hi guys am anamika back here . first of all thanks for your comment i thought you would have forgotten me but you did . thanks for your care and love you give

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so lets begin

scene starts with sanskar
sanskar: ragini who is rohan
ragini: vo vo vo he is my friend
sanskar hold her arms tightly
ragini: leave me
ragini pushes sanskar and runs to her her car and moves
ragini leaves
sanskar :omg what will i tell to my client.

scene shifts ragini
ragini parks her car and goes to the temple
ragini comes and she is standing in the temple some one comes from the back and touches her ragini turns and they both hug each other .he none other than rohan (rohan’s character is played by parth samdaath )
ragini:hi rohan. hru
rohan: am fine . infact am very happy
ragini:come lets go and pray to god
rohan:you look cute in saree . but why saree
ragini:we did not for work purpose . today is holiday for me and even for
rohan and ragini prays to god and leave in the car to a cafe

@ cafe
ragini and rohan are sitting in their table
rohan is busy seeing the menu card where as ragini is sitting still.
rohan:ragini what you want
ragini is sitting still
rohan:ragini ….ragini …rag(he shakes ragini . ragini comes back to normal
ragini:oh am srry i was just thinking
rohan:wat you want
ragini:(smiles ) you don’t know what i drink here
rohan:yup i know . two cold coffee plz
waiter:yes sir
rohan:am seeing you from the morning what happened to you
ragini: nothing rohan
rohan:ragini i know you from my childhood don’t lie . are you confused
ragini:yes rohan literally am confused. actually i think i like sanskar
rohan:like or love
ragini:at presenet i like but for us .. we are working in secret agency . we should be like roborts right no emotions or feelings. we don’t have a grantee for our life. because ….(ragini is keep on telling like this )
rohan:stop it ragini . we can have emotions also ragini. even every person in this world don’t have grantee for their life
ragini:its ok but
rohan:if you like sanskar just go and talk to him. if you are not talking to him your feelings will increase . is that ok for you
ragini:i have one doubt rohan . how he accepted me
rohan: accepted what
ragini:i mean he married me
ragini:what point
rohan:i think he might have liked you
ragini:liked me huh

the scene shifts
sanskar and his clients com to the same cafe where rohan ragini is there
sanskar sits opposite to rohan’s table
sanskar sees ragini . but ragini and rohan cannot see because sanskar’s table is in a corner
sanskar:(in mind) what the hell ragini is here and that to with a guy . might be he is rohan
sanskar and his clients order and the client are keep on talking to sanskar but sanskar is completely disturbed by ragini’s thought
sanskar is angrily looking at ragini where as ragini is picnhing rohan’s cheeks and telling my dear ……..( sanskar can only hear the word my dear)
ans ragini and rohan hugs each other and ragini and rohan leaves

precap possessiveness of sanskar . ragsan only !!!!!!!!!

guys i will tell why sanskar married ragini . and why sanskar likes ragini and why ragini likes sanskar and what way she likes him wait for some episode to know this
tc guys
happy birthday abhi (i wish you read this )

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  12. you are the writer of soul of love (ragsan) ff if it’s you pls continue

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