight against evil and injustice, your game is over now. Media questions Rajeshwari. She scolds Bacha Pandey and defends herself. She removes him from the party. Suraj says

you both should get punished, tell me where is my daughter, you told me that you will kill my daughter if I don’t take case back, you told that she is in your car. He takes the media with him. He breaks the car dickey. He finds Anjor tied up. Chakor and Suraj see Anjor. They cry and get her out. Everyone looks on.

The media asks Rajeshwari why did she do this crime, how many girls did she kidnap till now, who else is involved in this. Chakor hugs Anjor. Anjor recalls Chakor’s words. She makes Chakor away and hugs Suraj. Rajeshwar denies the blames. Inspector says you are under arrest. She scolds him. Home minister comes there. She says opposition has done this to spoil my image. He says I didn’t think Rajeshwari could do such a bad crime, I just want to say that till we know the truth, Rajeshwari won’t be related to our party, she is suspended till she is proved innocent. He asks inspector to arrest the culprit. Rajeshwari gets shocked. He appreciates Suraj and Chakor, and lends support. He asks the people to praise Suraj and Chakor for exposing this scam. He leaves. Bacha pandey asks what’s happening, I thought party will support us, they didn’t help. Rajeshwari says no one helps in politics. She stares at Chakor. She goes. Suraj says I m happy like that day when Imli got arrested, evil has lost. He hugs Chakor.

Chakor says Anjor, come, my love will wash off all your fears. Anjor gets angry. They get shocked. Inspector asks Rajeshwari to get inside lockup. Bacha pandey scolds him. Rajeshwari and Bacha Pandey enter lockup. Inspector asks him to sit quiet. Bacha pandey says beat me madam, you are here because of me. She says Chakor will get punished, not you. She shouts I will ruin her. Chakor and Suraj try to cheer up Anjor. Anjor stays silent. She says I also want Mata’s blessings. Tejaswini asks her to thank Mata. Anjor prays. Suraj says Anjor is doing puja with devotion, forgive me Chakor, I was worried for Anjor and fell weak, Rajeshwari told me to take statement back, so I called press. Chakor says I would have done the same. Anjor says lie….just Suraj saved me, you would have left me to die. They get shocked. Chakor asks what are you saying, I m your mumma. Anjor says you are no one for me. They worry.

Anjor says you don’t love me, stay away. A goon tries to kidnap Anjor. A man saves Anjor.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode with a good message, I liked RD’s comment about the fickleness of politics. I think the man who saved Anjor is Vikram.
    The track is excellent but needs more emotional depth, I hope beside showing Sukor worrying about Anjor we get to see Sukor own scene, Suraj trying to cheer up Chakor, Sukor remembering some happy memories. I also hope Teju plays a positive role in bringing Chakor and Anjor closer. it’ll be hard for Chakor to make Anjor understand that what she heard over the phone was hyperbole.

  2. Safiya Hosein

    Where is Kasturi and Bhuvan?
    I think Kasturi would have been the ideal person to make Anjor understand the situation.

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