Udaan 16th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode stats with Ishwar asking Chakor and Abha not to worry, and he gets down the bus. Bhuvan and Kasturi get the papers and wonder why is proof papers being here. Baa comes and says Ishwar has done this as it was his plan, he finds their home the safest, no one will doubt on you. Abha, Arjun and everyone wait near some place. Chakor prays for her parents and tells Abha that she trusts Ishwar. The man says its broken temple ad they can’t pray here. Abha asks Chakor to come along. Chakor looks at the idol. The car comes and they leave in the car.

Manohar says my acting ends here, and calls out the villagers. Lakhan fires in the air, and everyone come out of their houses. Manohar tells the villagers that their freedom ended today, and he will teach them a lesson today, that they will think about

him before giving thumb impressions on any paper. He says they all raised voice against Bhaiya ji. The people apologize. Manohar laughs and says he will do his work first. He goes to Bhuvan, and they get scared. Ranjana is already there.

Manohar says he can’t Ishwar do this against Bhaiya ji and asks Ranjana to move aside. Lakhan beats Bhuvan. Manohar aims gun at Bhuvan. He asks where is the proof. Ranjana says nothing will happen if you kill then, as the proof would have reached Ishwar, Vivaan and Baa have taken iot. He asks did you do this Ranjana, I will kill you, shall I? She says those papers are enough to get you and Bhaiya ji punished. Baa and Vivaan are on the way. FB shows Ranjana and Vivaan coming there. She asks Baa to move the papers, as Ishwar called and said Manohar and Lakhan will come. Baa says Manohar changed. Ranjana says he can never change. Baa says I will take papers, and asks Ranjana to manage Manohar. Vivaan cries as Manohar cheated them. Baa says Manohar can’t see anyone except Bhaiya ji. Manohar scolds Ranjana. She says Vivaan knows the truth and did this against a bad man, I m happy he is your son and not like you. He gets angry and leaves.

Baa and Vivaan give the bags to Ishwar, and he takes Baa’s blessings. Laxmi makes the girls practice. Arjun brings Chakor. Laxmi asks her to run as if this is final race, if she does not disqualify, she has to leave. Arjun asks why is Laxmi insulting Chakor, you are coach and should encourage Chakor, you will know the result when Chakor runs. The girls plan to disqualify Chakor. Chakor runs in the race and the girls trouble her. Arjun looks on. Chakor recalls Ishwar’s words and performs well by snatching the baton from the girl. She runs alone and record time, and Laxmi shouts whats happening girls, come here. The girls say Chakor does cheating and she does not know games rules. Laxmi asks Chakor what was all this, and disqualifies her. Chakor is shocked.

Vishnu calls Ishwar and asks him to get away from the car, as the car has bomb. Ishwar sees it and shouts Chakor, seeing her sitting in the car. The car blasts.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wt ws d lst prt……i cd nt undrstnd ds…….

    Nd d precp…..uhhhhhh

    nd tg vivaan got to know manohr’s truth

  2. What is ne

  3. I mean no can you not type proper English or slang

  4. its good that vivaan realized his father’s doing..

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