Udaan 15th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram spreads explosive across the village

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The lady inspector beats Sooraj. He sat staring at the lady inspector. The lady questions if he is made of stone? Sooraj says nothing can hurt him more than how brutally Vikram killed his daughter. The lady gives them a time of single night to spend alive and leaves.
Vikram stood with his men and asks who among them wants to be rewarded, for doing someone no one must have every imagined. The next morning, Vikram comes to the village with Pradhan ji and takes a leave. He asks the Pradhan to leave Chakor and Sooraj free. Vikram push the button of his cell phone. The villagers witness an explosion in the midst of the village. Chakor and Sooraj were moved into their hiding. Vikram stops Pradhan ji and says he never leaves a proof. There are explosives all around his village, Dharam poora will be wiped

out this way. He gets into his car with Rajeshwari and leaves.
Chakor and Sooraj decide to get out of here, before Vikram and Rajeshwari had gone much farther. They crawl to move their chairs back to back, untie the ropes of each other’s hands. Chakor hugs Sooraj.
They walk out of the house. The villagers warn them of scattered explosives. Sooraj notices some footsteps spread around and decides to follow them as they are Vikram’s footsteps. He holds Chakor in his arms and travels outside. Bhavri, the lady inspector holds a gun over Sooraj’s forehead as she wished to regain her grace and make Sooraj pay for it. Sooraj attempts to snatch the gun from Bhavri’s hand. Bhavri was about to fell down on the explosive when Chakor saves her. She says Bhavri has only been concerned for money and her respect, she doesn’t realize the worth of her uniform. It’s because of her that a lot of innocent girls lost their lives. Bhavri was convinced and decides to take them to Vikram and Rajeshwari. Chakor asks the villagers and Pradhan not to move, they will soon send help to the village.
Bhavri brings Chakor to a godown where Vikram and his mother were planning to leave the country. They send the police back to village to help the people there. Vikram had planned to leave for Nepal illegally.
Pradhan regretted to support Vikram and holds himself responsible for the trouble they have got into.
Chakor and Sooraj hold hands with each other and step down the stairs near the godown. They plan to go to the godown separately.
Vikram tells his mother that the bomb in Dharampoora will be activated with a single click. The poverty striken villagers will die, Sooraj and Chakor will also die with them. He activates the bomb in the village.
Chakor and Sooraj hide themselves from Vikram’s men spreaded around the godown. A gun man walks towards Chakor. She throws a stone over a branch of tree to divert the attention of the gun man. She stands up but feels the gun at the back of her head.

PRECAP: Rajeshwari tortures Chakor by hitting her head over a post. Chakor shouts at Sooraj not to come in, else no one will ever get justice.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Safiya Hosein

    I looked at the recent promo…and i also read there is a rumour they are going to kill of Suraj’s character and VJ is going to be portraying a different character; a look alike to Suraj.
    But that means, destroying all the history between Suraj & Chakor. They will and always will be Suraj & Chakor Rajvanshi. You can’t really have Chakor recreating her memories with someone other than Suraj?! That’s just plain silly.
    I mean, maybe he can fake his death or something but having a new lead character wouldn’t do justice to the storyline or to Udaan. Suraj Rajvanshi is a powerful, iconic character, you can’t just end it or replace it.
    Just saying!

  2. Loved the episode, good mix of emotions and drama.
    Loved how Sukor understood each other without talking when they were tied.
    There were some illogical scenes like the explosion that killed the man without wounding him (he should’ve been torn to pieces) and Bhavri sudden;y regretting her crimes because she almost died.
    Suraj carrying Chakor was very emotional especially given the new promo and spoilers.

  3. I’m cautiously optimistic about the upcoming track, I hope there is balance between emotions, drama. action with some humor included/ The writing has to improve, especially in emotional scenes. This doesn’t mean action scenes should disappear, they’re part of Udaan’s identity but everything needs to be in moderation, the current track suffered from too many twists and repetitive scenes.
    I hope the new guy turns out to be Suraj, I’m worried viewers won’t accept Suraj’s death. I think it’s important to stress that Suraj’s body couldn’t be identified and maybe show some character still believing he hasn’t died.
    This track gives a chance for the return of nok jhoks and Sukor tashan as well as a character similar to old Suraj.
    Good luck to team Udaan in the new track.

  4. I wanted a similar track at the end of mission track, either Suraj or Chakor to be presumed dead and return as a new character but my first preference was for Chakor to be assumed dead.

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